Saturday, April 30, 2011

So much time gone by...

We are still alive, I promise!!

Vince is eating like crazy these days...FIVE teeth now!!

The Thomas family joined us 2 weeks ago (holy wow where did that time go....) to color eggs....all the colors turned into green pretty quick in Quinn-land!!

Korri and 8 weeks old was a LONG time ago. And do you like the way Q plays memory (see cards all over in back ground).

He even tries to eat food that isn't food!! In fact, that's one of the memory cards that Q picked up so well the night before....or he did his crazy butt scoot move to get to it!

I took a half day yesterday to go see zoo babies...and ...well...Q was only interested in the goats and sheep. She fed them. One. pellet. at. a. time. And each goat got one. And she quickly realized that most parents weren't willing to scavenge the ground for lost pellets, so she found MANY more to feed. We attempted a group trip with our day care lady and friend BUT well, Q had a potty emergency and then we lost the rest of the group! Oops. Vince enjoyed the aquariums (probably because of the lights). And Quinn's favorite listed part was looking at the the sharks. And as crazy at it is, the other thing she watched longer than the sharks were the cockroaches!! Yep, the girl who cries when she sees an ant or dead worm wanted to know what the cockroaches were and why some of them looked too dead to be at the zoo. Ha ha.

Vince has 5 teeth now. He likes to grab my finger and put it in his mouth, as is if saying, "Here, this is my issue, I have these things in my mouth.

We attempted dentist visit one a few weeks ago, too. That went well...until the chair reclined. Then cooperation was over. They got a quick fluoride treatment on and said, see you in 6 months! She wouldn't even let them count her teeth. Eh. She likes the dentist as much as I do.

Quinn wants me to go play "find the Easter eggs" now...she likes to play things she's done the last week.

And she wants to make numbers and letters now, so this is from her....


Monday, April 4, 2011

And then there were Four

Q enjoys her gardening this year. Wants to replant the seeds every day...not sure what's where anymore...or how many seeds are actually planted!!

The last post I had was really about 2 teeth? Well, much has changed, then, as Vince has four now. I can not believe my BABY has FOUR TEETH already.

Yesterday, Quinn asked us, "Have you ever played catch with a rock? Do you want to? Here, CATCH, like that." Luckily for us, she threw it away from us, not at us. I asked if she had ever played catch with a rock and she said, no, I just thought it up right now.

She's adorable and frustrating!

Potty training is and isn't happening. I think she wants attention and hates that Vince and all the kids at daycare keep learning and doing new things that get attention. She was accident free for over a week...and hasn't made it a whole day since I got sick 2 weeks ago. She told me today she really wants me to not go to work anymore because Daddy works for us sometimes and he'd get my stuff done too.

That was after she said, "hmm, let me go check my email too!!"

Vince is still not rolling over, but is a sitting champ.
He's also champ of whining today...can't believe he beat out Quinn (or me!) today.
Still not crawling, but will tolerate tummy time and scoot in circles on his belly.

SO, development changes are coming...and I'm soon will bring a load of changes and mobility all too soon and all at once!! And child locks will be needed for this guy...he plays with anything and tries to open anything put near him.

And of course...we had the snow almost gone...then it snowed. And now it's almost gone again. Not nearly as much "snow mold" or whatever that stuff last year was all about, so hopefully we won't have a dead lawn this year straight off the bat!!