Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Well, my treats were tricked!
Apparently trick-or-treat started at 3!? I was sitting at our kitchen table enjoying being productive with my list of things I should've done a month ago and heard kids non-stop outside....stopping at houses for candy! Unfortunately (??) they only stop at highly decorated houses and we don't have any up by the house so no one was stopping. I sat outside for awhile, then decided it was not so comfortable for me to sit on cement stairs. We'll see if they ring the bell and come to the door (lots of stairs for a little piece of candy...)

Not in the Hospital!

Well, I've had a few comments asking why I haven't blogged anything yet'm still at home!!

I've been in and out of the house today...still trying anything to make the back pain go away for longer than 5 minutes.

Got my passport photo today (after the 'joys' of yesterday). That was...uneventful. It's a bad photo, but it was also taken on a day when it's the first day in ... a long time that I was awake, showered, and further than 1/2 block away from the house by 8:30am. So, if we ever travel anywhere, it should be a pretty accurate picture of what I'll look like!

Also think we have our auto insurance settled upon. The office gave me candy because the kids trick-or-treat at businesses on the avenue on Halloween.

YES, children trick-or-treat on Halloween here. They did in Minnesota too, but I never got to experience it because I was always working. It's an odd, odd thing to me. But the night should be got to about 60/65 degrees or so today, so it should still be nice when the kiddies are out running around. I'm hoping to meet some neighbors and start some connections. I thought most of the moms stayed at home when we first moved here. Turns out they were just at home because their kids were at home. Now that school's in session...they all apparently work.

No other news!! How are you all doing??

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weight Loss

Well, I just went through weight loss 101 with my brother-in-law's blog. I added that link to my blog so you can all follow his weight loss too!! I'm so proud of him!

Weight: 167.9# (as of 9:30am today...that varies up to 169# as the day goes on)
Circumference around me at the belly button: 42" (if I squeeze the tape tight)
Baby Movement: not so much today. About 4-10 movements every 2-5 hours. Different than the constant movement for about 45 minutes after I eat meals and snacks (MD says nothing to be concerned with yet...but may be labor at any point now...) No patterns to today's movements. Contractions: ...uhhhmm...I don't think so. I think it's more baby movement
Pain: Just my back and legs and feet and shoulders and top of my skull and throat (walked too much today)
Nerves: Ready to go! Relaxed but looking forward to bonding with baby.

Also, I learned hoagies are not hoagies, they're "hero" sandwiches. I got a strange look at "bagelicious" today when I asked for a turkey hoagie. He was like, uhh, OH, are you from Pennsylvania? I was like, no, Minnesota. He was like, they're hero's here, learn that and you'll get what you're expecting, not something crazy.
I thoroughly enjoyed that turkey HERO today.

Walked around town A LOT today. Trying to find a place to take my photo for a passport. The guy at the Bay Ridge post office that usually does them was not in today. GO FIGURE. I'm not about to go to the scary parts of town for a photo, so, I'm going first thing tomorrow morning to get this photo.

Now, I'm researching local mommy and me classes. Kinda pricy so we may wait until after the holidays and hit up February classes. I either just missed the beginning of some classes, or they start the week I'm due...or they start after the holidays. So, we'll see what comes then. It'd be nice to have something to do during the winter too though...time will go fast, we just need friends locally!

What signs should I be looking for now, moms who are blog readers????

Football Talk . . .and . . . Not much News

Well, my wish came true! From 80 degrees to 45 degrees in a week. And I can't use the excuse "that's Minnesota weather for you" because it's not Minnesota! Was up late watching the game last night and I'm a little groggy today. But it's hard to be too groggy when you wake up to a house that is 56 degrees!

The Packers also won...thank GOD! I was getting ready for bed the last 6 minutes or so of game time (that was about penalty 168) and took off my jersey....and that's about when Denver started their drive for their OH TOO CLOSE to being a TOUCHDOWN but just a field goal with like 2 seconds left and I put the jersey back on for OT and Favre's arm does it again! I just wanted to know where those passes were the whole game. You can "Lynch was out this and Lynch was out that" but whatever, they did the same thing first drive of the game when Lynch was playing!!! GB didn't really look like they needed KoRo last night since "his knee is a little sore" and he didn't play. KoRo could be a threat and would be another "go to" guy if he can catch a football after rehab and not playing for so long!

OH, and not to mention I was going to be more than a little bummed if Green Bay and Detroit were going to be tied for 1st place in the division. That's almost as bad as San Diego and New Orleans tied in their division at 4-3...but not quite because both those teams were decent last year. Anyway...I probably don't really know what I'm talking about here, but it sounds like I do, doesn't it?

What does bum me a little...who can explain me exactly how DETROIT beats the Bears and GB makes the game fall flat on their faces against the Bears??? Anyone?

And we won't even get started on the Vikings because there may be some bitter readers out there right now and it's never too late to start winning, right?

(hee hee)

No photos today, that I can think of posting at least...well, I'll give some of my Pointer friends a posting today. The photo taken is of my Sophomore year roommate GG...Gina...J-ville...whatever I call her these days, Katie...#1...Streng...whatever I call her these days, and VEEEEEEELAAAARRRRRR...Paul. Photo taken at Kevin and Shelly's wedding in early August. That wedding was in Green Bay and dinner was family style AND SOOO GOOD. It was fried chicken and ham and potatoes and corn and PICKLES and some other stuff. I missed the cake though, I was bummed about that. Regardless, they all enjoyed open bar prior to dinner too, so I watched them enjoy open bar. Unfortunately, the camera battery died so I only have about 4 photos from that night. But fellow Pointers have also sent photos. I wonder if I'm in any of those....I'll have to check... And that's my UWSP shout-out for the day! WOOHOO!!

Mike organized the office really nice this weekend and last night. He managed to empty like 6 more boxes I didn't know existed.

Mike's Aunt Carol is no longer coming to visit next week. SO, yet again the question is raised...who WILL be the first to meet our baby (after us of course). Dannie and Nate may be the winners of this game! Depending on how much longer I go...Mom, Dad, and Jen may win too. Sorry, I don't have prizes. Just that you can forever say that you were the first family/friend to meet our sweet baby.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Monday Sun

Well, as the sun is shining and bright, it's only about 50 degrees! My baby-to-be is moving a little more, but with different motions that before. For 2 hours last night I swore I was in unique labor...contractions lasting 3-5 seconds every 10 minutes or so. But she's proven to me time and time again that she's her own self! Again, now (as this morning right after I ate), almost CONSTANT movement in a waving motion from her head to her toes...
I've not been able to pinpoint and track "hand...or foot...or...heel.." until today. So, I'm thinking that this new motion is just her enjoying post-meal times. She stops when I walk...but will punch or kick hard after about 2-4 minutes of walking as if begging to PLEASE just sit down and talk to her and let her play for awhile and then get back to that walking business that seems so crucial to my daily life. She will learn some day that walking is a great means to get from place to place and the world is much larger than her world now!

Sad news from home today (technically yesterday but I didn't find out until today). My Mom's parakeet passed on into animal heaven. She believes Cosmo (my sister's dog who she was dog sitting for last week) to have attacked and killed him. I believe that Cosmo would've had that bird months ago if he was an attack dog of any sort as he's been left at home alone with the bird before and has never taken much notice there was a bird living in the house. My thoughts are that Cosmo found him on the floor and tried to do CPR to save his life. I think Cosmo would've been more excited about actually hunting something and would have brought it to Mom or Dad to show him what a great dog he was. HOWEVER, Mom is choosing to believe that Cosmo killed him because the bird got spooked and lost and Cosmo was bored. The picture posted is the accused killer dog...can you see that killing anything? Oh well, we'll never know.

Regardless, the bird was something like 7 or 8 years old, so that's a long life for a parakeet. Now we'll have a nice home for our kitties should they not get along with our baby! They enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa Rebarchik's house. So much so, they made themselves a comfortable place to sleep at night (see photo of Eggo in the crib at Grandma's).

Today, I'm having fun with making sure we're "set to go" when 'the time' comes. ALSO, the car seat will be installed soon!
Well, her movements are slowing down a bit so I think I'll be able to make it to the grocery store. We need food for dinner and snacks for the Packers game!! And milk for cereal. Just oatmeal wasn't what she wanted today...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Connection problems resolved!!!!! (hopefully). As promised, photos are attached from yesterday's blog.

We FINALLY decided on which stroller/car seat we wanted. We went with the Graco Alano system "Fortune" pattern as we have a new found facination with browns and tans (our new couch and kitchen chairs are beige tones and we're looking for bedding in dark brown tones) AND we wanted something we'd be able to use if we ever have a lil baby boy. As you can see, Mike's practicing walking the invisible baby after he assembled the stroller.

Today, we are planning a shopping trip and a "dry run" to the hospital. Packers are Monday night football this week (which does not even interfer with Prison Break since the World Series is on yet..) so I'll get to see the game!

My green chair from yesterday's blog!! And so soft Pooh wishing on a star fleece to a shelf with small CD player, boppy, burp rags, and bibs.

Well, the cats won't leave me alone right now...which means they're HUNGRY so, I get to waddle down the stairs now to give them a little something scrumptious (to them) to eat.

Well, if anything new happens today, I'll let y'all know!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rainy Day Photos

I've officially (steadily) hit the same weight as Mike so he'll get his prediction correct of me being heavier than him by the end of the pregnancy. The best part is that I get to drop at least 10# in one day and he can't do that, so he'll have to enjoy "big me" while I'm here.

Mike and I actually managed to make more decisions about house decorating. Neither one of us is much of a decorator, so this task is more overwhelming than anticipated...especially since I like something different every day!!

I was excited about this raspberry muffin mix I bought the other day and wanted to make pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Well, I forgot that I can't make pancakes. I scorched 4 of them, 2 were raw, 2 fell apart, and Mike used the rest of the batter to make 2 good pancakes for himself.

While Mike did Mike things today, I cleaned up the kitchen (stove, oven, countertops, sink, dishwashers, garbage, recycling), ran vinegar through the coffee pot (I've never done that before but seemed to think it was necessary today), ate lunch, and caught up on Christine, Curt and Nikki's blogs (links on the side bar if you're interested in visiting them too).

We (and by we, I mean I watched Mike and told him "snap" per the instructions) unpacked and assembled the stroller and car seat. (photos to come, poor connection somewhere)

Then, Mike watched the Gopher game and I made some yummy chocolate chips cookies! The Kitchenaid has officially been used FOUR times now since I got it ... almost 2 years ago. SO, not only was Mike excited that I was using the present he bought for me 2 years ago, he was excited that I made good ol' fashion chocolate chip cookies. I didn't even cheat and make cookie bars (like I REALLY REALLY wanted to!). Despite my aching back and swollen feet, I managed an hour on my feet mixing and baking (cleaning up yet to be done).

And, as promised, I've taken some photos of the nursery. Kim, notice the BIG BOOK O' FUN on the second shelf! I do still think about those regulations from time-to-time. Sad, isn't it?
Dannie and Nate donated the adorable monkey and

frog that it a top the bookshelf and the Pooh and Tigger on the first shelf...and most of the books on the bookshelf! The animals look very nice with the browns and greens of the bedding set we got from Nate, Nikki & Claire.

Mom and Dad donated the GORGEOUS oak crib (a 4-in-one). There is also a green rocking, heated, massage recliner was also a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Rebarchik (that won't download), but that was a
birthday present to me four years ago when I first moved to St. Louis Park and had an apartment. I NEVER imagined just 4 years later it would be in my nursery!

The carpet is from our old living room from St. Louis Park, so thanks to Lars and Maren for that one I guess. That saved us a couple hundred dollars and it covers almost the whole room! So, that was a HUGE expense SAVED!

And, although I've started naming people and gifts we've gotten, I can't remember who gave us anything else that is seen in the photos, but THANK YOU, especially if you're regular readers and visitors to my blog. If you are a "regular" and want credit for something, leave a comment below so everyone knows how you contributed to our nursery.

Hope the photos are up to everyone's expectations. We're super excited to have visitors someday...another week we'll be pretty set with our furniture and we'll just need our boxes of photos hung up in various places around the house. It looks as if Mike's Aunt Carol will be the first one to see the place, so she'll spread the word to Mankato folks how awesome it is!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Preparations & Braxton Hicks

Well, after finding out yesterday I was dilated AND reading Nikki's blog (see the link in the lower right column--she creates and sells Italian Charm bracelets if there are any interested buyers out there!), I discovered I'm getting closer to meeting this baby than I thought two days ago. Just 1 year yesterday Claire Kachelmyer was born and Nikki was recalling her last days before she went into labor with her. I've noticed SOME of the same things...

I did laundry every day this week (somehow I'm finding it somewhere...) including baby clothes, bedding, our our clothes and towels. I've vacuumed TWICE (and this was time two and three since we moved here two months ago) this WEEK. The kitchen has been staying the cleanest regularily since we moved in (and it's still not CLEAN clean, but it's clean). The cats get brushed three times daily (and that still doesn't seem to be enough for Eggo...that boy is HAIRY SHEDDING right now). The garbage and recycling gets collected and taken out as often as I can move around enough to do it. The one thing that hasn't happened yet is this "burst of energy" to get more of this stuff done. Maybe the fact that I'm not watching TV from 8am-11pm almost non-stop daily anymore is my burst of energy?

The baby movement changes between kicking and what I believe are Braxton Hicks (as I've increased my water intake and what I've been interpretting as baby movement has settled).

Grandma Judy called last night to see how things were going. She has vacation days to burn and may be coming out in mid-December for a visit, prior to the holidays, to do some tourist things and get some quality time with their Granddaughter. Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Olinger are in China with a tourist group. Great-Aunt Carol and Great-Uncle Kevin may be coming to town next weekend and would be more than excited to be the first in both families to meet our bundle of joy!

The rest of our Target order arrived from UPS today (and the UPS people have been AWESOME about bringing the boxes inside for me, I give them props for that!!) so the nursury should be completed soon. Unfortunately, it means there's more cardboard in the house, but it also means that we have more baby stuff in the house!

=ope all is well with everyone! Don't forget to leave your comments below...or read what others have to say! Time to be immersed in the world of Salem...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Link...It's cute!

This website shows me pictures and quotes the baby at each week stating development stages. Kind of fun!

She's Growing ... and new news!


We had our sonogram yesterday. Mike took the day off to study and to come along to the appointment (not realizing that it was going to be very similar to the first ultrasound). Well, it was a small doctor's office and they were running late, so by the time we saw the tech, we were sick of waiting and she seemed to be rushing through things. But, all things considered, our baby girl (still a baby girl) is growing well (from what I could see). The tech couldn't tell us much, and the nurses did not have the paperwork with my chart yet seeing as results just got to them shortly before I arrived, but, if anything would have been abnormal, Dr. Sticco would've been alerted prior to my appointment. So, we'll see if Dr. Guirguis has anything to add to the results.

From what I saw, most of the measurements (head, heart, ribs, legs, arms) stated she was "on schedule" measuring between 35 and 39 weeks..averaging 37 which is where I'm at (unlike my Dad who signed up for free baby stuff...he's 26 weeks pregnant according to the website). The tech also said she was about 6 1/2 pounds (doctor confirmed that I indeed did look like I was probably near 7#. odd considering they were worried I still looked small!)!
So, any day now...I don't want to deliver an 11 pound baby! Her heart rate varied when they hooked me up to the monitor. She was pretty stable near about 155...then she started moving and it dropped to about 115 and Mike was like "Katie stop moving, why's her rate down?" Then it went back up and varied from there between 120 and 170! The tech came back in and was like, wow, she's really active. I was like, so it's normal for it to vary so much?? I was a little worried it meant heart problems. Well, the doctor(s) say it's normal and healthy.
Doctor appointment today confirmed all I thought from the sonogram..right near 37 weeks...and ACTUAL NEWS! I'm dilated ONE CENTIMETER! I've also equalled Mike's weight for two days at differnet times of the day and officially at the doctor's office he will win the bet that I will weigh more than him when all is said and done. She's really coming out isn't she? Luckily enough she's head down as she has been for several weeks now and ready to come when she's ready to come. She told me I really need to start taking it easy and settling in and preparing for a new arrival any week now. The doctor still thinks there's a high possibility I'll sit here at 1 cm until Nov 15th but if it means I'll be this uncomfortable or MORE for the next 3 weeks, I'd rather not wait! Closer to 8# would make me happier and these last weeks are so important for lung function, that I really want her to wait, too!
One of my hopes is still that she will have her own special day; as the due date (Nov 15th), is so close to our anniversary/Grandpa Chuck's birthday on the 11th and Grandma Rebarchik's birthday on the 12th. Although, it could be fun to share Grandma Rebarchik's birthday seeing as it is her 60th! We'd have a present without needing to buy anything (kidding, Mom, you know I like to have reasons to spend money...especially now that it's Mike's hard earned money. kidding, Mike, I know you work hard for your money and you don't want me spending all of it on others).

She was also being her stubborn self and not posing for the camera, so no new photos; sorry. And the cats aren't particularily cute so there's not much to take pictures of there. My nursing shirts and stroller came today...but those are still in boxes and are kind of boring photos. Maybe tomorrow's post will be one of the cats in the stroller!!!
Since there are no new photos, I would like to share with everyone
the wonderful shelf packaging job by Dad and my oldest
sister, Claire, for our move.
The boxes they used were not meant to be shaped this way and it took the better part of a day to dismantle and package four shelves. But, the boxes look pretty!! I told them they were like Ikea boxes, but none of them have ever seen Ikea packaging so they had to take my word for it. Regardless, the shelves managed the trip without harm, so the job was done very well.
Thanks much!
Well, there are only a few more boxes to be unpacked around here, so I'll be glad for cardboard-free days!!! We have some Target packages yet to arrive, but once those are here and unpacked, we should be FREE FROM THIS UGLY BROWN that has overrun our home for almost 2 months. Then we'll just have the yellow walls to look at...and a cute (hopefully) baby!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, we go in for an ultrasound today to see how the baby is growing, estimated weight, estimated head circumference, and all that fun stuff!
We've also decided to go with the changing table and we'll get baskets to put on the shelves below so that we can keep all the powders and creams and clothes closeby (not that the closet where all that stuff is now is far away, but it'll be closer)...and I ordered a diaper holder because I could, so not there will be something to hang it on! is telling me all 7 boxes should be delievered next Tuesday and Wednesday. I can't wait to get the stroller and car seat and put the rest of my nursury together.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm not spending $60/week to drive to work anymore!!
Just thought that was exciting...

Self Portraits

Well, here's my attempt at taking some self-portraits of me and baby-to-be! We went for a long walk this morning and we're plain tuckered out and sore...and hungry!
This first one is taken in our living room that is still looking for some finishing can see pieces of our new couch and old recliner and rug. We worked on arranging furniture in this room for several hours last night...and we're not so sure we like where it's at, but there's always time to change it!

This second one is taken on our staircase going upstairs, camera balanced on the railing post on top of some coaster with the cat about to pounce it off!!

These photos really don't show how big I'm feeling these days of my life. (As I'm watching Sami deliver her twins on "Days"). Oh, and "Days" has also inspired me to ask Mike if we can name our child "Pocket". Yes, there is actually a child on this show with the name "Pocket". What are those writers thinking?!?!? I can see now why I stopped watching these soap operas when I was working...a little too off reality for me at times.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Leave Your Comments, Please

I'm excited so many people are excited about the blog! There is a "comments" link at the bottom of each blog entry, so if you'd like, leave your comments there! It's fun for other people to hear what you all think of my blog.

I'm having a heck of a time trying to decide if I need to order a changing table or if the dresser we have will suffice...there is not room for both. Any suggestions??

Well, it's past lunch girl is doing her "cheerleader" moves of kicking and punching simulaneously demanding to be fed. I hope there's food! I haven't gone grocery shopping in a week!! I'll probably go today (since it's only supposed to be 80 degrees....).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kitty Photos

Grandma Rebarchik made fleece pillows for the kitties and it is one of Killer's favorite places in the house to lounge in the sun.

Also, Eggo, likes the sun...but he loves carpeting more than fleece lately. That will probably change if the weather ever gets colder!

And Killer chillin' on his back in the living room (which is still in organization mode with which rugs and frames and furniture to put with our new furniture).

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Our cats are finally showing comfort in their new home. I found Killer laying on his back in the middle of the living room floor today.
Eggo has also discovered the cords in the basement...our new cable cords for the new cable have signs of biting...some habits die hard!

OH, and it's FINALLY not humid and between 60 and 70 degrees today!! The storms last night were pretty bad in many places surrounding us (further out on Long Island and mainland New York)...but we just got some rain and (now) nice weather.

We'll be working on putting our crib together tonight, so I'll post nursury photos as soon as they're available too!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Baby Born is on Her Way!

Well, the time is getting closer, so I thought I would start the blog before the baby arrives. Post some photos of the house that is finally coming together, post some photos of me, and keep those people who will check this regularly updated with what's going on here!

Today is a rainy day. Still humid and gross (well, to me 72 and humid is gross) and I'm excited for this weather to break and for autumn to actually arrive. At this rate, we'll go from 70 to 40...when that happens, we know I'll probably "pop" soon after!

Saw the doctor this week and I'm still having a baby...and a baby girl from what we can tell. All her fingers and toes are still there and her head is HUGE and ROUND. I'm not looking forward to that coming out so much right now. I'm having a radiological ultrasound next week to tell approximate size and age and such, so updates on the expected due date will be coming around the corner.

Dannie (and maybe Nate) are planning a visit to Brooklyn sometime soon, so I'm looking forward to having a familiar face (or faces) around for a few days.
Grandma and Grandpa Rebarchik (and maybe a sibling or two) are planning a trip to come see us (hopefully all three of us) November 17th-they leave.
Jill and Tim are also hoping to come out the weekend of my birthday (December 7-9th) so that would be awesome too since we haven't seen them in way too long! Hopefully I'll be up to showing them the neighborhood and maybe even getting to Manhattan!!!
So we're excited to have some company in the next few weeks.

And no offense to our friends and family, but we're most excited for the visitor who is arriving (hopefully) by November 15th.

We are still discussing names and realizing it's getting close. I think we're down to about 4 or, we're not sharing until the baby is born, SORRY FOLKS! We shared the gender to make it easier to shop, no need for you to know names too!! :)

OH, we GOT A NEW COUCH!! Yay! This has been the highlight of my week, I think. We're still trying to find appropriate area rugs for the rest of the house.

October 5th

This is me on October 5th at the Kachelmyer's residence. They graciously invited us into their home for 5 days between our weddings in the Midwest 2 weeks ago already!!

I'm pretty sure I'm larger than that now....