Monday, December 13, 2010

Past Week

Yep, she had to EMPTY the bench to sit on it!!! The snow COVERED it!

Well, you all know we got some snow!

And that apparently made Quinn remember Mexico! Here she is in our "swim" drawer packing for our next trip to Mexico this morning!

Vince and I enjoyed inside yesterday while Daddy and Quinn were outside.

I'm rarely in photos....

Quinn being goofy. I forget why I wanted this shot....

Wow, has it only been a week back to work? So far, I am enjoying Mondays off instead of Fridays. It's only been one week. We'll see how things go from here!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Can You See It!?!

Snow...again...they said probably 4 tonight, not 1:30! and q's jumping on the couch, "look mama! it's on the rocks? can you see it? and the street! can you see it? i want to see it better, i want to open the windows! can you see it? and the trees! can you see it?" This is not our first snow...and she has been this excited each snow fall. we'll see if the excitement stays all season long...

Our first day of day care/preschool went well. Work for was quiet! I never thought I would think work was quiet! It was. It went okay. It'll be an adjustment, but it was really like I didn't have 12 weeks away....seemed more like a 4 day weekend. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.

I'm still trying to figure out when I'll have time for "life" once I'm working again. Being gone from 8-6 on Wednesday was tough. I barely had time to look at the kids...much less eat breakfast and dinner. So, to working Mommies---when do the dishes get done? Laundry? Kid time? Husband time? General house projects? Shoveling? Cleaning? ME TIME???!!! Grocery shopping? Meals made? Vehicle maintenance? Doctor appointments? Life is busy, I guess!!

HECK, I barely had time for any of this when I was at home full time....

Quinn's been mostly dry for two days now!! Between the potty chair in the living room and the potty in the bathroom, we've been mostly successful. Only 2 when I woke her up from nap and once today while I was switching laundry instead of monitoring her potty signals for her. Day care and Trisha will keep up with at least hourly reminders until she can tell soon!!!! (I should check back on my blog postings and see how frequently I've said this the last year....)

We had a play date with Jamie, Jake and new baby Ella yesterday. Quinn was SO excited to see Ella! As soon as she was in the door, "Ella!! Ella, hi! I want to hold her! I have my germ lotion on! I WANT TO HOLD HER!!!" She's absolutely adorable. I never thought it would be a change to hold a 10# baby again. I will miss having free time during the week to see our friends and kids.

No new photos. We'll probably get some tonight or tomorrow once the snow is accumulated over the icy snow that has been around for awhile. We have yet to throw/place V in the we'll need a shot or two while the temps are still warm enough to have his face exposed!!

Blog gals---sent a facebook message today (probably missed people)--January blog kiddo gathering??

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Work

From the Boy who hates being dirty.....

Are 14 week olds usually sitting pretty much on their own like this? And with the end of such a cute smile with Uncle GoGo time!

Tomorrow's my first official day back. But since they love me so much, they've agreed that my decision to start FT next week is okay (especially for pay cycle reasons). So, my blog friends and family, be prepared for fewer photos and postings from now until forever!

Today, Quinn and I are heading to our first movie in the theater with Claire and Nikki--we'll see how popcorn interrupts her usually nonstop talking through movies!! :-)

Some more from our week...
Q usually hangs out in the bathroom dirty Vince bath time...but she REALLY wanted to help. So I let her. Vince LOVES the big mirror on the counter...I can't tell if he loved watching Quinn in the mirror bathing him or if he loved me making faces at him in the mirror to get the "perfect shot" I was hoping for...

She talks with her makes for fun photo shoots. In some series of pictures I have, you can almost tell what she's saying by the form of her lips!! Here it was, "but where is his soap mommy?"

Looking at his sister lovingly!

And after a rough season of fantasy football, I managed to pull a great win versus our league's number one seed! WOOHOO! Not holding out much for playoffs, but I'll take a win any day! Especially since it's only my 4th of the season (I know how the Vikes feel!!)
My season was not quite as rough as our turkey day prior to heat the turkey part 2---needless to say, Mom needs a new meat thermometer for Christmas!!!

Yes, we continued to cook the turkey so we could eat!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Birthday Tree

Vince fell asleep during tummy time today.
My Godson, Alex--and the ladybug pillow that is the BEST birthday present of the year!

Thanks Thomas family! She loves the book!!

Yep, decorated tree is up!!! Almost done!

Our turkey birthday tree! It seems that's been our week in a nutshell.

"I'm treeeeee years oooold..."

McD's dinner per her request.

Monday, November 22, 2010


She's three.
I can't believe it.
For most of the day, I've been telling Q about the day of her birth.

"You were born really early in the morning and mommy was tired and recovering until late morning."


"Really! And when I finally got to my hospital room, it was still a little bit before I got to hold you."

"REALLY? And did you feed me on your booby like Vincent eats now and like you did when you were in the hospital with him? And we visited? And brought you balloons? And ate food?"

"Really! And yes. And at this point in the day, Green Bay was beating Detroit in a football game that I got to watch on TV".


It's been a fun day.

She picked out a new toy at a learning shop, Smarty Pants, after we went to free play open gym at My Gym. "imaginets" by MindWare. They're really cool spatial creative play and she loves them! We make a picture and she goes, "hmmm, what else do they need? A CHIN! A COAT! MITTENS! A HAT! ICE SKATES!" and continues on into her wild imagination. We had a pretty rockin dinosaur earlier today.

She is very much not napping right now, so I need to go tend to her. I was hoping she'd sleep for a little bit today so we could maybe have some company later tonight. Not looking promising!!!

I'm also officially the only one who has seen Quinn on each of her birthdays! Auntie Jen was tied with me up until this year--soooooo, I WIN!! HOPEFULLY, I'll get to see her on her birthday every year until college....when it could just be weird for me to show up for her birthdays.

Happy fourth day of birth, but you're three years old, my lovely, smart, energetic, adorable, persistent ball of craziness--Quinn Constance Born!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ice Storm

Well, we had an ice storm last night.

After seeing a neighbor on his ice skates...I decided it was time to see how Q would do on the skates this year...I'm glad we decided to go with size 8 skates! They barely fit last year yet somehow fit great this year!!

Mike's knee pads are related to the carpeting project in the heated garage...not fear of falling.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hot Chocolate

She's almost 3...can't believe it. This is the balloons Scott, Beth and Teddy got for Q! I can't believe they're still mostly alive...

We had some time outside the other day. Following, I wanted hot chocolate. Quinn doesn't even like to eat hot food, so I was interested to see how she handled hot chocolate. Not to mention hot chocolate and marshmallows was really the only reason I'd ever play outside for a long time...I hated the cold...still kind of do, but it's a little more fun and tolerable with a kid who enjoys being outside.

She loved the whole process. I even added marshmallows (apparently for some added protein...there are TRACES of protein in marshmallow gelatin...with my nutrition knowledge...I find good in all things delicious! ) and well....what's hot chocolate without them!?

She chose chocolate mint....
Put it in the cup herself...
And wanted to do the milk, but I wouldn't let her...(not a bad shot for pouring and photo at same time...)

Getting some last cleaning and organization completed prior to returning to work on the 1st...full week starting the 7th. There's TONS to do at work upon my return....but even more to do here. But nothing serious...just tasks difficult to complete with a toddler and infant...especially when they're both so adorable and fun to entertain.

I heard from our NYC neighbors today! Made me wonder how the houses would be decorated this year, and missing the big tree at 30 Rock again and shopping online and the neighbors wanting us to pay them to have them snow blow our walk (whatever, that's free here!!). It was great to hear from them...and made me miss her cooking!!!!

Well, back to organization of house . . .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, for family that was here on Friday--they learned that Quinn remembers. She poked herself in the eye about a month ago as she was falling asleep. Well, she remembered this on Friday shortly before my family arrived and she cried and cried and cried that her eye hurt and she poked herself. She failed to mention it was a month ago---but she just remembered it hurt, so she cried and made herself feel it was hurt again.

Well, she was lucky enough to go to the doctor today!!! And I don't think she'll pull out "my eye hurts" anymore. I'm pretty sure it'll be "I don't like the doctor. My legs hurt!!!" She got flu mist and two immunizations. Not pretty. Bandaids didn't fix it. Mommy didn't fix it. Stickers didn't fix it. Brother kisses didn't fix it. Kiki didn't fix it. Target trip didn't fix it. TYLENOL didn't fix it. Vitamins seemed to fix it so far...we'll see how long that lasts. OH, then she got her blood taken from her finger because I don't recall ever getting a lead test and well...we were in an old Brooklyn house and she liked to eat be safest, I guess this is a verification she's okay.

Vincent also got THREE shots. I forgot how "easy" it was at that age. He turned tomato red, screamed until I got to pick him up, and fell asleep as soon as I cozied him into his bundled car seat. He briefly opened his eyes at Target, giggled at me, and fell asleep again. I like the "just cuddle up and sleep" coping mechanism!!

I have the specific "chart" information in the diaper bag nowhere near me right now...but the summary of what I can remember. Q's heavy for her age at 34#, but 50%ish for height at I want to say 34" which I thought was funny...(higher BMI but not "off the charts")--she eats, what can I say?? She stood very nice and still for both weight and height--very shocked! She giggled the entire time she took the vision test, "boat!" hee hee "umbrella!" hee hee "house!" hee hee. She was right on target for most developmental aspects---impressed the doctor with her counting (apparently she's only supposed to get to 5 and she made it to 12 and there are times she can make it to 15) and stork stand (balance on one foot with other foot on your knee) and jumping (she decided to jump side to side instead of forward!! ha ha!!). Q was not able to make a very solid circle (but made an oval that almost closed) or draw intersecting lines (she drew parallel...) -- both are what "some kids can do". Her vocabulary and listening skills are above "par". She also has some wicked red skin from the pull-ups she's been wearing. :( Got PRESCRIPTION diaper cream as 2 days of regular isn't working so well!! They were NOT concerned with potty training (especially since she asked and was successful potty there!) mostly because of the MAJOR life change with Vince being 2 months old. They said they see many the toddlers that are completely continent up until the couple weeks before new baby is born and then not until a couple months later. SO, we're right on "track" there too.

Vincent: Let me just say--he likes to eat. How can I tell? My 2 month old is 13#! He also grew a few inches to 23" (I think.....maybe it was 21"....). He's on track around 30% for height and jumped to 80% for weight (from 25%). :-) Head is at 25% (Q had a small head too...but whatever) with no change and is following the growth curve. He's also above "par" with the giggles, coos, following faces and object, recognizing me and giving me a giggle--and just smiling at the doctor/stranger, head control, turning his head towards Q when Q screamed bloody murder when given her shots, and pulling fingers to pull himself up.

SO, kids are smart. I guess that's the moral of the story.

I'm still working on cleaning up the house from our house visitors and new gifts! She got some new books which she LOVES--charlie brown christmas, lullaby moon, and a pooh book (sorry Grammy, not much interest in the newspaper book yet). :-) Some toys--loves all of them. Sheets, clothes, shoes, hats, mittens, gloves, boots---all goodies of awesomeness. We worked on some thank you notes yesterday...hopefully will get them done by the end of the week. Vince also got lots of great clothes and toys for baptism. Again...lots to clean up and lots to wash and lots of stuff to find a good home!

As for now...I will enjoy the last few moments until the kiddos wake up! :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cousins Weekend!

My sister Claire and her husband Tom and four kids, along with Hailey, spent the weekend at our house. My sister Jen and boyfriend, Mom and Dad all stayed in a hotel close by. Why? We had a small Quinn turns three next week (what?) party -- but the focus was Vince's baptism.

Quinn was so excited Thursday and Friday she could barely (and barely) slept. "Are my cousins and aunties coming today??" She was excited to see her Grandparents and Great Grandparents---but no offense, she gets to see and talk to her cousins and aunties MUCH less frequently. This weekend was a treat for her--and honestly, I think they all enjoyed every minute! My sisters and I reminisced about visiting our Aunts while growing up and wonder what they'll recall from trips to see Auntie Katie (since everyone else is within a day's trip of a visit).

We closely watched weather; as the last drive in for Claire and Tom was our wedding 4 years ago and there was a crazy snow storm. Well, Minnesota did not disappoint--but gave us crazy Saturday weather instead! We got (apparently) 8" of snow on Saturday. My Aunt and Uncle from Wisconsin drove in (and made decent time!) and Teddy and Scott and Beth came out with a bunch of balloons for the birthday girl!! The rest of our other local guests decided it was a lot of work to get anywhere on Saturday---and I don't blame them! Roads were awful, power was (and still is) out in some places.

It was hard at times to keep Q in the house as she's been asking about snow since we put her pool away. "It's going to start snowing soon, Quinn, no more pool." "I want snow, then, when will it be pool time again? When the snow goes away?" Soooo, I'm not sure if she's more excited for pool again or to play in the snow. Her cousins were snow gear-less, so they had a grand time inside...but rest assured---as soon as the last cousin left, Quinn had on her new gloves, boots, and hat -- along with her carol coat and princess poncho (wearing as a skirt--not on shoulders) -- and we were outside playing!!

Here are some of my best shots from the weekend...

Welcome to the Catholic church Vincent Jay!!

Crazy that this is actually a good family photo!!!!

Vince's new best friend...his hands!! Granny helped him a little bit here.

We got the kids to "Santa's watching you now!!"

And he's holding onto toys now...and putting them into his mouth!!!! HE'S GETTING TOO BIG!!!

It was my Mom's birthday on Friday so we got a Culvers Concrete cake---yummmmmm-ooooooo :)

And Mom made Quinn a candy cake!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

happy birthdays

I'm going to single out "gwamma" Mary and "papa" Chuck as the birthdays (but I know there are a ton happening the past week!) So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We will get to spend some time with both of them tomorrow; in addition to LOTS of cousins and 2 aunties! Tomorrow is Vince's baptism and we've decided we'll probably do a small celebration for Quinn's birthday too. We went to the store today to get a cake for tomorrow and Q proceeded to fill the cart with birthday hats, wrapping paper, party favors, party bags, and candles. I guess we'll have to sing happy birthday a week later with some family and friends after all!!

And now....Q's bringing vince all her toys (he's getting tummy time)..."you will love this alligator! and baby brooke! and kiki! ooooh VIIINNNNNNCEENNNT, do you just love them? ooh, mama, he's just SOOOOOOOO cute, awww"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

She was a...

..."little birdie! tweet tweet tweet!"

...And just a thought in our head on this day four years ago...

Q's been cute about photos lately. I've been (finally) putting nails in walls and hanging up photos and the ones from our wedding and Dannie's wedding, "where am I, Mommy? was I a baby in your tummy?" Now really...for Dannie's wedding it was true...but what do you say about our wedding??....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That's Your Name!!

Bathtime happening (we're dirty from 3+ hours of yardwork)...

"Z F U number 1 R...that's your name! Katie!"

Moments like this make me want to be home forever.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still on Leave

Well, now that Katie feels 95% like a real person again is maternity leave more fun!

Today we conquered the Minnesota Zoo.

Tiger was taking a bath!! It was odd seeing an animal 3xs my size (since I'm almost pre-preggo weight again---but not waist size....figure that one out!) take a bath like our cats....Q thought it was pretty cool because of the Cat in the Hat episode...

Vince fell asleep first thing after his feeding this morning...I got up to get my cup of coffee and he fell asleep on the couch! Kid likes to sleep these days....I just need him to fit into his baptism outfit on Saturday---wish us luck!!!!

Tea time! I gave Quinn the chore of keeping Vince awake while I finished getting ready. He was just SMILING at Q prior to this shot...he loves his sister!

Unfortunately--the Farm was closed for the season already! Guess we'll need to find a place where Q can feed some animals or all I'll hear about until April is feeding the animals!!

I should've gotten an after shot of Quinn with her chocolate ice cream. She got a special treat because we packed up to leave the playground and I told her it was potty time. Well, the close potties were closed (STUPID winter season) we went to the "far" ones. It went something like this..."Mama you stay out here, but give me the diaper bag just in case I don't make it"....takes diaper bag in stall, locks stall, strips naked (I can see through the crack) pees and yells, "I DOING IT, DO YOU HEAR, DO YOU SEE?!? I PEEING!!!" Too bad (In a way) the bathroom was empty because I was laughing and I'm pretty sure anyone with kids (which was everyone at the zoo today with at least one kid...most with 2 or more)...would've also appreciated the moment. So, she waited and peed on the toilet. We're getting CLOSE-ER!!! :)

Quinn also tried to make friends with a girl at the tiger exhibit. The little girl however, ran away screaming and crying when Quinn said, "Hi, I'm Quinn, what's your name" while chasing her around in circles...the little girl finally ran to her Mom and hid in her shoulder. She was a couple months older than was a cute moment.

Well, back to the kiddos.

Loving the 60 degrees...hoping the rain holds off another day so maybe we can keep the 50s for one more day!!!!