Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maybe Not Little Falls, Mn....

Associated Press article..
updated 4:45 a.m. ET, Wed., April 29, 2009

LITTLE FALLS, Minn. - A 40-year-old man is behind bars after after leading deputies on a 57-mile chase — in a garbage truck.

At one point, a Morrison County sheriff's deputy tried to stop the truck by firing a shotgun into its engine.

Police said the pursuit started when authorities received a report Tuesday about an intoxicated man trying to get into a home. The man left, driving the truck, before deputies arrived.

Authorities said the driver swerved at squad cars and accelerated in reverse.

Deputies tried stopping the truck with stop sticks, but it kept going with several flat tires.

The driver eventually pulled over and was caught by a police dog as he ran into the woods.

The suspect was treated for dog bites, then jailed, pending charges.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Not a Sitter

Hope you enjoyed the videos. Blogger won't let me load more than one video per post.

SO, as my parents got to experience last week...Q is NOT a sitter. She is in almost constant motion. Even in her stroller she's almost always forward and looking. Recently, she's started pointing. And even more recently (since Saturday), she's finally taken to sitting back and enjoying the ride. I think because it's 80 degrees and the sun is scorching...but, who knows! To sit and read must be her idea. A hug is easy...sometimes. And no kisses directly..she only blows kisses. But she does so pretty freely....animals, strangers, pets...

Her most recent moving experience is CLIMBING. Especially chairs and couches. She climbs into her own stroller. She climbs onto the couch (can get there sometimes without the footstool's help). Climbs onto our bed (but just to bounce, not cuddle and watch TV or nap). She climbs onto the patio chairs and up and down the equipment at the park. The other Moms and Grandmas often show surprise when I reply "17 months" and she's climbing so well on her own..."TOO well" is my reply.

The park has been HOT the past few days. Trying to get there early morning before it gets too warm and I can't make it the hour plus she likes (and needs) to run. I am eager for the 60s to return. 90 in April...where do I live, Mexico?

Sun-Mon---slept 10:30 to 5!
Mon-Tues--slept 7:30-6!!!!

Not sure if it's sleep, Benedryl, AC noise covering her cries...or a combination of all three. I'll take it! I never thought a pot of coffee could last so long in the AM...and full decaf today!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Before and After

I still can't believe I paid for a hair cut for Quinn. HOWEVER, after seeing her reaction to it being cut...and my last attempt at her bangs...doing it solo...or at all..will not be an option for quite awhile! She SCREAMED bloody murder the whole time. Part of me is thinking she's still reliving the trauma and that's why she's decided there's no such thing as bedtime since...

Part of me doesn't care because she's SOOOOO much cuter sporting her new do! Even the mess it is today is still cuter than the mess it used to be!

80s and not sleeping

We saw Grandma and Grandpa to the airport today. One hot car ride...and almost ran out of gas on the BQE! I was on fumes pulling into the gas station...I just know it. I don't remember the last time I saw "328" on my miles per tank...especially with the amount of mostly "city" traffic we do!!

And it's 80s and HOT HOT HOT.

And the trees are in full bloom and grass being mowed too often. My allergies are back and badder than ever. And Q's got a crazy cough and runny nose...I think she's following in my allergy footsteps. She's been up every 2-4 hours at night and not feeling so hot. We're going to try benedryl today to see how things go...if not better by Monday...a trip to the MD. Which she'll hate because she hates the doctor and new "scary" things.

What do I mean by "scary"?? WELL, after the airport trip, I decided to go get a passport photo taken for Q. If we head to Canada anytime soon, we'll need a passport for her. She was soooo excited to sit on the tall stool...then came out the camera. MUCH larger than my camera and it was tears and screams and kicks ... even after she was shown it's "just like mommy's but larger". Guess maybe the company, nap and sleep changes, hair cut, and less Daddy time was all a little too much for her this week to add "get photo taken by a stranger". We ended up with a decent shot...


So, she finally went down for a nap around 4...and is still sleeping. So much for an early bedtime? We'll see as we'll head outside to enjoy the hot weather some more!!

The past 2 nights has been bedtime after 9....My goal is bed by 8 tonight for her.

Photos when she's in bed!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Photos to come...

Having a great time with company here! We've done LOTS of walking, LOTS of driving (compared to my normal week) and Lots of desserts eating!

The Little Mermaid on Broadway was fantastic.

You haven't lived until you've see a wall of M & Ms.

Quinn loves balloons.

Quinn got her hair chopped off!

We traveled through scary areas to get to Pier 41 and key lime pie!

And then we went to Costco!

Fried pickles and ocean are on the list for later...

And they leave tomorrow already!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He was Crazy Too

So, Mike spoke with his folks last night. He was curious to see what he was like as a kiddo, as he's been able to interact more with Quinn lately and see the craziness I see all day long.

Apparently he was a crazy kid who didn't know "slow down". It explains SOOOOOOOOO much as I always knew there was a crazy Daddy in that girl. I still think it's why I thought I was having a boy...I KNEW there was a lot of Daddy in her and that I'd have my hands full.

I just NEVER expected the crazy monkey climbing, goofy noise making, ball tossing, running around outside getting scrapes on her knees (in a dress?!), sweet little girl. She's crazy from the minute she wakes up...and just gets crazier as she gets sleepier. Thank God she knows nap time is recharge time. If she did not take naps...I would've been working and had her in day care SOOOO fast! But I'm thankful for each day we spend together.

And can't believe what she's learning. The past (almost) 17 months, we've read and sang and danced and played...and randomly something I've taught her will peak it's head out and almost make me cry with joy and excitement. She woke up the other day and was quacking and crying...she saw her rubber duckie in her toybox from her bed and wanted to play with it. I guess I've taught her animal noises without specifically sitting down and making them...because I don't recall ever sitting down and pointing at her duck and going "quack, the duck says quack".

Dogs too...she loves all dogs. ANY dog we pass "oof oof" and she wants kisses and to pet it and hug it (yep, even from her stroller sometimes). She got puppy kisses at the park last week and LOVED it. Puppy Lola was in love with Quinn...and vice versa. The owner had 3 kids, so I knew she was "safe" to play with and not some creepy guy at a park with his dog. Lola was 4 months old and teething and playful. Q was having a great time being gently and rough at the same time. "Abuse" and playfulness she can't get with the kitties. Mike has always wanted a dog...maybe with the move....but only if Mike will be home EVER to help with him or her! I can't believe I'm actually thinking about being a dog owner. I just don't want a lab. They're too needy and playful (right, G??!!)

I was number 4 in my family, so I'm sure I was crazy too. We'll find out as my parents are on their way to visit now! They land in just a few hours and I couldn't be more excited to have company again! Mike is taking a day at home tomorrow so me and my parents are going to Broadway to see "the Little Mermaid". I'm soooo excited to get a few hours out...much less with my parents...much less without Q! I'm also excited to see how Daddy does for the day and how Q does for the day without breastfeeding.

Yes, she's still breastfeeding. I just can't seem to get out of MY routine to feed her. I think she'd be fine if weaning "just happened". It's just sooo relaxing for her before bedtime...she turns into a limp 25#. The rest of the day...I think it's just habit for her too. It's been almost a year and's just one of those habits I need to try to break. With the nicer weather and playing out at parks and away from home, she does fine with no feedings and drinking water, juice and milk. It's just being at home, seeing the rocker and playing...and we're both like, oh, we missed the 3 feeding...we better get your blankie. We'll see how the next couple days go with having company and being "out of routine" for a few days.

We don't have plans to do anything too crazy. It's forcasted 70s for Thursday and Friday so we'll probably get to a park, maybe the ocean for a walk, and just RELAX. Dad wants key lime pie and fried pickles. Mom wants to play with Quinn and not walk a million stairs. I think I can work this out.... Mike and I hope to get out for a DATE NIGHT on Friday. I'd do it sooner in a heartbeat, but Quinn's not so great with "strangers" yet. I figured I'd give her a few days to warm up to them again and make it less traumatic for her. Mom and Dad don't know that yet. :)

So, I hope to get photos of our fun times up as they happen...but no promises. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Say WHAT?!

So, we thought about trying the Brewers/Mets game today...and I just don't think Quinn's ready for that yet.

So, how did we enjoy our 65 degree Sunday?

Say it ain't so...Quinn can barely wait to tell you!

It IS so, my friends. We finally went to the zoo!!

The last shot...what she does when she sees an animal she wants to pet. She wanted to pet the horsies here. She picked it up from me calling the cats...I pat my chest gently and say "come here" and click my tongue...most of the time they come running as gentle attention time is few and far between these days. Quinn picked up on it and will occassionally run the house smacking her lips and patting her chest looking for the kitties. It's cute.

She was awake at 6:30...yikes! So, we were actually ready for 9:30 mass (with 5 whole extra minutes!). So, she missed her morning nap. I decided we were going to do something with the great day, and figured she'd squeeze in a short nap on the way to the zoo. Cheerios were more exciting and she just closed her eyes as we parked at the zoo. We walked the zoo for about 2 hours, and about 1 block away, she was out. Ate lunch when we got home, and she's been sleeping since...Time to get her up so she sleeps tonight! Fresh air does wonders!

Thank God she decided to wear this dress Friday, not today. Of course, she managed to get this dress very dirty after only one morning of playing!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


What could "ham" mean?

Q and I had a 30 second conversation yesterday after dinner. It went something like this...

Q "ham"

Me "Ham?"

"ham", pointed at our bed. climbs up. "ham"

"...Ham, Q? We just ate"





"ham", nods.

"Ham means climb? And all these weeks you've been getting ham..."

She smiles, "ham". nods, climbs off bed. "ham" climbs on bed. "ham", climbs off bed.

So, I guess ham means climb.

78 today. That's just plain hot. Give me high 60s and sun any day! We had plans to go to the park but needed our annual car inspection and oil change. That ended up taking all day, but we had pizza at a new place and an afternoon in a park we haven't been to since October or so. Heck, we even glanced at some cars at the chevy dealer. Tired..and hot. :)

Never thought my body could lose so much water "haming" on playground equipment.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Craft Time

I never realized how much I enjoyed my few hours every week to work on scrapbooks, wedding preparations, baby preparations, party invites, etc. Since the wedding, I've been pretty busy. I did a scrapbook for Dannie's wedding shower ... and that's all I've done since the wedding. I don't even have MY wedding shower books done yet! Or A SINGLE baby or pregnancy page. Where does my time go? I really miss it. Two and a half years without it...seems like just yesterday I was moving from my one bedroom apt into Mike's house.

And now...well...there's no room in the inn. The "craft room" has turned into "baby boxes" and stuff is in there somewhere. I think I'm just going to pack it all up and hope our next place to live will be more "craft friendly". It will be sad to see it go into boxes....but it's just one less thing to worry about! I can get one room packed and seriously use it as storage....time's flying by!

No new photos. Quinn's learning every day though. She gets up this morning, is looking at her toy basket when I get in there going "uh, uh, uh". I take her out. She runs to her box and says "wack wack" and picks up her pink duck. WHAT?! I asked her, 'what does a duck say'. No response. But then runs over to me with the duck in hand, "wack wack!". I said, 'yep, that's a duck, quack quack'. And for the next few minutes she's gong "wack wack wack wack".

Upon rare occasion she'll respond to "what does a (fill blank in) say?!" and she'll say. but most of the time, she'll respond to...

me "duck'
Q "wack"

"oof af"

"baa" (yep...but it's different than...)


"ooooooohhh oooohhhhhh"

etc. If you start with "what does a .... " She won't answer. And she won't usually answer if she's just sitting. She'll answer as she's playing. So, at the park on the slides, playing with blocks...etc...she'll usually play the games. As well as body parts. She won't do it if you as 'where is your...'. but if you just say "ear" or "mouth"....if she feels like it....she'll point out on you, then her. It's cute.

We're starting on shapes and colors. we'll see how that goes.

As for now, her early morning nap is over and it's LUNCH TIME! Then THE PARK! 57 is the estimated temperature...maybe we'll go to the beach...the wind is calm today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Shots

I think the photos speak for themselves. She sure is quite the character.

UHM, what the are SCREWED into boxes now?! Yes...I had to get a SCREWDRIVER to open the Easter Bunny gift to Quinn...crazy!

Quinn doing her "where'd it go" pose that I see almost constantly all day long...I love it!

My goal is to be more active every day. Yes, this may sound crazy. But so many people on my "blogroll" are doing consistent "work outs" and diet changes. Heck, we can all use a little help, right?! During lent, it was my goal to have veggies with lunch and dinner. Quinn did, why not me too? Most days I was successful. On days I wasn't, I made sure to make it up another day. By the end of Lent, I was up to 5 servings some days...and it felt great! I must say my chocolate cravings increased significantly as I ate more veggies...I can't quite figure that one out. Fruit I've never had a terribly big problem with, but I also tried to include 2-3 servings a day. Overall, it worked out pretty well.

As a dietary manager, you'd think these things would come more naturally to me...ha ha. Each day is a new experience! Now that Quinn has learned "no" and a violent head shake...veggies, fruits...heck, ANY food (but chocolate...) is a chore to feed these days. I knew this day would come soon. And there's only so much chocolate she should get in a day seeing as it's the only way she's drinking milk and it's making weaning that much more difficult...

For now, we're just trying to "eat a rainbow" of foods and get outside for AT LEAST an hour each day! Rainy days are NO FUN. Windy days are worse!

"camera go?"

Yep, that's what I asked Quinn this morning..."camera go?!" It's MIA. I took it to the park with us on Sunday afternoon and took some cute video and photos...and I can't find it. Story of my life...oh well.

We ended up having a very peaceful weekend. We planned to go to the zoo or park on Saturday...the downpouring rain cancelled that. However, Daddy and Q got to spend lots of time together and it gave me time to get some organizing and cleaning done. It's suffered BIG TIME with the nicer weather and spending time outside instead of inside cleaning. I never thought I'd be so relieved to wash floors, counters, cabinets, shelves, etc AND not have to worry about Q tripping me! I still can't beleive we worked almost the whole day on just cleaning and organizing...still so much to do! And we ended the day with a trip to Outback! Yummy steak, shrimp, tuna and beer!

Easter was quiet. Quinn did well in church. She's used to having almost a whole pew to herself though, and didn't really like the 4 feet we had instead. Also, she was poopy but there was no way we were going to get to the other side of church to the bathroom...I briefly considered leaving and coming back for the next mass. But she seemed ok, and wasn't terribly smelly so we thought maybe it was gas so we stayed. And her poor little butt suffered...I felt awful, but it got better by the end of the day. I told her "just get potty trained and you won't have to worry about this rash anymore".

Her skin is SO sensitive! We used pampers wipes on her up until about 3 months ago and I switched to the chlorine-free ones. I had a pack of pampers ones left and used them last week...diaper rash came back almost instantly. They leave her skin just a little damp and that causes all sorts of chaos. SO, back to the chlorine-free. We still have yet to switch lotions. I've just been using cooler bath water and it seems to be better. Bath time is quicker now as the water gets cold in about 5 minutes (versus the 20 minutes I used to get)...but it's almost time for outside swimming, so I think that'll be a nice change for her. And if it helps her skin...maybe short daily baths will have to be the "new thing".

Only one week until Grandma Mary and Grandpa Joe visit! I'M SOOOOO EXCITED to have real conversations during the day! As a Mother's Day/Father's Day present, the 5 (I guess it's really 16...) of us are chipping in to send them to The Little Mermaid on Broadway. It means they'll probably see only a little of Quinn that day...but it's Broadway! And The Little Mermaid! Dad does that show about 2-4 times in Disney World...I think they'll enjoy the show on stage! (FYI: Rebarchik and Brefka will owe us that money).

Our Spring music semester starts today too. Quinn is cooperating with her "Tuesday music class" routine as she was up before 7 and is napping now. So we will be happy, awake, and fed for our 1:30 music class. I'm excited to see who will be back and who will join us this semester. We have class through June...and then ... wow ... we'll have to be thinking about our move!

Our move ... to ... wherever we can find jobs and day care! I don't really want to work full time again, but if I have to, I have to. We'll see where the next few months take us. Mike's in the last few weeks before his (hopefully) final exam and I'm in my last few weeks of earning my continuing education credits so I don't have to retake any exams. And since we're paying for this out of pocket...and since we're paying for seems silly to have me not utilizing my degree and letters at this time. Again...we'll see where the next few months take us.

Hopefully I'll find the camera soon and get those photos to y'all!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Easter Chocolate

Grandma and Grandpa Born sent Easter presents and they got here yesterday. Quinn insisted we open the box....I think she could smell the chocolate!!

Happy Easter to all. We were going to attempt 9:30am mass....but some of us slept until 8:00...and some are still sleeping. Quite frankly, and hour and half to get three people up and out the door.....not this weekend!!

We will be enjoying a chipotle pork roast, sweet potatoes and green beans for dinner ... probably will be a late lunch/early dinner seeing as mass is at 11! I hope it's not too crazy crowded....Quinn's not the best church goer yet....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bumber Car and Chalk

She hasn't touched the chair in months...and her legs finally reach the ground on the lowest level! She may be in some 2T cloths...but that's all torso! She's got short little legs! And she really likes socks! The basket was full of socks...she was trying to get them out.


Just some advice....

don't feed your unpotty-trained kids, peas, baked beans, fiber yogurt, tomatoes and cheerios in the same day...

her room will smell for hours.


Not too much new in Born-land. It's been a few days since I've posted anything, but it's been quiet days. She enjoys chewing and reading and her green bouncy ball. That's about it. Oh, and climbing the stairs...up and down and up and down and up and down.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Death Imminent

My POOOOOOOR zebra plant, stripes, seems to be on her final day. I have caught Killer poking at her in the past, but thought he was over this phase.
Mike looked at her this morning and said "your plant is looking droopy".

I just watered her yesterday and she was fine.

Today...not so fine. The plant stalk is bitten and I believe there's no hope...but I'm trying anyway...duct tape, right?!

Quinn is still doing well (since you all really care about her!). She's growing, and yes Carolyn, GETTING BLONDER! The sun this summer will surely bring a lighter shade...with streaks of red!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Proud of Daddy ... and Promised Photos

As I sit here, I think that 18 months isn't that far away. Where did the time go? From feeding her every 2-4 hours...just one spot...for 15-30 minutes at a time. To being able to give her a fork and two bowls and she feeds herself WELL (yes, she's actually able to poke food about 25% of the time). As I sit here, she has eaten about 1/2 cup of green beans and 1/2 cup of noodles w/meat sauce. She has reached onto the table to get the washcloth as she is mostly clean of the tomato sauce--hands face and hair. The bib is coming off, she's taken her cup to have her drink and she's saying DOOOOOOW DOWEEE DOWE.

And regarding the previous post about Mike working. I'm very proud of him and he's great at what he does. If his coworkers weren't sure he could be helpful and resourceful, they wouldn't have asked him to help. It's just frustrating being on the family side of things. Part of me really wants to work again. Then I look at what I'd make in the workforce (especially here) compared to childcare and commuting costs...and realize home is where the heart is! I can not even imagine how Mike feels missing bedtime and stories and seeing the little developmental milestones (sometimes days) after I see her become such a little person! There are lots of other blogger dads out there that I'm sure feel the same way about their kids. SO, I'm thankful for any time we get as a family and try to take videos and photos for Daddy! Keep up the good work, Daddy, we're proud of you!

yep, the ball even had to go on the swing with her!

Not the Zoo

Well...we have officially not been to the zoo yet.

It's crazy, I know.

After Boston, I decided it's really not as much fun enjoying Quinn's first moments with no one else to share them with. She's just too hard to take out alone for longer than an hour...trip time included! Not to mention it just gets hard handling everything alone.

Mike has officially started working more hours with the retirement team in NYC...and I realized almost immediately (day 2) why I hated him working on the retirement team in MSP. I saw him for a few hours last week...mostly in the morning as he got up, showered and off to work. It took most of the weekend, too. Granted he worked from home, and some of that time he spent studying for his exam in (gulp) 7 weeks. was the nicest, sunniest weekend we've had in 5 months or so, and he was inside not enjoying it at all. We had big plans to go to the zoo, as Quinn has yet to see a zoo. Plans fell through.


The bonus was that while Quinn took her nap, I got to be outside, washing and cleaning my car, cleaning the yard, cleaning the garage...WITHOUT worrying about keeping my eyes and ears open for the little one. Oddly enough, I really enjoyed this time. It got me strangely excited to work on house chores with a house that is OURS again. I still wonder how so many leaves gather in the yard and garage when we only have a few trees in the neighborhood...I guess the wind helps with that!

The whole time I was cleaning, though, I really wanted to be preparing for a family outing. I'm hoping for Mike to be able to take a short day this week and meet us at the gardens in Park Slope. The cherry blossoms should be out this week, with all the rain and nice weather, and almost full peak. So that's our goal for this week. We'll see....

We really need a vacation that's not work associated! Fortunately for us, we will be getting a tax refund! YAY SAHM "salary"!! I would like to take a nice vacation as a relaxing getaway for both of us...and to celebrate the big 3-0 we both will hit this year. And prior to baby #2 so I can drink-it-up on this trip yet-to-be decided!!! :) And by drinking it up, I'll probably make it 2 MAYBE 3 drinks and hit the floor. But, heck, that's fine by me! Maybe after the exam in June and's going to be a busy summer!!

Quinn and I did go to the park for over an hour, to let her run around in circles without my fear of cars, strange cats, and craziness. We took her green ball and a little girl shared her chalk. It was a good way to spend some time outside...except my allergies hated it a little bit! The trees are in full bloom...pretty but slightly misearble. I'm not nearly as bad here as I was in the midwest, though...not as many trees or as much grass!! I guess NYC has it's positives sides after all!! :)

I do have photos, but they're all loaded onto the tiny. slow computer...I will try to get them up later.

Hmm...what else. She's still in love with chocolate, stickers, tape, biting (my toes) and pulling shirt...the blinds...blankets...the cats off the furniture by their legs and tails. Sassy girl. Needless to say, timeouts have begun. She knows how to be gentle, and has shown us gentle for months now. So, discipline stage BEGIN. I knew this was the part I wasn't going to like!

Her sassy stage usually means I'm tired or hungry. But I'm not going to feed her immediately after her being sassy!!

Her bottom right eye tooth is through, too..and the other one is almost there. Hopefully sleeping is right around the corner! She was up frequently last night, but a rock and cuddle and she was down again in no time. Only once did she demand nursing...and I gave in. We're getting slowly better though. Sigh...some day.

We're getting thunderstorms now. I find them sooo relaxing...I love the rain. Especially in spring when it's supposed to rain!! BUT, the sun is enjoyable too!! Only in NYC will you see the lawn guys mowing in the rain!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chocolate and Stickers

We got Grandma Mary's Easter marshmallow this year! Yummy!!

I forgot to mention one of Quinn's favorite parts about the music the other day....they gave out stickers!

She was SO proud of that was her best friend...for about 10 minutes until the sticky was gone from her taking it on and off...etc.

She's getting so fast, the flash can't even keep up with her!! She's just a blur!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Junior Jam


Quinn had a GREAT time at the free concert at the library.

Really, if I would've known this girl would enjoy the free things more than things I've paid for.... are the songs we heard today at our local library.

It was pretty cute and the place was PACKED. There were about 30 strollers and, no like, I think 100 adults and kids. I felt a little for those there trying to study...but it's been publicized...don't come then!

Quinn first wanted to peek in all the strollers and see what goodies they had.

Then she headed for the "romance novel" section that she loves so much.

Then she realized where we were and headed for the kids and books. She was a little sad to see the books had moved, but she couldn't have been happier saying hi to ALL the kids and moms and dads and grandmas and whoever was there. We got there with about 5 minutes until showtime and she ran around that time.

Since we got there late, we got the front row carpet seats. I don't mind terribly because I knew Q would be a dancer.

She was all over the place crazy saying hi...but as soon as they started talking, she stopped and STARED at the duo. Then they sang a song....she immediately started dancing and clapping.

It was SOOOOOOO cute!

Between each song, the duo played a game, or taught signs, etc. Really, Quinn hated that part. But as soon as they'd start singing...she'd STARE and dance and clap.

Overall, I'd say the program was 2-4 year old based...but the songs...Quinn was in love with the music!!

I'm glad I stumbled into our library the other day. I would have been sad to miss this free event.

Because Quinn loved it.

Did I mention I like free things?

Heck, there are even some free downloaded songs for them online! YAY FREE!!!!

I think we'll be donating to the Brooklyn Public Library this year...I think they'll save my spring and summer!!!