Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hard at Play

It's been a busy day so far...

Quinn went from napping, to awake and chilling blowing spit bubbles...

to playing herself to sleep!!

With crying and chattering and eating in between. She sure is getting cuter and cuter every day! She naps better lying flat on her back, but not in her crib. After yesterday of carrying her around most of the day while I got dinner ready (which was good by the way) I learned that I had to find a new solution as I've had some nice back spasms last night into now at this moment. I think she may have gotten slightly used to being held in Dallas as we were out and about and trying to keep her she was held A LOT over the weekend.
But for my own sanity...
I need a way for her to sleep here and have freedom to get things done around the house. I thought I'd attempt her chair again today as she has toys that hang in front of her there ... she slept all of 10 minutes and was NOT amused by the toys. And the motor doesn't work regularly on the chair anymore, so it's really just a slightly bouncy chair now. So, I pulled out the play mat Grandma and Grandpa R. bought for Christmas. Eggo was excited for the new toys, but quickly shoo'd away when I put Quinn on the mat. She was slightly overwhelmed at first, but has always seemed to enjoy waking up to entertainment (new mirror in her crib and mobile in her crib seem to keep her content to put herself to sleep after her 4am feeding).

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quinn loves her fist when she has sleepy eyes

Now that I've lost ONE MORE POUND (yeah!) I'm starting to fit into some of my "old" clothes. I'm realizing my old casual wardrobe needs some help! I used to live in work clothes and I'm working on a wardrobe in-between. I'm still torn as far as what size to buy! So, my solution so far has been to continue wearing Mike's clothes (hence the "Hallowinona shirt).

I'm also floored that I'm still watching "Days" and that Colleen's alive (I saw a commercial/it hasn't actually come out on the show yet) and that half the cast traveled to Ireland to find a baby and that John just walked out of a psych unit!! How do they keep raising Brady's from the dead, anyway? I could be a writer!!!! I've also started watching "GH" some days and can't believe how many people they're killing on that show. Guess they needed to cut their casting budget!!

As far as today is concerned, I've been busy cooking a 3-course meal for Mike's friend from college, Lars. Mike just realized he lives in New York, so we're having him over for a "home-cooked" meal. Gazpacho w/croutons, beef roast, sour cream & chive mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus with mushrooms, and Snickers apple salad. YUMMY!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Glad to be Home

Quinn was very content to be in her bathtub and Pooh towel again today. We had a difficult time making bath time fun in the bowl sink with no way to plug the drain in Dallas.

She has also started self soothing (sometimes) as she's discovered her hands!
And I failed to post photos of the happy couple, Adam and Julie Billmeier sharing their first dance 69 floors overlooking downtown Dallas (very cool reception site!!!).

Nikki's blog

You all need to check out Nikki's blog for adorable photos from Saturday!!! (link on the sidebar/Kachelmyer blog).

More Firsts

Our First Airplane Ride

Sleeping at this time, but the ride out was not quiet for the fellow passengers. Luckily the flight was only about half-full so we didn't bother too many and there was space for us to spread out and learn what will work for future flights! We were lucky enough to be able to take the car seat on the plane with us so we could keep ourselves entertained and not need to hold her the whole flight.

The First Bottle of Milk to Explode from Pressure Change

We made a bottle for Quinn for take-off to help her ears thinking it would be easier for us all. Well, it was easier...until the bottle released it's pressure on her face (see milk splatter on her face and car seat) and she seems to be eating more than 4 ounces! Well, she got to nurse on the flight anyway, but she did well and the pressure didn't seem to bother her (as she slept/refused to nurse on landing). Yet again, we learned what to do for future flights!

Our First Visit to the Grassy Knoll
It almost felt wrong to smile for this photos, but we smiled anyway. Since Quinn was born on November 22, the day JFK was shot and died, Mike found it important to take her to the place where it all happened. How can anyone be so sure they know what happened?? Regardless, I can now say I've been there.

Our First Hotel Stay
Apparently I fell asleep on Friday with Quinn and Mike took our photo. This was the smallest hotel room I've ever stayed in and there were things that would make me not recommend Hotel Lawrence in Downtown Dallas. However, it was very close to everything that we did all weekend (walking distance for us New Yorkers...others felt the need to drive) and many of out of town guests were here, so it was convenient. Quinn slept the same not in her bed, so I was greatful for that. She was probably spoiled as I fed her and changed her during the night at the first sound of her stirring (as to not wake up the neighbors with her screaming in the night!!).

Our First Cowboy Boots and First Day in a Dress

We were in Texas for a wedding, how could we resist the pink cowboy boots?? We looked for a hat too, but were unsuccessful with that quest. The dress is thanks to "Auntie" Dannie. It was Quinn's "thanks for being in our wedding" pressent (yes, she wasn't technically visible at their wedding in September, but she was very much a part of the special day!).

Our First Encounter with Another Child
Claire was absolutely in love with Quinn!! Especially her eyes! As you can see, Quinn was interested in another small person too (see her gaze at Claire here)!! How aware she was of this, I can't be certain, but I like to think Quinn's very aware of the people around her already. She would stare pretty intently at strangers and even give an occassional smile.

Our First Entrapment in an Elevator
Yes, one of the reasons we wouldn't recommend staying at Hotel Lawrence in Downtown Dallas. Luckily (I guess) just Mike got stuck inside...with TEN other wedding guests (including the mother of the bride). I came back early (as Nikki volunteered to stay at the hotel for awhile with Claire and Quinn) and went to bed early. However, fire department sirens woke me up and I knew it was somehow related to the Mike and Nate. Then I looked at my phone to discover Mike informing me he and others were stuck in the elevator!!! They all made it out safely (thank God) and were all able to stay calm for the duration (probably close to an hour!).

Home Again

Many days without posting...we were in Dallas!! It was a chilly 30-40 degrees, but we survived (it was colder here in NYC so we did technically go to warmer weather). We have lots of photos, but I'm catching up on being home, so I'll post them later today or tomorrow. Just wanted to let you all know we are still alive and doing well!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quinn-O-Vision 1.6: Talking with Grandma R

Quinn was in a happy mood yesterday morning and even gave Grandma R. some giggles (as seen below). Unfortunately, the internet connection has been on again/off again so the video camera wasn't set up. Fortunately, I had the camera closeby to get some coo's on tape!!
And they got several inches of snow in Grafton (6-8 from what Mom told me this morning). Heck, we actually saw little ice pellets this morning on the way to the grocery store (it hurt!!).

Sunday, January 20, 2008

God Bless America, football, MSG and Healthy Choices

It's a wordy day!!

I find my church-going Sundays to be enjoyable. Not only because everyone "oohs" and "ahhs" over Quinn because she's so adorable, but because each mass ends with the congregation singing "God Bless America". It's something I find touching as they are very supportive to the troops and (since it's NYC) they're still very emotional when it comes to 9/11. Just a touch to the day that I enjoy.

It was as if the parishoners don't see too many newborns. Maybe they just don't see them at the 11am mass?? She was very well behaved. I was nervous as I woke he up to take her with me. However, she was wide-eyed, quiet, smiling and loving the new scenery of statues and blue flowers on the ceiling awning-things. It's a gorgeous church and grounds as it's a shrine to st. Bernadette. She's the calmest she's been in a really long time. Church does good things for her, maybe???

As we left, Monseignor (spelling????) 'scolded' me for brining her out "in such cold weather". IT'S 29 DEGREES!! I responded, "at least it's not Green Bay weather, go Packers" and he said, "oh no! A Packer baby too??" So, they all think she's adorable but seemed bummed to find out she's a Packer's fan. I was wishing it would have been about 10 degrees warmer as I could have gotten away with her wearing her Packer sweatshirt instead of her snow suit.

My BIL and sister have been inspiration for me to change some little things in my life to make me healthier. I did gain a lot of weight with the pregnancy and thought it was more fluid than it ended up being. I am not overweight, I'm actually still at the low end of "ideal" body weight for age/gender/height, but it's not where I was before Quinn. I've always wanted to be more tone, and this is God's way of challenging me to reach that goal!! Even if I never fit into my size 2 again, I'm okay with that. AS LONG AS I have tone abs, arms and legs to show for the size. If I stay flabby, I won't be happy with myself. I realize it took me 9 months to gain the weight, so it's been 2 months, I've got 7 more to prove I can be tone, fit, energetic, and a great role model for my daughter.

First off, I was disappointed to discover that my "Wheat Thins" contain MSG. Mike tasted them last night (Sundried Tomato & Basil flavored and yummy!) and said...hmm, tastes like MSG. I guess I don't know what MSG tastes like, but there it is on the label!! The front of the box states "sensible snacking w/5 g whole grain and no trans fat and no cholesterol". Hmmm...would've thought I'd know better with my nutrition background!!! I'm bummed...time to find a new cracker to satisfy my cracker cravings! Suggestions??

I have tried to eat better and have a more regular work-out routine this week. I'm taking Nikki's approach of adding fruits and veggies in places you wouldn't look for them (I want that recipe book!!). As we speak, pumpkin, carrot, applesauce bars are baking...we'll see if the twist on Mom's pumpkin bar recipe is as good as the original!! I love the beta carotene that could be involved here!!! Also, I went to the produce stand 3 times this week. I just have to learn to get outside the box of my pan-fried (just in a little olive oil) zucchini w/tomatoes as variety is the spice to life, right?!?! I also had fresh peapods and green beans. I tried some VERY BITTER greens that I can't make taste good w/o tons of butter and it's not worth it to make them tolerable. I usually eat mostly frozen veggies, but with the produce so close and decent, it's nice to get fresh in every now and then. I'd love to find a farmer's market to get local produce...I'll probably have more luck with that next summer, though. Fruits that taste good are harder to find at this time of year, so I've gone to canned. Still fruit, but with their naturally high sugar content, I'm trying for more veggies!

I've also started walking AT LEAST 1/2 mile on the treadmill every day. That's in addition to any trips to stores, church, the stairs in the house a million times a day, etc. Each day I go a little longer. The first day and first 1/2 mile were awful. Didn't realize how out of shape I was. Since that day, I've gone up to a 5% incline, relatively fast walking pace (3.4 in treadmill terms/about a 18 minute mile) and while carrying 3# weights (doing arm curls/etc during the warm-up/cool down and just walking with them otherwise). When I can do that for a whole mile, I'm going to change to 5# weights at a 6% incline. I'd change to a running pace, but I've tried to run in the past and I've never stuck to it and stopped it altogether. So, to keep with the routine, I'm going to change the resistance instead of the speed. I've discovered it's all been easier as my food choices change. The treadmill has been my saving grace during some crabby Quinn moments this week too. Not to mention I'm bonding with Eggo, as I'm teaching him how to walk with me at slow speeds as he could stand weight loss too!!

I've been doing more research into local playgroups. Most of what I'm finding involves actually going into someone else's home/apartment. I'm a little leary of that, but we'll see if anything else comes up. I still think she's a little young to go to playgroups as it's iffy as to if she's awake, sleeping, or fussy. I'm hoping to get more involved in late February when toys and faces entertain her more. Right now her only interest while awake seems to be eating!

No new photos, sorry. Mike made it back from his trip safely Friday night/Saturday morning (by the time we got back home). He had a good time and put faces with voices he's talked to the past few months. Since this is wordy, I'll try to get some cute ones later. We had some good video chats with both sets of Grandparents this week. They enjoy seeing Quinn "live". It's a pretty remarkable invention, really. And it will get to be even more fun when she can interact!! It will be important to find a routine for that as she gets older so she recognizes the faces and voices that go with the faces for any visits in the future.

Off to do some more housework and enjoy football games that start soon!!!!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Enchiladas and Snow

Well, yet again the snow didn't come! It was raining pretty hard all night, but wasn't cold enough for snow. They're predicting another "big blizzard" tomorrow...we'll see! This is the second "storm" this week.

Also, I'm not eating enchiladas while I'm Quinn's primary food source! Let's just say she got a really early bath today. This was the final attempt to eat tomato products in about 2 weeks. I guess I'll have to wait awhile to eat the mexican and spaghetti yet!!!

Mike returns tonight...we can't wait to see him again! It's been a whole week!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Printed onesies

Yet another day.

The photos posted today are 'before bath' and 'after bath'. She was in the water for about 30 minutes this afternoon and was turning into a prune; as you can see from the photo, she wasn't too happy with me. Her hair was dry when I finally took her out of the water!

The first photo is thanks to Lori from the Wyatt MSP office. Mike was excited to receive this piece of pink clothing (we got A LOT of pink for newborns) as it was personalized and adorable!!!

It's labeled as "6-9 month" and the one below "0-3 month", and oddly enough, it was just SLIGHTLY wider in the neck.

I've come to realized that clothing sizes for girls & women mean nothing! Not only with the "girl" clothes Quinn has, but I'm having problems figuring out what "size" I am. I have to be careful when I shop for shirts (as there are times of the day I'm bigger) and one size 6 fits me at one store...and yet all my size 6's I have at home don't fit. I guess I can't pull off "hip-huggers" anymore since the pregnancy seems to have changed those forever-ever.

Quinn's not having a great day overall, either. She's been awake and crying-screaming about every hour after 3 last night and won't quiet unless I'm holding her...and didn't go to bed until well-after our video call with Gma and Gpa Born (and that ended about 11/11:30). She's usually crashed out after 10 and sleeps till 4 and then till 7 and will chill in her bouncy chair except when I feed her during the day. After some talking to Gma Rebarchik, I think she's still in some pain from her shots; so I gave her a mini-dose of tylenol (which she links is really yummy!!).

She's still wide-awake, but she's not crying!! So, that's an improvement!! I think she's missing Dad! He gets home late tomorrow night. I think I'll go shopping on Saturday and give them some quality time together!

I've also re-discovered "" and have started albums with photos I'm posting here and photos I'm not posting. You can edit and order prints from the website for only 9 cents each plus minimal charge for shipping...cheaper than what I've found anywhere else. I figure it could work slick for family and friends if all y'all want certain prints. Heck, I can't print and mail them to you for that price as postage alone is 41 cents!!! So, hopefully everyone will find the website as easy to use as I do. I've also created an album where all the cousins can be posted together so family can see them there. If you want to set up an account, let me know and I'll refer you (I get 20 free prints with each referral accepted). Let me know if there's any problems viewing the albums and I'll see if I'm posting them wrong somehow.

Only one week till Dallas!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEHAWWWWW. After that flight, I'll decide which flight to take home in a few weeks (and how long to stay!).

I should put together a collage of all the packer slamming that's going on in the NY Daily's insane! I can't wait to watch the game...NY teams haven't had luck this year so let's hope that streak continues. Wow, Favre is the spokesperson for Prilosec OTC on TLC...huh.

I signed up for a "metropolitan moms" group that goes on tours of museums on Manhattan with their strollers and babies. I'm pretty excited for that. It's 6 weeks and it starts in March. So, I'll have to find a way to master the subway with the stroller before then!!

Well, DINNER TIME for me. That usually means Quinn will wake up hungry and wanting my full attention. Being a SAHM is harder than I anticipated!!! Nikki makes it look so easy! I still look at her an I'm amazed she's mine. I keep wondering how I got so lucky to have such an adorable daughter. I'm glad I get to share some bits and pieces of our days with you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Two months

Amazing it's been almost 8 weeks since Quinn arrived in this world. About this time 8 weeks ago...Dr. W. was my best friend...I call him Mr. $4000 since yesterday(got the bill)--epidural was placed as my contractions were getting ridiculously painful (about 4 or 5 when peaking if I recall correctly...nothing compared to the +10 I endured after I couldn't push her out!!!!) I have a new respect for those women who go med-less during labor!!!

We had our 2 month appointment with the pediatrician yesterday. He was a different doctor than we saw for the first two appointments, but he was just as nice and wonderful. Quinn was confused because I had already dressed and undressed her twice yesterday and she hadn't gotten a bath yet. She undressed at the doctors office again and she was SOOO elated and anticipated water....instead she got weighed (12 pounds 9 ounces, up 4 pounds), measured (25 inches, up 3 inches), and stuck with two in each leg! With all hopes of vaccines working, she will not be getting pnemonia!

I never thought it would be so hard to see my lil girl in so much pain! The scream she let out was unlike anything I've ever heard. I suppose it was similar to her scream when she was born--but I very vaguely remember that cry. One benefit, I guess, was how relaxed she was for the rest of the night. Only one other time yesterday did she let out a cry like that...I guess I hold her leg when she eats!!! I found out the hard way.... And I was worried about her as she was so sleepy and I was watching for signs of fever that she slept next to me in her 'safe sleeper' last night (the bed was empty with Mike in Utah). Go figure that she slept 6 hours!! I checked on her about every hour and half -- would've been nice to get that 6 hours of solid sleep too!!

My goal for later today is to get a cute photo of Quinn in her most creative gift we've gotten thanks to one of Mike's co-workers from Minneapolis. And, of course, to make it 1.5 miles on the treadmill without pain!! I always thought I was in such great shape...until I got on the treadmill again (regularily) this weekend. At least the trips to the grocery store, post office, and drug store don't take me a whole day anymore like they did the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

As I type, Quinn is realizing the animals in front of her move when she hits them...she's LOVING IT!! Even if she is half asleep. Couldn't get to the camera in time to get it on video. Her other new hobby is following the animals on her mobile in her crib. Even when it stops and the music stops, she just stares at each one of them and laughs.

She's growing up so quick!!!!

Only one more week until our big trip to Dallas. Mike will be attending a hockey game with Adam and the guys on Thursday. Adam's sister also contacted me and we'll be going to dinner and possibly shopping or a museum that night to keep ourselves entertained. We'll see how Quinn is to see how much we get done!!!

And what's with "Days" these days??? Belle's scalding the psychic...EJ's telling on Stephano...John's revived from the dead...huh.

My social life isn't so exciting, is it?? I didn't think it would be so hard to find local playgroups and new moms....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tired Smiles

Well 8pm is usually it was today!!! That's a 3-6 month onesie she's sporting!

Once she's clean, Quinn likes to kick back and soak....she scoots herself into this position....

And here is her "I will start screaming soon because I'm clean, relaxed, hungry and tired" smile.

Her two month check-up is tomorrow already (as we're headed to Dallas next week)...TIME FLIES!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quinn-o-vision 1.5

Sorry my commentary is always so cheesy, but someone should talk until she can!!

She's smiling more and more every day and the camera just can't catch it in time, so the video will have to do!

Don't forget to vote! :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Please Vote!!

Please help me choose how I want to fly (alone) with Quinn when I go to Milwaukee in February for my cousin's baby shower. Voting in the column on the LEFT. PLEASE VOTE! (Yes, this is a vote to help me, not a plea to vote in the primaries that may be coming to a state near you!)

Don't worry, Minnesota, we're planning a tentative trip home in late March/April to come see you too! It's easier then, though, because there are direct flights from JFK (which is the closest airport/easiest to get to).

I'd ideally like JFK as I could drop off the car and Mike could take it home (he flies into JFK on Thursday that week after a business trip and could expense the parking).

Time to feed hungry baby (then maybe I get lunch?)

And it's raining again!! This is not helping my plan to run to the post office and pick up laundry (as there's no way to keep Quinn dry!)...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cool Nights

The weather turned colder's only about 50 degrees and sunny with less wind than yesterday. It's really a tough way to live out here.

With the warmer weather, there has been no reason to put the extra heater on in Quinn's room at night. It's not cold in there, now, by any means, but there's not a constant hum of the heater or blowing air. I was a little worried it would get too chilly for her during the night with it off, but thought I would try it out anyway as I can add blankets. She LOVES to kick (as I learned once I started to feel her move through labor and until the c-section was completed!!) and her blankets are rarely still on when I pick her up from naps/sleep (no matter how night the wrap job). Since the extra heater has been off, Quinn's first "stage" of sleep at night is 5-6 hours!! Since I was getting up every 3-4 with her just a few days ago, I'm awake and thinking there is something wrong when she's not up too!! We'll see if these stretches of sleep continue, or if she'll go back to only sleeping a few hours when the weather cools down again next week.
Prior to this, I learned from Nate and Nikki that if she was sleeping poorly at night in her room, to check the temperature. They discovered after awhile that Claire slept better when her room was cooler. Well, we'll see what Quinn's ideal temperature is. And I must admit the heater is usually on at night so I don't get cold while feeding her at night!! Our bedroom is usually about 5-10 degrees cooler (we have a heated blanket) as the overall house temperature is set to about 62 degrees. And must I add that radiator heat is amazing???

Well, back to the daily grind of dishes, laundry, and mothering.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things I'm excited for today

1. Quinn is still healthy, getting pudgier somehow, growing, and wearing 3 month outfits (some newborn, not many).

2. I lost another pound (so far) this week ...BECAUSE...

3. This weather kicks a**! Today it was 58 when I woke up at 8am! It's got to be near 65 or so today. I'm warm in a light sweater. :)

4. I can walk without pain! I took a walk to the FAR grocery store Sunday (a little over a mile each way) and bought tons of groceries and carried them home for my strength work-out. Yesterday, Quinn and I walked around BayRidge as I had my final MD appointment for a year (Not planning on seeing her again before that!!!). Today, we went to the store to see if they had cat food larger than 14 oz (they don't), a new clock radio (didn't have any), and Mountain Dew (finally--they had something I was looking for!!). Everyone thought Quinn was a boy because I have her in an adorable "Dad's Team" outfit and apparently red stripes and sports mean you're a boy (see side bar/she's wearing her Gopher onesie today too). Crazy stereotypes. Anyway, now we're off to the grocery store to get Daddy some OJ (not excited he's feeling under the weather--he went to bed several hours before me last night!!!??!!!).

5. Quinn is giving us REAL smiles!!! I love week 6!! Too bad they're short lived and there are no camera shots of them yet.


Monday, January 7, 2008

Quinn-o-vision 1.4

When Quinn is awake, it's near impossible to get her to look one way for a good photo! These pictures were taken just moments apart...notice how her head and arms are in different positions in each one!!

And a movie that is long overdue!!! We do not have our cam set-up yet, but once we do, we will be able to have live conversations with whoever wants to chat. :) WE LOVE YOU ALL!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama and Huckabee take Iowa

Just in case you live under a rock and haven't heard.
I really haven't done my research on the candidates, but I don't need to decide until November, right?

ALSO, they're predicting 50-60 degrees and sunny for the next few days! And I thought only in the midwest did the weather go from 5 degrees to 50 in TWO DAYS!! Well, at least it will get me out of the house and into the fresh air (besides taking the garbage to the curb and getting the mail).

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not Much New

It's been a few days again since a posting, but not much is new in our lives. Quinn's "schedule" is whatever she wants it to be (I'll blame that on her Irish genes and name) and I'm along for the ride. She tends to sleep longer stretches at night, usually 4-5 hours at a time, so that has been helpful. I still don't have the camera batteries charged, so there still aren't new photos or video clips.

She's pretty much the same as she was a few days ago. She's as long as a pillow now (referring to my posting a few weeks ago where she was ALMOST as long as a pillow). She's still gaining weight. About half of her newborn-3 month outfits are too small, I'm starting to pack them away already! Grandma R sent a few outfits last week with Christmas cookies (shopped the Christmas clearance racks!) so we have some nice options for clothing right now. I think I'll take a trip to Kohl's soon too, to find more cute outfits on clearance (of course). We have her 2 month appointment in a week and half so we'll find out how much she's growing with more exact measurements.

I have my doctor follow-up next week and I think I'm doing great, all things considered. I hope to walk at least a mile on the treadmill every day, and if I walk to/from errands it doesn't count in my mile. Hopefully I will add miles on as I get stronger. I've been a week without pain medication, and really just have twinges of pain when I do too much. So, really, not too much new! We'll see if my doctor has any words of wisdom next week.

We're hoping to make trips to Wisconsin and Minnesota before May to visit friends and family; we'll keep you updated on those trips. My cousin has a baby shower in February, so I'm hoping to make that trip! We will keep our eyes open for inexpensive airfare. Additionally, let us know if you're planning a trip out to visit us so we can take that into consideration!

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year's Eve and that 2008 is treating you good so far! It's been cold here (actually cold--about 15 degrees plus wind chill today!!) so I haven't gone anywhere with Quinn. It takes about 30 minutes just to get the two of us bundled up appropriately to go anywhere!

Thanks for the Christmas cards, too. We have many from all our friends and family across this great nation. We did not get any out before the holiday, but we will have birth announcements/happy 2008 cards coming soon!!