Monday, February 28, 2011

3 weeks?

It's been 3 weeks since my last posting? Yikes!

Life's been crazy. State surveyors are at work so I'm "eagerly" awaiting Mike to get home so I can hit up a late night at work. I'm not really worried about anything dietary related...aren't they supposed to find things we should improve upon?
Regardless, my conversation with Quinn during snack time went something like this...

Quinn "why are these peapods?"


"Daddy had pods too! On the for the TV!"


"At the apple store, the I-pods. We went there yesterday" (everything is yesterday when related to time, they really went to the Apple Store several weeks 6-8 weeks ago)

"Ha. Where do peapods grow?"

"On the farm."

"Where do you think I-pods grow?"

"ON THE APPLE FARM!!" exactly do I explain this one...I'll let it be for now!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lost but not Forgotten

You can't tell me she's not a Born Rebarchik Bandowzewski Olinger Chucka (uh oh, I'm forgetting names here...).

Found some cute pictures that were shuffled to the end of my "December" photo files. Could've sworn they were posted...but doesn't look like it.

Quinn is in Eagle Lake this weekend. Mike and I had forgotten how EASY one kid is to take care of on a daily basis.

Yesterday Vince had his crabby moments at home, but overall EASY day. We got 2 rooms pretty much cleaned top to bottom (windows, edges with vacuum cleaner, fans, sheets, etc), spent an hour at a furniture store with NO whining (with the exception of me..ha ha), had lunch in virtual silence, and then dropped off the kiddo with a new sitter.

Apparently almost 5 months is a "stranger danger" stage! Vince had a rough night with a new sitter in Lakeville; but the both survived!!! Not sure that Vince and Katie will cross paths soon, but thanks a ton Katie! I had my work holiday party (happy Valentine's Day, in the words of our administrator) in Farmington and it was nice to have yet another meal in virtual silence (well, I suppose I won't count the text messages and phone calls "he's still crying, now what?").

Apparently Quinn was feeling his "missing Mommy"-ness as she was also repetitively asking for me yesterday!! Monday night can't come too soon for her, but we know she's in GREAT hands in Eagle Lake. Hopefully she got or will get some cousin time in with Briley!

Today, we're off to watch super bowl with friends. I have a hopefully will be delicious Leinenkugel's Wisconsin Cheese Soup cooking to take along. Mike's getting the driveway cleared of the yet again 1" of snow. And we're soon to be off to PURCHASE furniture (we're furnishing our front room that was virtually furniture-less folks that have visited). And then the SUPER BOWL! Go Packers!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ears, Poop, Red Butts

I hope the days of cranky Vince will be over when the antibiotics are done. He's on a super strong antibiotic for his ear infection and GI upset is terribly common. He's been up seemingly nonstop all night. Unfortunately he's also on day 16 of antibiotic...which means it's been 16 days OF VERY loose poo and cherry red butt. Even the best butt cream isn't helping keep the poor kid's butt normal. :( And he's going through several outfits a day! As if I want to spend my nights doing laundry!!
SO, late next week we'll be taking him in to get his ears checked...with fingers and toes crossed that the infection is gone and that he can get back to normal life again!!

This is our first week of our home day care full time again! The three of us couldn't be happier about it. Quinn giggled the whole way to Farmington talking about how much fun her, Charlee, Brynn and Vince were going to have. Vince woke up giggling at 6:45am and played happily in his crib with his hands until I was dressed at 7am. And well, my piece of mind knowing the kiddos are in great hands made my chaotic work day easier!

And a video because it's too cute to NOT post!!