Sunday, May 31, 2009

NIce Out Today!

I think the photos sum up our day nicely.

We sat in chairs, in pools, in strollers...after we got the monkey off our front....and back!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cinderella Dress

She tries to dress herself...and undress herself as Daddy walked in on her twisted in her own PJ shirt this morning. She actually does a pretty good job.....

She ended up with it on one arm and buttons in the front with it inside out...but hey...I'll take whatever steps she wants to take. she was so excited for the new clothes, she wouldn't let me take off what she was already wearing!

Another couple bucks spent well! My sister (one of Quinn's Godmother's, Kristin) and Grandma Mary sent more clothes this week! The "Abbie and Hailey just grew out of these and they are twice as old as Quinn" clothes. She needs to stop growing or Auntie Dannie will have to start shopping more! Auntie Dannie also bought her a slew of clothes as well as a new folding chair that is "quinn-size" that I have yet-to-take a photo of her sitting in...I'll get to that today after her nap. :)

She LOVES to watch things bake in the oven, so I turn the oven light on for her to see. If I don't have the light on and she knows I'm cooking or baking, she'll try to open it to see what's the safer bet is to let her sit there and watch through the door.

Hmm..anything else new with Q. What's not new!? She changes so much every day. She continues to love dogs. A few of our neighbors have friendly dogs that are smaller than our cats. They let Q play and pet. I think these interactions has caused her to be gentler and nicer to our cats (most of the time). She started throwing toys in their direction to play fetch (they don't). And pulls tails, legs, ears, and hair MUCH less frequently...even rarely (only when she's getting tired or overwhelmed by something). She tries to use them as pillows when she plays her "awake" "aleep" routine (she will lie down when you say are you asleep...etc)...except they don't like that.

UHM, books are interesting her beyond chew toys! She actually sat next to me and listened to a story yesterday. But she loses attention if you read the words of the story. She prefers it when I point to a picture, say what it is, and continue on. "Oh, bear! what does the bear say? roar! what color is the bear? brown. where are the bear's eyes and toes?" "duck, quack, yellow." and then I ask her to repeat words and she will about 25% of the time with decent accuracy.

We're working on reverse animals now. "What says quack?" trying to get her to say "Duck" instead of "quack". Not there yet...maybe soon! A truck says truck, by the way, in the world of Quinn. Fire trucks, pick up trucks, buses...the all say "truck" not "honk" or "beep". ....sigh...if only I could get into her head to see things how she still sees them.

She'd rather push the swings at the park empty, than swing. And she prefers to play with the birds, grass, and dirt than the slides and stairs and monkey bars.

She still loves her stroller...but only when it's moving.

She still eats pretty well, and is even chewing her food most of the time! Green beans and peppers still tend to come through whole...but I can't win every daily battle! She still eats pretty much whatever I'm eating. She fed herself her entire bowl of creamy wheat yesterday morning with only one spoonful flying towards Daddy off her spoon to the floor. Not horrible! She's also enjoys granola bars from time to time.

She L-O-V-E-S straws. Which is a good thing at restaurants and is a good thing they're disposable! I hate the thought of trying to clean straws as the germs accumulate super quick there...but we own one cup with straw attachment anyway. She's still digging the sippy cup. She tries to drink her bath water with her toy cups...she's having a hard time grasping the idea of tongue back and lips on the rim of the glass....her tongue comes up over the rim and pours into her mouth...most of the time she ends up drinking more like a dog or cat lapping the water out of the cup...silly girl!

Like I said...she changes every day!!! It's hard to keep up with her and I enjoy my recoup time during naps and at bedtime.

Mike is down to a week before his exam and I made the mistake of sending a few houses his way yesterday to look at for the big move coming up. So, we ended up spending a lot of time today looking at houses. There are A LOT on the market right now that I'd say I'd have no problem living in. I'm not so worried about finding THE house of our dreams. It's hard to meet that expectation ever, in my mind. As long as it's a nice neighborhood, safe, and close to a park. And any yellow rooms will need to be painted. :) It'll be all good. :) We'll take some time after Mike's exam to celebrate the big 3-0 coming up and then A HOUSE HUNTING WE WILL GO!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandma Judy!

Sorry, it's a few hours late, but I was trying to find the perfect photo from yesterday to wish you a happy birthday.

It just so happens, I had this one.

And could it be more perfect??!! Our Kohl's and Toys-r-Us are right on the ocean, so we took a little stroll after our shopping trip. Don't know if you can see the pigeons or not...but she enjoys chasing a pigeon!

Yes, for Grandma Judy's birthday, Quinn got sand toys, a new ball (someone stole our new new ball at the park the other day...and we were the only ones there....still can't figure that one out!!), and some new bowls for meals (as her plates and our current bowls aren't big enough or are too big for the tiny tornado).

We intended on a museum trip...only to discover the place was overrun with school kids and I didn't really want that supervised chaos yesterday. Not to mention it was rainy and gloomy so everyone had the museum idea. There wasn't rain in the forcast, though, so I thought, HEY, let's go to the aquarium. Only to drive by and see the ENTIRE LOT FILLED with school buses...the place isn't that big...we'd get trampled. So, we ended up at Kohl's and Toys-r-Us. Actually ended up being cheaper than either intended trip! :)

More photos.

This was supposed to be her and the V-N Bridge...she kept moving. I don't think the bridge would've been visible anyway....visibility was only about 2 miles. And got worse as the night came. Hope noone had flights into JFK yesterday! Delays in NYC...NO!?!

"Mommy, I hear your keee keeeesss keeees. I want them NOW".

"I seeeeee your keeeeees"

"Thanks Mommy, you're the best!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


OH her hair...

With one little clip it can be fixed...but she likes to take that one little clip out ALL THE TIME.

Nothing too new to report. We have four more music classes left...maybe forever...maybe not. There are some "teacher moms" in the neighborhood that were going to sign up for classes this summer and it would be nice to enjoy class with them. I guess I'll have to look at the schedule and see how it'll work with moving.

We're still planning on a move this fall. We miss our friends and our "old life" back there. Not to mention missing the chance to buy a house right now!!

Oh, and congrats to my sister who put her house on the market 14 days ago...but by day 10 had an offer! The inspector should be there this week and if all goes well there...she'll be house-free July 13!! Her house is adorable and spotless, so I knew she'd find a buyer quickly! YAY Jen! In typical Rebarchik style, wasn't exactly prepared to sell so quickly and is now trying to find a new place to live, but I'm sure she'll find a new place to call home before long.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

And I have no photos to show for it!

Why? Because Auntie Dannie had the camera out!! We'll have to see if she decides to post any photos.

Saturday Mike and Quinn took a drive to Jersey to pick up a new-to-us tv from a work friend's place. It's nice....and bigger than I thought...we're not sure where it'll end up yet!

While this was happening, Dannie showed up to visit and we walked the neighborhood as I saw a bunch of signs on Friday for rummage sales...they were not so exciting....LOTS of VHS tapes out there in this world!

We went grocery shopping for the weekend and started to prepare lunch and they got home. We had high hopes to get somewhere out of the neighborhood, but Quinn wasn't cooperating with naps and such, so we just took her to the park and sat around home looking at some homes Dannie and Nate are looking at in Maryland.

And we made a nice meal of ribs, spuds and asparagus. Yummy.

Yesterday we headed to Grimaldi's for lunch (Quinn, D and I) at open so to hope for a short line. And online lied as the didn't open till noon so we got there a little early with an antsie and tired Quinn. But we got our pizza and loved it. Then we walked around the DUMBO area a little bit, across the bridge, around the Manhattan side area, Ground Zero, courthouses, back across the bridge, got some yummy ice cream....and back home for quick Italian. And somehow Dannie managed to drive home at the end of all this!!

It was good times and good friends and a good weekend...and there's still one day left! Mike got lots of studying and reading done, so it was good to have an empty house for him too.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Comparison

Last Year June and July.

This May.

We had ourselves a backyard pool party today! It was probably only mid-high 70s. Most of the kids and neighbors were in pants and t-shirts....Quinn and I were in our suits!! Just goes to show the Mn is still in me! At least a little bit.

So, this pool also managed to keep her in the yard! I was pretty excited about that.

I swear she has a super hair and nail growing gene. JUST LOOK at that mop on her head again...I swear it'll forever be out of control. Not to mention the RED it's getting!!! Oh but I've always said she'll be a red head of some sort!

The beads...this morning, Daddy found some beads in his bag from his St Patty's Day in Ohio. He gave them to Quinn. She loved them. Every couple hours or so she'd play with the beads, go, "OOOOHH, MAMA" and go to the door and blow kisses (yep, Q calls Mike MaMa...). Adorable!
She loved them much that her neck is now blue-green!! Sweat + sunscreen + bare skin = blue-green neck from green beads. I was lucky to get them off of her for her nap and to go to bed for the night. But, she's getting to the age where she realizes they'll be there when she wakes up! It's still cute. I'll have to find some of my less expensive jewelry for her to play dress up!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"finger foods"

Quinn has been doing remarkably better with using her utensils at meals. But after a few successful and failed attempts, all foods turn into "finger foods". She's allowed to go "all out" on bath night.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Naps have changed this week...related to nursing? Maybe. We're working on cutting out the afternoon nursing session(s) altogether and just morning and bedtime. It's actually been easier for her to skip the morning session until late morning/right before lunch. SO, still nursing about 3 times a day. It's easier on her to skip sessions when we're not home (so when the weather isn't crummy). One of the other Moms from music just stopped nursing, her boy is 22 months and is just like Q...I swear. He'd whine and complain and cry and beg and she'd just give in because it was easier. Over this past weekend she had her husband around to help divert attention and just stopped. He was also only nursing twice a day. So, I think we're almost there! I'm pretty sure she'll be done by her 2nd birthday, and probably sooner as times will get crazy as we get ready to pack and move and have a vacation or two.

Naps seem to now be from 2-3....when they were 11-2. :) We'll see how today goes, as we went out for lunch, stopped at the park, and then headed to music class...just getting home about 10 minutes ago. She was sooooooo sleepy. We'll see how long the nap lasts today!

I still feel a little sore from my fall the other day...nothing too drastic. I don't think.

Thanks for all the words on working and moving...we'll see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, May 18, 2009

"The Big Question Mark"

With our moving date getting ever closer, we have begun to look more seriously at areas, schools, taxes, and some actual online tours of some houses.

We want a nice home, in a nice area, with nice people, with a nice price tage and niceness.

Our "ideal" home is getting slightly out of a "one-income" price range, though. So, yesterday began a job search for me.

There are actually quite a few great options right now. Is it what I want to do, though?

That's my big question mark and it's been on my mind ALLL day.


ANYWAY, to all you mommy's out there...any words of wisdom? Anyone stayed at home, then went back to work and completely wanted to quit and go back to "just being a Mommy"? Anyone so glad they went back? Anyone want to watch Quinn or have day care suggestions?

For my ideal situation, I'd work 2-3 days a week with minimal driving and inexpensive day care...preferably within consulting or something similar to "keep up my skills".

I think I'd miss just being able to "pick up and go" without needing to get approved vacation days!

I'm also afraid I won't find the great co-workers I had in Farmington anywhere else. We really were a rare group who tended to be pretty friendly regularly. I didn't really have that anywhere else and it definitely was the hard point to leaving and moving out here.

SO--it continues to weigh my mind....what to do....and if I find a job...when to start looking!? I don't really want to have a new job, new house, and just getting back to Mn. I want to enjoy my time with friends and family out there without the stress of a new job too.


Quinn is still getting crazier every day. The other moms at the park were giving us looks today because she was screaming and laughing loudly. WE'RE OUTSIDE. GET OVER IT! I wanted to yell SOO bad. Especially since it was after 2 and Q had yet to take a nap....An especially long day for me considering I was up at 5. I was wiped out last night at 8 and was in bed about 5 am came quickly....but I didn't want to be in bed anymore either. So I watched the Desperate Housewives. He's not really marrying Susan again is he?! ...sigh again...

Why else is Q crazier...I scared her as she walked into the kitchen earlier and for the rest of the day she snuck around that corner and went "OOOOH!" as if I was going to scare her again.

OH, and I fell down the stairs again yesterday!!! I SWORE I was on the last stair in the basement...turns out there were THREE MORE. I think I'm okay. Bruised knees and a sore foot....we'll see how I feel tomorrow! I think it's a sign the house hates me as much as I'm hating it lately! I think the yellow is out to get me....


Quinn has been sleeping pretty well at night! Most nights is 8-5...some nights up at 10 or 1....but not such a big's not every 3 hours anymore, so I could care less, honestly!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teething?? Still??

So I thought it would end when her bottom eye teeth came through. The toy chewing, suckers, books...thought it would ALL stop getting chomped on by the little lady.

Not so true.

EVERYTHING still goes in the mouth. Whether it be during meals, right after meals, before meals. Books are still getting their bindings chewed, toys are still constantly in the's ridiculous.

And she's started biting ME!? Not nursing, but arms, fingers, toes, shoulder, HEAD. She chomped down yesterday when we were playing in her room and I said, "not acceptable" and as Mike gave his 'stern words' he started LAUGHING! Yes, she's very difficult to scold because she's so damn cute and I often catch myself just laughing at her as she's getting her stern words...but after she chomps my head?! MIKE....c'mon!! She has yet to break skin...but I really don't want this to transfer to other kids on the playground. I don't think she's ever bitten Mike, so should I feel special?

Yesterday she was going to town on ice and her teething ring..makes me wonder if there's not still tooth pain somewhere. It's too early for her 2 year molars, right?!

We went potty chair shopping yesterday. She seems to like the Baby Bjorn one the best. Most of them are SOOO low to the ground she was falling into them. It also seemed to have the best stability and I think the high back will come in handy. It also seems to have nice, easy to clean "lines" and seems to be boy friendly too if we ever have another kid/a boy. The ones that turn into step stools just confuse me...why would you want them moving the thing around after they use it?! We have a separate step stool for hand washing. Anyway, I don't think she'll train anytime soon as she really didn't like sitting in one spot for very long as we tested the seats, but she seemed pretty excited for new chairs! :) For $25-ish it seemed the most sturdy and easy to clean with no parts that could fall off (all nice points for us). Any suggestions?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The new hangout

Just when I think she can't get sillier...she decides she's warm after our walk and sits in the fridge! :)

Not much new. She was playing a little too hard the other night and forgot she should stop when she sees the dresser and got a little noggin bump, but all is well. A few bumps and bruises shall occur from time to time! Her feet are getting bigger and her legs longer, so I'm sure it's tough learning how to keep walking and running with the growing body!! She's a pretty solid 24/2T all around. I tried an 18 month top yesterday and it came right off again. Some of the hand-me-down 2Ts are also too small. SO, looks like we may need some summer clothes after all! I have to look through what we have (yet again) and find out what we have and what we need. I did it 2 weeks ago and all the 18 month still fit! So much changing!!!

And Jill, she seems camera shy when it comes to bubbles! I even tried in the bathtub last night (bubble bath) and she was all "bubbo bubboooo" and I'd hit record and there was silence.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Shots

I can't believe that was her last year at this time!!! Barely sitting on her own, falling asleep on airport floors, falling asleep as she played, and lying in one spot for longer than 3 minutes and being fully entertained...what a difference 12 months makes!

Mike made breakfast and dinner on Sunday. It was great. I still did dishes, mopped, laundry, and such, but it was a good day.

Oh, and my CEUs are DONE! Well, my next 3 years starts in a few in "Rebarchik" tradition, I'm sure it'll be 2 1/2 years before I think about getting the 50 credits again!!

However, with Mike's "big test day" close at hand, he most of the day was spent working and studying. So, I took my baby Q to the park (as we go there every day for at least an hour if possible).

She INSISTED we talk her "chak" and "bubboos".

And of course she confiscated someone else's "baw baw".

Monday, May 11, 2009

Silly Shirt

She likes her belly button. She shows EVERYONE at the park. She turns practically mute, but she show everyone her "SPRING BREAK, WHOOO!!!" Belly button.

This is how I found her when she just woke up from her nap.

I know the shirt's getting a little small, Quinn (2T)...but do you have to try and take it off for your nap? And to give you a better shot...

I can hear Jill and Tim's laughter already....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

SEVENteen months?!

I can't even believe it's been over 2 years since early pregnancy.

Now I have a CRAZY toddler. I'm not even sure where she comes up with things sometimes. And she definitely runs the house!

Feeding: Starting to get fussier about what she's eating. She has to eat when I eat and 99% of the time has to eat WHAT I'm eating. So, Mom's been eating more fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Don't get me wrong, I still managed to polish off a pan of brownies this week, but Q helped .... but not much! She's still nursing. I really wanted it to be her choice to stop. We were soooo close a month ago when she refused for a day...but it's back full throttle again. Well, 3-5 times a day. I'm trying to space it further from nap and bed time so she stops associating nursing with sleep. Overall, she still enjoys water, ice, juice, chocolate milk, and me. She really only eats cereal with milk now, and only the marshmallows from Lucky Charms (I knew my day was coming Mindy and Nikki!).

Diapers: Upgraded to size 5! Size 4 treated us well for probably 6 months or so...I think 8 months now. She has her "I'm pooping" stance and face...and then will continue with playing for no longer than 10 minutes and she thinks a "drink" (nursing) will help her diaper. We're learning the words poop and pee. And learning how to wipe! She actually does really well and is soooo proud when she's "keen" (clean). I've taken Nikki's suggestion of changing on the bathroom floor to associate dirty diapers with potty time. The potty chair will be "unveiled" this it's yet to be bought. I honestly think she may take to it quickly. She's dry on mornings she sleeps and misses her 2 or 4am wake up time. She's dry when she gets up from naps...and most of the day. And it seems to be when she sits in her booster chair for meals that she poops/pees. SO, I think she's associating sitting and plastic with it all. All-in-all, who knows what she's thinking. And I think I'm crazy for even wanting to try so early. But hell, no punishment for failure this young, right?

Vocabulary: Are you kidding me?! I don't even know what I'm going to tell the doctor at her 18 month appointment. She tries to repeat EVERY word I say. And most are pretty successful. Words she's picked up on this week, poop, clean, pork, stroller, outside, killer, couch, chair, sit, one, cup, grandma, grandpa, uncle....and I'm pretty sure "mike"...and probably some others. Words she uses regularly, woof, meow, drink, juice, milk, more, eyes, nose, ears, cracker, climb, hi, bye, dada, mama, back, eggo, poke, fork, spoon, tylenol, benedryl (mostly 'elelelelelele') (and the dosages are sooo ridiculously low that it's just enough to keep her eyes from being puffed out crazy), blankie, sucker, pants, toes, fingers, ....and like I said...she pretty much repeats any one syllable word back to you...and works are at multi-syllable words.

Motor Skills: Kicks a ball well, tosses okay, not catching yet. Can climb stairs, couches, chairs...anything that has a boost, is low enough, and has a flat surface. She's trying hard to climb the metal ladders at the park, but it's too slippery and not enough space for her foot to lay flat. She is queen of slides. Loves to push the empty swings (thanks Grandma Joe!) and stays in the swing no longer than 5 minutes. She found a baseball bat at the park today and liked swinging it...more like a golf club though! Frisbee is useless yet. Walks, runs, crawls...and falls effortlessly! We're working on jumping and skipping...we'll see. She loves to put stuff "back"...but also likes to make a mess! She pokes food...then takes if off the tines and eats it with her fingers; pics up another piece, pokes it, takes it off, eats with fingers. Spoon foods are more difficult and she gets to feed herself those on bath night as it usually ends up in hair and fingernails. She's mostly using her right hand. She dunks her basketball that is attached to her inside slide.

Interpersonal: Plays peekaboo with a blanket or by covering her own ears....she tries to cover her eyes but isn't quite there yet. She gets along better with older kids (3 and 4 and 5) than anyone younger than 2 1/2. She shares pretty well, but wants her turn first. She performs most tasks well when asked, clean up, put stuff back, wipe your tray, take off your shoes and socks, wash your belly, put your cup away, get my shoes...etc.

Overall, especially this last week, she's been WONDERFUL at helping clean, sweep, bringing dishes to the kitchen, helping empty and stack the dishwasher, etc. She's still eating her books and I'm lucky to get one story and lap time. She's started coloring with her chalk, but still likes to lick a piece every now and then. She still bites the tips off we'll see when that phase stops. She loves splishing and splashing in water, puddles, sinks, bowls (Dannie knows about that), toilets (if she sneaks the door open without me noticing quick enough!)....

She's a crazy toddler and I hope she's as crazy a kid as I ever get! I'm thankful for nap time...I suppose the kids that may come in the future may not give me that nap time! ... speaking of's going on 3 hours...Guess the park wiped her out today!!

No big plans for Mother's Day, but hope everyone has a great day!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Drip Drop Drip Drip Drop

...those are some of the words to one of our music songs this semester.

And they couldn't be more appropriate.

We've seen the sun about 4 hours TOTAL in the last week.

And it's supposed to rain...thunderstorms rain...through Saturday.

I must say there have been a few breaks in the clouds to get me out and about for a little bit each day...but jeepers already! We already had our May flowers...what's with all the rain!?!

It is better than 90 and humid....

SO, no new photos because we've been inside most of the week....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some Cuties

I still owe a 17 month update, not enough time now.

For today, just some cute shots!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'd like to start off with I'm glad I'm a cautious driver. I almost hit a deer about 20 minutes ago. It never occurred to me that Dannie and Nate would have deer RIGHT outside the road by their apartment. OH but they do! Somehow I managed to miss it and not freak out Quinn with the car jerk. The slippery road due to rain made the situation not much fun. Also thankful that there are next to zero cars on the road right now because I consider 7:45am on a Sunday TOO EARLY to be up for 2 hours and have DRIVEN somewhere with a toddler to get coffee. I had to get her out of the apartment...some people are lucky enough to have still sorta been sleeping...I needed to get her out for awhile! And of course, she has now joined the rest of the apartment (minus black cat who is taking his morning bath on my legs) by sleeping. Where was that sleep at 5...and 6....??? Oh well.

Well, another friend is 30. And his wife managed to pull together a surprise party! We are currently in Maryland with Dannie and Nate for Nate's 30th (sorry for the publication Nate!). Thad flew into NYC to visit with us for a day before we headed to Maryland to get together for Nate's 30th...and of course because we all love to spend time together! We got in Friday night and managed to pull off any suspicion he may have had that Dannie was up to something...having a friend come in who currently lives in Oregon is pretty freaking awesome! We're all glad to have had some time with Thad and we're excited he got the opportunity to join us this weekend.

The party was at their friends' place (I've posted photos of their little guy Seth) about 30 minutes from the apartment. Quinn had a BLAST, to say the least. I am now anxious to have a yard for her to actually PLAY in directly outside the house. I enjoy the walks to and from the park, and she definitely likes park time as she gets to "ham" on various equipment; don't get me wrong. But it was SO nice not having to worry about the driveway, cars, & our cement backyard haven. She had PLENTY of room to roam and still be safe to keep roaming.

Seth also had a wagon and Mike and Susan took them for a ride to see ducks. Quinn loved the wagon...we may invest in a wagon instead of a new stroller! I can still put groceries in it when I shop this summer :)

There was a great food spread, beer selection (that dried up first!!), and the company was appreciated. Fun was had watching the little tykes interact and fall and play and be crazy toddlers. Maybe it was more fun because of the beer? Nah, they're pretty fun to watch sober too! Nate and Dannie got some AMAZING shots of Quinn just being Quinn. I'm sure she'll post them...some of them may turn into larger prints as they capture her life SO well. My camera just isn't fast enough to catch her being Quinn and expressing all the craziness I see day in and day out. Even at 6am when it's really cute...but really really not cute or funny or even adorable.

I have yet to pull the camera out for the weekend, but like I said, D got some good shots.

Also, I got to watch D play football yesterday! The guys watched Q and I went to Baltimore with D and got to watch some club football. Yes, to most that sounds awful. But I spent almost every Sunday in the Fall watching club ultimate and I didn't realize how much I missed it until yesterday. In fact, after the first play I said, "hey, why's she running after she caught it?" Then I got a look from D like, 'did you really just ask that?' And before she could say anything, I said, "Ha, because this is football, not ultimate." D said, "...Yeah...there's a ball not a disc.". Minor details....
But D's team had some mad skills! Just not as mad as the other teams they, who wants to win? They got "promoted" to a higher skill level because they won last year...shouldn't the team get to decide these things?? One would think so...but some things are just f-ed up!

I think we're heading back today. I don't know that anyone here wants to continue listening to Q all night long. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't hear her some's not that she's sleeping. I'm just growing to the point of not caring if she's awake at 1am and 3am and 5am...what is she, 2 months old?! I care....just not enough to always get up and tend to her every whine. Makes for a not happy Mommy the next day!

We will most likely be heading out to look at some of Dannie and Nate's housing options today! Hopefully they will find a place they like so we can help in someway with the big move!

I'll try to get to Q's 17 month update may just turn into her 18 month update at this point...well, that's still 3 weeks away....we'll see.

The biggest thing going now (besides sleep) is potty training. I'm going to get a potty chair this week and see what she does with it. She's HATING having her diaper changed and we've moved into size 5 diapers (or will be soon). Size 5 boxes have even FEWER diaper for the same'll see what happens. She's also been waking up dry from all night (12 hours usually) and from her nap(s). She has a pretty easy to read "poop" grunt'll see. It's one of those crazy things I think about that if I wait too long it'll get more difficult to train. Kind of like her crazy habit of having a Quinn proof house seeing as I swore I'd never take down all my knick knacks because of my kid...ha! She's super curious, but is learning AND obeying "no" and "stop" a little more frequently.

Here, her love of water is exemplified by the kitties' water bowl. She LOVES splashing and manages to hit puddles that are barely a big bowl of water is like her Disney World.

Well, this is a lot of words. I'm going to do some studying...seeing as I have about 4 more days to get it in and counted for credit so I don't have to retake my credential exam again!