Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Photos!

For those of you who know our back yard, this is the back of our back yard...yes, where there used to be LARGE boulders on the back edge. Yes, the snow is higher than them now!! Crazy a lot of snow...and many months of snow to come!!

Play dress up as Daddy's tool helper! Hard hat, belt, vest and all...she loves it!

She opened Killer and Eggo's present at Grandma and Grandpa's. She actually interacts well with the cats and this toy. Yay good choice!!

One of the best shots we have of Q and a Christmas tree this year.

Q helping take a photo of Mommy.

I think today is the first day since November 21st that Quinn has gone without opening or seeing a present!!! Hopefully she'll get used to not having presents around all the time!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Yes, how do you working Moms keep up with blogging?! Wow, life is busy.

We've been in Eagle Lake since Wednesday, did not want to try to travel in the predicted snow on Thursday. It was pretty heavy by the time we got here, but we were thankful we got here early! We had Quinn sled on Thursday (new present from Grammy and Papa) and then Mike and I went to Mankato to finish our shopping! Let me say, Christmas Eve Day shopping...WAAY less crowded than day after Thanksgiving...and near the same sales!

So, we went to mass on Thursday night, then to Granny's for food...and no bed time was had. She was up THREE times that night ... what!? She loves her routine, I guess.

Friday we got up, bummed around the house, late showers and opening presents, then to Granny's again for presents, food, and family. And a short nap at Granny's and up ONCE last night. Still...what the heck, Quinn?! She'll be glad to be back home will all of us. Santa left a note here saying Quinn had more presents at home waiting for her!! What a lucky lucky girl . With a late November birthday and family everywhere...she's pretty much had presents to open ever week since her birthday! I hope January isn't too disappointing for her!

As far as today, we slept in (about 8:30!?!) and then had pancakes, eggs and sausage, then headed to the park to ice skate!! Quinn loved to hate it. She was SO excited to get her skates on, then we got on the ice (after much work and effort trying to get the skates on ... these 8s will fit her this year and probably never again) and she said, "no, back to truck! boots back! back truck!". We made her stay out anyway and she even had a smile after awhile. I didn't realize how stressful skating was on ankles, but she did really well. I'm proud of her. And again, we have some cute shots of that on Papa's camera.

My camera is MIA at home somewhere, so I hope to get cute photos of her with her new toys at home. Papa and Grammy have quite a few cute ones that I hope to steal. :) Overall, we're anxious to get home and back into our quiet routine of wake up, drive, work, drive, sleep. :)

Merry Christmas to all and hope you're enjoying the snow!! Quinn hates it, loves to look at it, you get it too close to her and she CRIES. She better get used to it if we have snow until March!! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mo'Most home

That's what she says as we turn the last few corners "mo'most home!"

Too cute. Her vocabulary has absolutely exploded the past few days again...repeating anything and everything...but not too long after she hears it (usually). We've been working on spanish words's a totally different sound than english and she has frustration with english words she can't say, so spanish is not coming so easily. Guess maybe I should've pushed it harder awhile ago...ah well. The fact that she knows so many english words is exciting for me.

She learned heart and star shapes this weekend. She still confuses square and triangle sometimes, but is doing well with circle and rectangle (how she knows rectangle and not square i'll never figure out).

Everything is "green" again too. For awhile it was "yellow". And a lot of stuff was "white" and "black" this weekend...but she's back to everything being "green". As I've said before, at least she knows they're colors!!

As for now, I'm off to help shovel some driveway (another couple inches of snow last night...and it was never completely cleared after last week's snow!! oops!).

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quinn and Ted Ted

We watched Ted last night and he slept over. He wasn't much hassle though, both kids were sleeping before 8! It was awesome!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Snow!

That's what Quinn exclaimed this morning as she ran to our big picture window. That more snow is the reason I'm staying home today. There was barely snow on the ground for "rush hourS" last night and no one was moving. About 2 hours to go my 32 miles. was awful. I have vowed to never drive to/from Farmington if there is even talk of snow or flurries. Never ever ever again. Quinn learned lots of new words and we listened to Bon Jovi's "Livin on a Prayer" several times and we were always halfway home!!

Anyway, Q has been loving Day Care. She practiced shapes the other day and knew 5 of 5 100% of the time! The words are really tough for her, but she will point to circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and stars in many of her books and surroundings. She's learning more than I can keep up with these days!

Since the last post we had our first pediatrician appointment here. She didn't know where we were when we checked in and looked at the fishies in the fish tank. But as SOON as we passed through the door to the exam rooms it was "nooooooooOOO!OOOOOOOOOO!O!O!O!O!" and she threw herself into her "i'm 2" tantrum. She's in the same percentiles for weight, height, and head circumference. The doctor was very impressed with how well she held onto crayons, her attempts at knowing colors, numbers and letter, and how many words she has. At one point she asked if she was quiet much during the day, or if she talked a lot. I responded with "i'm surprised she doesn't talk in her sleep!" The doctors and nurses were super friendly and the appointment took about an hour start to finish (with 4 vaccinations, two flu)!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Years Ago

Happy birthday Quinn!

I can hardly believe how much you have learned and changed these past two years. You continue to amaze me with how your play changes every day and how many words you know. You have the cutest Minnesota, Wisconsin, Brooklyn accent I've ever come across in my life. And you play so wonderfully with other kids when they are around...yes, you actually play WITH other kids sometimes!

Here are a few photos from your first "kids invited" birthday party, as you will very likely not remember anything that happened today. If only you'd pose for the camera like your friends that visited!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Duck is LOST!

Quinn no longer quacks like a duck. It's very sad as she had the best sounding duck once upon a time...I'm not even sure we have it on video. Sad, sad, sad day.

Some of our party decorations arrived yesterday. SOOOOO cute! We're excited to host a party soon!

Quinn also had her first play dough experience today at day care! She LOVED it!

Also, Trisha sings a "who's at day care today" song each day that apparently has actions and she knows them all and participates each day now starting today!!

I'm even more amazed by what she learns every day now that I'm not with her all day. She's growing so fast...only a few more DAYS until she's entering her 2's! Where does time go!?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Week Left

...until Q's big birthday bash!

Okay, so really it's more of an excuse for an open house party, but she will have her own hour and half for whatever she wants. Or whatever I think she wants. Invites have (finally) been mailed out. To most people...we have yet to set up our home server, so I didn't even have most addresses. Regardless, Q will have a weekend of fun, I'm sure!

A few photos to share today!! From day care, and they're as cute as Q can be.

First up is Q and her day care friend. We're still not sure how Trisha got her to actually SMILE pictures....

Art hour from last week! Trisha discovered her love of glue and markers. Anyone need present ideas? We could use paper, markers and glue! :) And fun things to glue to the paper! Curt, Christine and Kumquat-to-be discovered her Picaso-like style with the "what will baby look like" last weekend. I should've taken a photo of and eyes on one side, mouth upside down on the other...ears and nose in some other random spot...again, Picaso-esque. Maybe she remembers the art we saw on our museum tours in NYC?

And her toy of the hour a few days ago...a plastic tub! (Note the various things around it that she so kindly removed before climbing in!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How Drunk Was I?

So, I must say, about 3 years ago...tonight...I was crazy happy in love and smiled more in a day than I ever thought possible.

But it also happened that I had a lot to drink and not so much to eat because my nerves were ridiculous out-of-control. No fear Mike wouldn't show. No fear of "losing" my last name. No fear of tripping. No fear of laryngitis. No thoughts of what was happening at work without me for the third day in a row with many more to come for a short vacation. No...I'm not sure why I was so nervous. But once the photos started getting taken and I was holding Mike's all washed away and I couldn't stop smiling.

Even as the drinks went down...the smile remained.

Even as Dannie talked about Mr. My's hair...the smile remained.

Even as Nate spoke of...uhm, ooh, don't remember what Nate spoke about!

Even as Dad spoke of his little girl...the smile remained (and the first tears of the day!!!).

Even as Mike spoke of his Oz characters...the smile remained.

And now today, looking at our photo book...the smile remains. I can't believe it's been 3 years. It's seemed more like at least 15! :)

We've had a crazy crazy couple years, Mike, but I'm glad I could spend them with you. And now with Quinn. And maybe some more kid(s) someday too! Our lives have changed so much as individuals and as a couple and as a family! Only time will tell what God has in store for us in the many, many happy years to come!

But really, the question of the night continues to remain in my head...and so many others that attended the reception that night...

"How Drunk Was I??"

Now for us all to try to re-live that night and join us for our housewarming party coming up next weekend. To yet again talk for 3 years about the night we got trashed at a party Mike and Katie had (with the help of their parents).

AND, of course, a very happy birthday to Grandpa Chuck today!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Question Confusion

"How are you today?"

"What's your name?"

"Where do you want to go?"

"What color is that?"

She's hilarious. I really miss my time with her during the day. But MAN does a day at work wipe me out...and the drive doesn't help much. Although, it allows time for interesting conversations between us (see above Q/A).

And ONE WEEK breastfeeding free. I really miss it more than I ever thought I would. It was great bonding. She's all about her choco milk now at dinner and before bed (which rolls into each other these days). I think weening was the reason for soooo many poopy diapers. I read in a few places even the little changes can upset the tummy. SOO, we're back to lactaid, expensive wipes and no breastfeeding. We'll see if we're willing to experiment with any changes any time soon. The poor girl's butt was cherry for a week.

Now she's "all done clean up" and wants "story book book book nigh nigh". So, time to go be a mommy! Just thought I'd drop a quick note to signify I am still alive...and working more than ever! Yay we can afford Christmas!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Mine No Please

Quinn's favorite words.

More blankies
More shoes
More Juice
More pickle
More tickle
More blocks
More Elmo

Mine blankies
Mine shoes
Mine juice
Mine Candy


More blankies please
More shoes please
More candy please.

I love this Quinn phase...she's still cracking me up! And her name was Brooke today when asked. Brooke is the baby at day care that she saw almost every day. She likes Brooke a lot.

She enjoyed walking the neighborhood last night. According to Mike, once she realized she had to wear the costume to get candy, she participated better. :) Overall, we saw neighbors and had a mellow night.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkins and Stuff

Q was napping upon my arrival at Trisha's after my last (??) day of work in Farmington. Well, she woke up with some crazy hair. This was a shot when she was looking down, but it was pretty much sticking up this way even when her head was up. Thanks for all your great day care services, Trisha!! We've loved knowing that Q has been in great hands these last few weeks.

Last Sunday, we stopped by Jill and Tim's new house. It was a VERY cute place, and Q enjoyed handing the candy out to all the kiddo's. OH, and it was so nice Q, Jill and I enjoyed a trip to the near-by school park!

And, of course, last Saturday was a Halloween/Carving party at my sister's house! We had a blast and Q seemed to enjoy cleaning out her first pumpkin. And since she REFUSED to wear Yoda, I did! She would've been the cutest Yoda ever...we'll see what comes for Trick-or-Treat here tomorrow!!

And I wish I had a photo...but I won the "ghoulish dish" award! I made stuffed noodles that looked like monster heads. Maybe Mom and Dad got one that I can post soon.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Wow, what a week we've had since the last blog!

This week will (hopefully) be my last week of work and I can go back to being a SAHM again! I must admit, both jobs are very challenging and rewarding...but OMG, the rewards with Q can be seen immediately! We had a GREAT weekend together at my parent's house in Wisconsin. However, the refusal to go to bed last night after I told her "we're going home tomorrow and we'll see daddy" was UNBELIEVEABLE. It took almost 2 hours of stories, singing, playing, letting her "cry it out" and FINALLY a cuddle and singing until she fell asleep. She cried for daddy and home for too long! And now we're home and Daddy's not here. But she's okay with "just" being home.

I'm still amazed at the toll my car takes when I travel 7 hours alone with her. It looks like a cereal box exploded...but else do I get from point A to point B with minimal stops so the trip doesn't take 12 hours? I have to give her the food and drink and hope for the best...this weekend wasn't so much her best! Not to mention it's already looking sad from our month of trips to Farmington and back each day.

Right now she's running circles around the house singing "pants, hanging, chair, kitty, pants, hanging, chair, kitty". I'm not sure what the relationship of those 4 words is quite yet...maybe by the end of my post??

I really need to get planning for Quinn's first party for her second birthday SLASH open house. At least I think it's going to end up being our 'housewarming' party too. It would be nice to have a date to have decorating and furniture placement "needed" to be done. And as long as Friday is my last day in Farmington, that should come true. Not to mention it'll be right before the crazy holiday season, so "just" one party could be a good thing! I'll keep you all posted.

I have photos from the weekend. I'm saddened that Q loved her Yoda costume here but did nothing but yell NO NO NO NO NO when I put it on her at Kristin's and wouldn't even look at it for trick or treat at Jill and Tim's. HOWEVER, she did enjoy handing out the "can-ney" to all the kiddos and was sad when they only took one then walked away! She would've donated the whole bowl to some kiddos. It was super adorable (and not caught on video or camera...oops).

She had her first pumpkin carving and gutting experience too. She enjoyed it, I guess. There were way more exciting things to do like spill bubbles, play with bikes, and enjoy her cousins. And without a nap for the day!

I need to, also, find a pediatrician! Her 2 yr appointment is coming up and we need to get that set up soon. Any suggestions?

For now, time to go enjoy some more time with Q (who took a short nap in the car on the way here and may be heading to bed soon).

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Alone

So, Q's headed to Eagle Lake to spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa...without me! I'm so far feeling a little bored and that I'm forgetting to do something. Seeing as this is usually the busiest time for me at night...bed time! Good luck to grandma and grandpa the next couple nights!

Work has been going well. I'll only work a few days next week and maybe a day or two the week after. It's been nice working again, but man I miss my girl all day long!! Now with the weekend and her being away...I miss her crazy already and she's only been gone an hour!

Over all, she's still loving day care. She's been feeling a little under the weather lately, but nothing keeps her down for long! She may get to meet her new cousin this weekend! Mike's cousin had her baby early yesterday morning...a darling baby boy named Briley Joseph. He's adorable and I'm excited to meet him. I got to stay home tonight to finish up some cleaning projects and enjoy a night of QUIET!!

I'm actually enjoying the quiet a little more than I thought, but like I said, I keep feeling like I'm forgetting to do something!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finn, Quinn and Teddy

Finn is so close to rolling over from back to out Stacy! The days of rolling all over the floor are all TOO soon!! :) Oh, and this was outfit 3 for the day. I forgot what the days of poop explosion after poop explosion were like...until Finn did a great job of reminding me today!

Both Teddy and Finn were refusing their afternoon naps. They heard the final score of the game and knew their Daddys would soon be there to get them. Teddy was even trying to share his Pirate Booty with Finn here...ha ha.

The toy of the day...the floor play mat. Q and Teddy were very excited to have Finn take a nap..they got to play with all the cool baby toys and rattles (don't worry Stacy, I cleaned and sanitizer sprayed the whole thing when they finally got off of it!)

When I finally found a sucker for Q, I went back in to give it to her and this is how I found her...well, she didn't move after I gave her the sucker I found and got the camera. Too funny that she propped the pillow up so she didn't have to deal with the bars on her back! :0

Teddy is the biggest camera ham I've ever seen at this age!! ANY time the camera came out and was pointed his way (this morning), he was all smiles!!

And MAN am I tired!
So, 8 poopy diapers, 4 naps, 6 attempted naps, and several changes of clothes later. Three happy Dads came home from the homecoming game that started with snow on the field from last night! SNOW in OCTOBER! Humph.'ll be a long winter, I guess.

And prior to my call to work this week, Ted and Beth came over to help Q and me make pumpkin bars. Yummy yum yum they were!!