Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beach Time

We spent yesterday at a beach in Woodbury. It was a slightly chlorinated swim pond and the sun was hot and there was much sand to be having fun in! We went with 4 other moms with kids and one friend without kid in tow. It was a great time. We all concentrated very hard on keeping the kids in the shade and sunscreened...and sort of forgot about ourselves! I would have been okay....if only I remembered to have help on my bikini lines....lower back and just above bra line = ouch. Quinn was in the sun almost the whole time refusing to sit under the beach umbrellas....and not a red mark on her. THANK YOU to Aveeno 55 spf kids sunscreen! (If only I would have covered all my skin....). She drank a ton of water, milk and juice and demanded much nursing when we got back and several times through the night. Both kiddos found it difficult to fall asleep last night (10ish), as they were overtired from short naps. So, I looked at houses for about 30 minutes and went to bed as the day exhausted me too! Overall, it was a great day! I have some photos....but the camera is hiding upstairs where Q is currently napping and I don't want to disturb that!!

So I took yesterday off actually looking at houses (still looked online) as most of the initial thoughts and likes and dislikes were covered on Thursday night...seeing about 8 houses. Two are very strong possible contenders for final ownership. I may request second showings prior to Mike's arrival in a week. Additionally, we have a list of 10 to try to get through today. After today, I think our Bloomington options will be exhausted, with 1 of them a great house and one having strong potential ( today's viewing). Eden Prairie and Minnetonka are also on our list of places to search, as the school districts are pretty great there. From what Mike and I have seen online, the ones we've picked so far seem to be the best in our low to mind-end price range. The next option may be to step up in price searching and see what's out see if we need/want the extra square footage and yard...AND to see if we can negotiate price to affordable.

Quinn has become quite the little mother to Teddy (11 months), Julia (almost 1) and baby Jake (2 months). We were with a 4th mom yesterday and her son was about 1 week younger than Q and she really only had interest in his snacks, toys and cup...and the feeling was mutual. Q has showed Teddy how to tackle his kitty, find his sucker, bang on toys, open and close cabinets more frequently, walk, and talk. Maybe it was the timing of our arrival and Teddy was tired on Wednesday, but I feel his chattering, crawling, and walking have all increased/improved crazy great since watching Q interact with his space. Q decided she wanted to play alone today and pushed Teddy over...which is the first time she's done that. She was tired and past nap time and went right down for a nap. So,like usual, her acting out shows me she's getting tired and when I miss those signs is when naps and bedtime become difficult. Overall, their interaction with each other is very cute to watch and is promising for Q's reaction to a sibling someday. And how great for Teddy to have a live-in little person to help him explore his territory!! It makes me very jealous that Q never really had the opportunity to do so in a non-day care setting. But I am very happy to help others with expanding their kids' knowledge and development!

She only had limited time with Jake, but was concerned when he was sleeping in his car seat during dinner the other night and when he was awake at the beach yesterday without a sucker or cup. She likes his toes and nose and hair best.

We will hopefully be making it to Finn's baptism tomorrow morning. She's still having some runny poop...but I have a feeling it was related to the pounds of cheese crackers I was feeding her (right...way to think about the lactose issues, right?)...then it was her shots...and today I think it's water/sand/corn related. I don't want to introduce them if she's contagious somehow. Teddy's been normal with his poo, but I don't want to take chances with that.

Today we are celebrating Scott's birthday and viewing some houses later tonight. Tomorrow will be open houses and more comparison shopping and we'll see how many places we really need to see during the week! Maybe my trip will end sooner than anticipated with a house to buy! I would be soooo excited and happy. Not to mention maybe we can actually get to enjoy the city and maybe have trips to the zoo and museum. And maybe even have a normal day of breakfast, park, lunch, nap, play, dinner, books, bedtime!!! With no chance of not seeing each other in a day!

Beth watched her on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday she slept the entire time and we actually got to enjoy some time at dinner (already posted about that). And Thursday Beth took the kids to the park and she was VERRRRRYYY happy to see me. And I was only gone about 2 hours! We're gradually working up to a possible overnight stay by the end of the trip...if it doesn't work out, there's always the possibility when we move back to town. With her still nursing, I feel bad keeping it from her...and I'm not sure if I could stand the milk pressure for longer than about 14 hours! :)

I'll keep y'all posted on house information, but so far it's looking promising for Mike to see a few houses on Friday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Agent...Now Homes!

It's great to be back in Mn...but part of me already misses NY! If it's the fact that we're displaced from Mike, our stuff, routine, beds...who knows. It will be sad to leave, but great to start a new life in old territory.

Last night went much better than anticipated. Quinn took a nice nap in the afternoon and woke up shortly before Grandma got to town for dinner. Aunt Mary Kay and cousins Katie and T got to join us for dinner as well...and of course Q wanted to be everywhere but in her chair for dinner. But, considering it was hours past her usual bedtime, she did well. I just won't be able to keep that up for very many days! She was only up once last nite...and then a thunderstorm came through and woke her up at 5...well, that's 6 EST so she was awake and ready to play. Luckily a suitcase is a great toy and Mommy got to stay in bed and just supervise so she didn't attempt to wake up the rest of the house. About 7, Teddy woke up and Q wanted to come down to make sure he was okay and to eat some breakfast.

She has bonded amazingly well (so far) with Teddy. She's pointed out his nose and ears and hair several times and was trying to teach him "head butt" this morning as the family gave Scott kisses goodbye as he headed off to work. Thanks to Daddy, no morning is complete without head butts and kisses goodbye! :)

Spoke with a few agents and, of course, everyone knows the best agent ever and has been willing to offer their resources. We've chosen one that our good friend Louis has used for several properties. He has some great connections and is easy to talk to and seems to be a straight shooting guy! Not to mention he has LOTS of free time the next few weeks to get us (hopefully) closed by late August!!

We have a list of houses to see today already! So, as Q sleeps and Beth and Teddy are at their EFCE classs, I continue to search for possible houses and enjoy the sun coming in the windows and watching the traffic on the avenue!

It still seems surreal to be back here. Driving around town seems soooo familiar...and then I look and there's a new house, or new mini-mall, or new construction...and a Super Target by Knollwood!! Who would've guessed! It will take some adjusting to get back into having tons of family and close friends just minutes away, but I am looking forward to every minute! (Quote me on that when I'm sick of houses at about number 30 or 40, okay??)

After my home tour today, we have plans to meet for dinner with a group of about 5 and then some kids! I have a feeling beer will be consumed and look forward to seeing some kiddos! Tomorrow afternoon we will be headed to the beach with picnic lunch in tow. And then I'll be looking at houses in the evening, which will work well with work schedules and having multiple eyes on my crazy energetic toddler. Saturday and Sunday bring days of some open houses and time with family (maybe). And next week will be a stellar week of looking at houses to decide what I like and what I don't like. As of right now, I know we want a 2 car garage and yard and bedrooms and bathrooms! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Posting may be delayed.... tomorrow we're in Minnesota!

Can't wait to see everyone...or as many people as we get to seeing when we're in town! We will be out there before long...hell, this has been the quickest 2 years of my life!!

I hope to keep updates for all to read about while in Mn. I'm meeting with an agent tomorrow and we may be looking at houses by Thursday!

Pray for us to find a great deal and as close to our move-in date as possible! Otherwise all your friends in Mn may be asked to move us into a storage locker then into our house! *wink wink*

Beth--see ya soon! Grandma Judy--see you for dinner (I'm thinking maybe Apple Valley area...). To everyone else, hope to see you in between houses and at night!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Found It!

At Battery Park last week Monday. The smile was all for Jill. She really loved playing with Jill. She's got a natural knack for kids. Jill is the first one to visit in a LONG time that has not been cried at when they get in the car at the airport...and for most of the drive home. And she sees photos regularly of who she's going to be spending time with...oh well. Jill's got a special touch with the kiddos! Wow, Jill. Can you believe that was only a week ago!?

Helping pack boxes. This was a few days ago. Now the process goes something like this. I take a book off the shelf, into the box. Q takes it out of the box and goes "bookkkkk backkkkkk". I take the same book off, put into box. "baaaccckkkkkkkk".

I've found it easier to just pack while she's napping. 5 boxes packed so far today...and MAN there's a lot left!! :)

She LOVES necklaces. Even my headbands become necklaces with this girl. Learned they're not good to keep on her when she leaves the house as they attract other interested kids and cause fights.

The Uneventful Weekend

As our lives get busier and we ready to move, I cherish days like yesterday. We did practically nothing and it was AWESOME!

I read almost an entire 300 page book this weekend! I started it awhile back and have read about 2 pages a week for the last month. On Friday I decided I hated TV & video games and picked up the book that was practically dusty on our nightstand. And finished it at 1am this morning. I haven't read a whole book since Q was born. It felt good and I almost feel like I've accomplished something! I must admit the last few weeks I've felt more like a family of 3 than ever before. We've had nights and mornings of playtime together, and weekends of relaxation! I love Mike and Quinn more than anything and can't wait to start the next chapter of our life in a new home.

We have about 5 houses that we'd like to look at already. We're having some conversations with a few realtors this week to see who is going to best suite our needs, time commitment, budget, and find us our next home to grow our family love...and maybe a dog in the near future.

We are grateful to everyone in MN who is pulling together to help make our trip successful. We are anxious to see family and friends, and we can't wait to look at house...after house....after house...after house! After house! And to make a great deal and be happy and excited to get back "home"! A preempted thank you to Beth and Scott and Sondra and Grandma Judy and Granny and Grandpa Chuck and anyone else who may come to the cities to visit ... or who live in the cities and are housing us and helping watch Q while I borrow cars and drink and babysitting hours and advice and drinks and meals and toys and car seats and drinks and drive to house...after house...after house! :) .... after house....after drinks. I am hoping we can be around for the arrival of baby girl Kachelmeyer (oh dear...did I spell that right??) too!! It's been about 13 years or so since I've visited a baby in the hospital (that wasn't mine)! We are also excited to meet Finn and for Stacy to finally meet Quinn!! Since the 4th is a weekend, we're fairly certain that some of that time will be in Mankato and Eagle Lake visiting relatives. We are excited to be closer to family so weekend trips can be more regular and she'll get to know them all better than just voices and old pictures!

My biggest anxiety right now is how Quinn will react to a new environment for a prolonged time...and without Mike. She's very attached to his story times (I guess I don't read right some nights) and tickles and love. She's pretty adaptable yet, and I'm thankful we're staying with someone who also has a growing baby as Q is still a little explorer or her world! She has mountains of energy and it takes all the energy I have to help her explore, grow, and learn! Not to mention up the stairs...and down the stairs...up the slide...down the slide...around the block, kick the ball, chase the ball, chase after her chasing the cats...etc. She handled Dannie and Nate's relatively well considering the cramped space we had with 5 adults, 2 cats and a toddler...but the sleeping wasn't so great and she was up VERY early and scared as she didn't recognize her dark environment. I just keep remembering her attitude when we were in Boston in February (a lifetime ago I'm pretty sure) and how the littlest changes in her routine made the end of the week come SOOOO SLOWLY. If there wasn't a pool there, I'm not sure how I would have made it through the final couple days.

This trip will be loads different as she's going to be showered with love from family, other kids to play with (play next to), new cats and dogs to fall in love with (she's an animal girl through and through), new music to dance too, new zoos and parks to explore, and possible encounter the house she'll live in for her 2nd-?? birthdays! I am thankful Jill was here recently to watch her a few times to get both me and her accustomed to not spending every minute of every day together. It will make my time out house hunting while she's sleeping or playing with her caregiver for the day. But, as when Jill was here, I think we'll both be anxious to cuddle and play together when I pick her up or come back to our pseudo home. It will be one more step to weaning, as we are both very much comforted with our nursing moments. It's a time every day when we just cuddle and sing and nothing else in the world seems to matter. Very relaxing for me, and it seems to relax her as well!! Any time I can get the girl to sit longer than 2 minutes is a miracle.

Speaking of which, she's been sitting on the potty! She sat there for 15 minutes the other night. She told me she had to poop...and she sat and read and kept saying poop and nothing was happening. After 15 minutes she'd get up, sit down, get up sit down.... And this all started immediately after I said "bedtime Q". I'm pretty sure she was playing me...but, she's learning step by step....just in time to mess up routines and leave home for a few weeks to come back for a few weeks to move! But, it's nice to know the associations are there and that maybe JUST MAYBE she'll be potty trained by 2!

We have her 18 month check up today, our last music class in NYC tomorrow and then we're off to the airport early Wednesday! I can't even believe we're saying goodbye here...but that's a post for another day. As far as photos go...I really have no idea where the camera is located! Our kitchen, living room, dining room, spare rooms and tv room are all getting piled with's somewhere...I know I haven't packed it yet...Speaking of which...time to pack some more books and not-so loved kitchen appliances!

And a shout-out to Great Grandpa Born. Hope you're feeling better...I believe Mike mentioned you were starting a treatment this week. Keep us updated and you're in our thoughts and prayers!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Minnesota Bound

Well, at this time next week, I may be enjoying Minnesota summer!!

The Borns of Brooklyn need to find a new home and we've procrastinated the process long enough!! I do have some photos I want to share....once I find the camera!!

We've had an uneventful week, and Q seems to be enjoying it. I knew the rest of the summer was almost promise to be chaotic so I wanted to give her a few days of doing nothing but chilling. Yesterday we pulled out all her toys, clothes and goodies we've used for the last 19 months. I can't believe how tiny she was! She attempted putting on her old coats, small bibs, size 3 shoes (she's pretty much a 5/6 now and she was amused at her toes hanging over the sides of the sandles), using her bottles, and quickly remembered her old favorite butterfly rattle! I managed to put almost all of her old stuff into about 6 boxes...most of her bedding and blankets included! I also only have 2 boxes of maternity and nursing apparel here (thanks for storing the rest Mom!). Just as I can't believe Q was sooooo tiny....I can't believe I was SO BIG! I seriously could fit 2 or 3 of me in some of those clothes...easily Q and I could fit...that could be a fun photo...except the clothes are packed...there's no unpacking in packing!

So, that leaves our total boxes packed to move at about get a move on!

Okay, so now I think I'm coming to I need a car and a place to stay! Time to make some phone calls!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Hours

So, in these last hours we have the pleasure of Jill's company, I am reminded of our busy day yesterday by the dehyrdation headache and aching body.

We saw A LOT yesterday and walked even more! I can't remember the last day I walked this even tops the walking around Brooklyn, over bridge, around NYC and back over Brooklyn Bridge day with Dannie a few weeks back.

And I think I have one photo to remember the day! But, I've been a little selfish like that this week JUST ENJOYING being with Q and having company instead of feeling the need to take photos of every moment. When I have the camera out, I focus too much on getting the shot and not as much enjoying where we are. I'm not sure how many more trips out and about we'll get before we move, so I've been enjoying second visits to places in the city and around.

We headed for the subway at about 11ish and go to the SI ferry a little after noon. Hungry. So we stopped for some grub, spotted the statue. Listened to the ocean through some tube/vent thing that Q LOVED. Watched some street performers dance around a little bit...Q got too fussy for us to see them jump over 5 ppl standing up...but oh well. Then we headed on the green line north to Central Park. Walked the park from the Met (80s-ish) to 75th...through the park to the East side at 75th....very hilly and I was talking to Mike so Jill got the pleasure of the very steep hills and pushing flip flops. Thanks Jill!!

We stopped by Strawberry Fields for a sit and to let Q run out a little of her overtired energy. At this time it's about 3:30 and she still hasn't had a wink of shut eye since she woke up at about 7:30...totally odd for my little one.

Once Jill and I had enough energy, we continued our walk to FOA....68th and 5th....and we're at the equivalent of 75th and a about 2 miles maybe? Almost as soon as we left Central Park, Q was sleeping. I reclined her back a little and hoped she'd get at least 30 minutes of shut eye. So whatever the distance was that we walked to FAO...we walked it slowly as we anticipated she would wake up when we got there. We saw some cool buildings, about 4 Trump Towers, lots of street vendors, and I almost even bought some stuff. Guess I'll have to make one more trip out for final purchases.

She woke up about 5 minutes after we got to the toy store. Jill got her photo taken with Chewbacca...who shot her!!! And after we walked the store, almost bought Harry Potter wands but they were out...I realized Mike should leave work "early" and come home with us. It was about 5:30 when I called and we met up with him at 30 Rock about 6. Yep, that was another walk, in the rain this time, from 68th to 49th and 5th.

Q needed some food so we stopped and got muffins, fruit and yogurt. Of course she wanted to share all of our food, and none of us can say no... :)

We hopped on the train and were home by 7:30.

Q played with her new "classic toys" from FAO...a harmonic (thanks Jill) and a wind-up train. OH, and Mike and I bought her a set of wood blocks from an antique store on Sunday. So, she has 3 new favorite toys. About 8 I decided it was time to try to put her down.

She nursed because I was uncomfortable and went right down without a peep. Nursing, while we're at it. She nurses 1-2 times a day now and if she wakes up at night. i'm noticing many of my shirts are baggy now. Eh, oh well. She prefers lactaid over soy...stupid lactaid being twice as expensive! And her sweet tooth is developing BIG TIME so we've been limiting A LOT MORE to how much she gets and water over juice and all that fun stuff. She still loves ice and crunching it.

Over all, it was a busy day yesterday! But a good day. I think Jill will agree it was a tiring day. She leaves for the airport today...we'll miss her! Q looks at her every morning like "wait, and who are you" and then very much loves having her around. She's great with Q and will make a great Mom someday!

Speaking of which, she watched Q on Sunday while Mike and I enjoyed Star Trek and a light dinner for his 30th birthday but 31st Flag Day. :) I think those were his words to my dad, so don't give me credit. It was a nice day away...and Q's apparently crabbiest day ever! Jill (finally) got her to bed...but a phone call woke her up! Sometimes it's the smallest things that set that girl off. Luckily (I guess) we were pulling up the driveway as Jill was about to go tend to her and was SOOOOOOO glad to see us. Both Jill and Quinn! :) They had a good day...but Q doesn't seem quite ready for us to be gone all day and at bedtime...and Jill isn't ready for a toddler. As I say...there's a reason they start small and grow in you get used to each stage and increased activity! :)

So, off to play with my darling girl...yay breakfast!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Drinks and Parks

And Q and I stopped at a little park in Carroll Gardens while Jill went back to purchase something we found at a store from earlier in the day. We walked...a lot. More than yesterday by a lot. We weren't in the area I thought we were in, but after we walked around a little, I knew where we were! It was crazy ridiculous.

It was a rainy/misty day today...Q walked around prepared! Once we were in territory she could explore. My face hurts...I think I got too much non-sun...for real. The overcast and fog are more dangerous than I thought!

Quinn was so sad the puppy we saw in the park wouldn't come sit next to her!

We were at a cute, truly kid friendly restaurant for lunch. They had toys and books and markers and kid-sized tables and Q had a blast. Unfortunately, she still can't tell the difference between real and fake food!

I guess Q had a long night the other night too! The bottle was very much empty.

Night Out for Mommy!

Jill and I had big plans to do some shopping in SoHo yesterday...Quinn's late and long nap put a damper on those plans. Oh, and then the fact that we were doing a 'Q exchange' with Mike on the Subway line and the time and place kept changing! Mostly because I still don't really know how long it takes to get anywhere on the subway....or on the streets...especially at "rush hour" pedestrian-wise...and with a stroller...and a bum foot....

SO, once we found Mike and walked Broadway from 33rd to 42nd...and then to 9th and back to 6th...we handed over the "getting crankier but in a better mood since she saw Times Square lights" Quinn and headed to meet Amanda for 3-Ds in East Village (dinner, drinks, and dessert). I honestly can't remember the name of place we ate dinner.

We got there about 6:45-ish and it was pretty dead. I think Amanda said something to the effect of 'you're open, right?' By the time we left around 9...the place was PACKED. Yes, the place was very much open and very good!! My food was still hot as they took some of it away as I just couldn't finish the most delicious risotto I've ever eaten. I don't get to eat HOT HOT meals very frequently as Q is often priority 1 at meal times. So it was really nice!

Then after we stuffed ourselves, we headed to Veniero's for dessert. Cheesecake for me, fruit tarts for Jill and Amanda. OOOOH, so good.

Q and Mike had a good night, too. A trip home on the subway. A small dinner (dinner has not been a successful meal lately) and playing. She also was awake at 6am...sigh...short night of sleep and coffee for Mom today!

This morning highlights have included a cup of bobby pins, cottage cheese, cookie crisp, and Seasame Street ducks. Yes, PBS has been a big part of our life since we got the new 37" tv and hooked it up in our main floor living room. Q dances and spins and claps and laughs...and then plays on. I have yet to hook up my radio again, as our mornings used to consist of CDs and music...we need to get back to that a little bit. But it is nice to catch a little bit of news on some mornings too!...without venturing the treacherous basement stairs!

And yes, my foot is better, but still sore! After yesterday's adventures, it was very large and sore. Today not so much.

On a final note...huh...rain delays NYC airports? All 3 are running about an hour delay or more! I think we're going to head out for a day of shopping in some "cute" areas of Brooklyn...and to Target. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aquarium: Visit 2

To make use of the pass I purchased last week, and because the day turned into a nice day, we stopped at the aquarium after music today.

Quinn was a walking the trip was intended to be a trip to target and Petco ... which means the stroller didn't make the trip bc it takes up the whole trunk. Someday we'll have a vehicle that'll be able to accommodate it all...
some day.

So, yes the 2 hours of walking PROBABLY wasn't the greatest idea,'s feeling okay yet....but hurts like a son of a ...

Overall, Jill decided music class was a workout (I'm pretty sure Grandpa Joe and Auntie Jen would agree with that one) and that Q makes for a tiring day. And that 3 hours is a lot of time to kill when Q is napping and you're not at home! :)

Q got sight of Jill...and yes, she got this excited to see her around the corner.

Wheelchair Fun

Second wheelchair ride yesterday.

Because my Mom told me to!

Yep, I missed the last stair again on Sunday...just as we were headed to Coney Beach and the aquarium as a family! Well, 22esws`q1 (Q says hi), I rested for the day and it still hurt pretty bad and the top of my foot is obviously bruised. So after we got Jill from the airport, then got some food for lunch, Jill and Q took naps (kind of like when the Kach's visited...!!) and I expected to make a quick call to verify where I should go...

....2 hours later I find out there's an urgent care not 2 miles away...why it took that long WHO KNOWS...gotta love insurance phone operators. And the nurse care line through Mike's work strongly suggested I have it looked at too.

So, I called them and they were like, there's only one other person here, should be quick.

SO luckily Jill wanted to watch Q and take her to the park and get ice cream and feed her dinner and put her to bed...although I figured I wouldn't be in the hospital for 2 1/2 hours...alone. Oh, it's just a and elevation. Whatever.

What a boring day!!!

I didn't realize how much I relied on Q's diaper bag for my source of fluids and snacks...I kept looking for it...and it was with my daughter. How sad! OH, and no cell coverage so that sucked.

And Mike called Jill before he left work and informed Jill of Q's bedtime routine.

It was odd to come home and not see my kid! She took a long nap yesterday, and we spent most of the morning in the car to/from LGA. I feel like I didn't get any time with her yesterday. It made me really not want to work and miss any of her fun play time!

Right now we're getting the rain that you guys in the Midwest have's really raining!!

And the rest of the house is waking up now...thunder or kiddo.

So, rainy day today....probably Target and Petsmart! And maybed some photos.

Friday, June 5, 2009


How do I know Quinn's getting taller?

CRASH-SH-SH has been one of the most popular sounds in the house this week.

Result: one broken glass, one broken photo coaster (sorry cousin Alex!), and one broken glass bowl.
Oh, and no scrapes or cuts!

She can reach anything that is on the edge of the counter (or 6" from the edge apparently). And she can reach almost everything on the kitchen table. And she can reach almost everything on our pseudo-desk in the dining room. And if there's a box or bag poking over the side of something...she grabs it and sometimes there's stuff on top of the box that goes flying that does break (thank you Corelle dishes...apparently they don't always shatter when hitting marble floors!).

Oh, besides the crashing, she's also growing out of her clothes! :)

To start moving prep, I started boxing up my crafting supplies today. A lot of boxes have been packed...and many many to go! So much for my crafting room I was so excited to have. It's pretty much been storage only since we moved in, so taking everything down and packing it away isn't terribly traumatic. Having it all put away will mean one less room to pack....and a whole room to store packed boxes!

My next big moving project will be sorting through Quinn's, car seats, blankets, bottles, and clothes that are too small. And sorting them into boxes by size/age as right now there are newborn outfits with her current stuff yet! I'm not sure how that'll be nice to have it organized for the move so we can just put it into storage and not have to worry about it until baby #2 someday. Maybe my organized friend Jill can help with it next week :)

I can't believe it took most of the day to pack one room....that we're never in. Scares me to hit up the kitchen and bathrooms!!! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Time in Sand and Ocean

...and we've been here how long?!

Yes, this is the first time we've actually stepped foot on the sandy beaches of Coney Island. It was a blast...and HOT!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yay Jill is coming to town next week. For many many days. I'm so excited. Mike and I will get a REAL DINNER for his birthday (ie: without Q and I'll get to heat HOT food!!!???!!!). I'm super excited to see parks, zoos, etc with her. We now have a pass and as long as we have nice weather...we should be alllllllll good! Maybe even nice enough to hit up the beach a few days!

Q seems excited too...we'll see how excited she is for a super busy week!

We're going to the Aquarium tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates. It's been over a year since we've been it should be fun to see how she likes it. It's small, but now that I paid for the membership....what's an hour visit to a toddler!? :) And it's CLOSE. Just about a 15 minute drive on a slow day (Coney Island).

Not much else is news.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I warned them.
Several times.
And they kept calling.

After about 12 happy, pestered-free years, I shall cancel my Discover Card.

They've called me every day for FOUR DAYS trying to sell me their credit report service. A service I've used for free for 30 days, forgotten to call and cancel, and paid for ... to call and cancel the service on Thursday. Yep, they've called me every day since I canceled. They even tried to sell me the credit report service AS I WAS CANCELING the service.

Really, what the F is with this customer service?! I've NEVER EVER had a problem with this pestering before.

Oh well, Chase will now be my sole credit provider: banking and credit rewards.

The only way I will stay with them is to get on Mike's card and that's only to save the reward money I have banked. If they won't transfer that money, I will no longer use them.


On a Q update...she is in love with all kids 2-4 years older than her. She attracts to them IMMEDIATELY at the park. Kids her own age she could care less about. Younger...FORGEDABADIT! And much older than 5...depends on their personality.