Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh the Things We've Done

A few weekends ago already, Mike's parents came up for the night and we had a swim party at the hotel. She's tooooo tall for her 2T suits....but that's all I had unpacked, so she wore it anyway...barely.

Eww...but, how can you stop a kid from having fun? Even if it means licking the recycled water from a overcrowded wading pool....she lived in NYC for 2 years, I doubt anything in that water could hurt her. And well, she's proved me right as it's been 3 weeks and not sick! :)

She had a fun time at that pool. There were also big water slides that she did with daddy...and once "with Papa". "With Papa" meaning that Quinn was faster and took off ahead of him; proceeded to the slide and down the slide HEAD FIRST into the water alone...Chuck close behind but not with her! I did not witness anything but Mike, Quinn and Chuck looking at each other in the water and Quinn looking slightly concerned, but okay and not crying. She wanted out of the big pool then, but went for the slides again in just a few minutes. Crazy she mine?!

Quinn also enjoys cooking food these days....but only if she can find her play silverware. Here she was helping nurse Papa Joe back to health post-op in our home recovering. Chicken Soup...yummy!!! Apparently Papa looked like he was having a rough morning as Quinn insisted on feeding him this time!!

And our enjoyable day yesterday....

And last, but not least.....

Week 10 Katie

Week 14 Katie

We're due labor day 2010! In addition to Papa Joe, I have also spent much time with my doctor the last 2 weeks as we're having some complications with Baby-to-Be #2. So far, all keeps checking in okay, but we're still in miscarriage talks which I HATE because we've seen our little ones fingers and toes and spine and to think it could all just go away is awful. But I've been very cautious and following the advice to do what my body tells me I can do.

Sadly, I'm not able to run around and enjoy my "just with Quinn" time like I would hope, but we certainly have had our share of play time, running time, chalk time and STORY time! She loves books!!! Her letter recognition (capital letters) is amazing, she knows her colors, shapes, number recognition is getting there. Her letter recognition jumped drastically with the addition of two leap frog toys: one magnet set (Christmas present rediscovered) and another keyboard-like set we got from Great Aunt Patty recently (thanks!!). I honestly have no idea where she's "supposed" to be, but she's so smart and astonishes me every day with her words, physical ability changes, and memory...she talks about some crazy things sometimes. The past few weeks she's talking in sentences; and, well, we emphasize please and thank you to no end (right Mom and Dad?!).

I have been taking a lot of time away from work, trying to get what I can done here, but it's not the same as being at work. On the other side, since I'm still trying to balance work and home, my time with Quinn is just not the same when I can't play like I would wish I could.

All things considered, the pregnancy and fetus look and check in healthy. No crazy cravings that I am aware of. I'm finally a little more energetic, but still wish bed time was it is most nights just because flat on my back is most comfortable these days. I am gaining weight slow and steady, in my preggo pants. I eat and drink like there's no end. I swear he/she was kicking me this morning, but it's so hard to tell so early! The little one is still not much bigger than an orange!

We're anxiously awaiting what the next few weeks have to offer us, and can't wait until Quinn can share all her knowledge and experiences with another little baby!

Mittens? Hat? Scarf?

NOPE! We don't need them Quinn, it's WARMER outside! "warm? no coat?" no we still need a coat for awhile. "no mittens???"

I think it's funny because she's barely kept mittens on all winter, except for the last week or so...and now we don't need them!

WE'VE had a blast the last few days. I must say I'm glad it wasn't quite this nice 2 weeks ago as it's been hard enough "going slower" the last two days.

We spent almost an hour at the "big park" that we have not seen since September today after working 1/2 day. It was wonderful. The only reason we left is because I felt bad for not having sunscreen on! We got home and Quinn ran for the "little park" in our neighbor's back yard. I was parched, so managed to wrangle her back inside for a snack and water. It's hard to not just spend all my time outside. I have some pretty cute photos to post; hopefully later tonight. As for now, to work a little more and watch little Quinn run circles and change her socks over and over again (she got new Minnie socks and new ladybug socks and new bumble bee socks and she just can't decide which are the best to keep on until bed time).

I must say, I really missed the sun last week, too. I was overjoyed and actually teared up yesterday when the sun came out for the first time in a week....oh the hormones!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, Papa Joe came home from the hospital yesterday. He's doing as well as can be expected and is LOVING watching and listening to Quinn play, count to 10 and say her alphabet from "g to v" she doesn't like the beginning and end all the time. :)

I'm officially set up to work from home, network and all. Not sure how I really feel about that! :)

Will try to post photos later.