Friday, January 30, 2009

Sodium VS Sugar VS Kcals

Not Quinn related, but food is still my life and passion and it's been awhile since I've given my 2 cents. And with my degree in dietetics...I have 2 cents to give today. :)

What do you look for when you're shopping for convenience foods? What's your deciding factor between items?

I look for a combination of all three--lowest sodium, sugar and kcals. It's hard to find. I look to better my diet, Q's diet, and Mike's diet (for when he's eating at home...).

I just read a "foods to avoid in the supermarket" article on I can't believe some of the "healthier" options they give have more sodium. Yes, kcals and fat are important to watch when losing weight. But is an increase in sodium really going to help you out? No, not really. What confuses me is that some of the "chose this" options aren't even close to the same thing (in my mind). If I want alfredo...PLEASE don't give me olive oil noodles and call it square.

Anyway, I know many of you blog followers are losing weight, maintaining weight, trying to gain weight (you preggos), or wishing you could just magically drop a few pounds, cholesterol points and drop your blood pressure.

How do I do it? I managed to gain 65# (yes, 65#) when I was preggo, and I'm back down to where I was 2 years ago--pre-baby.

I recently had someone tell me "you're sure watching your fiber". Yes, I am. Why? To keep my cholesterol where it's at! Cheerios alone don't do it (if you read the box it's 3 cups a day to lower cholesterol do you have time to have a balanced diet eating 3 cups or cheerios a day?!). I enjoy the Fiber One does Q. It's relatively low in the sugar and kcal and sodium columns...and it has that magical fiber we all love so dearly. I've recently become addicted to poptarts too...looked at the box and freaked out. The Fiber One poptarts are a good compromise (40% daily recommended fiber in ONE!!). I also enjoy all versions of cheerios, whole grain breads, grain crackers (fishie crackers recently...totally addicted which is unfortunate due to the sodium content!), and oatmeal.

In a recent addition of my parenting magazine, there was a great article about losing/maintaining weight too. It stated moderation is key, and you still need fat in your diet. An egg or two a few times a week is a good thing. Adding peanut butter to your morning routine (daily or a few times a week) is a good thing (ask Tom!). And 1/2 cup of whole fat dairy is a ... GOOD THING! I totally loved this little page long article, as it's what I live by. By allowing myself these whole fat foods a few times a week, I curb the need to over-indulge myself...really ever! Red wine and a few beers a week...yes, I allow myself to enjoy a few each week. Without that, I can only imagine what would happen each time I got the opportunity to go out (even though the few I had last Friday seemed to go straight to my head!!).

And of course, losing is not all about food. Exercise and movement are key too! I stretch each morning with Quinn. We dance a few times a day to whatever music she wants to listen too. Music Together classes encourage movement and dancing to songs, too, so that's an hour a week right there! We walk where we want to go. If we drive, it's a far spot from the door so it's a longer walk. If we're shopping, we walk the whole store (at least once) just to get some more steps in. AND...I'm ashamed to say (type) it, but I'm lucky if the treadmill is in operation weekly these days. Actual cardio workout would do me wonders. HEY, I have been trying to get to 100 sit-ups a day (Tom's challenge from what....6 months ago!?). I'm up to at least 20 a day...but I do 100 on days I hit the treadmill. Ugh...and it HURTS! And my weight lifting...well, Q's around 25#...and I lift and carry that more times than I can count on a daily basis. I do extra stretches as I do dishes. I walk almost each dish the step or so that it the dishwasher. Folding laundry one piece at a time and putting it away (if Q doesn't get to it first....then I fold in a few times). Chasing the cats in circles with their toys and strings. Oh yeah, and we have 30 stairs from the basement to the top floor...I do those about a million times a day too!

Moral of my story...enjoy a few opportunities a week to allow a little fat, sodium, sugar and kcals. Enjoy the movement you get each day and try to find ways to make the "little" tasks a little more "worth it".

That's my rant for now. Hope it's helpful and not just a bunch of garbage.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MKE International

Seems like airports are our second home this month! We were glad to get back to Milwaukee again, but it will probably be May when we get back again (for Liz's First Communion).

Baby to Toddler Overnight!

She's walking! Her steps are still godzilla-esque, but getting better. And she is only confident enough to do about 10 steps at a time, but it's so odd to see our baby walking! Yes, I have some cute videos, we'll work on loading those today.

We had a fabulous time in Wisconsin. Dad's surprise party apparently surprised him! It was a great time; thanks again to all who attended and brought goodies to share! We had a HUGE variety of food. Everyone brought a little bit and it turned into a ton! It was awesome!

Quinn had another good flight on the way back. She played with the clean barf bag for awhile and then moved onto her books and blankies and peek a boo. Before long she was thirsty and sleepy; seeing as I had to wake her up to leave Grandma and Grandpa's. Also, she slept about..hmm...not at all the night before.

She's doing this awesome new thing where she'll wail in the middle of the night. I'll go in to cuddle her/change her/whatever. And almost as soon as I pick her up, her eyes are closed and she had death grip on my shirt. SO, last night I tried to just "let her cry it out".

RIGHT...I sleep better when I just get up and cuddle her (hence me just staying up at 5:30). I know the first few nights will be tough...but really. It was a good 30-45 minutes I let her cry each time (yep, up three times last night)...then I gave in. SO, I tried to go to bed early because I was tired from the night before. As soon as my head hit the pillow, she was up. Which was okay because it was about 9:30 and she was in bed about 6:00 (waaaaay early for her "these days").

The first time during the night I'm pretty sure she was hot; as I forgot to turn off her individual heat unit in her room (we keep the house cold when we leave and her room was a popsicle for her before bed...needed to warm it up!). And Grandma and Grandpa's house isn't 70 degrees ... ever, much less at night!

The second time was about 5 minutes after I changed her and put her I just let her cry...for another 30 minutes. Figured she was thirsty between the heat and the vocals. She nursed about 3 minutes and was out like a light.

The third time was at about 5 that I finally got out of bed. She was soaked and poopy. I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep either! She hated every minute of that diaper change, but as soon as I had her pjs on, she reached for her rattle blankie and eyes were closed again.

We'll see how long this lasts. And I'm exhausted. So, I tought I'd be able to stay up and be productive...but I really only got a few hours of sleep. I also anticipated Q not falling back asleep and wanting to play. Maybe she caught on to a little bit of central time and won't be up until about 8!!! That would be awesome.

Photos of Jill's party (which was awesome!), Grandpa Joe's surprise, and various airport shots to come later.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy (belated) Birthday, Auntie Kristin!

AND...I don't have any photos of her and Quinn here, but happy birthday yesterday, Auntie Krissy!

We are excited to see you on Sunday. Maybe we can get a good photo of you and Quinn together? I don't have any!! That goes for her and all her aunties and uncles....maybe that'll be my goal this weekend!

No new be posted later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To the Midwest Again

We're heading to the midwest again tomorrow. Daddy has had a trip in Chicago and we're super excited to see him. We are also lucky enough to make a trip up to Milwaukee to join my family for the "January/February Birthday" celebration. My Dad, 2 sisters and their husbands all have birthdays in January and February close together, so we have one celebration to honor everyone. This will be the first year in quite a few that I will get to attend! I'm so excited for cake....I hope there's cake...

We'll also be able to catch up with Jill on her birthday, as her and Tim are moving back to Milwaukee (booo for living in Minnesota when I wasn't there!). Hopefully JJ will babysit so Mike and I can enjoy a much needed few hours away.

Fourteen months old today. I can't believe Quinn is that old.

And yet again, as Mike is gone this week, I wonder how single moms raise kids, work, keep a house, and have a social life. I'm EXHAUSTED! Even though Mike works long hours, I grow to appreciate the fact that he is around at all other times. Yet another reason I give props to my brother, who is just a few steps away from being a single daddy out on his own. They're both still alive with Grandma and Grandpa in Orlando this week, so it proves he can make it ... at least for a week! Good job JJ!

May not be in blog land until we return on Monday..but I will be thinking of you all!

Lost her Love

Lost her love for breakfast, at least. She used to eat really well for me. I've cut short her 2am feedings hoping that her 7am appetite would be back. Nope. Not even when she sleeps from 11-7 is there an appetite. Not even if I wait until 9 or 10 is there much of an appetite. I get a few cheerios or a little oatmeal in her, and she's done with that. She enjoys her fruit for breakfast, though. Usually a serving of applesauce, a banana, peaches or pears. A full adult-size serving or more. SO, at least she's getting something. She still really really seems to enjoy the morning nursing session too (as long as Daddy hasn't been spotted yet). If Daddy has been spotted before the morning nursing session, it's play time and no food is usually in until Daddy time is over.

She took a few more chunks of steps at home yesterday too. Today...not so much.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Seven Steps!

Our new semester of music started today and we missed the inauguration! However, I set it to record last night because I had a feeling we would have a rushed early afternoon. It was great seeing so many people so happy! I actually watched some of it on BBC when we got home. The whole world is really excited for the USA right now. How great!

Also great is Quinn WALKING! She took SEVEN steps at music today and was all giggly. The whole class was cheering her on and did not quite understand at first my excitement for a few steps. She's never taken more than three! She could be walking for real by the weekend! I will have to work on getting some on video..she's still walking like godzilla...but I'll take it for now!

Monday, January 19, 2009


More snow?!

YAY!!! It's warmer than 10 degrees again (I understand you Minnesotans and Wisconsinites that it's colder there, but 10 is cold out here!). And that means least it's not blizzard snow. But, really, we got about another inch of snow today. And a little last night. Dannie and Nate were blessed souls who shoveled (very well might I add, for not shoveling in Maryland!) my sidewalk, stairs AND driveway this morning. Now it needs to be done again...even more-so than this morning. And it's more of that wet heavy goop as it's about 31 degrees. I was hoping for a warm-up today and rain to make the snow go away...but no luck, it's all snow and is going to continue to be snow. I guess I get to shovel later as Mike is in Chicago! This is the kind of snow that's a pain in the butt because it's barely enough to shovel...but....people notice when you don't!

For example.

Yesterday morning, in the span of maybe an hour, THREE guys rang our doorbell wanting to shovel our half inch of pretty packed down snow...what!? Here's the best part...for $25!!! The third ring, Mike's prety sure it was the same guy, and he very loudly yelled swear words and stop ringing my doorbell. These were grown men, mind you, too. If it was a neighborhood kid, heck yeah I would have thrown money at them to do it. But, it wasn't and I'm not about to help someone make income tax-free! About 15 minutes later I said, I guess we should shovel, huh?

OH, and unrelated to snow, but funny. Mike asked me the other day why we had to keep the diaper champ in the hallway now (as Q's diapers get stank QUICK--I've tried to start separating the super duper poopers). I said well, besides it smelling, she has started to make it a toy. Flip diaper champ, insert favorite toy, flip diaper champ, insert another favorite toy, repeat until Mom realizes the toys have joined the diapers and Q's crying because her toys are gone. She gets independent play time in her room as it's the only room she can be safe in without supervision. Mommy needs to shower on days when there's no nap! So, once I realized the toys were gone...the diaper champ left the room.

She's going to be an engineer or some my prediciton. She NEEDS to know how everything works...and tastes! For those of you that watch "My Name is Earl"; I'm sure she'd have some good additions to Randy's "the curious tongue"! We bought a new glider the other day and she's constantly on the floor looking up at the rocking mechanisms (don't worry, it locks into place so it doesn't glide while she's doing this). Or she's lifting the cushion looking for ... I don't know what for, but she sticks her head under it looking for something. Doors and drawers..she's facinated with open and close...repeatedly.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snack Pose

I don't know what to say about this video. But chocolate milk seems to be the could I foget about chocolate?! She loves chocolate. We'll see if she ever puts the cup down now! Guess I'll really have to start watching that!

Part of my new theory to her waking up in the night is that she's SOAKED every time she wakes up. But she's really bad about wanting to drink water, juice, nurse, milk through the day; most of her daily fluids come right before bed. Of course, once she's awake, she's got to get fed a little bit before falling asleep again. Believe me, this is a better option than listening to her scream for 25 minutes in the middle of the night. At least to my hears and my sleeping...right now. THIS week, we're trying to change that a little bit to hopefully get her to be content with the 6 oz formula/milk at 11pm and sleep through every night. And I'm going to truly try the change and put back to bed to see if she really needs that 3 minute nursing session at 3am. Cross our fingers!

Dannie and Nate have been here this weekend. It's been nice seeing familiar faces again. I got an afternoon out with Dannie and we made a nice steak dinner on Saturday. Yesterday Nate and Dannie went to NYC to a camera shop and Otto while Q and I took Daddy to the airport.

We got back from the airport and Q crawled upstairs and knocked on the office door "dadadada" as if saying, dad, we're home, time to play. Guess she was a little sleepy when Daddy said goodbye at the airport!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quinn's Slide

...every time..this is her pattern...

Friday, January 16, 2009

No milk

She still isn't loving cow's milk.

She'll drink formula fine...if I add a little go. SO, we've been having cereal with milk in the morning...and she barely makes it through 1/4...that's usually no problem. Maybe the kcals are just too much for her? I don't know.

Does anyone have good info on starting her on soy milk vs whole milk?

Some day maybe she'll drink it...then some day she'll sleep from 8 to, well, hell, I'd take 6! Hell, I'd take her going from 10-6 at this point!

And I'm having issues loading videos again! I have about 5 I want to post!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Four Books?!

Q actually sat through FOUR books and then took an hour morning nap! AND one of those books I read THREE times...

Okay, so what's with my excitement here?, some of you may be saying. Well, it's a miracle Quinn sat ON MY LAP through FOUR books. Until just a few days ago, it was like pulling teeth to get her to sit and cuddle through one book. She's learning that books aren't just for chewing! And I'm loving it!

One odd thing though, and I was wondering if this was true of most kids... About 75% of the time, when she's looking through books on her own, they're upside down--but she still starts at the "front" cover as she pages through. Odd...but she still babbles as she flips through the book, telling her own story.

One of the best "toys" ever. It is good for at least 10 solid minutes of entertainment every day; usually longer.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meal Time

Now that Q has a divided plate (thanks grandma Mary!), I will (at times) allow her to have the plate on her tray and let her decide how much and what to eat.
Almost without fail it's in this order
1) cheese
2) whatever is meant to be eaten with her spoon -- yogurt, potatoes, cottage cheese
3) veggies
4) meat
5) fruit
6) pasta/bread

It used to be pasta first, not anymore!

Oh yeah, and when we were in Eagle Lake, she got to play with a drum set and LOVED it. Grandpa Chuck got video and better photos...I forgot to steal them before we left. Yes, that's her actually sitting on the drumset stool. And, of course, tasting the drumstick!


Not quite yet...

Friday, January 9, 2009


Grandpa Joe turns 65 today! Just think, in one year, you could be and should be retiring! YAY GRANDPA! Then you'll have LOTS of time to hang out with all the grandkids!

Here are some photo memories from you trip just a few weeks ago!

Just Walk Through the Pain...

Since as far back as I can remember, my right hip has given me problems (bursitis I'm told). With my new desire to get "buff" (ha ha...oh, high school memories) and get on the treadmill more (basically to make myself keep a pace...not the strolls Q and I take around here) pain has followed. I haven't had this pain since I was carrying 60 extra pounds -- when preggo with Q. (And after reading Carolyn's blog seeing she's gained about 35# wondering how she'll lose it...can't believe I gained that much weight! But I lost it, that's all that matters.) Well, the couple miles I've been run/walking every day are catching up with me.

I'm hoping this will actually strengthen all those muscles and (cross my fingers) I won't have the hip pain all during the next pregnancy. Or for 2 days after my walks! So, yeah, I'm only getting on the treadmill every other day...but not awful considering I haven't been on it since...April or so. The pain was pretty bad with Q as I "had" to sleep on my side and well, that made the pain REALLY bad.

So, Q and I are learning our walking routines together! I had her on the treadmill walking the other day, holding my fingers. .5 MPH was pretty tough for her to keep up with as her balance is kind of not there yet. I'm sure once she catches on 1.0 MPH will be on her radar!

I need to learn to keep my camera with me at all times...she has now rolled her shopping cart onto its side onto her new tinkerbell couch. She is lying on the couch next to the shopping cart pressing buttons and taking the toys out of the cart. She's now trying to ... do something with the cart. Just the cart is on the bed/couch now. OH, trying to get into the cart! What a goof....NO, Q, NO!

Okay, that's better. She doesn't like "no" or "stop". I know she knows what they mean....stubborn girl taking after her mommy...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Step It Up, Q!

She's not walking yet, but can be bribed sometimes to take a few steps if you have food, Leap (her alphabet singing frog), or her blankie.

I'll have to try to get it on video tonight. Consistent walking may be on it's way soon...she can cruise crawling...I'm scared to see what walking will bring! We may need more baby gates!!

And I finally updated her birthday ticker to count to her 2nd birthday...only 7 weeks after her birthday, not a big deal, right? :-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

video explained in prev post

Seven Days into the New Year

Well so far, my resolutions are holding decently. Brushing and flossing are going better...the electric toothbrush is a GREAT invention!! Still need to fill the cavities somewhere around here....guess that'll be my job as Quinn naps here soon!

I've only been on the treadmill twice...but that's a couple extra miles I would not have done before! Our music classes start again soon, too, so that'll be a couple miles a week again that we've been missing since November.

Studying...well, now I only have about 9 weeks to get 24 credits....ugh.

Me time...only one bath! But I've had some good WOW time catching up with my buddies online again has been nice. Makes me really excited to get back to Minnesota!

Quinn's going well. I'm amazed at how much she understands. Mike came downstairs to eat breakfast today and Q and I had already eaten. But she gets a 10am snack most days, so this was just earlier than normal.
She came over to me "da da da mo mo mo".
I said, 'if you're hungry, go ask dad to feed you some cheerios or yogurt and sit in your chair.'
She said, 'AHHHHH, mo mo mo da da mo ma ma'.
I said, 'you heard what i said, go ask daddy'. (I was sewing buttons back on Daddy's coat at this time, so don't think I was ENTIRELY pushing her snack on Daddy).
She crawled over to Mike, "da da, mo, ma".
Mike was like, huh...that's pretty close.

She's also started picking up some toys on her own!! SOME mind you, not all. In her room, she'll take the books off the shelf, look at them, and most of them get thrown back onto the shelf. She also got this shopping cart/walker from Grandma Mary and Grandpa Joe....all her toys from the kitchen got picked up and taken out of her toy drawer in there and she put them in her cart yesterday! I was SHOCKED to not be stepping on toys as I did dishes after she went to bed. It's pretty nice...hopefully it'll stick and get better so I don't have to spend 10 minutes cleaning during each precious nap hour!!

She's also a crazy's awesome....I'm going to try to download a video.

And on a Thomas note, Finn's adorable with a head of hair...check out their blog! They have video posted!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


For those of you who follow my blog roll and know our friends, you may have started keeping up with the Thomas' and their adventures of the last 8 days at ANH. Well, this morning at 5:24am, their baby boy was born...for those of you not following that blog, he was born 3 months early. Both Stacy and baby boy seem to be doing well (from their blog entry at least...) and they're at one of the best hospitals in the midwest.

If they happen to actually be reading this in their busy times . . . We hope you are getting to enjoy your time as a new family and we're patiently waiting to hear more details. As it has been the last 8 days, you all are still in our thoughts and prayers. Happy Birthday, Finnegan! Love, Mike, Katie & Quinn

Monday, January 5, 2009

And this is what's left.

This is her in her eating cuteness!

Currently she's screaming bloody hell as Daddy's trying to give her a bottle as she likes to wake up between 10 and 12 to eat again...silly girl..... Do I go to aide? ...we'll see how Daddy handles this one....

She Eats

I'm glad Q still has an appetite. The doctor told me she would probably stop eating the next few months...not this little girl! Here's what we ate for dinner....

And video to come to see what's left!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


1) DENTAL HYGIENE for the family! I haven't been to the dentist in 2 years...why? Well, the first year was pregnancy...I was lucky to be able to brush my teeth for those 10 months...heck, for the first 4 months I puked while doing it! So, a trip to the dentist was NOT on my priority list. The second year...a baby! NO excuses when there are so many a block away...really. Well, we went to the dentist in Eagle Lake...very nice practice and big windows with the was enjoyable. Until the procedures started. Stupid x-rays cutting up my gums and tongue and cheeks. Then the scraping...tartar in my mouth SUCKS. I swear it was building up as she was scraping. As she was finishing ... an hour later (not lying, it was an hour of scraping) her words were "we usually do this kind of scraping in two sessions and numb the patients, but since you're leaving today, you didn't get that option". It wasn't response, actually, was "I had a c-section, this is nothing". But, really, WTF!? I was a little sore, but honestly, nothing is worse than that pain post-op from the c-section. Especially while having a baby to lift, change and care for while in that pain.... But, back to dental...I wish they could've bagged the blood I lost from my gums too...could've gone to use somewhere! Two cavities I need to fill here somewhere...and all thanks to the sealants that have chipped off the last 2 years...thanks stomach acid & mountain dew!! :-)
SO, we now own electric toothbrushes and LOTS of floss! I wish that procedure on no one. And Q is getting regular brushings....this gum disease and cavity business is genetic!

2) At least one hour to myself every day. Goal of two hours. To do whatever I want. This can not include cleaning, showering, studying or blogging. Goal is to start to scrapbook again, read, and take baths! Maybe even enjoy the TV on the DVR instead of feeling like it's a chore to catch up on the recorded shows. We watched SO much TV in the midwest...made my mind numb. Yes, I had the choice to not watch it...but it's hard when it's there.

3) Keep up on my CDM accreditation. (See studying part of #2). I don't want to have to take the exam again! And it keeps me current on what's going on in case I go into consulting...which would be sweet! I considered getting my RD briefly in 2008. But if I can be a successful CDM consultant, 2 years of interning and getting a master's really isn't that exciting for me. I really didn't like school and to go through a grad program...nah. I'd rather be a Mom, enjoy being a wife, and continue my life knowing almost as much as an RD. Let's leave all that technical stuff to someone else!

4) Bring in the new, trash the old. Organize, organize, organize! It's also genetic to not throw things away. Just because it's in a closet or a box, doesn't mean it's cleaned up. If I don't use it, don't plan on using it, and forgot it was's GONE!

5) Exercise. Ideally, I'd like to be in a routine to keep up once we're no longer walking distance from everything we need. And I'd like to be tone. So, not exercise to lose weight--don't worry all those who know my size. I need definition and endurance!

So, that's just a few things....Q's nap is going long today. She woke up crying this morning. That's not usually how she wakes up. She did make it from 11pm-5am today though! Closer and closer to 'through the night'....maybe once that last pesky tooth #12 cuts through the gum...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Routine Again

I think Q's in another growth spurt as her afternoon naps are turning longer again. Of course, we're lucky to get a 20 minute nap in the morning, so longer afternoon snoozes are welcome to me! I ate lunch, put away dishes, continued to organize Q's small clothes and unloved toys, put away decorations (the 4 things I had out), and watched an episode of pushing daisy's from the dvr (from 5 weeks ago!!). And now, I'm catching up on blogland and trying to find a quick way to transfer photos to snapfish for my Mom.

She's still as cute as ever. She's talking in sentances...even though we're not sure what she's saying. She's almost 100% sure she's saying words and looks at me funny when I respond incorrectly to what she's saying.

She knows up, down, more, nigh nigh. She's not walking yet, and really I'm starting to think it's never going to happen. She loves to play tackle who ever is laying on the floor (jumped onto the piles of people we had at home last week). She LOVES to dance. I'll have to bust out the camera later and show's hilarious. This sleeping through the night thing isn't going so hot either. The Rebarchik's got to witness the blood curtling cries in the early morning hours and how she makes it sound like the world is ending...and she goes on FOREVER and won't stop until I feed her...what the heck? The screams get worse if I give her a bottle....we're going to work on only bottles in the middle of the night to see if that'll convince her to JUST STAY SLEEPING.

Other than that, we're having fun back in NY. Got out for a walk again I didn't realize how much I missed just the short walks every day!! So glad to be travelling via mode other than plane, car, or cab again!! We may be heading to the city tomorrow to make some returns and enjoy the post-holiday craze. We'll see...lots of house stuff to do too!

Who's visiting next?! The house has been quiet for TWO days now...feel like I should be preparing for company again!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

She Slept?!

I guess Q had a rough week in the Midwest...she slept the entire plane ride...and it was about 45 minutes longer than it was scheduled to be! She was really tired as we were taxiing, started to breastfeed her and she was lights out in about 5 minutes...and for the following 3 hours! And no, not through the night...but she was definitely happy to be back home again!

So, we're home safely...and coldly. It was 1 or 2 with the you may have seen if anyone still watches the Dick Clark Christmas with Ryan (whatever that is about).

Still have lots of photos to sort through.

Boo to the Gophers! We went to Uno Pizzaria hoping to catch part of a good game...we caught a touchdown...but the Gophers lose. BOOOOO!

Now I'm hoping one of the small stores around here will be open today as we don't really have any food to eat! Dry cereal for all of us!

Thanks to everyone for the great gifts and company these past few days!

And happy new year!