Monday, July 25, 2011

Quinn Fishin'

Not sure if I mentioned it, but Quinn got her first boating experience (I think....) ... at least on Papa Chuck's boat. And her first fishing experience. What a 3rd of July 2011 it was for her ... this is what happened....

In case you can't make it out...Q's phrases are

OOH, it's doing something!
I can't wait to eat it right now!

Da crawl...walk....cralk....

Thursday, July 21, 2011


He's got 2 molars!! He's been cranky, and I guess that's why! Total count, then, is 10 teeth.

Since a weekend visit with Grammy and Papa, Vince's desire to breastfeed has started to decrease---not to mention the fact that he is not with me all day and has been lucky to feed 2-3x/day. So, my production went WA-AY down and I didn't have as much to pump. So, more formula has been given the last month or so.

Well, tonight he broke my little heart. He saw the bottle on the counter and cried; so I thought, it's bedtime, time to eat and go to bed. Tried to breastfeed and he drank for about 30 seconds--then cried...until a bottle was made. :( We've already flown through this container of formula. cha-ching. And only a year. Hopefully he likes cow's milk, or else the cha-ching will continue! At least Target brand formula isn't terrible expensive!!!

U2 concert this weekend--still working for daycare options.

And we get to be in Mankato at 10am on Sunday for the newest addition to the family's baptism! We'll hopefully make it. We can barely make it across town in time for a meeting, so making it to Mankato by 10am should be fun! Mike's cousin Tricia had a little boy last week. He's an adorable lil man who I can't wait to meet!! Welcome to the world, lil man! So, whereas the 1st cousins were nicely "boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy" (I think that's it)--2nd cousins have been "girl, boy, boy, boy..." with more to come someday, I'm sure (not from us most likely!!)--from the others listed above!

Lil man is doing a walk-crawl attempt and it cracks me up! He sticks his little butt up in the air and gets to his toes while trying to just stand up without help pushing up on his hands--it makes me think it'll be just a few short days/weeks before he's straight up walking!!

We'll'll see soon as long as I get a chance to capture it on camera...and then post it!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Out to Lunch?

Nah, we've been around--really!!

My brother and niece were in town for the weekend...and I don't think I took one single photo. It was a good weekend! I always enjoy company---and a reason to put off the "to do" list items. This weekend, my only "to do" was enjoy the company, kids, and...well heat as much as we could!

The forcasted "feels like" temperatures may hit 115F today!!!

So, we've been enjoying our neighbor's pool, lake, and a/c.

Vince is crawling, sitting, and being all sorts of cute. Suddenly last week he's as mobile as mobile can be without walking. And, well, I think all the new found cruising has helped the lil man develop an infection of some sort--he was up until about midnite (slept from 9-10ish), napped little yesterday (reported from day care), and was up at 4am-5:15am---so I've been up since 4...and didn't really go to bed until 1. Oddly enough, the capital also passed the bills to end the shut down around 4 am--irony/coincidence? Who knows...if I am raising a mini-politician, I can't even think about that right now.

I found V in his room the other morning (as that's where he sleeps)...with all his normally beloved blankets and music tosy on the floor. He was trying to pull up on the side of the crib to continue to get my "I'M AWAKE MOM, FEED ME, CHANGE ME!" attention. And brilliant me didn't take a photo. Oops.

I have some cute weekend photos on the i-pod. We had a birthday party on Saturday and Vince and Quinn devoured cake with their fingers--thanks purple frosting! Vince is practicing for his first (gulp) birthday just weeks away!

..some day I'll get them to the computer from the i-pod...maybe Mike could help with that.

Q still hates the toilet. Currently accepting ANY techniques that actually work with an almost 4 (double gulp) year old. She HAS gone weeks with rare accidents and keeps reverting. She's super excited to get new underwear when she's poop trained--but as she poops she says, "No thanks mommy, I don't want the new underwear right now. I like being the baby best."

I fear for no fantasy football this year. "....sigh..." per Kluwe...ha ha! I would be that guy.

u2 this weekend! anyone want tickets? we'd love to take 2 people as we have 2 extra tickets.

okay.........back to work. Well, to finish getting ready for work!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


And some photos from our month...

Hailey and Q ... best friend cousins. She'll be visiting us again really soon!!!!

Yep, he's driving already!Birthdays (including Auntie Carol's last week!)
Not sure what was going on here....OH, the GATE has officially been up over the stairs d/t our mobile dude.

The fire was too hot....

My kids never nieces and nephews and kids and brother (who somehow got nominated to hold Vince for the photo....
Papa's new wagon assembly
STANDING at the table playing!!!
SOO tired after the busy weekend in Grafton...

Best Buds Q and T
Splash pad: first attempt: unsuccessful. He was crying in this photo! And clinging to me for dear life!
OOOH, so refreshing!

Yes, crazy month it has been.

Vince is "crawling", crying and cat napping...the three c's I guess.

We've finally had some nice weather to enjoy time outside.

Visited my family.

And Q and V have spending some great quality time in Eagle Lake.