Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are you freaking kidding me?

TWO HOURS...start to finish.

12:34am (when she woke up screaming; I actually hit REM sleep and was awoken from it...not a happy Mommy!!) to 2:42am (when I crawled back into bed...partially regretting I gave in).

Really, would any of you found a different solution? Hearing you baby SCREAM almost constantly for that long in the middle of the night? Here's my night (and why I'm on coffee cup #3..FULL strength!)

I went in a little after one to give her her sucker and blankie by then I was sure in my head they weren't in her crib anymore.
They were on the floor.

She calmed down...just sobbing...for about 15 minutes. I thought, THANK GOD, it worked.

Then started wailing again.

I told myself she was fine, don't give in. She calmed down about 2...yep, about 45 minutes of her crying. A few breaks here and there as I'm sure she was getting sore and out of breath and full of snot.

She calmed down for about another 10 minutes and started screaming again. At that point...about 20 after 2, I said, fine. I'll cuddle with you. You're obviously more than upset right now.

As soon as I got in the door, she stood up with her blankie and sucker (managed to keep them this hour) and held up her arms. How do you resist that?

So we cuddled for about 2 minutes and she looked up at me, threw her sucker across the room and started tugging at my shirt.

I really didn't want to give in...but after 2 hours of talking, I need a drink...much less two hours of screaming...I can only imagine how that little throat felt. So, I gave in an nursed her. She drank for a few minutes, looked up at me and said "ah da dankkk" (all done, thank you in Quinn language).

Now that I have a few more hours of sleep in me...that makes me cry. After listening to her scream for 2 hours...I just wanted to scream myself. Seriously, Quinn. Two hours of screaming for a cuddle and 3 minutes of nursing?! What the heck?!

And guess who was awake with the sun shortly after 6 and who was awoken from ANOTHER REM cycle....

SOOOO, to you Mom's out there that have kids who just sleep through the night. HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!!? This process will tip my scale to OVERFLOWING if she doesn't just sleep through the night already!!!

I may banish myself to the basement bedroom and have Mike deal with listening to her all night. Of course, he's not home until Monday...And after one night he may join the basement!!

I still feel like I let her cry too long......I know I just gotta stick to it and find something that will get her to JUST SLEEP. How I miss the days of month 3 or so when she was sleeping through the night a few times a least it felt like that back then....

I do feel bad for the neighbors during this process. When she gets screaming like that, you can hear her in our backyard with the windows closed! We must get her sleeping before "sleeping with the windows open" season!!!! Or I will be baking lots of "I'm sorry my girl doesn't understand that night time is for sleeping" goodies for the neighborhood!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Boston Aquarium

I thought it was pretty cool that the Aquarium was RIGHT on the water like this. A "real" harbor and everything. Smelled like fish. But not like Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee smell of, fresh fish! Ha ha...

SOOOO, in case you can't already tell....I finally pulled the camera out again today. Turns out I didn't delete the Boston photos from the memory card after I put them on the desktop of our virus computer! YAY! (Oh, and my new theory is that the computer virus really is a super virus as it transferred to infecting the humans in the house...that's how Mike got away with being fine all didn't get to him in the middle of the night or all day! ....if only that were true....)

So, here are some photos of our trip to the Boston Aquarium last week Tuesday. Did I mention I heart Boston yet? I'm not sure if that came to the blog yet...but I heart Boston. I'm glad I took some photos to remind me! :)

These were the coolest fish interlocking blocks I've ever seen. And they did not have them in the gift shop! There was a "Curious George" play center near the large central aquarium (where the sharks and turtles were). She loved these blocks...any hints from anyone where I may find them to purchase??

As soon as you walk in the main doors, you see penguins. Loads of penguins.

Quinn looking over the side at the penguins.

And they had tons of jellyfish! There was a walkway of ceramic jellyfish...that was Quinn's favorite part of the whole aquarium I think. Not the giant turtle, sharks, penguins, fish, or any of the actual animals they had....the jellyfish archway....

She did admire the blue of the jellyfish tanks though....

I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out the Mac OS stuff too; let me tell you. There are probably easier ways to doing this photo download ... I'm probably making this waaaa-aaay to difficult on myself! OH WELL!

The video speaks for itself.

And...after the busy afternoon at the aquarium...chill time. We had about 15 minutes waiting for the train on the blue line. You can't really see it on this photo, but the blue line end point is "wonderland". That made me chuckle...there's actually a Wonderland in Boston! :)

Oh, that was a long day with a short stroller, alone, no place to sit anywhere, and a sore back and foot from a fall the previous week. But it was fun...I'm pretty sure we both took a 2 hour nap when we got back! Oh, after a 30 minute swim, of course!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

....She's TOO Quiet!....

I'm making brownies today, super excited about them. Yep, FROM SCRATCH! I'm turning into a "scratch baking" kind of gal. Why? Control sugar and "boxed preservatives" that you get with the boxes. And a whole lotta money. Which is good for me ... and will help if I ever go back to work in the kitchen again...I'll have knowledge of scratch baking to share with my staff.

BUT, that's not the point of Quinn being TOO quiet. Whenever she gets quiet playing...I know I'm in trouble. This time it was the kitchen. And she was in the back area by the door...there's nothing that could keep her this quiet.

OH, except the garbage can!

I wish I had the camera close at hand because it was funny and horrific all at the same time.

What was she doing? EATING COFFEE GROUNDS. She'll be pooping coffee for days...I can see it already. And that probably won't help her GI issues (it's ALMOST 24 hours since an episode!!). The coffee was EVERYWHERE. I had them SEALED in a container...the container was open and coffee was EVERYWHERE. In her hair, in her diaper, in her nose, in her shirt...not to mention under the bathroom and closet doors, all over the floor...oh. It was everywhere.

Quite the site to see with Quinn being TOO quiet.

And were right about the blog...changed it up a little. Now the green will make your eyes go wacky! :)

Fifteen Months

And, well, I don't get these computers and our router sucks. SOOOO, no photos AGAIN...sorry!!!

But, if you want to know some great stuff about Quinn, you can keep reading.

Mobility: walking like a pro! Except when her feet, toys, rugs, thresholds, books, stairs, clothes (etc) get in the way and she falls. She's still a crawler...but more-so when she's crawling under her bed (how she manages this ... army crawl mostly), or under her slide, or onto bookshelves, or when trying to get under the couch.

Eating: eating like a pro! She's accepting milk into her life a little more readily these days. But even after a few ounces of milk, she still wants to nurse! It's getting to the stage where she's lifting my shirt when she's getting sleepy and wants to nurse and go to bed. I'm not sure how I feel about this. She's still nursing about 4-6 times a day. I've added the "middle of the night" feeding again this week, but only because I know she needs the fluids with her GI illness. She's not liking the pedialyte or juice so much...just wants Mommy. And while I love it...we were SOOOOOOO close to no more 4am feedings!! I must say I'm almost awake at 4 am, though...from 10-4...6 hours of sleep...not a bad stretch! As far as solids go, she does not like carbs as much anymore...I somehow managed to get her to eat pancakes the other day. Crackers, cheerios, bagels, toast...not so much. Goldfish crackers, always. Why is this...I think to myself. Because she's a cheese freak, is the answer. If she sees cheese in a picture, if you say cheese, if there is a food that looks like a block of better have cheese close at hand or the WATERWORKS take awhile to end.

Temperment: Yes. She has a temper. If she sees something she wants and she can't get it herself...WATERWORKS. Screams, pouts, cries....crazy. Seriously, it's full out tears and snotty nose within 5 seconds. It's, honestly, the only "girl-like" thing I've seen from her so far! She'll break hearts with the tears and eyelashes. We better watch out!

There is also MUCH mischievness in those genes of hers. She's a climber...shelves, drawers, stools, chairs, baskets, boxes...even if she barely fits...she will try to sit in it. And most of the time suceeds. I think she's self-training to be a magician assistant. She can curl up into the tiniest ball to fit in some baskets and on some shelves and under her's the craziest thing to watch.

She's sooo playful it's tiring. I think she's part lab (yes, the dog). She loves peek-a-boo. The new thing she started this week is putting a blanket over her head and walking around like a ghost. I watch it and I swear she's know, the part where they take him trick or treating and he's got that waddle walk...that's Quinn walking with a blanket over her head. And she just GIGGLES the whole time. And as the video a few weeks ago shows...she loves it when you hide around a corner or piece of furniture and jump out at her. If it's followed by tickling, she's in heaven. She will run away, run back and hope you repeat it over and over and over and over and over (really, she could play this game for 15 mintues if I didn't get tired after 5!!) and over again. For my family at home: it's like Cosmo and tennis balls or rocks. It could never ever end and that still wouldn't be long enough.

Vocabulary: I'm so excited for more "real" words and putting words together, I can hardly wait! But she has words I can make out on a daily basis. If anyone else could make them out....who knows?!
ma ma
da da
morning (sounds a like like ma ma, but it's more mooma)
stuck (uk)
socks (xss)
honk (oknk) (uncle joel is proof of that one from last month!)
I'm eating something that's not food (AAAAlhalhh)
meow (is still's more like mbaa, though)
cat/kitty (k k k k)
I see something new or exciting (hi-ee)
hi (hi-ee)
more (mo mo mo mo)
nose (na no...i think she's talking some spanglish here...nose/nariz)

she also knows clothes and where they go, but won't say them. when she get dressed or undressed (lots this week!!) and when we're in the bath (again...lots this week!). she knows where things go, just doesn't have coordination there yet. And she's silly a lot since red hat, green hat is "oops" with clothes. She thinks she's pretty funny. As far as body parts and pointing them out...she knows where her nose is. And usually after nursing she'll start pointing to all my features on my face and want to know what they are. At times she'll point to my tongue, then lips, then hers....etc. So, there's a connection there...just not to the "where are your eyes" and pointing her eyes out. I honestly don't know where she "should" be at for that stuff, but I feel like she's a sponge and suddenly one day, she'll shock me with how much she'll know.

Books: She's finally paging through books and looking at photos and remembering stories and concepts! However, this has come after she has chewed through the majority of them...they will most likely get tossed with the move. Again...I swear she's part lab! We have an opposites book (What's Up Duck?) and her favorites to repeat are up, down, near, and front. I'm not sure why those are the only ones that have stuck so far...but we're working on it. She also loves Moo, Baa, La La La....but we get to page three where the pigs go "la la la" and that book ends. She also loves red hat, green hat, blue hat, oops! (pppsssss, she says to the turkey...and a turkey says "ppps" not gobble gobble thanks to the way I started reading this book to her!). I think her favorite is the end when he jumps into the pool with all his clothes on...because she became a fish last week in that pool (she runs around with her lil swimmer going .. sp sp (splash splash)...).
Moral: she's come a long way with books this last month...yay!!!

Development: we're working on colors, body parts, animals, emotions, opposites, and using utensils and dishes at meals. She still loves music and dancing. I forget what it was the other day....or what we were doing...but she thought it was music and started dancing. It was like...the dishwasher or something silly like that. It was pretty funny. Maybe it was the cell phone...I don't remember. She loves songs about horsies (trot ol' joe, she'll be coming around the mountain, see the pony together horsie songs, I guess). And she loves "jai ho" from Slumdog! I started singing it today because I've watched a lot of TV lately and the commercial for the movie is like, every other commercial and I really like it. It was our morning stretch tune today. Anyway, she was clapping and tapping her toes and stretching along with me! It was awesome! I may need to get the soundtrack! And it's a great tune to do stretches

Hmm...I'm pretty sure there's about a million more things that Q has learned this month. She really misses her Daddy this week. So does Killer...this cat is driving me bonkers! 2 weeks without Mike is apparently TOO LONG for him. I've even been taking him outside every good...still walks around the house whining...he's even sleeping on Mike's part of the bed this week!! I miss him too, but I don't call for Daddy all day long! :) He called yesterday and Q gave the phone kisses and got a big ol' smile. She then proceeded to climb the stairs to his office as that's where she thought he was. She was very sad to see no Daddy...and very confused as to why she could still hear him! There are only a few more trips for him, though, so that's good. Study season is starting though, so he'll have to find a way to squeeze in some quality Quinn time from now until June!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hoping gets you ...

...bathroom time too!

Don't keep reading if you don't want to be a little grossed out.

I was hoping Q's ooze sickness was just teething or something crazy like that. She seems to be improving...from brown/orange liquid to a more solid, slimy green.

About 8:30 last night, it hit me too.

Ugh. I HATE intestinal illnesses. Especially when you're home alone with no family close by to pawn off the little one...heck, even run to get us groceries!

I must say this is the most interesting illness I've come across lately. I feel fine. Just a little tired with frequent bathroom trips. No fever, no aches, no chills...just the uncertainty of how far I can get from home. I guess, lucky for me, Q still seems to have it a little bit too as we both got a nice, long morning nap. Which was nice considering my long night.

And I'm not sure if the headache is dehydration or caffeine withdrawal!! I think it's a little of both!

I'm not sure whether to gorge myself in food since it's Fat Tuesday or to avoid it altogether knowing what will result. Decision: compromise! That failed for me, FYI. Sugar is NOT good when sick!!!

We're hoping Daddy is okay in Denver. I suppose it's a blessing he's not here to be sick with us too. I don't know that I could handle three sick people!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Boston Video

Bubble Beard

Q's bath time yesterday cracked me up. I gave her super bubbles to help clean off all the yecky brown stuff. She kept trying to eat the bubbles...forming a bubble beard!

More Boston to come later (depending on Q's napping).

On the Oscar note...I loved Hugh's performance! I really enjoyed the night and performances in general. I actually laughed several times. Winslett making her dad whistle made me almost cry...and the shampoo bottle...ha ha...oh it was cute. Only one dress I saw I didn't like...Miley Cyrus..what was that? Hmm...what else was it...didn't see any of the movies (again) and I may actually netflix some of them! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Never Fails

Mike leaves, Q gets sick or I'm under the weather.

This week may be both!!

I'm still very sore from the fall last week...or before we left. Whole right side whenever I'm standing...oh it's fun!

And Quinn's been pooping, eating, sleeping, cuddling, or screaming today. Yep, that's pooping first on the list. Four outfits, 3 sets of sheets, 30 minutes in the tub, and a lucky 30 minute diaper-free play time in her room as her butt looks like it wants to still be celebrating Valentine's Day! And on her 15 month birthday! Poor girl.

But no fever (that I can tell and if I'm using the thermometer correctly...).

And only crabby because why would a diaper that yecky feel good?

And no appetite changes...increased intake if anything.

And several 2 hour-long naps today...awoken by...YEP new diaper and sheets.

Cuddly and wanting story after story (or open book, read a page, next book).

She keeps looking for Daddy...and he's gone until next Tuesday! There may have to be a special daughter/daddy day next week.

Hopefully I will start to feel better this week. I've been reclined on a heating pad and trying to stay off my feet. And hopefully Q will feel better too. This was going to be the week I let her cry through the night with hopes that she'll just sleep. I'm not feeding her anymore so I'm still confused why she feels it neccessary to wake up to scream to have me just rock her back to sleep. Maybe it's her teeth yet...maybe she just likes to know her Mommy is still around. Maybe it's nightmares? Who knows. I just know that if Daddy sees her anytime after 9pm and before's noooo good and the screaming doesn't stop. She associates Daddy with playtime and when she's tired, she wants none-of-that!

AND our computer with Windows (and with all my photos and videos) is sick too! So, no Boston photo updates until after Mike's return to fix the computer. Sorry! I will try to get some new videos and photos to share with you all this week, though, to hold you over. :)

It's great to be back!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're Back!

I'm going to do these posts by days; breaking down our week. Internet was not so inexpensive at the hotel...and when I finally gave in and decided to hit up the Starbucks for free WiFi...the computer battery was dead and I couldn't find any outlets that worked closeby! Go figure!

A view of the hotel with the Boston library on the right. The website said they were close to the library, but I wasn't expecting it to be across the street! We were also on the 33rd floor and a few blocks from the Prudential Center, so why pay money to go to the top of the Prudential Center? Saved me a trip and some dinero!

Hotel looking on....

Next up, a view from our room! Prudential Center on the left. Fenway is just to the right of it behind those other buildings...can't really make it out. If you can make out the Citgo sign near the middle of the photo...Fenway is across the freeway from that. So, you could say we were in a prime tourist location!

Q in front of the Prudential Center....couldn't get the top of the building, but I think it's a cute shot.

And I loved Boston. Seriously, it was a great week. But I watched WAAAAY too much TV! I didn't realize how quickly I became used to the radio and CDs with no TV in Q's room or the living room. I also didn't realize how much time I spend blogging, emailing, cleaning and cooking while Q naps! I guess my time had to be filled somehow...I could've brought a book, I guess. But, it was VACATION! :)

I must say I'm glad there's no TV where we play; as by the time yesterday morning came around, Q would curl up on my lap and just STARE at the TV. But not for long...only about 2-4 minute intervals. But, that's a long period of time to keep her attention! OH, and she didn't want cartoons, she wanted the Today show and news! As far as talk shows and game shows were concerned (Trivia Pursuit the game show?!); every time there was clapping, she would stop what she was doing, turn around, start clapping and go "yaaaaaaah", If there was laughing, she would stop what she was doing and start laughing. I guess that's her new trick she learned this week!

She loved the elevator. We took about 4 trips a day just to help keep her occupied...and for our trips out and about and to the pool! She looks scared here, but she's got this crazy ability to stop smiling when the flash goes off these days...that and the elevator went pretty fast from floor 2 to 33! The pressure in my ears was driving me crazy...maybe it bothered her too?

She loved the pool and all the kids that were around (it was winter break week here so very few schools had classes). I'm actually pretty surprised at the number of families at the hotel for the price tag that was associated. "What recession?" went through my mind as I entered crowded restaurants and attractions at all times during the day. At least downtown Boston seems to have a strong economy! Well, I take that back partially. We were attached to Copley Place, a mall in downtown. There were LOTS of "high end" stores (to name a few: Coach, Nine West, Gucci, and Louis Voitton if that's even close to spelled correctly) that were empty except for a staff member here or there. The ones that were having their winter sales (+50% off) were packed. SOOO, I guess the area is not crazy with money, but still seems to be doing okay.

Okay, my look at this next photo and tell me there's no resemblance to Liz...I dare you! I'm looking at it now and it's uncanny to me...really...look at that's a family thing maybe! Or a first child thing?

Yes, Grandma Mary, that's the 12 month suit and towel you got her for baptism. Yes, 12 month!! Some of the 18 month clothes I have for her are TOO BIG! Yep, the ones that barely fit her waist 3 months ago are TOO BIG. I did buy her a larger swim suit the other day at Target because I couldn't resist, so we won't need a bigger one for summer fun at the beach. I have a feeling she'll love the ocean! I'm sooooo excited to take her!

By the end of the week, she had our walk from the pool to the room down solid. She'd go to the elevator with the light, walk on, get off the elevator and walk up to every door with the key card and reach to the door.

Over the course of the week, we saw the aquarium, central library, Prudential Center, Fenway (from the outside), children's museum, public gardens, the commons, and much more of the city just walking around! I forgot my camera the day we walked to Fenway, but I have some kind of fun shots from the rest of the week.
And she pretty quickly became "at home" in her crib at the hotel. We had few problems getting her to sleep--she didn't like to see us still awake when she had to go to bed so her bedtime got quite a bit later.

Friday, February 13, 2009


What is with her and baskets anyway?? I did not prompt her to do this in any way, shape, or form. She's just silly, I guess.

Bruises and Twists

So, it happened today.

I slipped down our stairs...only 2...but it was a hard fall. Because Q was on top of me. She's fine. I think she bit her tongue...but no blood and only a few scared tears as I was in instant tears. LEAST a bruised hip, neck and twisted ankle. Think something happened to my side and tailbone too.

Man that sucks. So much for the long walk this afternoon! Hopefully the car ride on Sunday won't be awful!

OH, and her top two eye teeth are poking through! So that's 8 on top and 6 on the bottom. And she still swallows most of her food whole....crazy girl!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This was supposed to post with today's words.....

Sixty-Five Degrees Yesterday . . .

And today we have Sixty-Five MPH wind gusts!

Seriously, we could've been in t-shirts yesterday, but it felt wrong as it's still February. I was sweating in my long sleeve shirt, I'm sure Q was too. It was 70 degrees inside! At the park, I was getting goofy enough looks not having her in a coat--imagine if we would've been in t-shirts!. We were walking around barefoot outside blowing bubbles when we got home from the park..the sun had the sidewalk so toasty warm! WONDERFUL day. Is it summer yet? At least the snow is out of the forcast now. Except Boston is forcasted to be 30s all week....burrr. Ha ha...we'll deal just fine!

And Q has been especially silly lately. JUST prior to taking this photo, Quinn was cuddled with Mike, head on his shoulder and all. She saw the camera and perked right up! Too bad the flash causes her to blink in ALMOST EVERY photo. And yes, I realize her hair is out of control...she needs a cut desperately.
And, yes, that's my apron she's wearing. She was helping me bake devil's food cake.
And her favorite game with Dad is chase him into our bedroom and play peek-a-boo around the bed! Mike will hide on the other side and pop up and she GIGGLES. Then it makes me giggle. And look at her walking!
Overall, it's crazy how much she's learning these days. OH, and she knows where her nose is--if asked in English or Spanish!! One body part a week on command, in two languages -- that's my goal. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At UWSP?!?!

It seems so strange to think I lived in Watson Hall (right next door) for three years. And in Thomson for a summer! And the news release is emailed to me...shivers! My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

uwsp news release
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
University Relations and Communications, 715-346-3046, Fax 715-346-2042,
February 9, 2009
UW-Stevens Point student death
The Portage County Coroner's office announced today that the cause of death for UW-Stevens Point freshman Andrew Woods will not be determined until toxicology and pathology studies are complete, which could take up to three months.
Woods, 19, of Fredonia, died early Saturday at St. Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point after he was found unconscious in Thomson Hall, a campus residence hall.
The coroner's office indicated that trauma and foul play have been ruled out as factors in Woods' death, and alcohol consumption has not been determined to have been the primary cause of death at this point.
Woods' funeral will be held Thursday, Feb. 12, at 7 p.m. at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, 7750 N Hwy 144, near West Bend. Visitation will be held from 4 until 7 p.m.
The university mourning flag will be flown at Old Main on Thursday in memory of Andrew Woods.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bridge and Juicy Lucy!

We skipped Grimaldi's as we didn't really really want to wait in line for an hour, to eat for an hour, and then walk in the chilly weather so we got a banana split from a Brooklyn Ice Cream shop down the road on the pier. It was super yummy...and huge...and we managed to take no photos of it. Guess we'll have to go back for another sometime soon!

It is kind of like pulling teeth these days to get a good photo WITH Quinn looking good too. It's hard to just concentrate on looking at the camera and not Quinn. Eh, we each got decent shots anyway!

Daddy and Quinn on the pier in front of the ice cream shop (yep, the lighthouse-looking thing is the shop!)

Mommy and Quinn before the journey across the bridge...yep, that bridge in the background!

It wasn't too bad...this photo was taken at about the upright part/whatever you call it part that you can see in the previous photo...on the way towards land again!

And I don't look totally freaked out do I?

Somehow Mike managed to get a shot with very few people in it. The bridge was pretty crowded. It was a pretty cool experience, and maybe next time I'll actually look up and enjoy the bridge a little more.

The bikers and runners made the trek a little more difficult as the majority of the people walk the bridge. I don't know that I'd have the desire to ever bike across it as people really can't walk without running into each other...much less having to keep an eye out for bikers who may hit you!

It was pretty windy and with the may have only been about 35 degrees or so. And, of course, Q insisted on sitting IN FRONT OF the wind shield so it really didn't help on the walk across the bridge. It did come in handy on our walk home. Mike and I were talking about juicy lucy's as we walked across the bridge and he managed to find a place that had them in Manhattan. It was another 30 minute train ride which meant at least an hour and half back home....but I was sooooo craving the juicy lucy that it was going to be worth long as Q could handle it.

Well, she handled it just fine. It was a bar and she got to run around and eat mushrooms and burger and cheese and she loved it...I think. She loves being out and about really, so it was all good. Towards the end of the train ride she started to get cranky, but once we hit the pavement on our walk home from the subway...she was vegged out. And it was COLD and into the wind....burrrrr. But we made it home none-the-less!

I think I'm going to miss this city. Look at that view from the bridge! I love it. I really do! The view. Not the fact that it took us 2 hours to go about...hmmm....14.78 miles according to Mapquest. Gotta love trains, waiting, and walking to get around NYC.

And of course, Quinn-o-Vision!


She likes them, I guess.

Q and I are grocery shopping the other day. I'm looking at oranges...I turn around and Q has a tomato in one hand with a big ol' bite take out and another one in her other hand going for a big ol' bite.

I really really really need to learn to keep her away from things she can easily grab. I think I blogged about the beer incident a few weeks ago.

Needless to say, we had tomatoes with our tuna salad sandwiches for lunch that day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sixty Degrees

So we're going to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hopefully my fear of heights won't be exasperated by the crazy winds we're having today. But, it's something I want to to come!

Oh, and of course this will call for a trip to Grimaldi's too...YAY PIZZA!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Where Did the Day Go?

Well, 12-6:15...that's the span of sleep I got!! I never thought I could feel so good on 6 hours of sleep. Crazy what an extra 2 hours will do for a gal. :) Q slept from we're getting closer and closer. I think all 4 molars are "officially" in---topping our mouth at 12 teeth. When do those eye teeth come in? I hope never. If we've had these problems with "just teeth", I don't want any more to come in ever! We've slowly been working in 4-6 oz of chocolate milk with dinner to see if that helps satiate her. It seems to maybe be working...but when she gets up at 10/10:30/11, she wants to nurse (she's ready for bed about 7 and after stories it's about 7:30 or 8...unless Daddy gets home then it's usually closer to 8:30 or 9). I've really really really really been trying to not get up at 2 or 4 when she wakes up, but it's soooo hard for me to stay in bed and pretend to sleep when she's down the hall screaming and screaming and screaming. If she sleeps through the night a few more times, I'll be happy as a bee. If not, the guest bedroom may be my resort to get her to "self-sooth" in the middle of the night and for me to not be tooo bothered by it (baby monitors can be seen and not heard). We'll see.

One more week until Boston! Any ideas to keep me and Q busy while Daddy works?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Post 2 Today...Botanist Anyone?!

I'm trying to figure out how to care for buster and stripes.

Anyone know their common names or tips? See link for photos.

She Understands Me...

...when it is convenient for her world.

If I quote words from one of her favorite books, she'll grab a few and come sit on my lap.

If we're getting ready to go somewhere and I ask where her socks and shoes are, she'll somehow find some and try to put them on (sometimes she tries to put them on over her head, but most of the time she tries to put them on her feet).

If I say, "'re getting so big". She'll raise her arms and try to take her shirt off. If I don't take her shirt off or distract her with something really cool, she'll get angry and throw a tantrum as if saying "you said, 'so big', now take my shirt off!".

Her mode of transportation is now walking with MINIMAL crawling. She'll sometimes crawl to get over the thresholds around the house. She'll crawl when she's playing with her bus or toys on wheels. And she'll crawl when she's REALLY REALLY REALLY sleepy. It's funny watching her try to walk when she's that sleepy.

She knows "blanket" means naptime and is often the one to find it and want it when she's tired...not when I ask her to take a nap or bedtime.

I can't sit in the chair in her room without her thinking it's nursing time. Yes, she's still nursing and loving it. About 3-5 times a day depending on her solids appetite (her choice, not mine). Chocolate milk from a bottle is the only way she's drinking milk, so, I'll take what I can get! My OB was waaaay more excited than her pediatrician that breastfeeding was still going well. It's still the best fluids she could be getting. I'm still amazed at how her overall appetite varies from day to day.

Her 18 month pants are getting BIG on her?! Pants that BARELY fit her waist 4 months ago are now ALMOST not too long and almost BIG in the waist. She must be getting taller!

Drawers in the kitchen, cabinets in the kitchen, the drawers on our console table...anything on our kitchen table or edge of the counters...she'll reach it and grab it in MILLISECONDS. It's making meal time harder and I often have cutting boards and knives close at preparation has changed tremendously!

She's getting much more introverted at music class. I'm not sure if she's intimidated by the other kids or the other moms. Maybe it's an internal sense they have to "stay away" from a mom and her baby? Similar to when we first brought Q home and the cats stayed FAAAR away from me and Q? Not that she's a cat...but that instinct could still be there? I don't know. And she's not nearly as introverted with Abby (the teacher) and often gets upset if Abby leaves the circle for any reason (get toys, get guitar, start back-up music, etc).

She still likes to "eat" all her toys and books, but I think it's time to start going to the library again. In fact, she somehow got one of her books out of her toy box by her bed and was eating it after her nap the other day! Guess she didn't eat enough fiber for breakfast that day! On the other hand, she'll mostly look through magazines now---vs eating them. :) She still likes to eat them occassionally, though.

We'll see if the Monday reading group at the close library is worth going to (if there are others there). Otherwise we may head to the "main" Brooklyn library in Park Slope. She's much more interested in hearing stories....but not actually giving you a chance to read the words on the pages. Just quick descriptions (egg, nest, cloud, tree, bird falls, are you mommy?, woof woof, snort, there's mommy, the end)...that's "are you my mother" in Q's world!

She knows "do you want to eat?" or "do you want a bite?" are associated with her chair and mealtime. In fact, I tried to just push her up to the table instead of using her tray yesterday and she put up a fuss and wouldn't stop pointing at her tray on put on the ground! So, we used her tray!

She's growing up too fast! Seriously, there's something new every day. I asked her before bed last night to find her sucker and she kept pounding on the door holding her blankies. I was so confused, but I couldn't find it in her room either. After a few minutes, I finally went to Mike and asked if he had it. He did. She knew he had it? I'm not sure......

OOOOOOH! The day after the park/50 degrees, it snowed ALL DAY..about 3 solid inches of wet, heavy, icy, bad to shovel snow (and yes, the Mexicans came knocking the next morning to shovel our sidewalk....uhm, that had a dusting of snow on it ...whatever--I got angry bc they kept ringing the bell and Q was sleeping...the don't understand "STOP COMING TO OUR HOUSE...NUNCA...NEVER...NUNCA". That's what I said to the last guy at least...we'll see if the word spreads)... And well, yay above freezing and sunny since then, as it's almost all gone again.

It's only February, but I want it to be May! I want to build sand castles on the beach and enjoy the ocean this summer! Who wants to come visit and join me?!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Post 3 for the day: Walking at the Park

She thought these colors on the ground were the coolest!!

Dry House?

There's just a little static electricity in our house.

Quinn discovered it the other day on the couch. I'm not sure if she was so excited to be on the couch or being shocked from the static!

Things she's learned this week:

stacking rings on the ring stacker TOTALLY unassisted
pushing the ottoman across our living room to get onto the couch TOTALLY unassisted
using the wrong side of her spoon/fork to try to pick up her food off her plate
putting her cup on the table when she's done (instead of throwing it on the floor/across the room)
knows her socks go on her feet
knows her pants and shirt go somewhere else....usually around the neck...

...time to slow down...

My sister sent this to me. I love it!

*Just for this morning, I am going to step over the laundry, and pick you up and take you to the park to play.
*Just for this morning, I will leave the dishes in the sink, and let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together.
*Just for this afternoon, I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off, and sit with you in the backyard and blow bubbles.
*Just for this afternoon, I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you scream and whine for the ice cream truck and I will buy you one if he comes by.
*Just for this afternoon, I won't worry about what you are going to be when you grow up, or second guess every decision I have made where you are concerned.
*Just for this afternoon, I will let you help me bake cookies, and I won't stand over you trying to fix them.
*Just for this afternoon, I will take us to McDonald's and buy us both a Happy Meal so you can have both toys.
*Just for this evening, I will hold you in my arms and tell you a story about how you were born and how much I love you.
*Just for this evening, I will let you splash in the tub and splash with you.
*Just for this evening, I will let you stay up late while we sit on the porch and count all the stars.
*Just for this evening, I will snuggle beside you for hours, and miss my favorite TV shows.
*Just for this evening when I run my finger through your hair as you pray, I will simply be grateful that God has given me the greatest gift ever given.
*I will think about the mothers And fathers who are searching for their missing children, the mothers and fathers who are visiting their children's graves instead of their bedrooms, and mothers and fathers who are in hospital rooms watching their children suffer senselessly.
*And when I kiss you good night I will hold you a little tighter, a little longer. It is then, that I will thank God for you, and ask Him for nothing, except more days like these.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Park

We went to the park today!

And I took cute video...but the connection isn't so hot here today, so I hope to get them loaded soon soon soon!

Since it was 45 degrees by 9:30am, I decided we were heading to the park...despite my seemingly fractured foot...there's no way I was staying inside today! Especially with snow in the forcast...

So...Q decided to take a nap from 10:30 until 1! I was sooo anxious to get outside and play...I must admit I woke her up at 1. :) She had a light breakfast and needed lunch anyway, so I didn't feel terribly awful about it.

Yesterday, I had a little accident with the front door closing on my I compensated by walking and standing more on the front part of my foot. By the end of the day...I could barely walk. Then during the super bowl...Quinn fell over...twisting my ankle. I was sort of glad it was the same foot...but really, 3 injuries in one day?!

So, it felt better today; but we still went to the closer, smaller park. I also wanted to hit up the grocery store, dry cleaning, and RiteAid...

About 2 blocks from home, my foot cramped up and I could barely walk! I was in tears the whole way home, it hurt so bad. Needless to say, when we got home, I tried to stand on one foot to finish dishes from last night and we pretty much played in her room all afternoon so that I didn't have to chase her around the house. I was hoping for an additional afternoon nap with all the fresh air we got at the park. We were there an hour!!

It's an odd feeling playing in snow puddles without a coat on...Yes, Quinn was playing in the puddles...OH the joys of her independence walking. She sort of triped and landed in a big ole puddle when we first got there (just hands, but still got wet). Then I'm not sure she realized the ground was ending and the puddle of ice/water was beginning and she just charged through it...up past her ankles! So, that cut to the trip's end. And for some reason I always carry an extra pair of socks with her feet stayed toasty warm.

Oh, spring. Will you please come out and play to stay?!

On another note: how imperitive is it that crusty booger come out of kids' noses? Q's had a runny nose for a week now and when she wakes up from naps and in the morning, she's got big boogies and they just LOOK irritating. Well, really, if you try to get to her nose via game or semi-force...she screams bloody murder and curdling screams are released for about 5 minutes following. Seriously, it's as bad as when she gets shots at the doctor. And it's just a kleenex...or blankie...or wet wipe....or my finger real quick. Except it's never quick because she moves her head so quick....suggestions? do they need to come out? I just worry that somehow she'll get to much mucus buildup in her lungs while she sleeps and will get pnemonia. Parania or truth? HELP!

14 Months

Things Quinn learned

First Steps
Bye Bye waving
Mommy puts food on spoon, hands to Quinn, Quinn eats, hands back to Mommy
Blowing kisses (not on cue...just randomly)
Master of the Sippy Cup
Open drawer, empty drawer, fill drawer up with new stuff, close drawer
Open door, close door, open door, close door, open door, close door (etc)
Improved Cause and Effect (when I press this button, this song plays...etc)
Master of the slide and "rock wall" stairs that accompany it
I can push things across the room so I can be taller and climb on stuff (she pushes boxes and stools and pillows towards furniture to climb onto the furniture...or in the kitchen to get to counter height to see what I'm doing!)
Gets a diaper if I ask her to
Gets her blankies when she wants to nurse or go "ni ni"

She's cute and she's a ham.

If only I could sleep through her 3-4am wake up and scream session every night. Mike seems to have a system down for that....