Monday, December 13, 2010

Past Week

Yep, she had to EMPTY the bench to sit on it!!! The snow COVERED it!

Well, you all know we got some snow!

And that apparently made Quinn remember Mexico! Here she is in our "swim" drawer packing for our next trip to Mexico this morning!

Vince and I enjoyed inside yesterday while Daddy and Quinn were outside.

I'm rarely in photos....

Quinn being goofy. I forget why I wanted this shot....

Wow, has it only been a week back to work? So far, I am enjoying Mondays off instead of Fridays. It's only been one week. We'll see how things go from here!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Can You See It!?!

Snow...again...they said probably 4 tonight, not 1:30! and q's jumping on the couch, "look mama! it's on the rocks? can you see it? and the street! can you see it? i want to see it better, i want to open the windows! can you see it? and the trees! can you see it?" This is not our first snow...and she has been this excited each snow fall. we'll see if the excitement stays all season long...

Our first day of day care/preschool went well. Work for was quiet! I never thought I would think work was quiet! It was. It went okay. It'll be an adjustment, but it was really like I didn't have 12 weeks away....seemed more like a 4 day weekend. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.

I'm still trying to figure out when I'll have time for "life" once I'm working again. Being gone from 8-6 on Wednesday was tough. I barely had time to look at the kids...much less eat breakfast and dinner. So, to working Mommies---when do the dishes get done? Laundry? Kid time? Husband time? General house projects? Shoveling? Cleaning? ME TIME???!!! Grocery shopping? Meals made? Vehicle maintenance? Doctor appointments? Life is busy, I guess!!

HECK, I barely had time for any of this when I was at home full time....

Quinn's been mostly dry for two days now!! Between the potty chair in the living room and the potty in the bathroom, we've been mostly successful. Only 2 when I woke her up from nap and once today while I was switching laundry instead of monitoring her potty signals for her. Day care and Trisha will keep up with at least hourly reminders until she can tell soon!!!! (I should check back on my blog postings and see how frequently I've said this the last year....)

We had a play date with Jamie, Jake and new baby Ella yesterday. Quinn was SO excited to see Ella! As soon as she was in the door, "Ella!! Ella, hi! I want to hold her! I have my germ lotion on! I WANT TO HOLD HER!!!" She's absolutely adorable. I never thought it would be a change to hold a 10# baby again. I will miss having free time during the week to see our friends and kids.

No new photos. We'll probably get some tonight or tomorrow once the snow is accumulated over the icy snow that has been around for awhile. We have yet to throw/place V in the we'll need a shot or two while the temps are still warm enough to have his face exposed!!

Blog gals---sent a facebook message today (probably missed people)--January blog kiddo gathering??