Monday, May 23, 2011

Weather Rollercoaster

We go from cold, to warm, to hot, to cold, to rainy, to sunny, to tornado sirens, to sunny, to windy, to calm....what a May this has been!

At the beginning of the month we went to the zoo...and I've watched Ted-do for a day. And I've worked a ton. Had my first professional massage. Had hip issues the make walking, enjoying kids, doing yard work, driving; among anything else that you need a hip for; much more difficult. HOWEVER, all seems good today!! The massage helped a little; but nothing really kicked in until today.

Here are some photos...most of the most recent are on the Ipod and I don't know how to transfer to the

Watching Ted-o the kids decided they wanted to go to Disney World. So we packed Q's suitcase and went.

Zoo trip: she was really excited to feed the goats.

She was giving me dandelions for Mother's Day--how thoughtful. That's when I thought we had the weed thing under control. HOWEVER, after the week of rain and swamp of a backyard, we came to realize the dandelions are anything but gone.....or even remotely gone!

And our youngest playing with blocks. He started over by the boppy on the floor..scooted his way away from it dropping blocks along the way in just a few minutes. :-)

Vince still isn't crawling or rolling over consistently. Quinn and other day care kiddos are really good at getting him whatever they think he needs before he has much chance to get it himself. If he doesn't feel like rolling over, he'll find his thumb and fall asleep---what a goon. HOWEVER, he LOVES his jumper, exersaucer, and can hold himself pretty well on a, no concerns with leg power!! Crawling--don't think we're so close, but who knows! Crazier things have been proven wrong.
He has EIGHT (8) teeth and I'M pretty sure #9 is coming in...whatever a tooth for each month old? Q got teeth early, but this has been silly ridiculous.
He's been done with an antibiotic for a week now, but he's been sleeping A LOT again--with nothing else seemingly wrong, so we'll wait to see if anything develops this week (and by we, I mean DayCare of course!). Beside another couple pounds and couple inches!
He's an eating fool! We've started trialing more chopped foods instead of purees and he looks at me with a "really, Mom, you're going to make me use all these teeth!?" He got all puree food today and I could tell he was happier with me. :-) He LOVES his honey-less crackers, though...nothing else too new....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sippy Cup?

Sippy cup of water with 1/2 container of baby food and cereal...what? This kiddo is growing up tooooo fast! At least the sippy cup keeps him from grinding his teeth!!

And I really need to get on top of pureeing some food for him--all things orange in the land of flavorless Gerber is turning our son into a nice shade of pumpkin.

Watching Ted-do today and things are going well...but things just got eerily to see what's really going on...I have a feeling "Word World" has engrossed their attention as it was FRIGID and 34 (before wind chill) out there when we were playing when the SNOW stopped. I think they're still slightly frozen and we came in 2 hours ago!

May my a**.