Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Vince is growing sooo quickly. He's passing toys from hand to hand and reaching and trying to sit....but still not so close to rolling....he likes to have adults change his position for him. :-)

Also, Quinn's most recent response...

"Quinn, would you like some cheese?"

"No, I do not. But THANKS for ASKin." and she'll repeat it at least twice to make sure I hear her. :-)

Pictures to load...hopefully today after work!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


If this is the flu...then why exactly did we all get the flu shot??

Been MISERABLE since Saturday...trying to plow through today with the kiddos. Work the rest of the week. Trying to hire a new cook with administrator and human resources out of town... on top of a new menu cycle and survey due just around the corner. OH, and we have norovirus at work so there have been various days of staff gone and residents ill and more work for everyone because I never realized how much we rely on self-service of juice, water & coffee!!

However, Quinn and I had a great day...of kleenex and dancing and "cooking" Vince slept from 11:30 until I WOKE HIM UP at 4:30. Crazy! Quinn even allowed me a few minutes of work every now and then. I must say with the new medicare rules and MDS prep...this whole 4 days at work thing is TOUGH. Especially with the sick kiddos and really having it only be 2 or 3 days a week at work. Yeck.

Bedtime last words, "I love you Quinn"
"I love you Mommy"
"I love you more"
"I love YOU more, Mommy"
"I love you the most"
"I love YOU the MOST!"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Exersaucer fun....watching the Packers win against Philly a few weeks ago.


Quinn on the bouncy chair, Vince sitting along side of her. He's actually sitting pretty well ... but not rolling over yet!

Growth beyond growth. The kiddos are silly and fun to watch -- even when they're running noses, going through boxes of tissues, puking up mucus after each feeding, on antibiotics, and coughing.

Yep, my past few days have been loads of fun. It's actually been pretty nice...Quinn's attitude before 9am and after 6pm is just a different person. So, the past few days I've gotten to enjoy "fun Quinn" not "cranky Quinn".

Papa Joe and Gwanma Disney are coming to town tomorrow night. It was a full week at day care as Trisha and family are in Florida for a week (what a week to be gone!!). My parents decided to come watch the kiddos for us to save us some money, germs, and to allow me a full 8-10 hours at work instead of worrying about the extra hour of day care pick up and drop off....not to mention the extra 30 minutes getting them ready in the morning!!!

Who would've thought extra time at work was a good thing??

Blog party this weekend! House is just about ready....will just go around with the lysol bottle and bleach Quinn's toys one last time before the gangs arrive. :-)

Monday, January 10, 2011


One of my favorite moments from gift opening with my parents to our kiddos. There are lots of favorites from Christmas in it's entirety...but this was precious.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Other Goals Skipped: Before and After

Before Crazy Hair
MUCH Better Hair (getting the girl to look good for a photo these days is TOUGH!)

Before Nursing (yes, bib says "macho")

Immediately After 10 minute Nursing Session

Out for a chilly walk with Papa Joe (but that's me and Quinn)--And NOPE that's not a hill we're in front of, that's how high the snow is (was...since melted slightly)

Quinn and Mike took a side trip to Eagle Lake so the house is mine and Vince's a little longer. I have successfully collected 5 garbage bags of trash, 2 paper recycling and one other recycling. Cleaned Quinn's bathroom (since we're on trial of cleaning our own house), vacuumed main rooms on first floor, dusting to happen soon. Shower to happen tomorrow. :-)

And, well, with the early football game almost over, I'm taking a little break.

In case you need some giggles in your life...listen to some of Vince's tickle giggles.

Papa 2 with Quinn's new DJ system--complete with 5 styles of music, learn to play mode, several instrument sounds, microphone and "I-Pod" you can record your song and play it back!! Papa 2 really liked this toy.

Disney pieces for the "mr. tato head!". Note how intently Vince is watching Q.....

Dr Frog checking out Quinn

Vince enjoying time in the exersaucer (really doesn't enjoy it unless football is on!). :-)

Thanks Thomas'! Quinn LOVES her personalized Minnie Mouse blanket!

And of course there are other Chistmas Photos....but figured I'd save them for another day. :-)

Work is going busy. Gone about 10-12 hours a day. It's a long day for all three of us. Only a few more days at day care/preschool and then Quinn and Vince will be full time at Frog's Daycare. I think we're all excited for the change to Frog's full time. Trisha is GREAT with the kids, her daughter loves our kids, she provides great attention to each of our kids, Quinn actually uses the potty there (sooo close to pull-up less house!), less germs, less expensive, and overall--Quinn VERY RARELY puts up a fuss when she is dropped off there. Quinn's having a difficult time being told when to sleep, when to eat, when to share, and is expected to use the potty without prompting or physically being lifted to the bathroom to go. Yes, all three year olds should do these things...but ours doesn't! I guess another year before technical pre-school will be a good thing...and only a half day would be beneficial, too! We'll see where my next 8 months of work takes me and how much Quinn changes in that time too.

Nursing/bottles/pumping routine is finally a little settled. Vince doesn't really like bottle and it's taking him longer and longer to eat 3 to 4 oz from the bottle at day care...and then his first nursing session is longer because he's hungry and I don't have quite as much because I pump late in the afternoon (so I only have to do it once a day). So, the nursing session happens almost right away when we get home, which means dinners have been fast food, really late, or Quinn eating alone while I nurse. All situations I'm trying to find a way to change...

15 minute break over...back to housework!! :(

Christmas inside the house will probably still be up in March...but I don't really care....

Today's Goals

1) Get better.
2) Hope Vincent's cough and congestion goes away on it's own before his Friday 4-month well child otherwise we'll get billed for a sick visit too!
3) Organize Quinn's toys.
5) Complete my work assessments so I can enjoy my time with both kiddos tomorrow.
6) Finish 2 weeks of my 4 week cycle recipe books for work
7) PHOTOS TO THE BLOG! My camera is pretty full and y'all are missing seeing the kiddos grow, I'm sure.
8) Make the house mostly presentable for possible blog party next weekend (but it may be the 22nd too...???).

Mike and Quinn are in Mankato area today with the family while I try to organize house and hope my yecky feelings don't develop into full blown cold. And well, lots to get done before watching the Packers!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


So, I'm superbowl champ for the Fantasy Football league I was in!! My regular season record was 4-9! It was a stressful last few weekends, but I ended up winning and winning well again all my was a good year....stressful year. Thanks gals!

And Vince's love for watching football is proven yet again today. We have the bowl games on and his eyes are GLUED to the screen with little fussing (as I type, he's getting cranky). Wow,

Anyway, life has been busy. Christmas was too good to our kids (thanks everyone). Work is busy and I'm very far behind (so I get to work on the weekend from home). Vince is growing fast. Quinn is getting sassier (3 is awful!). Photos to follow....