Thursday, April 29, 2010

No "preliminary" tags


After a long week of survey, and a day of questions, research, and intense resident and staff questions...we ended our week with no deficiencies! This is crazy awesome and I'm so proud of my co-workers! I'm exhausted, but turns out it was all worth it in the end! WOOHOO!

Now, for getting the new menus done...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long Week

Q helped pick up pine cones a few days ago.....they were nicely arranged around our trees. So, she picked them up, put them in a bag....and scattered them all over the yard -- "dump out, mama, no go by big tree". Hmm....oh well!

And wish I had more photos! I need to remind Trisha that I need all these cute photos she keeps telling me about. Q seems to be adjusting well to Trisha's little one. However, she did say on Monday after a long weekend of time with just me that she wanted Charlee to go somewhere else. But, quickly realized she was staying and "dealt with it". She's still apparently really good and gently playing with her and comforting her and is teaching her "high five!" It's tough for her to leave for the day without finding Charlee to give her a high's cute.

The long week I've had had consisted of a long weekend with Mike away with his Ultimate teams (Varsity teams won! guys and girls, yay!) and Q being sick; attempting potty training...oh and our state surveyors showed up at work on Monday afternoon!! So, Q and I have been up and out of the house before 6am. And, if we're lucky, we're home around 6pm. That's a long day for both of us and we're both a little cranky at each other. SO, today I decided we'd get some drive through garbage and eat at a new park. Not a play park, a park in Eden Prairie that I think leads towards the water in the park in our "back yard" -- or our adopted back yard. Since I introduced Q to the creek behind our neighbor's house, she likes to go there. The house is still for sale...hopefully our new neighbors are nice enough to not mind Q taking a bolt for the creek every now and then! It's sooo tempting as you can see the water from our mailbox (across the street by the house with the creek).

Did you know the sun is up before 6 am so early these days already? How and the heck did that happen? And I met the sprinklers every day this week...and this morning there was almost frost on the grass before the sun met them...32 degrees! And to top that off, it was 67 on the way home. Where exactly are we living these days?

Overall, our survey seems to be going okay, but the days are tiring and the change in schedule isn't agreeing with baby-boy Born. He kicks the whole way to work as if saying, "uhm, no, go back to bed, I need more sleep". And he kicks crazy about every 2-4 hours as if saying "FEED ME NOW". So, Q did the same thing, so I'm anticipating an eater. HOWEVER, different than with Q is that Q was most active at night until about 2am. This kid is active all day. SOOO, maybe I'll get a kid that sleeps through the night? We'll hope and well...we have PLENTY of weeks to wait to find out! I'm in NO WAY anxious or wanting to meet baby boy anytime soon...and there are no signs that it could happen anytime YAY!

Now, I'm pretty sure this blog makes no sense today. I think bedtime soon may be the best option....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Too much Nemo?

So, since the new minivan (I think I posted that I'm a minivan gal now...) ... Q watches many the movies and DVDs. One of her favorites (because I love it and there's little violence and "scary" parts) is Finding Nemo. Well, quite honestly, the days in the car of her whining of boredom are over as she calls for "more Nemo" whenever she can! We've switched it up, mermaids, cars, bears, toy story, puppydogs...but it all comes to "more Nemo!" Today we're trying "a bugs life" and it seems to be going well. She's giggling a lot and asking what each but is....if only I knew--we'll have to get Claire K over here to help us out with that task!

Well, today we're getting out of the bath (rainy day mid-day bath tub fun) and she says to me, "time let go, it be okay, i whale". Nemo line "He says it's time to let go! Everything will be okay!" -actually a Dori line while her and Marlin are in a whale and Dori speaks "whale", hence the 'I whale' at the end.

I can't even being to think about how much more she's quoting that I don't realize. But the best part was that she grabbed my shoulder like in the movie, Marlin is holding onto Dori or something like. It's a sign, I think?

Was she trying to comfort me? I'm not sure. I have been attempting to get her to nap, so maybe it's Q's way of saying "give it up Mom, no more naps ever again". She was up at 8 yesterday (actually up at 6, but fell back asleep), did not nap yesterday, and did not go to bed until after 8. Today--up at 5:30. No nap. If she sleeps at Trisha's tomorrow, I may cry. :) She's actually been a lot of fun and we've had a blast destroying the house and trying to piece it together again. I've been rearranging cabinets and drawers as my storage spaces somehow never got organized in the unpacking process. Not to mention the fact that nothing that's come into the house since we've been here has really ever had a Working on that this weekend as it's been rainy and wet and damp and gross. Q's working on finishing off all the ends of bags of snacks and ends of veggies and leftovers from the fridge. We both greatly enjoyed our bowl of cereal this morning--we've been without milk at home almost all week!! Oh well....

Q's had a runny nose and one watery eye all weekend too. On Friday there was a slight temp, but nothing more than clear goo. She's getting good at tissues! :)

On another note...Q likes parks. Mike and I like to show her new tricks. Since I sort of have a bump that would inhibit me showing her this trick....Mike did the honors. And man this hill would've been fun and close sledding!! At least we know for next year when she may enjoy stepping in snow!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Weekend

Oh dear, am I far behind on this business of blogging.

As some have hinted/told me lately "you should move back to NYC so I know what you're doing and what Q's doing again". Wow, I thought. If that isn't the sad, sad truth. Where does time go?! I've been back at work more then 6 months now. And holy moley, how did I get to be 20 weeks preggo already (well, according to today's ultrasound, 18 weeks...whatever)?!

We've been busy working. Mike's been busy coaching--which he seems to be good at and LOVES! Maybe someday Q and I will make it to a game/tournament if they're close. Q's busy growing. We're in potty training days. Trisha tried today at day care and she peed twice. She's hating wearing pants and "underwears" so it leaks, and leaks quickly. She's in this odd transition when she knows she's going/know she's gone, has slight and quick potty dance and it's over....pee everywhere. So, we'll try a few more days, see where it goes, and maybe just switch to a thicker cloth diaper/potty training pant. She really likes the do-it-yourself of the underwear and pull ups pull apart (and are sooo ridiculously priced it's not funny) when you pull them up (or when Q tries at least).

A little bump if you look close! Camera is with Mike in the car, otherwise I'd sport a 20 week photo for you. I didn't take any profiles while I was not sure if we'd make the 20 week mark, so the last one I have is the last one posted. We did get some cute U.S. photos today...but again, with Mike who's at practice. Maybe a later viewing of our baby BOY to be!

Yes, she's a crazy driver already! She loved this power was awesome watching her in Grandma's yard Easter weekend.
Why use the hands when the stuff your face in the cupcake works so much better?? Only my girl.....I think...
Easter bunny goodies...!!!
Q and Hailey. They're such cute cousins. Maybe someday they'll really like playing together instead of fighting over toys. :) Someday.....