Sunday, November 30, 2008

Are We There Yet?

Well, we were worried about making it to Dannie and Nate's with enough time to help with Thanksgiving preparations...but our way back here to NYC should've been our concern! It took us almost 7 hours to go door to door with only 3 stops...only one of those stops did all three of us get out of the car. Q was a trooper, as she usually is, but after a weekend of playing in unfamiliar territory, I wasn't so confident she'd be so great on such a long car ride home!!!!

But, as can be expected on Turkey Day weekend....we ATE and ATE some more and then we ATE some more! It was fabulous!

Dannie & Nate hosted Thanksgiving at their place in Maryland and it was a wonderful afternoon. We had to step up cooking a few steps as the turkey decided to cook about 2 hours quicker than anticipated! We drank beers and wine AND ate pie, fudge, turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed taters, sweet taters, rolls, and I'm sure I'm missing food...from Thursday!

We played lots of Guitar Hero. :-)

We also enjoyed a Lights and Trees festival on the Maryland state fair grounds with Mike, Susan & Seth (some friends of Dannie and Nate's and their one year old son). We found some sheets, books for ONE DOLLAR each, towels that will hang on our oven (as Q enjoys taking towels off so often) and Mike bought me a pretty new necklace with 2 pendants for my upcoming birthday.
After the festival, we headed to Mike & Susan's for some Red Robin take out and Q got to play with LOTS of new toys. It was fabulous. She enjoyed herself...despite how desperately exhausted she was as she only took a short morning nap and snoozed for about 5 minutes in the car.

Photos will come as soon as I locate my camera...some bags have yet to be unpacked!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday Shots

Well I posted about 50 birthday shots on facebook, but there are a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Help Me Mommies!

I know all you have creative kids too...mine wants her own kitchen for Christmas. Santa Claus makes SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS! Plastic, cardboard, plywood...and then the size many choices!

What kind do you have?

What kind do you recommend?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Company Gone and Daddy's Home

I have A TON of photos to sort through with Q's birthday craziness! It really looks like someone threw up birthday all over our living room. And that deserves thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Rebarchik; Auntie Jen; Jim, Stacy & baby Thomas; Mommy and Daddy (of course); Great Grandpa & Nana Born; and Auntie Krissy, Uncle Bill, Abbie & WiNi. I'm probably forgetting someone. OH, and last night came home a present from Nate, Nikki & Claire; so that added to our living room chaos that had yet to be cleaned up completely. Thanks all for the gifts!

So, once I get time to sort through photos of dinner, desserts & presents, I'll post photos.

For today, though, we have a video of Daddy and Q playing before bed last night.

Wow, that took 10 minutes to load here....ENJOY!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


She's one.
We've had another great day. Photos on the way.

She wanted nothing to do with opening her presents...we tried to get her excited. Then one of the first ones she opened was a ball and we couldn't get her mind occupied enough to keep opening! She loved all the clothes she got, trying to put them on as she pulled them out of the packaging.

We hit up Grimaldi's and The Chocolate Room for dessert. YUMMY for Auntie Jen, Grandpa Joe, and Mom...Q was just happy so many people were smiling at her! She did enjoy food too.

Friday, November 21, 2008

So Busy, So Tired

Sorry it's been so long. We've been busy and there are LOTS of photos to share...but I'll only pick a few to post (between the three of us we have about 400 photos of the last 2 days!!).

Me and Jen with Chris Columbus in Central Park.

Q as an "alien" at music class with Grandpa and Auntie Jen!

I really wish there was a FAO closer as Q is showing she's as happy as a kid in a toy store! So many toys to play with here! Above is the story time throne and below is the play kitchen set. She REALLY enjoyed the play kitchen...maybe Santa will have to buy one for her this year . . .

Took a Water Taxi cruise today. Q wasn't allowed outside, but she sure enjoyed the climbing on the seats and could see decently out the dirty windows of the boat!

We're halfway through the third visit of the past 2 weeks.

And we're tired.

Really tired.

But Q has 'survived' two afternoons out on the town. We left home at about 11 yesterday, headed to music class, then it took us OVER TWO HOURS to get to Manhattan (yay not knowing about our stop closures for the D...and well, since there were people on the track, the train was moving at about 20% speed through Brooklyn). We ate lunch at some place that claims to have NY famous cheesecake (all places seem to claim that) and then walked the south side of Central Park to the MET...only to find out the MET closes at 5:30...and we got there at 4:15. So we warmed up, shopped the mini-gift shop and out to window shop on Madison and 5th Avenues. We were still stuffed from lunch, but picked up some sandwiches at about 8:30 to eat on the subway ride home (that only took about 45 minutes). And today was great too, getting out about noon again after Q's morning nap. We took a water taxi tour around parts of town on the water and headed to get BBQ and then to the MoMA (free admission).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


She'll usually pose for the camera...but performing is another art all together! Especially when she's TIRED!

Monday, November 17, 2008

At this time last year...

...I was prepping the house for my parents and sister to come visit and meet Quinn. Again, I'm prepping the house for my dad and sister to come see Q again! I've been nostalgic and reading posts from last year. Can't believe how big I was...and here's one of my best excerpts from this day last year...

"Time to lie down for awhile and try to get some shut eye. There could be some busy hours ahead of me!!!!! (someday soon!!??)"

OH, I did not realize how true those words would be.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Banana Applesauce Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

So, Q and I took the day off being a tourist (as we'll be touring with Grandpa and Auntie Jen in a few days). Instead, Q slept (has been missing nap time!) and I enjoyed my WOW for 30 minutes. When she woke up, we baked cookies and warmed up the kitchen!

YUMMY cookies that have FRUIT and are pretty low in sugar (for cookies at least)!!

Beat 1 c sugar, 1/2 c butter, 1/3 c unsweetened applesauce, 1 c VERY ripe banana, 1 egg.
Add/JUST incorporate (blend in) 2 1/2 c quick oats (I did 2 c quick oats and 1/2 c cooked "raw" oats), 1 c flour, 1/2 c chocolate chips, 1/2 t baking soda, 1/2 t cinnamon, 1/4 t allspice.

Bake at preheated 350 degrees for 10-13 minutes. Our oven usually bakes fast and I found 12-13 minutes was perfect. I think the extra moisture from the applesauce slowed the baking process.

The recipe calls for frosting too, but I think they're plenty sweet with the applesauce, banana and chocolate chips. The chocolate chips were my addition too, not in the original recipe. And the original recipe calls for 3/4 c butter and no applesauce. So, I was pretty excited when the cookies turned out! With Splenda instead of sugar, these cookies would probably kick bootie for those of you really watching the sugar intake.

Final product.

And Q approves...of course she loves, bananas, chocolate, applesauce and why wouldn't she love them all smashed and baked into a cookie?!?!

Photos of Yesterday

To go along with last night's posting about our day out and about yesterday.

Birthday Part 3 or 4? I've lost count now...
She needed to eat her way to the present...but she DID get that ribbon off herself!

Ted's first subway ride!

Otto: Lunch was yummy!

Guess who finished the bottle of wine!

Union Square Station

Best Buy Mobile (that one's for you Tim!)
Scott and Beth were like, 'what's best buy mobile?' and I did not have an answer for them. What is Best Buy Mobile?

Sunny to dark and dreary in just a 30 minute subway ride!

And our experience at the MET

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scott, Beth and Teddy

Yesterday...oh wow that was just yesterday...morning Q and I picked up Scott, Beth and Teddy at JFK. They are friends from Mn and it's been a great visit so far. JFK was pretty quiet and they don't believe it's a busy airport. I saw lots of cop cars, dark tinted cars and other gov't vehicles going towards the airport on service roads past the cell lot ... maybe someone was in town and they slowed down air traffic? Who knows.

On the way home we stopped at Nathans for hot dogs, chicken strips, and clam sandwiches. Yummy! Twice in one week...I'm becoming a big fan of this place. Unfortunately the fog and rain made it a yecky morning and we couldn't see the ocean, so we continued home to get the kids some naps.

We then headed to FAO on 5th Ave and Mike met us there after work. We then headed to what we thought was going to be a good BBQ dinner across find out it was an hour wait. So we headed back uptown for Indian. I found out I like Indian food and curry! Q didn't appreciate it, though, at her morning feedings and pretty much refused to eat until about 9 this morning...when she got her cheerios, peaches, pears and bananas.

Today we headed to "Otto" an Italian restaurant owned by Mario Battalli (spelling probably awful) and it was AMAZING. We enjoyed a 2 hour lunch during a foggy, wanting to be rainy afternoon. When we got out of lunch the sun was shining and it was about 70 degrees. So we thought, hey, let's go to central park. by the time we got there, it was foggy and on the verge of darkness for the night. But we enjoyed it anyway for awhile and decided to hit up the MET for awhile. Well, Q and Ted both needed to be changed and fed. By the time that happened, we were all too tired to walk a museum so we headed home. Still no rain. We got home, and no lie, about 5 minutes later it started POURING! So, we made it the whole day relatively dry and warm! YAY!

It's been a great weekend so far. No stories too great or exciting. Lots of photos to search through...will try to post tomorrow. Teddy is ADORABLE. I can't believe babies stay under 12# for longer than a month (he's 3 1/2 months). And he's such a happy baby unless he's hungry or gassy...he's ADORABLE. He was awake most of the day and he loves the subway, people, and food so far! OH, and Eggo...kept his eyes on him for a few minutes today!

It'll be sad to see them go, but we have tomorrow yet...who knows!? Tomorrow will be cooler so we'll see if the kiddo's will cooperate as well as they have been so far. Like i said, I'll try to post photos in the morning. For now, I'm exhausted!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween and Banana

This is Q and Ava at Mike's work on Halloween morning. Don't they look like best friends!? Thanks for sharing the pics, Diya! You kiddo is ADORABLE! She makes Q look like a "normal sized" 1-year old! Notice how Q is touching Ava's shoes...she really wanted them off her feet and in her mouth...crazy girl has a serious oral/foot fixation...she even went after another girl's socks in music class this morning!!

She's loving watching this on play back. Bet all your kiddos will enjoy it too!!!

Birthday Part 2

So, Grandma and Grandpa Born and Aunt Mary Kay had some presents for Q for her birthday in just a few days.

Q was trying on the clothes (or trying to try them on) and eating the hangars and tags (her favorite).
And, as seen in the video below, Eggo and Q both love the ball; thanks Aunt Mary Kay!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eye Checkups

So, any recommendations on Sears vs JCPenny's for eye appointments? We're due and not many places seem to accept Mike's eye insurance. Any recommendations are welcome!!


Happy Birthday Grandpa Chuck (yesterday).


Happy Birthday Grandma Mary (today)!

Here's a special photo just for you (and well, everyone else will see it too).

Anyone have suggestions as to what to do with her crazy hair? It needs a cut but I can't bring myself to pay $20 for it! She's getting as adorable as ever. When she puts paper in her mouth...she'll look at you and smile. If you say "yeck" or "ick" she'll take it out and hand it to you (thanks to Grandma Judy!!!). If you don't catch her, it goes down the hatch. She shares her sucker and cheerios if you ask nicely and open your mouth. She's still a ham for the camera...but won't hold 'poses' very long. She was riding her walker toy (one seen here) like a scooter yesterday zooming across the floor with both hands on the seat, one foot on the bumper and the other foot was pushing her was awesome! She's still not sleeping through the night. And she definitely has some Irish temper in her...the fits she can throw when she's not getting what she wants....earplugs wouldn't help! I guess at this point I'm glad there are no downstairs neighbors to 'worry' about as she drops herself to the floor in fits of temper more times a day than I can count. Aunt Mary Kay bought her a new toy ball that sings and rolls (v-tech wonders) for her birthday and she LOVES it...I have photos I'll have to post later. It also says "bye bye" when you leave it alone for awhile and she'll clap and wave when it says "bye bye".

She's growing up so fast!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please help!

SO, I decided a glider would be nice for Q's room...yes a year later. For various reasons I won't get in to now.

I'm trying to decide if I need a footstool too. I think I'd rather have a nursing stool than an ottoman. I can get a nice chair with no ottoman...or get a little less quality of chair with the ottoman.

I can see the ottoman being a play toy for Q more than a nice footrest for me...which means pinched fingers to come! :-) And I can't see it being helpful for the few months (hopefully) of breastfeeding I have left. Whereas the nursing footstool...could still come in handy for that purpose....

Suggestions? What do you have?

Two Years

Well, two years ago today at this time, I was green in the face and trying to eat an apple while getting my scalp pulled and prodded with touches of hair spray. Mike was eating at Perkins. We were both in Mankato on a chilly fall day, snow from the storm that passed through two days earlier, causing problems for some guests getting to town from Wisconsin, was still on the ground. My sisters, best friend, and mother all sat close by ready to jump when I said how high. I'm not sure where my Dad and brother were, but somewhere around town is my guess, maybe even still enjoying a few minutes of sleep before the long day.

Grandpa Chuck was getting to spend his birthday at his son's wedding (Happy Birthday Grandpa Chuck!!!).

Dannie and I would soon be headed to church to change into our dresses and wait for the photographer to arrive. We sat there for awhile and we signed the marriage certificate (yep, it was all signed and official before we said our vows!!). When the photographer arrived, the flowers were on their way yet, along with the rest of the wedding party. So, we got many the photos of me and Dannie and my family in the "ready to go" room behind church.

I was still nervous. Twitching, pacing...I get that way. However, once the music started, after my Dad and I started down the aisle again (forgot I was getting a different song than the wedding party and we walked early!!), all those nerves and jitters vanished. I saw Mike up at the alter and the smile was plastered onto my face for the rest of the day and night. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face if I tried. I was as happy as I had ever been and Mike and I were getting MARRIED!

My girls were wonderful and gorgeous in black,

the guys were handsome in their tuxes and off-white shirts (to some's surprise when they picked up the tuxes!),

Mike was as handsome as ever, and I LOVE my dress. The flowers popped in every photo we have and the snow held off that day and we had sun! Dinner was FABULOUS and the cake was wonderful. I really can't remember anything that I didn't like about that day...other than the fact I was exhausted and just wanted to get back to the hotel at the end of the night and we couldn't get out the door to save our lives! Mostly because of Louis, but he's forgiven!

And everyone was drunk. Practically everyone. I'd call the party a success!

And two years later, it still feels like yesterday. Except now we live in New York, our daughter is almost one, I don't have to worry about vacation days and getting calls at 6am telling me there's no one to cook, I use a land line more than my cell, I walk to the grocery store, and so many more of our friends and family have also enjoyed wonderful wedding days that we have shared with them, and some we couldn't make. Oh yeah, and a day without blogging or checking on others is like a day without eating! And thanks again to everyone who helped on our wedding day, and who have been there to listen and encourage and support us the last two years.

Happy anniversary, my love.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


We "took advantage" of Grandma Judy being in town by taking a night on the town without Q for our upcoming 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Well, we actually spent the night in Jersey!! Figure that one out...I DARE YOU!

We had a drink and some "beer food" at "Hell's Kitchen Tavern" ... which turned into a place were lots of NJ Devils fans were, so that was fun. The food was great, beer was cheap, and it was close to the ice arena!
Silly me got a photo as we were leaving of the Prudential building, but not of the bar we ate at!

I also got a nice shot of some drunks walking down the street towards the game....

And NHL without a fight?! Especially in Jersey....

Then there was this cute couple who love the camera....

And no night of Grandma babysitting is complete without the sleeping shot! She had a death grib on that baby monitor! Q seemed to be a good girl for the night, but didn't drink much. I'm trying to kill time anticipating her waking up starving any minute...knowing me the key to sleeping through the night is by not nursing her at night!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

To China and Back Again

My hopes are that China isn't really all about selling knock-off Gucci (spelling??), Rolex, and other. However, ChinaTOWN NYC is all about it! Mike watched Q for the rainy Saturday that it ended up being, and us three gals walked Broadway, Canal and Grand in the rain. Looking for lots of goods...and well, Judy and Peggy were shopping fools!

Despite all the great tourist trap stores, we found a few larger market stores that we fell in love with...and of course, here is where we spent the most time. Peggy and Judy are hoping their goodies will be allowed as carry on. Just look at Peggy's bag! We thought Grandpa Chuck would enjoy this store...guess you'll have to come back and visit!!

Ha ha.

Yesterday, they saw the New Year's ball at Macy's.

And Quinn was a happy girl before they left in the morning. Yes, notice how the books are all already displaced and it's only about 15 minutes after she got downstairs! She's a tiny little so many of our girls, right?!

The Rockettes show was AMAZING. I really, truly felt like a little kid. We walked into Radio City and I was like, "ooh, look at that" and "they're playing yay" and "wow" and "wow" and "those are real camels, what the heck?!" and "look at how magical santa is!". I think my favorite number was "The Twelve Days of Christmas"..they tapped something different for each day and ... it was just really cool. We got a great deal on tickets seeing as it's before Thanksgiving. There were plenty of kids there. And I almost felt overdressed in make-up (yes, I actually wore make-up) and black pants and red cardigan...who would've guessed!? I'm really glad we went. OH, and my second favorite part of the night was when they were reading the story of Christmas bible verse (yes they actually read bible passages) and I looked over and Judy HAD HER EYES CLOSED! I had to poke her to get her to pay attention. To make up for that, her and Peggy are getting up tomorrow to go to St Pat's Cathedral for mass downtown. And that gives Judy one last chance to shop downtown!

And going through Judy's photos, I found this one from Tricia's wedding. Didn't Mike do a good job with the clips in Quinn's hair? I think she was just adorable this day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Numbers 24 and 25...

...and they stopped at 23.

But they got to go to the Hello Deli and buy a diet dew from Rupert G!

I think it made Grandma Judy's trip out here so far! She's been having a great time so far . . . and even making it out the door relatively quickly in the morning.

They spend the entire day in NYC yesterday touring on a bus, visiting the Met, spending some time in Times Square and ending up at "Mama Mia" on they got home LATE and they were out the door around 9:30 again today. They're die hard tourists, I'll tell you what!

Tonight we're off to the Rockettes CHRISTMAS show, I know, but it should be a good time. Mike's going to stay home with Q, so I may try to head out earlier if she's cooperating. Although she is napping now which means that she will probably not be napping later. Overall, I'll need to get out by about 2:30.