Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not Posed!

Some things you just can't make the way and where Quinn fell asleep last night.


Quinn's newest love="The Cat in the Hat". PBS started a new show on Labor Day starring the cat. Quinn LOVES IT!

Yesterday, Quinn wanted to wear underwear...I went with it. I didn't plan on really asking and expecting a positive answer until next week, but went with it yesterday. And followed it up with 3 potty accidents and only one successful potty. I'll take what I can get. And I agree with Shanna--only one day in to training and I miss diapers! :) And needless to say, a carpet cleaning is in our near future!!

This morning, she went from diaper (overnight) to underwear. I asked her if she needed to go potty.

She said, "Sure! TO THE THING-A-MA-JIGGER!"

The Cat in the Hat travels in a "thing-a-ma-jigger" on the PBS show (maybe another book too??).

So far zero success or potty or poop this morning...odd for 12:30 already. She did just ask to go back into a diaper, we ate lunch, and has now ran away from me...expecting a poop coming soon! I reminded her today that if she starts using the potty, she'll get to go to school instead of day care when I go back to work. "Really, Mommy? SCHOOL!?!?" And she proceeded to sit on her potty chair for almost 20 minutes!

We moved the potty chair to near the play area so she doesn't have so far to travel if she gets a "sudden urge" while she learns her signs of needing to pee. She seems to like it--if I would've known that was the trick to training, it would've been in here MONTHS ago! Of course, months ago, she only sat on the toilet and hated the potty chair. OH what a process. Can't wait to do it again with Vince.

Every week I see my baby growing into a little girl. I'm glad I've gotten to see this wonderful, creative, (stubborn), persistent gal unfold before my eyes the last few weeks. It makes it very difficult to want to go back to work anytime soon. Especially with how great she is with Vince! Today, Quinn shared Kiki, several toys, hugs, and kisses. I swear he giggled at her, but know it's way to early for that!

We have plans to head to Farmington Saturday for a party at Trisha's: "Moms and Kids". We should see all of Quinn's friends and hopefully she'll be super happy to see Trisha and Charlee! I plan to use up some more of my millions of pounds of apples...but have some serious pumpkin cravings too! We'll see what I feel like making tomorrow or Friday!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We're still hanging in there!!

Quinn still loves her brother...except when it means that story time or movie time or snack time are delayed because Vince is nursing. I'm getting better at anticipating what Quinn may want prior to my 10 minute nursing sessions...but it's a little more difficult to figure out when Vince will eat again!

He's on a pretty regular feeding schedule: 1:30am, 5am, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 7pm, 10pm...give or take 30 minutes or so. He poops all day and diaper time is almost constant. Between Quinn, Vince, and me this morning; there's been probably 2 hours of bathroom/diaper time!! And I wonder how 1pm comes to be so quickly!

I'm dreading the days of getting ready and getting kids ready for day care. Really hoping Vince is down to one feeding during the night by then. Two hours out of my night of sleep is getting to be a lot to make it through the day!

Also, Quinn's schedule needs to get "back to normal" soon--10pm is TOO LATE for her to be hitting the bed! She, however, wants to be up because her brother is up. One of his times to be awake for a few hours is after 8pm...last night it was pretty much awake from 8-midnight!!

We're going to re-approach potty training next week. We have had a relatively busy week this week and I'm still not 100% so it's hard for me to follow her around and helping with training and reminders. Also, I'm hoping Vince will be needing less one-on-one attention come next week and will interact with toys more. We're taking one day at a time all the way around!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Loss, but a Success Anyway

Vincent, Quinn and I were treated to a Gopher game last night!
Yes, 12 days old at a Gopher game.
Yes, the game that started at 7:30pm with a toddler.
Yes, when the temperature was in the 50s ish somewhere.

Our friends Jamie and Bryan had an extra ticket, so I sat with them for the first half. Mike and Chuck used Mike's "normal" tickets and Quinn was free!

HOWEVER, Vince and I stayed mighty warm with body heat. Mike bought me a Moby wrap and it was the slickest thing ever...once I figured out exactly how tight it really needed to be wrapped. I even managed a covered breastfeeding session during the first touchdown, of all times. So, I did not stand for the score, or post-score celebration...but he ate well. LOVED the excitement and things to look at around the stadium.

He did not quite have the same experience Quinn had. She chased Mike around the concourses, sat with Papa Chuck for a little bit, but ran most of the game. I was a little surprised Mike was willing to give up yelling at the game to entertain his daughter. And towards the end, she was pretty much the ONLY one cheering "Go Gophers!" It was tough to hear over "Fire Brewster".

I doubled up on T3 (the recommended dose, but doubled compared to what I've been taking) and ibu at recommended dose just prior to the car ride to "The Bank". What I forgot to account for was the fact that the game end was going to be at my next dose of ibu--so the ride home SUCKED. Also since I forgot to use the rest room prior to leaving the game...doubly uncomfortable. Saddest part of today...the T3 is GONE!!!!

I had a good time despite the pain today and the fact that the Gophers lost. Quinn was still asking us this morning "what was your favorite part of the Gopher game?" and then she tells us what it should be! :)

I was going to wait to post this, but was excited to share. Unfortunately, I believe the camera is still in Mike's car, so the video and photos shall be available soon.

Tomorrow is our 2 week well-child for Vince, so maybe there will be some fun new news to share tomorrow. Our lil man is definitely getting bigger!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Naps are Wonderful

Yep, Shades, t-shirt, thin cotton pants and winter boots. And we played outside this way!!

Brush your teeth...and chin, and lips...and apparently that starts to itch!

His eyes are greenish blueish grayish colored...this was his awake time this morning before the rest of the house was awake.

Pout-y Quinn. She's been pretty good with her baby brother's arrival...but has been in a diaper only, no clothes all day phase. It take LOTS of convincing to have her put on clothes to go outside to play.

I got a bath and two kids sleeping for a WHOLE HOUR at the SAME TIME today!!!!

Much needed quiet time considering the sassy toddler I had at lunch time and the boy who insisted on being held. Now I may have mastered eating and feeding at the same time with Quinn...but it's a whole new technique to master feeding a toddler, infant, and myself at the same time! Hopefully before long we'll have that one mastered (or maybe we can break it up a little bit and not all need to eat at the same time!!). What I did learn is that a sling may be needed before long. We have a front pack carrier, but I think I'd rather have a soft sling for around the house.

Luckily, I may have even snoozed for a few minutes (intended on watching Jeopardy.....) this afternoon.

Now it's dinner time and I don't want to cook (shock shock). And Quinn just woke up crying...

"I don't want it to be wet and rainy outside!!!!"

ME neither, Quinn. Me neither.

Welcome to Autumn in just a few hours.......

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life with TWO

"Vincent has an owie!! What's wrong? What happened, Mama?"

How do you explain to a 2 year old why there's a cord attached to a belly button yet and it needs to fall off on its own? We told her it didn't hurt him, but he doesn't seem to understand. Oh well.

She seemingly has this crazy desire to pick it off his belly. And of course, "He needs a bandaid, Mama. He has owie."

Vincent got his second sponge bath yesterday since it was warmer in the house (and outside). He had some cord goo on his outfit, so I decided to clean him off while he was having naked time. Got him cleaned, changed (which he HATES getting anything pulled over his head)....and 2 minutes later he pooped. So I change I'm closing the diaper...pee everywhere. NEW OUTFIT! SO, really what was going to be a nice calming sponge bath turned into 15 minutes of Vincent crying because of this whole fun ordeal--in addition to the fact that he was hungry because I was just going to give him a quick bath.... I can't wait to be able to immerse him in water, I think he'll love bath time!

OH, and to make this 15 minutes more fun, Quinn got soap in her eyes or stubbed her toe somehow or something in the bath tub and SHE was screaming that the only thing that would make her better is a juice box. Mike was luckily available to help with the Quinn bath fun. SO, moral of that story is don't put Q in the bath tub when Vincent is awake ever. Lesson learned!

Today is Mike's first day away for the whole day. Hopefully stir crazy Quinn will stay close to the house when we go play outside today!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I can barely believe....

this was a week ago!

And much to my delight, all these clothes just fall off me now! Hmm...this however means my wardrobe is nil...considering my wardrobe since I was last my current size was all maternity wear for summer months!! I tried on some clothes last night and they were mostly too big. So, Stacy inherited a wardrobe last night.

Stacy, Jim and Finn made us dinner last night and it was A-mazingingly delicious. Few leftovers, enough for maybe another meal--but awesome. My Dad was still talking about it this morning (the roast, Stacy, he said the gravy was a nice addition, but the roast was the best thing he's had in a long time!). Either way, Stacy, I hope some of the clothes are usable for you for Florida and for the duration of your pregnancy!

I did not realize I was also in this photo, but note the decreased belly size already...that 7# I'm holding on my lap was inside a few days ago!

Mom and Dad couldn't stay away for long. They came back to visit for the week. And we finally saw the sun yesterday for a bit, so we took Vincent outside for some vitamin D and photos.

There isn't anything much more adorable than a sleeping baby.

We're a happy family these days.

AND I'm thankful for a healthy family these days!

Nathan, Nikki, Claire and Grace came to say hi on Friday. Nikki and I enjoyed an hour without our kids (Vincent stayed behind) while the guys took the three girls to the park. We hope to see that gang a few times before I go back to work (oooh, what an evil word right now).

Quinn spent the weekend with Mike's parents and it was nice to have a few days to truly be able to just chill and enjoy my new baby. Since Vincent's birth, Q has decided she only wants to wear diapers (pull-ups out the window). We'll work on potty training and pull-ups again in a few weeks ago when our routines are back again. It'd be nice to have her trained before we go back to day care/work. But, she really will get it when she wants to....just like everything else with her. She's in love with her baby brother, far!!

So, a busy weekend, with hopes of a routine and fewer tantrums this week (yes, Mike and I included!). :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quinn Vincent Video

Times were crazy Monday night when Quinn met Vincent (not to mention she was tired), so we didn't get any good video or photos of their true first time meeting. But pretty much as soon as she showed up yesterday, she wanted to hold her baby brother!

And Mike had this conversation with her before the hospital (hopefully close enough to the true conversation).

What's your baby brother's name?


If he's the sister, what does that make you?


Our children are too adorable sometimes. :)

Vincent had an okay first night home. He was TIRED yesterday afternoon and wouldn't wake up between 5 and 9 to eat, so once he woke up at 9...he wanted to eat all night..and poop! Finally about 2am or so, he settled down for a few hours...and was so wide awake and adorable at 4:30 this morning. We played and talked and rocked and sang until about 5:30 when he ate again. I put him down in his crib, he woke up about 6:30 poopy (shock shock) and I got him fed about 7:30 after he chilled out with me while I cleaned up the living room (wow the house was messy when we left on Sunday!) a little bit. Then I crashed in bed exhausted.

Vincent woke up again at about 8:15 and I told Mike and said "tag, you're it. I need at least 20 minutes." I got about 45 and it was wonderful. Quinn woke up about 8:30, Mike got her out of her room with a crying Vincent and got them both settled down. It was wonderful.

Now he's nursed once and is settled in his crib for about 2 hours now. It's been nice to spend some time with "just Quinn" and get her a little settled down. We asked her to pick up her room and she wasn't cooperating. I finally went in there and asked why she wasn't helping and she replied, "I'm having a bad day today, I'm just not happy, I can't help with anything". After reminding her that she had a great day yesterday with Daddy, that he's here again today to help with the baby, and that she's been a great help with her brother so far, she was happier and helped pick up her whole room! And then she said, "I'm so hungry!!!" But before we made lunch, she helped put all the dishes away and load it back up again! I think things will go well once we're "routined". Let's hope!

We're pretty set for visitors...just working on house order. Give us a call if you want to stop by! We're eager and happy to show off our little man! :) Even if Mommy is only half showered and Quinn is crazy!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vincent the Conquerer

Well, hopefully Mike approves of the new blog title: we'll find out.

Sunday: 5am--I'm tired but the kiddo isn't. Moving like mad and giving me some crazy hunger signals. So, I wake up and snack. A contraction hits me about 6:30am--I think--oooh! Mom and Dad can meet the lil guy and then head home.


Sunday: 10am--Mom and Dad decide to more contractions since 6:30am (maybe Quinn waking up shortly after had something to do with it??).

Sunday: 11am-4pm--random contractions, lots of nausea, but snacking small all day. And watching football!

Sunday: 3:45pm--Quinn awake from nap and wants to play outside--Packers game not so exciting, fantasy team losing BAD, Mike's fall league team loses, and I just want to be able to walk normally again. Head to "small park"--see several neighbors who say..."why are you still here and pregnant?!" "Ugh....really, if I hear that one more time."...I think.

Sunday: 5:00pm--back to the pack...hey, how'd the score get so high? Who scored those touchdowns? Grant's out of the game?!

Sunday: 5:30pm--Mike's home, Quinn's crazy, contractions about 10-35 minutes apart. I have no appetite, but again, feel I should eat something.

Sunday: 7:00pm--Quinn's going crazy and asks to go to bed? Something's going on here...Mike reads her stories and I have a small salad with leftover tenderloin: delicious!

Sunday: 7:30pm--Quinn's not tired! Mama is. I doze off and on in the recliner.

Sunday: 8:45pm--Contractions every 10 minutes or so. but nothing to write home about. We decide to put Quinn to bed instead of shipping her somewhere for "just in case". I fall asleep on recliner watching Mike play video games.

Sunday 10:30pm--I go to bed with my last words to Mike being, "I just wish these things would be more regular already...."

Sunday: 11:00pm--"Mike, they're more regular already...that was 3 in the 20 minutes and oh, holy hell here's 4!!"

We make some phone calls, pack some bags, get Quinn, and head to the hospital. Every bump during contraction...every turn during contraction...oh, never again!

Sunday: 11:50pm--I'm in the car while Mike's dropping off Quinn at a friend's place for the night swearing at him for taking so long, my baby's going to fall out! He was only there for about 10 minutes.

Sunday: 12:13am--admitting to hospital....3-4cm...contractions every 3-5 minutes. AND they suck! Move to room around 1:30am. Epidural on the way, they keep promising me.

Sunday: 2am-ish--oh, sweet nectar that is epidural medication. Mike's happy that I'm more calm and is out like a light. Me, however, have a blood pressure cuff squeezing my arm every 20 minutes and nurses and doctors asking me millions of questions and examining and checking...I think I managed a TOTAL of a few hours of sleep. Very thankful for my little snooze on the chair watching Mike at home...but wishing I could just sleep.

Sunday: 9am-ish--breaking my water! 8-9cm. Not nearly as much fluid as there was with Quinn, but enough!

Sunday: 10:00-ish--moving down, 10cm...holy cow, I thought his head was low before! I want to push and get him OUT!

Sunday: 11:56am: Baby Boy is born!!! I cry, Mike's sooo happy, and I just realize there are 6 strangers in the room with me! I think they've been there for awhile!!

Sunday: 2 pm-ish---We finally decide on a name. Vincent Jay Born: 7lbs 4oz, 21": so handsome!

The rest of the day was a blur...well, the whole day really. We made phone calls, took a bath (both Vincent and me!), moved rooms, had visitors, and completely missed dinner somehow (think it was sent to the other room and we had lots of company and I was EXHAUSTED yet still full of adrenaline).

First minutes out of Mommy!

First moments with Daddy!

First Bath

First shot as a family

First visitors (yes, Teddy met the little guy before Quinn!!)

Sorry Papa Chuck, we only got photos of you with your Grandson on your camera!!! :(

We're probably heading home tonight. Quinn was sad to leave me and Vincent here last night, so with pediatrician approval, we'll be home soon!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Home

Well, here we are almost a week overdue.
At home, not the hospital.
Mike's got his first Gopher game today, so that should be fun for him. I was hoping for baby by now because I'm supposed to go to the game next Saturday. Either a few days post baby (csection or not)...a football game may be the last place I want to be as a new (again) nursing Mom who just had a baby! We'll hope for today yet....

I've seemed to misplace the infant bathtub, bouncy chair and we'll go on a search for that. But besides that...just counting the days until maybe contractions become existent or regular (something besides dehydration...getting lots of that yeck feeling lately).

Another appointment scheduled for Monday morning. Another NST test to make sure he's doing well. His heart rate and movements were great on Thursday. I still just want a healthy baby...but man do I really just want to have a baby at this point!!! Something's keeping him inside and I'm finding that for the best...but it's still crazy to think that if I had planned c-section, he'd be 2-3 weeks old!!!

Sad that my parents will probably not be here for birth of this baby, they're heading home tomorrow. This will be first grandbaby that they won't meet within the first few hours (out of 8, he'll be 9!) and they're kinda bummed about that. It's been a fun week though. Q sure does enjoy their silliness and company. Dad's been busy building a wishing well for our outdoor decor, so Q's been having fun help paint, saw, and create outside in the garage. And Q got her BIG bed this week, so they got the joy of nap-less Quinn because "it's too big for ME mama!!!".

Oh, and the garage space works very well as a workspace now! Mike got his shelves installed and tool organization completed in time as Dad's been able to find any tool he's needed with much ease! Not to mention the screen on the front of our garage door has kept out the mosquitoes nicely!

Will continue to keep updated as possible...crazy that time of 41 weeks flies so fast? :) Crazy to think I was pregnant when the Vikings and Giants faced off in January....that seems like a lifetime ago!! I think I'm ready to hear that little cry all night long as it means I'll be able to turn over in bed again! As long as I'll get time to sleep in my bed!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Apple Orchard

Quinn was not "frightened" away by the mosquitos in the apple orchard yesterday. My parents, Quinn and I headed to the apple orchard to pick some yummy goodness (and try to exercise this baby out!!). We never made it to the orchard last year, but went two years ago in New York...

So, still no baby, but having fun watching Quinn grow before my very eyes!! It's only been a week at home, but I swear she's a different kid again. Learns so much every day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Full Term

Well, never thought we'd make it to full term...but how many times did I say that with Quinn? Technically (by original due date) today is full term. If you go by any of the other due dates, I have another week. I guess we'll see how big this guy gets and if any of the walking, drinking, eating, physical activity I've been doing lately helps get this baby out!

My parents are here and loving Quinn time. And Quinn is loving all the attention! Hopefully the extra company won't make her be increasingly sassy once they go home and she has Hermano around!

She got her new big bed set up yesterday. Turns out both cribs we have convert to double beds and we got a twin bed, but OH WELL. She looks like she's drowning in the twin bed, but she was starting to look pretty silly in the toddler bed already too. She missed nap yesterday so bed time was twice as much fun--new bed and overtired! I think she'll adjust nicely...just hoping that she stays IN BED and doesn't fall out!!

SO, the mattress and crib were passed to Hermano. Mike and Dad set up the crib with sheets, bumper pad, and blankets yesterday--can't believe A BABY is really coming home! His room is ready and waiting!!!

So are Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Papa, and Quinn! And all of you too!!!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby Belly

We headed to Mankato recently for (Great) Auntie Annie's Surprise birthday party. Quinn had a good time...even when the party started at 7pm! I remember the days not too long ago when taking her out after 6pm was going to be pure torture for everyone because 7pm was bedtime. Now we're lucky if 9pm is bedtime. How did that happen to us?! Hopefully in a few weeks, we'll get some kid-free nights by both of the little ones being at least sleeping part of the night!

Quinn learned what pool was all about, "Daddy was good putting those colors in the holes, Mommy!!"

And my belly. This was actually 2 weeks ago already....haven't gotten any smaller! And, somehow that's a real smile on my face...Don't get me wrong, I'm soooo grateful we've made it to 40 weeks when I really thought it was all over at 14 weeks. But, 40 weeks is really not so fun. I really don't want petosin this round (seeing as it was at least 3 bags with Q ending in c-section and the liquid in general has a bad rep for ending is c-sections anyway). So, if this kid doesn't want to come by next week, a VBAC is probably out of the question for me and I'll have another long few weeks of recovery with a c-section. Either way, as long as Baby Boy Born is healthy, will eat, and if lucky sleep--we'll be a happy family when the time is right!

I still can't believe I wore this shirt on purpose that day. I really don't have clothes that fit me right now. And those shorts really don't fit either. In fact, I tried to wear them the other day (laundry day) and they really didn't want to go on at all. This kiddo is definitely growing!!

And a quick shot of Q in action....

We'll keep you updated as much as possible the next week! My parents are coming to town today to hopefully meet this little guy sometime this week. Just like with Quinn...we were SOOO sure there'd be a baby by now! OH well, should've known the plan would fizzle. :) We're just hoping that the only hospitalization this visit is me having a baby (as their last visit was Dad's fall in February!).