Monday, August 29, 2011

Anything becomes a walker....

Both kids crack me up with their instantaneous "IT'S NOT DOING WHAT I WANT IT TO DO" meltdowns....

Almost One?

Can not believe I'm planning a party for my baby boy! We'll most likely have a little fiesta with Mike's family this weekend in Eagle Lake area--time goes sooo fast!

We were in the front yard today cleaning up plants and unsuccessful potted (weeds) believed to be plants.

As I pulled what I thought were weeds---this came up!

Honestly, I thought it was parsley..apparently it was carrot!! I was hoping for more carrot successes, but I'll take one! Quinn sure did enjoy it!!

And we shared cookie dough...

And Mike and Quinn went to the Twins "game" the other night (I think the score was Baltimore 8 Twins 1)...which led to enjoying the stadium, I guess??

Vince is still not walking, but it's not far away. Looking at these photos on blogger make me think we need a new camera...maybe it's the computer screen??

Off to finish outside tasks before company comes over tonight! RING OF FIRE! It should be cool enough to actually enjoy the fire!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stair Master..

We've had a busy couple days. I just want to nap...but the kids have different ideas! Hopefully our backyard and our lunch trip to Arby's will be enough for them!

Friday I got a call from the In-Laws-- 'where are you, we're going to Owatonna and you should to.' "uh, okay." 3/4 from Farmington to Owatonna I realized the trip home would be rough, but a night at the fair with the kids should be fun. And it was! Vince stayed awake for the duration; most likely from wanting the food he saw everywhere! Quinn got to enjoy several rides, ponies, and a stomach tattoo of "hello kitty" (shocking she passed up Ariel, butterflies and flowers!). Got home about 11:30pm--exhausted. Kiddos only slept until 7!!! about 7:45 Vince was ready for a nap! At 9am, we got a call from some friends, "let's do something" "okay" "we haven't seen the penguins yet" LET'S go to the ZOO!!! So we did. It was fun. Penguins were more active first thing than when we left, but it was good. The visitor's center area looks nice and we're officially zoo members again! woohoo! OOh, and both kids napped on the way home. Q stayed napping until I woke her up at 5:15--only woken up with promise to see Ted-do for dinner. "I will only wake up if YOU PROMISE we can sleep by Teddy". "I do not PROMISE anything, we'll see how you are at dinner." Dinner went okay--but not well enough for Vince and Q to make it long for a visit, so we came back home. Vince went right down; not so lucky for Quinn, but it was nice to have a night at home anyway.

SO, we get back from our lunch at Arby's and I set Vince down while I take off my shoes. 2 seconds later...he's 4 steps up and away from me!? When did that start?!

Also, yesterday, he tried several times to just get up and start walking. he'd be holding onto my fingers and just let go and start walking but his feet wouldn't move right and he'd fall, give me a look as if my fault and cry. Today several times he'll be holding onto the table/bookshelf, turn around and try to walk..unsuccessful but I know one of these days it'll just come to him!!!

He's a silly lil man, but a lot of fun.

And our big news of 3 weeks ago--POTTY AND POOP TRAINING COMPLETE! It's been good and I haven't wanted to jinx anything. But, our day care lady promised a camping trip a few weeks ago and has been on vacation and moving since; let me tell you--Q remembers she's due a camping trip! Maybe I'll set up the tent for her in our backyard.....

Off to play some more!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It'll be here before we know it....

...walking without the walker!!

Hair Cut!!

Our lil bug got some hairs cut yesterday...

..but first...

Quinn at 10 months waiting for daddy...

Vince at 11 months waving at daddy outside!!

They may be siblings!! :-)

Vince before (bangs comb-over syle)...
"Please don't cut my hair mama, PLEASE?!"
"AWWW, yeah...I'm hot stuff now!"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Writing her Name

Along with potty training and talk of preschool comes Quinn writing her name!! Here was Auntie Dannie's birthday card...several weeks (months) late...but hey! There was a card! :-)