Friday, August 20, 2010

Over Due

No, not me, PHOTOS of Quinn!!!

Two things in this shot: Q is standing under my belly (yep, there's a baby there) and the camera is fogged from coming from inside to outside! Another humid, gross, yecky day here today! :(

My nieces, nephews and my own!

Hailey reading to Alex...nice!

Me and my sisters! I used to be the skinny one! :) And apparently, I missed the memo to cut my hair and wear it down. :)

Kristin (one of Q's Godmothers) and her youngest.

Q loves herself a new park!!

Night Out TATOOS!

Her tough girl face. :)

Doc appointment soon!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's that Spell Mama?

On our way to Farmington today Q starts reading letters...I hear her...

"C, no um, G! R ... A ... C....OOO! Says (I peak back at her and she's looking at the letter C in Graco) --Cc-c-c-car--seat! Says carseat mama!"

"Good guess and you are looking at it upside-down, but it says "Graco" it's the brand of your car seat."

"What you sayin' mama?" (she loves this phrase. if she's in a good mood, instead of "huh" it's 'what you sayin'?' or 'whats up with you?').

"It's the type of car seat you have. A Graco. G-R-A-C-O. Spells Graco".

"What you sayin' mama?"

"Good guess and good job with the correct letters. You have a Graco Carseat. The word is Graco".

"Oh, Graco, I see. I want to see the black train today mama! And Mc-c-a-Donnads after day care!!!"

"If you're good at day care we'll have a treat afterwards, yes."

She finds a way to make me laugh every day. Even when I should be angry at her...she still makes me giggle at her complete innocence. Someday all too soon it'll be gone!

She still seems excited for her baby brother. We still don't have a name, so don't ask. We won't tell until baby is born, but we really don't have a name yet. Boy names are hard!!!! If we come up with a name, I check to see if Quinn can say it or if she likes it. A few I've suggested she says, "no way mama, not good name". :) Goof ball!!

I'm debating a trip to the zoo this weekend. For two reasons it may not happen -- it hurts to walk and it's supposed to be 90 degrees again. HOWEVER, a nice walk around the zoo could spark a baby birth!! :) I do still want to hold out for the September sapphire, but really...13 more days? Ugh. I could go as many as 28 days before we're considering inducing! Double ugh. Maybe if we name him he'll come out and join us? I see the doc tomorrow...we'll see if there are any changes this week. I don't feel any different, but this kid grew another inch or two, I swear! Everyone at work swears I dropped, gained weight, and ate an entire watermelon in the last few days. The scale says differently, but who knows? The fact that I can only eat about a handful of food at a time before wanting my insides to explode says...hmm, maybe there IS less room in there!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Can't believe we were watching pre-season ball last night already!

Quinn enjoyed it...until she remember she liked cartoons better. We then watched....some Dora. Let's just say that Netflix is almost as good as having cable! We have lots of kiddo shows to choose from at any time of day or night.

Regardless, Quinn took a monster nap yesterday after a busy morning of shopping, lunch with friends, nails for Mom while she played on the EPC playground, and then home again. She slept all day (the day ran away from me!) and was then awake until 10. She said she wanted bed at about 9 though, so I put her down. At about 9:30 I heard odd noises from that side of the house....I discovered she managed to turn on her radio to the Vikings game and she's yelling "touchdown touchdown touchdown" while reading her books in the middle of her room. Hey, I'll take it. Why? Because she still had her diaper on!

Potty training hasn't had much success, but she is certainly becoming more "anti-diaper". If she'd go before she went to bed and if I'd catch her AS SHE woke up in the morning to go on the potty--I'd be okay with a pull-up at night. HOWEVER, night time is her prime pee time. FOR EXAMPLE, at about 10:30, after I put her clock on "snooze" so it shut off the game in a little bit (didn't want her music back on), she's in her room "mommy, I wet now, please change me I can't reach!!". Sure enough, she's barely peed in her diaper, but wanted a new one. 4am "mommy, I wet now, please change me, I tired". So, sure enough, yet again, a barely wet diaper but wanted a new one. SOO, she knows when she's peeing...even in the middle of the night. Not sure where to go next because I know she knows, she knows she knows...there's just no connection of pee in the potty already!! She did get a pair of underwear in her latest box of pull ups and wants to wear them. I told her potty on the potty meant she could wear them. Every time she sees them, she sits on the potty. Yes, we have 14 pairs of underwear in her drawer with all sorts of characters and pictures and toons..she likes the basic ones that came with her pull-ups. SIGH.

I'm beginning to think it'll rain every night forever. I'm very thankful our roof doesn't leak and our basement is DRY! Our grass has never been greener, weeds never looked so great...and OMG, the leaves and branches are falling from the trees already! I could've sworn it was just a few weeks ago when the trees budded. It was just already 8 weeks ago when we were in Mexico!

By the way, Quinn asked to go to Mexico with Daddy the other day because she wanted to go swimming with him--I told her they could go swimming here and she said 'no mama, fly to Mexico next weekend'.

Going to try to get some photos loaded today!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nurse's Orders

Nurse's orders: Count Kicks, Drink, Stay Inside, Lie Down/Recline. If kicks slow down and contractions increase to 6/ back. Holy wow, I can't believe labor and delivery is so close!!

So, after a day of contractions (yesterday) I get practically zero fetal movements today. SO, called the nurse line today (apparently at closing time). See above orders from her. Counts are good, contractions have only been 2 since I've been home and wow it feels nice to sit in air conditioning!

I've managed to wash dishes and start laundry and get 5 nutritional assessments completed. Wow time is long when the kid AND the husband are gone for 2 hours. I've done more relaxing, work, and housework in 2 hours than I have all week (I think..). Ha ha.

Well--off to get some more assessments done while the house is still quiet!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Care

Quinn was SO excited to see her girlfriend baby Charlee at Day Care today. Charlee is her close 2nd BFF (after Ted)...and only 6 months! She's soooo cute. She's almost sitting on her own, babbles constantly, really wants her teeth to come in, rolls over a lot, and well..LOVES Quinn right back!! Either way, Quinn ran over to Charlee and gave kisses and hugs and hi's and giggles pretty much as soon as we walked into Trisha's house today. It's going to be hard for Quinn to be away from them for longer than 3 days, I think! And I think she'll do just fine with her brother-to-come. We'll see, won't we?!

Baby-to-be is getting bigger and bigger each day! I'm still SIGNIFICANTLY smaller and lighter than I was with Q at this point, but feeling pregnant and done being pregnant anyway! This kid has huge feet (I think), a great punch, a big head and a big butt. I can't see how he's less than the "usual" 5/6# they are at this stage and he's definitely got the "usual" length of about 18". Walking is difficult, standing is difficult, sitting is difficult, lying down is difficult...and well, making it longer than about 60 minutes without peeing is difficult! We'll see if there will be a final ultrasound needed, or if the doc has any size guesses this week. I've barely gained a pound in these 2 weeks again...this humidity & heat and sweat is not making the weight gain so easy for me (not to mention chasing a toddler!).

The humidity is driving me batty. I'm not really sure how I feel about the fact that my hair doesn't try during the course of the day (yay working in a kitchen). And Q loves to be outside, but I can't breathe well out there...even just chilling as she plays! :( With my "luck" the weather will turn to typical September of 50 degrees and chilly to spend time outside with a newborn and toddler...we'll see. I'll have to find a way to get the Q-ster outside for her play time during my maternity leave.

Yes, I am planning on returning to work this winter. As things work out, I'll have off until crazy holiday season that is known as December at work and crappy commute depending on winter weather. We'll see how that goes with 2 kiddos and a sleepy mommy. I give no promises other than "I'll try it out and see where it goes". We're still discussing/deciding on baby day care, but I'd really like to keep Q with Trisha as she's sooo happy there and is completely in love with her family (and vice versa).

I have a few photos...but the camera is still packed somewhere......

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Night Out

Despite it being a ridiculously hot day, I joined our neighbors with Quinn last night for "Neighborhood Night Out" Nationally too, I suppose!

Quinn is getting SO good at introducing herself with something other than tears and "no like our neighbors". She was sad our neighbor didn't have the pool open, but enjoyed the sprinklers that were set up. She did not cry until about 8pm when the police and police car showed up bearing gifts. We got a little breakdown of what they carry, and Quinn wanted to get in the car during this talk. We had the kiddos wait a few minutes, and then the older kids jumped in the back and pretended they were stuck (well, technically they were, the door was closed and they were in the back of the car!!) and freaked Q out. She cried NO MORE POLICE CAR NO MORE POLICE CAR!

OOH, and the police gave out tatoos...GUESS WHO WANTED TWO!? That's right, my family; the girl who SCREAMED bloody murder a few months ago when given a tatoo wanted TWO tats (how she learned they were tats, Mike and I are STILL trying to figure out).

It was another good night of neighbors being neighborly...and yummy desserts! Too bad the ants are such biters around here. In Farmington, they have bird-sized mosquitos all, the ants don't leave you alone! In fact, we came in about 8:30 last night and I didn't even see a mosquito. Humph.

There were 3 of us pregnant...all due in the next few weeks, with me at the end. I still feel like I'm the biggest, but when looking at the 3 of us...really...we all look like we're due on the same day if you go by belly size! This boy is head down and I can now tell the difference. Walking is a whole lot of fun and my bella band doesn't do much to help it anymore. He likes to kick me, kicking up stomach acid almost constantly. I just ate a full cup and half of cereal...hoping that treats me okay on the trip to work today!!!

Hoping today's less humidity is for real!! Breathing has been hard, but according to our work oximeter, I'm at least breathing adequately!