Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, inspired by the day of talking up the "inevitable" Viking win, Q wanted to wear a party dress to Jim and Stacy's the other night.

Yes, even by the middle of the game, Q didn't want to watch the horror on the television!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Late Day

Well, work is postponed for awhile today as I declared today "clean the kitchen night" at work. That means since I'm no longer way am I planning to spend more than 8-10 hours there in a day! So, I get to spend some time with Q this morning and head in to work in time for lunch. And apparently it's a good day to do so as the roads are littered with slow traffic and accidents from yesterday's snow, sorta melty and icy road conditions.

We went to Jim and Stacy and Finn's for the game the other night...Q really wanted to make it through the whole game, but asked desperately for bed at the OT. Who can blame her! She has TWO disappointing loses from the Pack and the Vikes this year!! Mike and I agreed the other night that she can be any fan she long as she's not a Bear! I'd prefer her to be anti-Dallas as well, but she just can't be a Bear fan. :)

Our day care Trisha is getting closer and closer to delivery...and she'd not due for 21 days! She's a the same stage as another friend of ours who's due in 8 days...AHHH! She's excited and nervous at the same time...all those feelings we all have before delivery. So, Stacy has agreed to help us with day care and I think my Dad still hopes to come out for some days too. Could be a fun couple weeks for Q! And what a transition for Trisha to make from preggo to just her and kiddo to watching 2 crazy kids and her own! Hopefully Q's through her "do it self" phase and let's us continue to help with hygeine. She's definitely going through some rebellious stage.

Oh well, time to go play!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Grammy? and updates

"Cookie Grammy Car!!!"
That's what I heard on the way home as Q managed to get her diaper bag off the seat and get into it. Apparently Grammy let her have cookies in the car and they stayed in the diaper bag since her departure last week. I didn't think Grammy allowed food in her car, I'm shocked! Is this the truth, Grammy? Inquiring minds want to know if Q's telling her little white lies already!

Over all, big news in the Born house today. I'm officially a FT dietary manager again...and well, still a FT mama! We've (I've) been debating for several weeks about what I really want to do ... and with Quinn loving day care and Trisha doing a great job being Mom to my little girl the past 3 months, it's hard to get her "used to" just me every day! Not to mention the extra money has been really nice with furnishing our home and retirement (I love thinking about retirement when I've only been working 10 years!).

So, I'm back at Trinity Care in Farmington. The drive gets to be tough some days, but the days I don't take Q with me ... the drive seems AGES longer. SO, not only do I become thankful for the company, but I get some time to converse with my little girl at the beginning and end of every day.

And yes, converse with her. She's a chatterbox and has a million words.

Her new favorite toy and book at day care is "barney phone" and "barney story". We have yet to ever watch a minute of Barney (mostly because what time is it on anyway?!), but also because what's TV?! :)

Her favorite thing to see on TV is "Berenstein Bears DVD!" and she knows how to put it in and start the x-box to watch it....too bad you need to go through some menu screens and input changes or she'd probably do it herself.

She's currently in a take diaper off in her crib and throw it across the room or lay it in her bed if she wakes up or attempts to fall asleep with a wet diaper. We're having some backwards clothes interventions to stop the peeing in the bed scenarios we've had. Apparently it's common....I guess she still pees through her diaper so the sheets change anyway...but it's TOTALLY different than a pile of pee. Sigh... SO, we've started more serious potty training but she still seems oblivious to pee and poop sensations. And she doesn't love the feeling. We've had one successful potty and all night dry...but the mornings are tough with her being super groggy and woken up to leave for a 45 minute car ride. I'm not sure how this training will pan out, but maybe soon!! I've also tried to limit her beverage intake after 4 to 4 oz as she pees a million times more if she gets more than that. She was getting pretty used to milk with dinner and stories and the transition away to only one or the other seems to be difficult. If she didn't drink much all day, I'd still let her have it, but she drinks very well all day long, so I don't think it's a bad thing...trying to control peeing in the bed at night!!

She also requested a "big bed" the other night so hopefully her room will be finished this weekend and she'll get her big bed with a new colored room! Wish me luck with the project!! :)

She loves bathtub crayons and she especially likes to color the bottom of the tub and below the water level. I didn't think it would work, but she proved me wrong! Silly girl.

She loves to cook and bake in her new kitchen since Christmas. Eggs, cookies, bagels and donuts are her daily specials.

She's a little bookworm lately too. I've started limiting her to 3 stories a night before bed as she'd be okay with reading all night long...and prolonging bed time. So we read when we get home, quick dinner, movie/puzzles/"gym class", 3 stories and bed.

Only 4 more weeks until our day care Trisha is due. We're looking for day care alternatives as she could really be out for up to 4-6 weeks....youch now that I'm working, right?! If anyone has local ideas, let us know!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I miss my days off!!

So I took off work yesterday to go to the Como Conservatory and Zoo with Stacy, Finn and Austin...and Quinn of course! Man, do I miss my days off during the week! I really didn't realize it until yesterday. It was the first time since starting back working again that I really realized what I was missing out on every day I drop Q off at day care. We had a really good time with the three kiddos. Austin and Quinn are crazy for each other and Finn seemed to just love being out of the house!

No official word on the work front yet, but we're hoping to having something finalized this week or next week. I'm still not sure what I want to tell them. I really love being at home, but man alive the money is nice! Especially as we're still furnishing our home.

Quinn's vocabulary is going crazy. She babbles ALL DAY long. Most of the time I can pick out what she's saying, but lately I swear she's picking up on the Chinese coming from the nearby elementary school somehow! She's counting 1-4 without skipping numbers now. She'll remember 5 from time to time, but she gets so excited she knows "one" now that she tends to stop and count backwards from 4 before going to 5. After that, she like to skip the odd numbers "five, six, eight, TEN, twelve". I'd like to say I taught her that on purpose, but it's just not true.

She got a Berenstein Bears DVD with 6 short episodes on it and it quickly became her favorite activity (after colors, play dough and running naked).

She eats us out of food most of the time...she's still a great eater. I swear each day when I pick her up she's gained a pound or two...I think we're in for another growth spurt!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year

Vikings game yesterday!!! Our anniversary present to ourselves via help from Mary (thanks!!). The tickets were actually in the former Gopher student section almost exactly where Mike used to sit (and somehow we failed to realize this prior to the game, but the tickets were good!) After several self-attempts, the guys behind us finally took a photo for us.

Sorry, Dannie, I tried the WHOLE GAME to get a good Favre "butt shot" but this is the best I could do for ya. :) Dude doesn't stay in the huddle very long!!!

And Saturday, while Mike was on a Dads with kids date at the MOA, I tested new colors for Q's room. From awful purple with even more awful pink to much calmer purple and green. The green is still a little loud...we'll see if I can find something with a new tone.

And one of Q's new Carol coats and sporting her shades too!! She's growing into a diva more and more. Heck, I'm just happy she wore clothes this day...she really only ever wants to wear PJs these days!!

Wow, has the year only been a few days long? I must say we had the most non-productive productive weekend. I feel like (with the exception of last night) we moved pretty much all weekend.