Friday, November 30, 2007

Quinn's Firsts

We were setting up to give Quinn her first sponge bath on Monday morning. Notice Mommy's flattening tummy area!! The swelling is finally going down (wearing size 6 maternity pants today!!). And this was these were her last quiet moments until we had her completely cleaned and dressed after her bath. The baby doesn't like to be naked!
Another first is that her cord fell off this morning, so we'll get our first bath tonight. We'll wait for Daddy to take a study break as I expect to hear her pretty voice for the duration of the bath.
Quinn joined us for dinner the other night. Except she can't quite sit at the table yet, so she joined us in her play chair. She enjoyed looking at the track lights in the dining room and at Daddy as he ate.

She was all smiles when she woke up yesterday morning, too. She was so happy and so clean after she was fed and changed. She stayed up for about an hour after this--thankfully it was 8am!!!

I'm taking this smile to be one of her firsts that isn't associated with GI situations. She was a happy little girl yesterday morning.
After a long morning of playing (long is an hour for her these days), she fell asleep. So peaceful...

Hope you enjoyed today's photos! Please stop by again sometime. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007


It has been quite the week in our lives. I never imagined that we would be sitting here with such an amazing baby girl who shows me a different cuteness and stubborness each and every day. She's been pretty regular the past day or so waking up every 4 hours. So, I only had to get out of bed once last night! That made for a happy Mom all day. But I'm still tired and expect to be tired for at least the next 2 months.

My mom has been a great aide this week too, physically and emotionally. We wish everyone could be closer as we know we'd have a million people pitching in. It just gives you all a reason to come visit NYC for a few days! Just give me enough time to recover so I can enjoy NYC too. :) It'll be probably a month or two yet before I can move too gracefully...just in time for the next wedding we'll attend!

We've taken the opportunity to quiz Grandma R. this week on any and everything as she had 5 kids of her own and she's a Grandma to (now) 6 and before next summer comes, a Grandma to 8! We have A LOT of stairs in our house and the grocery store is a few blocks away, but she's handled all of it wonderfully despite the bad knee that's started acting up the past few days. Just like I would do anything for Quinn, she's willing to do anything for me and just work through the pain to make sure her baby girl is okay. THANKS MOM!! ALSO, a huge thanks to Dad who "let her" stay here an extra week. I know he'd be here too if work would allow, but you have bills to pay too!! She leaves on Sunday already.

I'm getting anxious to see how I do "alone" next week. I should be okay as I feel better each and every day. I CAN'T WAIT until I can walk around outside again without the assistance of Advil and at a "normal" pace. Heck, I was excited about being able to take the flights of stairs "left foot, right foot," (7 times each foot/each flight of stairs) yesterday instead of "left foot, pause, left foot, pause, left foot, pause". I thought for sure my days of waddling would be over when she was born! Some day soon...

My belly has gone down considerably already too. I was slightly discouraged last week when I had a 8# baby, plus tons of other "stuff" out of my body and had managed to only lose 3#s. I was VERY fluid filled, though! I'm amazed at how the body stretches during those 9 months to make a baby fit...and then only a week later, being close to where you were at 5 months pregnant! Now, all I need to work on (once I can work on it) is being more fit by utilizing the treadmill and walking the neighborhood, playing with Quinn, and giving attention to my cats again!!

The cats have been slightly neglected the past week, but they've been getting TLC from Grandma R. When either Mike or I are holding Quinn or are near Quinn, they don't come near us. They've steered clear of her toys, car seat, chair, and bedroom. They've even stopped crawling on my chest and belly as if they know it's sore and they know to stay away. I miss that cuddle time with them, but am EVER SO greatful that they've not attempted to crawl on me as they'd be sorry they did. So, they've enjoyed her nap times when they can cuddle at my legs and give them a little TLC. Someday soon I'll be able to play fetch with them again!

New photos will post tomorrow as the transfer cable is MIA. Sorry! Additionally, I have been adding and organizing photos on Snapfish so you can view more than just the one or two I get to posting. You can order photos straight from that website if you want some "real" photos as our baby grows, too!

I guess I had a lot to say tonight!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is it after 10 already?

Last Wednesday at this time, I began to realize that contractions 4 minutes apart vs the 2 days apart that I had been experiencing, was no fun. I was just hours away from saying "epideral, room 10, please"! This week..."Ibuprofin, please" are my words.

Sorry for the delays between entries. Once she's sleeping longer stretches, I should have time to do something besides shower, eat, and nap! Of course, she'll still get most of my attention because she's so darn cute!

I attempted taking some photos yesterday but she moves so much that they're all very blurry shots. Not a good one all day! The one posted is actually from Saturday, I think, but that's still what she looks like!

To those of you I promised phone calls after birth, I apologize. I don't think I've made a single call (other than to my sisters) since Quinn has been born. Grandma Rebarchik is leaving on Sunday, so I'll need conversation next week, as Quinn can't talk yet! Also, it shouldn't hurt to laugh next least as bad as it does this week. So, I should be able to make it through a conversation without sheer pain too!

"Sleep" has officially turned into "naps". I can say that when other people have said "sleep when she sleeps" they weren't lying. I was awake through the day yesterday...and am managing now only because Mike and Mom took the 11:30pm feeding, changing into the PJs and play time. So, that allowed me to sleep from was AWESOME! THEN she slept until almost 5am and now she's just making her stirring sounds of awaking from her deep slumber.

Off to take care of baby Quinn!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Again

Yesterday morning, Quinn was given pediatrician approval to be discharged from the hospital. All we needed to leave was for my doctor to give approval to discharge home too!! So, as soon as Dr. Sticco gave us word, I called Daddy and Grandma and told them to rush so we could get home! Between the fluorescent lights, cold, not so great food, no snacks, hard bed and PAIN in my abs...I really just wanted to be at home with my family.

While Mommy dressed in a full outfit of "real clothes" for the first time in days, Daddy dressed me in a cute froggie onsie and cuddled me into my cute jungle receiving blanket and cute yellow duckie blanket.

She put up a little fuss (screamed for 30 minutes) until we put her cover over her car seat to take her to the car. Grandma R. was a huge help with the car seat process as Daddy went to get the car so we could finally get home.

We didn't hear a peep from her until we got her out of the car and carried her to the house. After a quick meal, she was very content in her bouncy chair for about 20 minutes alert and happy to be home. Killer hasn't made much notice to the fact that she's around. Eggo stares her down every now and then. They both tend to run away from her cries, but they haven't seemed to care too much since her arrival.

Then, Eggo, Killer, Quinn, and myself took a nap on the couch. Lovely picture, isn't it? Very flattering. But notice my belly! Grandma's holding it in her left arm. 8 pounds of cute baby girl.
We had a rather uneventful night, but our little Quinn has been more alert with her eyes open between feedings and sleeping. We're working on crawling and following fingers. We'll see which one she picks up on first. Her eyes are turning more green like Mommy's and Daddy's, from the gorgeous blue they were the first few days.

I can't believe it's been five days already. She's growing up so quick!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Turkey Day Without A Turkey...

Actually, chicken broth and jello for the Mom of honor - at least until dinner. Somehow, I don't think Katie minded one bit, as she and I got our first extended time with our new daughter, Quinn.

Also present were Grandma and Grandpa Rebarchik and Auntie Jen, lending their moral support and relishing the opportunity to hold our newest family member. (Sorry Jen, we'll work one of your pictures in tomorrow)

Katie's still having me do the entries for a little while, but she recorded a little introduction for our little girl....


Thanksgiving or Labor Day?

OK. I suppose you can tell by the bad pun that this is Mike writing.

I'll give Katie a reprieve from writing this momentous announcement because she's worked hard enough over the last 30 hours....

In any case, I'd like to officially announce the birth of our baby girl, Quinn Constance Born. She came into the world at 1:26 AM EST, Thanksgiving Day (11/22), weighing in at 8 lbs, 2 oz. Mommy and baby are doing well and the doc sent me home to get some sleep (after the obligatory blog update, of course).

In any case, I am sure there are at least a few people out there who are eager to hear the news, so here it is. Our day has finally arrived and as you parents out there can attest, the feeling is truly indescribable. On that note, I will leave further details for another time, as I am exhausted (Disclaimer: Dad's statement of exhaustion is not intended for comparison with Mom's exhaustion). Of course, more info will be forthcoming, but I thought I'd get the basics for all you out there, wherever you are.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baby Born

I think we've officially contacted Grandparents, so I don't feel the need to hide our news from the blog any longer.

We'll be parents tomorrow!

Went to the doctor yesterday and we had a pow-wow (my two doctors and a med student) about when to have this baby. They have no worries about having her now...and know the family is in town to see the baby. After discussion on which way to induce (I can't believe the options) and prepare to induce (as she's really only about 15% ready to come on her own), they decided to send me in tonight! We should have a baby girl by tomorrow at this time...if everything goes "as planned".

Baby girl-to-be didn't really like that plan yesterday. From the time we left the doctor until about 5 or 6pm last night, she was kicking and punching. She was angry that I decided tomorrow was going to be her birthday--one of decisions I'll make for her in her life. :) ALSO, we read horoscopes in the paper yesterday and they are usually so off-the-rocker. HOWEVER, yesterdays were very much true to Jen, Dad and Me...and well, the Scorpio horoscope was closer to the truth for our baby (and Mom) so, she's got to be born by tomorrow or she'll be a Sagittarius. Not that I'm basing my baby's life around the stars...but, the Daily News horoscopes yesterday convinced me that she's more Scorpio than Sagittarius and has been through the entire pregnancy!

Today, I think she's calmed down a little and come to the realization that there are TONS of people VERY excited to meet her and that it won't be all that bad coming out. And I think she realizes it'll be more painful for me than her, so she'll be okay with it. :)

I really can't believe it's come down to us getting to decide which day to have this baby. It's been three weeks of me telling Mike I may call at any second so be ready...and never call. It's assuring to know we can follow more of a plan to leave the house, Mike's getting his final work things settled, and we've got our pre-admission completed for the hospital with MD orders to admit me prior to being 'close to ready to go any second'. And it'll be an okay ride to the hospital for me (unless the contractions suddenly get closer together than 2 1/2 days). I'm still pretty anxious for everything, but I'm so excited to meet our little girl, just thinking about it makes me tear up.

We sent Jen, Mom and Dad to the 75th Rockette's Christmas Spectacular Show tonight so they're spending the afternoon on Manhattan. Mike and I are scheduled for the hospital at about 9pm tonight (8pm central) and we'll see what happens from there!

SO, there probably will not be a posting until Saturday. I may not be discharged until Friday, potentially Thursday. Jen and Dad are thinking of heading to the Macy's parade LIVE on Thursday morning. I wanted to go too, but I will love having my daughter just as much as fighting the crowds and seeing gigantic balloons! I'll try to get photos up and/or emailed ASAP. I doubt we'll have access at the hospital, but Jen may be able to send some photos sooner than I can get them posted (I'll give her email addresses so the Borns/Olingers can see too!!). The family leaves Saturday sometime to drive back home. We'll see how I feel as far as when Mike goes back to work--his exam is next weekend already!

Other than that...nothing's new. The Packers play Thursday, so at least if I'm still in the hospital, I'll have something to watch (other than my precious gal). I'll have to make sure to pack the sweatshirt Auntie Claire bought! She may drown, but she's gotta wear the green and gold if they're playing!! :)

Monday, November 19, 2007


Missed yesterday's posting as my sister and parents arrived here in the early afternoon. The morning was full of ... not much other than getting little things picked up here and there so there would be room for luggage from 3 more people.

The five (plus .99999999999) of us drove to Manhattan to wander around for awhile. We went to dinner at ... Angelo's (?) next door to the Letterman studio (no show/no writers). It was busier than I anticipated for a Sunday with no Broadway shows...but compared to how busy it was when Mike and I were in that area in July...there were many less people around! Jen and Mike were going to go ice skating on the plaza...but then didn't. We did look at the plaza though. The Christmas tree looks about a million times bigger than it does on TV! They had crazy scaffolding around the whole thing TO DECORATE IT! It was a pretty cool sight to see. We walked through a few stores, but with it being Sunday, many of them closed at 6 or 7 so we didn't get to too many.

We came back, called my sisters while we played some chinese checkers. I won both games! I never win!! I said it's cos I'm playing for 2...she must be giving me some additional logic brain cells!

We have quite a few days left...we'll see what we end up doing for the rest of the week.

I'm off to the doctor now...we'll see if he's got any news. The walking yesterday hopefully helped!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Hits" Per Day

I'm amazed at how many times some of you check the blog daily to see if there is any news!! I don't know if we'll have time to post anything before our hospital run, but you'll get calls soon enough (Grandparents-to-be first of course). Now that she has a name, she needs to come enjoy her name.

The house is getting cleaner/staying cleaner. Partially because of our upcoming (tomorrow!!) company, and partially because I don't know when we'll be leaving and I can't imaging leaving anything "almost done" around here. I'm sure I'll feel like doing it when I get back!

Also, unfortunate, is Wisconsin in the midst of LOSING to MINNESOTA!?!? HUH??? That's not nice. Oh, it's tied now...still not cool.

Checked in with the family on the road to Long Island...they seemed to be making decent time (about 5 hours into the trip and they were in Ohio). So, maybe we'll see them earlier tomorrow than anticipated Sunday. We'll see how late they sleep with the time change and all.

I've been walking the treadmill...about 1/4 mile every hour or two (as I can tolerate). It's not as easy to walk on the tredmill when you's not a very comfortable walk and the treadmill is almost not wide enough for the stance! But as I think I've mentioned--this baby needs to come visit this world soon!

Carol--if she waits until after Turkey on Thursday... I ... I don't know. I don't want to think about being this large for another 5 days with a being inside of me.

Em--as far as enjoying the quiet; there's no baby noise now, but the cats sure do talk and whine enough during the day to drive me crazy. But I can walk away from them and not feel too guilty about leaving them to whine!! :)

Nikki--I can't wait for you to come visit! It'll be a spur-of-the-moment trip, I'm sure, with Nate's schedule, but we should be around. Just check first. :) Maybe we'll all see each other at Adam's wedding in January??

Everyone else--I'm still pregnant. :) And hungry again. I think I'll have a quick snack before Mike gets home with dinner! :)

Off to watch more FOOTBALL (too bad I'm just able to follow the football game via ESPN score tickers....). GO NOTRE DAME! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Present from "he or she" who is un-named

We received a gift in the mail yesterday from our Target registry and there was no name attached to it! I'm hoping it's from someone that frequents this blog so we can properly thank you! Please email me or post a comment...and be telling the truth(!)...that it came from you. I may ask for gift identification at the time of accepting our THANKS! :)

40 weeks 1 day

It's been awhile since photos have been posted. I got back from my walk to the grocery store (a walk AND carrying heavy items...apparently things that are supposed to help labor...) and decided it was time for a photo. I'm not sure how many more I'll get being this big, so here's a treat for everyone who won't see me this big "in real life". One is of me trying to be upset that I haven't had this baby yet...and then she kicked me for the second one and it made me smile. I think she knew I was taking photos of her (I didn't tell her what I was doing either)!

I have a feeling it will be hard work to get good photos of this child. Maybe I'll be "lucky" and she'll be like I was when I was younger. The second lights came anywhere near my eyes or anyone
even MENTIONED waterfalls or rain, my eyes would well up with tears and the photos would be ruined! My first grade picture makes me look like someone just told me my dog died (although we never had a dog...).

No ne
w "feelings" today, really. She still likes it when I eat and then recline (ie: tends to move and stretch out). And she still likes to hear Daddy's voice (ie: moves and punches when he comes home for a good hour or so). I think we decided on a name last night! You'll all find out when she's born, so if you ask, we won't tell! If she was waiting for a name, I should be in the hospital!

So, we're at 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. It's been an emotional and physical roller coaster! I moved home for the first time since the summer of 1999 (granted it was only for a week, but we all know Mom and Dad loved having me there!), we sold a house, we're renting a home, we moved 1500 miles, Mike's taking exams again, I've gone from working 40-60 hours/week to unemployed, we sold a car, I've gone from (never measured) a 30" (??) waist to a 43" waist with many, many pounds of fat, baby and fluid to go with it (doubtful it's much muscle at this point!), we've been to four weddings/one she was 'honorary' maid of honor as she didn't have a choice, gone from no daily MVI to an MVI that could make a dog gag from taste and size, started a blog, and learned that we have some great family and friend support across the great United States! I'm sure I missed many 'milestones', but can't imagine being anywhere different right now. It all feels right yet. I can't wait to hold my baby girl and kiss her and tell her how much everyone loves her.

Grandma and Grandpa R. are packing their final goodies for their trip to come visit, trying to find a way to fit it all in the car. Believe it or not, she's got her Christmas shopping done for us ... and they're bringing presents with so that's apparently a lot of room. I hope there will be room for Aunt Jen and her stuff too!! They will hopefully be here sometime Sunday morning...whether I see them at our home, or in the hospital, it'll be great to see them!

Grandma and Grandpa B. are hoping to come visit in December, too. She's got some vacation time coming her way, so she's hoping to come out and see us, our place, and NEW YORK CITY! Time to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! Hopefully me and baby will feel good enough to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP with them!!! Mike may have to take the credit card away. :)

Regardless, our door is open to anyone who wants to visit! We can't wait to meet our baby and I'm sure you all can't either.

Time to go for a walk up and down the stairs a few times...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not Sleepy

So, the ticker officially tells me I'm 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant. It kept counting as if she wasn't born yet. And I'm not sleepy. I've been tired pretty much non-stop for a week (well, 40 weeks)...and now, at 1am, the day after "BB"s "due date", I'm not tired.

I am tired of no new late night TV! I hope the writers get their deals settled! Broadway shows may be back next week--the stagehands have a meeting scheduled for Saturday. If I ever visited Broadway to see a show, I'd be more excited about it. But, I'm more excited for the shows to start again than for A-Rod to resign w/the Yankees.

Oregon was losing to Arizona (college football)--Mike's finishing watching that game downstairs. We only get one ESPN station on the TV upstairs, and it's ESPN2--figure that one out!!

Jim had a quick visit to the house and neighborhood tonight. He's officially the first from 'back home' to see our rental home. It was nice seeing a familiar face!

Time to lie down for awhile and try to get some shut eye. There could be some busy hours ahead of me!!!!! (someday soon!!??)

Walking, Jumping, Tabasco Eggs, Water, Ultrasound

Yep, none of those things have made me feel any different.

She's just getting mad and proceeds to kick into my ribs AND punch me in the kidneys. As soon as the ultrasound jelly hit my tummy at the doctor, she started punching as if saying, you won't be seeing me today, NICE TRY! She's a little stubborn diva already! Her way or the highway! This should be a fun 18 years living with her....once she joins us!

Doctor requested seeing me Monday morning to see where she's at and possibly (?) have a baby before Thanksgiving. She's looking good, still in position to come out (as she has been for almost 2 months now), but not dropping down!!

I'm hoping the 20 degree drop in temperature today will help her drop too!

We're getting our first visitor to the house tonight. Mike's friend Jim is coming to town for business and will by stopping by for awhile tonight to visit. It will be awesome to see a familiar face and show off the house pre-baby!! It's also given me a reason to walk the house and get things cleaner again before she comes home with us if we're ever in the hospital!

SO, the only orders from the doctor were sleep on your side w/a pillow between your knees and walk. I don't like that advice. I've followed that advice for THREE WEEKS since I started this dilation process.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stevens Point

So, no, still no baby.

My sister, Jen, was in Stevens Point today at Sentry World (as it is the town of insurance!!) and called me to ask me for directions around town. It was really weird how much I remembered, but how much I didn't remember, about the town I lived in for Five years! All things considered, I don't think she was TOO lost by my attempt at use of 'north', 'south', 'east' and 'west' to navigate her way through town.

There was another story I was supposed to share about that conversation, but it escapes my mind...maybe you can comment on it, Jen? Was it really worth blogging?

Jen's pretty excited for her visit to NYC next week (heck, they'll be here Sunday already!!). I was hoping to have the baby earlier this week so there was a higher chance of me getting to go to Times Square and such with them---my plans to see the city are delayed a little again! I doubt I'll feel much like walking the city any time in the next week; either still very preggo or very much just out of the hospital. I'm not really looking forward to walking the stairs in the house!!

I also talked with Mom who is excited to see a baby--hopefully there will be a baby to see!! She usually has packing lists for her trips completed weeks ahead of time. She doesn't have a list yet (from what she tells me). A pre-empted "thanks" for the baby presents some people are sending with her (from what she says).

Baby-to-be seems to be doing well. We visit the doctor again tomorrow. She moves less...but with more deliberation. I swear I can see her breathing sometimes in my lower's insane. Part of me is going to miss having her always on my person....and the other part is extremely excited and anxious to get to see her grow and change every day once she's away from my person!

I wonder if the ticker I have on the page will count days overdue or if it will say "happy birthday" tomorrow...I can't wait to find out!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My routine . . .not too exciting

If the anticipation is wearing on all of you, just IMAGINE what we're going through! Every day we wake up, Mike asks, 'are you ready yet or should I get ready for work?'. I say, 'I feel like I have every other day for the last 40 weeks.' He gets ready for work and says "see ya later!"

Then my day begins.

Usually talking to baby-to-be asking what could be so important that she needs to be inside me yet another day and that these CONSTANT demands to eat are really starting to make me less productive (as if I thought that would ever be possible) with housework.

Then, we feed the kitties. We eat and watch 'Regis and Kelly'...which is after the Today show.
They almost ALWAYS have the same guest on the Today show...then Regis and essentially, I spend an hour and half watching the same guest on both shows. I figure I won't be able to waste my time doing this in a few hours/days, why not now?

Then, I devote myself to whatever 'hobby' it is I'm interested in for the week. This week, I'm re-addicting to Star Wars KoTOR (the original even) so for about 3-6 hours a day I play video games. DEFINITELY not expecting to have time for that anymore anytime soon. Also the main reason I've decreased the blog writing (with the exception of now, I guess).

Of course, in the middle of that addiction comes second breakfast and lunch...usually associated with a quick check of the e-mail (as today has worked out so far).

Then, I take a walk. Whether it be for groceries, to the doctor, to the bakery, to the bank, to the mailbox/post office, or JUST TO WALK. This walk has become limited to a maximum of an hour if I'm alone. This makes for QUICK trips to the grocery store that occur daily if not every other day because I walk--waddle (don't remember the last time I remember's been a waddle for awhile) so freaking slow now that it takes me 10-15 minutes just to walk the 4 blocks to the store!! RIDICULOUS!

Then I catch what usually happens to be the beginning, middle, or end of "Days" and I ask myself why I still watch. I just can't tear myself away some days. This is usually afternoon snack time too.

Then it's either nap time or chill with the cats time. They're usually well crashed out which is the best time to sneak attack them with the cat brush and get all that loose fur off! Their fur has finally decided it's best to stay ON to keep the cats warmer. We no longer (currently at least) get handfuls of hair by stroking their backs once or twice. I was brushing them 3 times a day when we first moved here. Now I can get away with daily -- even every other day sometimes (like on days I forget).

Before I know it, it's dinner time! I call Mike to see when to expect him to see if I can get by on a light snack, or if I need to make a dinner that is good reheated. I make dinner, wonder how the whole kitchen is full of dirty dishes AGAIN when it seems as if I haven't eaten that much--it's only been one day. Well, recapping the day so far...and that's not even including my night snack(s)...that's a load of dishes!

So, I eat, wash some dishes and settle in for a night of TV or video games. HOWEVER, there's at least one snack included in that TV time. Not to mention the frequent trips to the wash room as the entire day has been filled with drinking water, decaf tea, water, juice and water....

So, I have been enjoying my time of doing not much of anything and look forward to having a person around daily...especially one that is part me and part my husband. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to stay home with our child. Maybe someday part-time work is a possibility...maybe school...maybe nothing. Someday we will have playgroup friends and we'll be able to show off our intellect and cute ways! Maybe be the star of the band like Claire K.! :) The never-ending possibilities await us.

There's just one thing standing in the way of that path...she needs to come out! So, she'll come when she's ready. Doctor and I haven't discussed inducing labor, as we all sorta thought she'd come 2 weeks ago. If she's not here for Thursday's visit, we (doc, me and baby) may have a chat about it...otherwise...I don't know.

I do know that Aunt Jen, Grandma and Grandpa Rebarchik are coming to visit Sunday for a week and they don't want to sit in our house for a few days while we're in the hospital! No promises there will be a third Born when they arrive! I never promised that!

I just have hopes that we'll be in and out of the hospital without complications or set-backs to me or our baby. I think I'm coming down with a cold, so I'm hoping she'll come soon so I don't have to be in labor and sick!

Peace out everyone! Maybe it'll be a few days until I post again....maybe it'll be a few hours. You never know.....

Monday, November 12, 2007


Well, with each day that passes, our baby may hold true to leaving me on her "due date". Reading and thinking back to 2 weeks ago I truly thought we'd have a baby in the house by now! WELL, there's a baby in the house, but she's still in my "tummy".

When she decides to arrive...
-- we will make phone calls to our beloved family and friends (although most of you are making it easy by calling us every day!)
-- we will share the name of the baby girl...and only then so stop asking please.
-- we will have photos to post every day (or as time allows every day) as I'm sure she'll change every day!
-- we will be PARENTS!
-- we will never sleep again! :)

I'm feeling okay yet. Not gaining any more weight so that's awesome! I'm fluctuating a little bit as the day goes on, but that's normal. I'm walking as much as I can (usually to and around and from the grocery store is my duration limit--about 45 minutes in "real time"). And I've been trying to walk all the stairs in the house a few times a day...not purposefully, but while completing tasks. Laundry, eating, chasing the cats, changing clothes as the temperature in the house changes, and sometimes JUST TO MOVE!

So, I'll keep you all updated as I can.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cruel, I know...

but no baby yet! And if my latest wish comes true, she'll come no earlier than 12:01am Tuesday (so she does not share her birthday with anyone else in the families...I don't think....). I'm still feeling as good as can be. :) Internet connection is slower on the weekends for some reason and with my lower than normal patience level--AND we seemed to have never-ending phone calls this weekend--so I did not post any notes this weekend.

We went out for dinner last night for our anniversary (which was today) to a great Italian restaurant in Bay Ridge. It's about a 15-20 minute walk...if I could walk that far! So, we drove. We're excited for the spring when we can walk and not have to worry about parking!! It was probably the last dinner we'll have out without a baby or need for a babysitter. We had the full kid experience though, as the tables around us were families with younger kids. Regardless, it was great getting out and enjoying our first 365 days as husband and wife.

Today was a low-key day. Very much needed relaxing day. I played many video games as Mike studied. We had pizza and garlic knots for lunch as we watched the Packers/Vikings game. Then, about 1/2 way through the 3rd quarter, THEY CUT OFF THE GAME and switched it to the Eagles game because the Packers were decided to be dominate and winners at that point according to FOX executives (OR maybe the viewership was low and wanted to please the "more local" viewers??). I was surprised at the outcome, as the Vikings have been decent at the rush defense...and suddenly GB has a running back?!? So, it was a nice anniversary present from Brett to me...but Mike wasn't "feelin the love" from A.P. (who unfortunately went out apparently in the 3rd quarter!!).

SO, no baby. I don't feel like I'm having a baby anytime soon...not any different than I felt 2 wks ago when I swore she was coming!

Mike and I have enjoyed our first year together.

Just a year ago right now...I really wanted to be sleeping...but I'm pretty sure the dancing and drinking were still in full swing!!

RIGHT NOW this year, I'm amazed SD is beating Indy...except that SD just fumbled in the n-zone for an Indy TD..and failed 2pt conversion. Silly rain! First wet weather NFL football game this year??

As far as the emails and calls about no postings, thanks to all of you for your support and love and friendship! If there's ever a hiatus longer than a day again, it's probably because we're in the hospital! We're taking phone numbers (our cell phones that have numbers in them) with us (since I don't believe there's an internet cafe there) so most of you daily readers (those who I'm sure check regularly or that I've promised to call) should be getting calls as soon as all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted. Then when we get home and settled, we'll post photos and words for all to see in the great world of cyberspace! :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Counting To Ten

So, about 2 months ago, around the time of the move, I wasn't able to play video games for longer than 10 minutes because my hands would get cramped up and fall asleep. WELL, that problem has gone away so I can play games again!

Yet another way for me to pass time until this baby arrives.

Doctor appointment yesterday, no crazy news. A little more dilated, so we're closer...but no contractions regularily so...we'll see. Hopefully the rest of the way to 10 WON'T TAKE 2 MORE WEEKS!

I've noticed more visitors checking out the page to see if there is news or photos yet...and believe me--I can't wait either!!! I keep eating every hour or so because...well it's colder now...but also because I know it could be a long time in labor with no food! Out of all things I'm thinking about for the labor process--
1) How will I go that long with no food?
2) How does something 8#(ish) come out?

SO, I've been teaching Baby Girl Born how to count to ten the last few days...I'm counting really fast today!!! We made it through Mike's busy week at work, so, any day now!

Keep ya updated...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I added photos to yesterday's blog.

I've watched a lot of TV today compared to other days. Tuesday night is the night of three TV shows I watch (Bones, House and Boston Legal). Well, Mike and I watched House together last night, so I saved the other two for today. Then I watched a bunch of talk shows that are re-runs because there are no writers...not so funny when most of the material is from months ago! HOWEVER, sitting around has been nice because I'm SORE today! The back, the abs, the legs, the head...all over. I've found that in bed with pillows propped all around me is the most comfortable way for me to exist the last two days.

HOWEVER, reading Tom's blog about exercising and the TV watching made me feel lazy got me out for a little walk today. Ended up at the grocery store...again. Well, got some supper supplies, so that's okay...Mike'll be happy to get another home cooked meal. It's been nice cooking...except for the DISHES! Ick.

Have my weekly MD appointment tomorrow. We'll see if we've progressed at all this week...or if I'll even make it to the appointment and just see the doctor at the hospital! I'm only at 39 weeks. I can't imagine what it's like to be at 42 weeks and still being preggo. I don't want to find out!

I'm pretty sleepy now. I'm going to try to get a quick nap in before putting dinner in the oven...we'll see how that goes!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

House Photos!

Much to the request of all y'all...I've arranged photos of the rental house and some room shots "before" and "after".

It's unfortunate that the garbage and recycling were never picked up today. NOT as unfortunate as the PARKED car I saw get totally smashed. If I would've been able to walk at my "normal" pace, I would've been hit by the metal for sure as it was well onto the sidewalk! THANK GOD her and her three kids were no longer in that car (they had JUST gotten out and started walking away from the car). I offered my information
as I saw the whole thing, but the lady denied my assistance. There were already several business owners and other witnesses gathered around the wreckage to see if they could help (as I was still waddling my way towards the scene and couldn't run like everyone else!!).

Our living space as you enter the house . . . before and after. Can you guess which is which?

Too much excitement for one day.

Oh, and I won the Galactic Conquest as the CIS today on battlefront II. Bad idea as it's not good for me to sit in one position for much longer than an only took me 2 hours...but still! I still don't understand how I can completely demolish that game against the computer...but as soon as it's Mike vs such luck. I barely win ONE battle much less every space battle in additon to all but 2 land battles. OH WELL. Just goes to show computers aren't that smart.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Remember When...

Well, today I sorted through emails and started downloading photos I've received the last few months. One of them was from Kevin and Shelly's wedding in August...when I thought I was "SO BIG". Well, turns out you can BARELY tell from the photos I was preggo! In fact, the only real way you can tell in most of the photos is that I'm the only one w/o a drink in most of them! :) And I was going to post one said photo and it won't load for some reason now...I'll have to work on that later.

Regardless, there is a cold front of 10-15 degrees cooler w/rain coming through Tuesday night/Wednesday. We'll find out if there's any truth to temperature changes causing babies to be born! My family has started a "betting pool" guessing our baby's birth date, length, weight, and time of day. We'll see who wins that one!

No other news. I've had shooting back pains...lasting about 30 seconds every 4-5 hours or so...that's new. HOWEVER, it's not associated with tight abs that "real labor" apparently has tacked to it too. A crazy thing having a baby does to your body. It's really nothing you can explain...all the books in the world and classes and advice...really don't cover what it's like to have a baby.

I've had requests for house photos, I'll work on that tomorrow. Before and afters. :) Today, I cleaned and vacuumed (again--cats and shedding season are FUN) most of the main floor. And I hung a few more pictures. We ordered new rugs from Kohl's (thanks to Grandma Born's help and Kohl's knowledge) that should arrive between now and Dec 1 (yep, they give quite the window for delivery!). There's only 1 box and a boxspring left in the dining room. I think we're actually ready for company and a baby! I thought the day would never only took TWO MONTHS! Definitely not much of the "nesting" instinct in me!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cats really do this...

Let's face it cat owners...cats are independent creatures. HOWEVER, when they want to be fed, they go to lengthy measures. Thanks for the video, Kim! (Video in column on left).


After another restless night of baby moving through the night, I finally decided to get out of bed and stop trying to sleep at what turned out to be ... 7:15am. Daylight Savings Time gets me AGAIN!

So, I ate first breakfast, watched Mannequin (gotta love those 80's movies), took a nap, and read the paper...and then Mike woke up and read the paper with me. Then it was second breakfast, ING Marathon watching (on TV as it started at 9am!), and cleaning of the kitchen.

The last hour has been spent sorting frames trying to determine where to hang them in the house. I think I made good choices so far.

No baby outside in the real world yet. She's been pretty active today. Back pain has gone back to my hip pain. As I've said, if she really loves Daddy, she'll wait until later this week as Daddy has a busy week at work.

Okay, off to decide what to snack on for this hour.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lazy Saturday?

I'm not really sure where the entire day went...the whole day was thrown off balance when I was awake at 3am and unable to fall back asleep. Not fun when I fell asleep about 11:45. I ended up moving to the green recliner in the baby room. Slept there...okay. Finally decided at about 8 or 9 that it was time to try to be productive for the day.

Didn't do much of anything the entire day. Unwrapped some photos and frames and tried to decide how to hang them around the house. Still trying to decide where to put Frodo...he may not have a place anywhere! It was the first present I ever got from Mike, so I feel it deserves a special place in the house...we'll see!
Played with the cats. Napped with the cats.
Made Broiled Parmesan Tilapia for lunch (yummy!!).
Watched some football.
Did some laundry.
Ate some more. (I eat a lot every day...)
OH, and Mike assembled our changing table, so the baby room is COMPLETE...well, except we're missing the baby!

Baby Girl is kicking and moving around a ton (after her hiatus earlier this week). Her kick count yesterday was 10 kicks in 7 minutes. Tonight it was 10 kicks in 6 minutes...and of course a ton before and after that! She still enjoys hearing Daddy talk to her and they play some version of what I'm going to call tag. I'm always it, it's not fair!

Mike's busy studying now, listening to the Gopher football game. I think I'm going to go watch a movie of sorts (seeing as my nap wasn't until 5pm...I'm not so tired).

The cookies I made last weekend are gone. I may have to make some more tomorrow.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Continued

I've been looking at many photos lately...

One person=easy to get a "good" picture
Two people=usually easy to get a "good" picture
Three or more people=GOOD LUCK getting a "good" picture

When children are involved, a "good" picture is darn near impossible.

Even though there is only one child looking at the camera in this picture, it seems to capture the personalities of each child! "Dora" is my niece Caryn and is usually all smiles. "Ariel" is Claire and Tom's neighbor child (Eva??) and tends to be more reserved (from what I've experienced). "Dorothy" is my niece Liz and is usually looking anywhere but at the camera that happens to be taking the picture at the time. And the "Lion" is my nephew and Godson Alex (AJ as I tend to call him) who is a free-spirit who enjoys making faces at whoever wants to look at him.

I have a new respect for professional photographers who regularily have to get MANY people all looking at one camera at the same time to "capture moments" of special days.
I re-read the instructions on the kick-count homework my doctor gave me. I am to complete "the test" between 7pm and 11pm (or when fetus is active...which is usually between those times for sure). I lie on my side and note the time. When I have felt the baby kick, punch, or move 10 times, I note the time again. This tells me...the baby has moved 10 times. So, I sat down at 7pm tonight to count. The test was over at 7:08pm. So, I think my baby is doing okay. Once I sat still like that and stayed quiet, she moved quite a bit and for about 10 minutes after. Now I have the radio on and she LOVES music, so she's quite mobile again.

Feeling Good

Despite getting little sleep again last night, feeling okay today. The sun is coming up later and later...autumn is really here!

The cats are still fighting and playing with each other. I think Eggo is sensing something new is coming soon because he cuddles with me any chance he gets (when he's not eating or chasing Killer that is). It'll be interesting to see how he handles me holding a baby! Killer is definitely more attached to Mike, so it'll be interesting to see how he handles Mike holding a baby!

But, I'm feeling as good as I can feel being large. Trying to imagine what it would be like still working in the kitchen at Trinity...

Will keep updating if any progress or fun news develops in our worlds.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

No News is Good News?

Well, despite my back pain, decreased baby movements, fact I can barely sit or lie in one spot for longer than an hour, I've managed to fluctuate weight between 167-170# within any given HOUR, AND the fact that it feels like this baby is going to fall further along with pre-labor and no concerns from the doctor.

WHO wants to be the one to tell me exactly HOW a BABY fits through 10 centimeters?? (see photo of how big 10 cm is!)

Maybe it has to do with the fact I haven't felt any contractions and she's still moving enough and her heart rate is still normal. GO FIGURE she was moving the ENTIRE was one of the longest periods of time she's moved in THREE DAYS! Maybe it was the cold gel on the tummy?
BUT it's like I've said...if my true due date is November 15th, November 1st is a little early to be wanting to meet her.

And I think I'm going to learn Italian. So our baby will potentially speak Spanish, Italian, English, and 'Brooklyn'.

It will be nice to see to have Mike home a few days after the baby is born. Good bonding time for the two of them...and good time for me to do other things around the house!

Anyway, the cats are excited to see me home again (they get lonely...or so I like to think!). Also, baby Born is HUNGRY...maybe that's just me. I don't know.

Hope all is well with everyone out there. I'll continue to keep all y'all up on my "daily progress" with my "kick count" homework. I get to count how many times she moves in any given 30 minutes with two rules...just me and baby and quiet room. She like music and that's when she's usually moving, but nope. The rules are just me and baby and quiet room. That'll be a long 30 minutes! WISH ME LUCK!

I was going to wait...

HI all. I was going to wait until after my MD appointment this afternoon to give you all "the day's" news, but I HAD TO share these halloween photos I've gotten (or borrowed off of other blogs...sorry, Nikki, too cute to not steal.)

The Packer Cheerleader is the daughter of my sister Kristin, and my youngest neice, Abigail. I only have about 2 photos of her smiling, so I thought this was an impressive one!

The Cow Girl is the daughter of our friends Nikki & Nate. She's just adorable! I don't think there are very many photos of her not smiling...

I'd love to add photos of the rest of my friends and family, but I have none. Can you help me out, Tom!?!?! And, Jen, if there are photos of the Deal or No Deal Trio, I'd love to post them!

We had trick-or-treaters until after 7. Then watched "Underworld Evolution". I actually was more impressed with this movie than I originally thought I would be. Halloween related - about vamires and werewolves, but, not really halloween movies. It's tough for me to stay in a sitting position for long, but I made it through!

Then we watched South Park "Imaginationland Part III". I still love that show. I probably will forever and ever. BUTTERS SWORE!!!