Saturday, June 26, 2010

Viva a Mexico

I can't believe we've been back almost a week and this is the first I'm posting! Work has been crazy. I'm exhausted and puffy at the end of the day, and Q is on a schedule of 9/10pm bedtime. I don't like it. Give me Mexico back!!!

We had a great time in Cabo. Highly recommend a week of doing nothing and pools to anyone. Not seeing rain for a crazy storms popping up left and right here. The sirens even went off last night!! Our trees seems to have survived the wind and rain...with more to come today!

On our second full day, Mike's birthday, I decided sitting around the resort sounded too relaxing, so I joined a group of Mike's family (there were 26 of us most of the week!!) on a 5 mile walk, on the beach, to town. It was a great time...

...until about 3pm when we were in town and I said to myself...these are contractions. So I had some water and a snack sat down. And they got more regular. Every 10 minutes for 15-45 seconds, I had PAINFUL contractions and I seriously thought we'd have a preemie in Mexico! So, I put myself on bed rest for the night (after dinner of course since it was Mike's birthday after all!). Mike yelled at baby peanut that he couldn't celebrate this birthday in Mexico. I felt okay the rest of the week, but after about 14 hours of contractions every 10 minutes....I just wanted to have the baby! That's labor man! It took the rest of the week to recover...and I still don't feel quite as energetic this week. Crazy how the beginning of the 3rd trimester changed how I felt completely!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Apple Juice

My Miss Independent. It's odd when she can and can not get into the fridge. Most of the time she's successful, but she gets VERY upset when she "can't do it open the fridge!" This time in the video, she was successful. I'm pretty sure it was during one of my many trips to el bano these days! Can you tell how tired I am by my voice? I think this was, like, 5:30 am the other day! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Spider Song

It's bath time. Quinn's babbling while I catch up on my charting so I can take Friday off of work and enjoy MEXICO next week.

"itty bitty spideeerrrrrrr climbeded to RING of FIRE
up the water out
down down comes rain and wash spider out
out camed sun and dry rain
out camed suuuunnnnnnnn
itty bitty spiiiiderr

This is the first time I've witnessed random singing come from her.
I'm laughing.

So, yes, Cabo, Mexico coming soon!!!! I'm looking forward to 7 days away. I'm not really looking forward to 7 days of work waiting upon my return. And I'm not really looking forward to 8-10 hours in a plane with Quinn. At least there will be 15ish others to help with the plane entertainment! And we'll have to get movies ready, because they seem to keep her attention pretty well when she's sleepy.

Baby Boy Born is a move-a-holic some days. At he's got a crush on one of the nurses I work with. As soon as I get within 10 feet of her and she's talking, he'll kick kick kick punch MOVE his body. It's crazy funny!

I have my glucose testing Thursday...wish me luck. I can't imagine the next 12 weeks without dessert.

He's also more mobile today (I think) because he's finally starting to flip (or so it feels like). He's been feet first since always. And I feel MUCH more movement like kicking on my left side than I have since ever and more punches on my right side and more butt stretch-like feelings on my underbelly. he's still well below my belly button, but according to "the books" (online because I'm too lazy for books) he's about 2# now! So, the past two weeks has been about 1# of growth for the little guy....and about that for me too. SOOO, at least there's not crazy weight relations with all the dessert I eat. :)


Friday, June 4, 2010

Flowers, Frisbee & Fun

We've had an interesting week.
Last week Friday, I had a day "off" and actually took some time off during the day to hang out with my tot.
She planted her own flowers. I'm not sure if you can quite tell that she managed to empty ALL the rest of the flowers from the black plastic containers and just put them in a pot and then took them to the backyard! All in the time it took me to walk from the front of the house, to the back shed, get a shovel, and back to the front again!!

Mama got some new shades with a "free" bag I got from Motherhood Maternity for spending "too much" money.
Q tried them on...

" 'rund neck"

"dis way!"

"oh, cheese" she says cheese so fast and expects the shot to be taken that her face always looks super ridiculous when saying cheese.

Then on Sunday and Monday, we had a quick visit with my family for some birthday and Memorial Day celebration. And heck, anytime the whole family and all kids are involved, it's a party for the sake of there being a ton of us! Sunday and Monday also brought the Born family and Louis to College Ultimate Nationals held in (near) Madison! So, we got to endure the 90+ weather for a bit. Sadly, the U of M didn't do so great, but we got to watch some of their last game. AND we watched Wisconsin girls win a game. AND we saw most of the final final game on Monday between Florida and Carlton. Who would've guessed a local college would've even made it to the final game!!?? In retrospect, it was a pretty freaking cool experience...despite the heat, tired tot, and pregnancy. We did, however, score a free hat and shirt (we believe mostly because of our cute Quinn!!). Quinn has her first ultimate jersey and an "ultimate player of the future" sponsored by madison ultimate frisbee association. So, an overall productive weekend...but LOTS of time in the car.

This week, then ,flew by considering it was only 3 full workdays in Farmington. And I had planned on working when I got home, but the weather and the tot decided it was a sprinkler afternoon instead. She wanted pool, but that's more work.