Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drool, fever, chewing...

Means TEETH!!
He's got two lil bumps on his bottom gums! Vince is officially teething!

We attempted cereal again last night. He loves to watch us eat, but has yet to really grasp what eating entails. He made it through about 2T of rice 5 minutes later puke it all back up. At least he was still in his high chair! Guess it needs to be a little more milk-y to stay down yet. We'll try again tonight.

And, really, I'd give anything to have one day with the kiddos where Q wasn't puking, just puked, or pooping. This constant shedding of the Noro is making it circle this house. I'm to the point of saving some poop for the doctor to have it tested to find out if it's the Noro or if we have a different issue with our eldest child.

Anyway, that's no fun to read about, so back to Vince. We have his 6 month check-up this week to see how he compares to his big sis. From what I can tell, he's pretty much right where Q was at 6 months size-wise. About 20# about 25" and a big-ish head. :-)

I hit the clothes bins from the basement as much of his 9month stuff seems small-ish. I tried him in a pair of 12 month hand-me-down pants just to see...and they're perfectly fitting...except they're about 1/2" too long. May I just remind you all, that they're hand-me-down 9month and 12 month clothes. The new 9 month fit great and the new 12 month are too big. And I have 2 wash baskets of 12 month clothes!!! Thanks to my sisters and Patty for such generosity to Vince's wardrobe!

He's still not crawling or rolling over. I thought for sure 2 weeks ago it would come any hour. He's still more than happy in the exersaucer or sitting. He's sitting wonderfully. He can even sit, keep his balance, and look around his shoulder a little bit before toppling over (sitting and playing ok, sitting and looking behind him, fall over). Part of me thinks he'll butt scoot instead of roll or crawl...we'll see! Also, he's sitting wa-ay better than Q was at 6 months. And about 6months 2 weeks is when she started rolling, almost 8 before crawling! He loves toys...big and small. Will cry for them if out of reach, attempt once or twice to bend to get them, then give up, suck his thumb and take a nap OR whine until Q or myself get it for him.

In Mankato last week, we visited the Children's Museum (in what used to be a Pier One...what a great space!!) and Quinn's favorite were the large foam blocks. The jerky older boys kept taking pieces to our car. I let them have one or two at first, then they were purposefully taking the ones we were using and laughing! I said, please stop, she's younger than you are and she's getting upset. They proceeded to kick over our creation, pick up 2 more pieces and run away. WTF Mankato?? WTF? I was angry, but continued on. They came back for two more pieces, laughed in my face, and walked away. What would YOU do in this situation??

OH well, Q had to go potty, so we left our come back and see nothing anywhere closeby. SO, we moved onto sitting in the van seat they had pulled out and then it was almost time to go.

So we went to the carousel at the mall!

And even though she was almost sleeping here at the mall....she did not nap that day.....or most days. Unless you're Frog, then she sleeps great for her.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Vince giggles with Granny

Lucky kiddos got to see both sets of grandparents and great grandparents the past week!! And Quinn has names for each set.
We have Great Grandparents: Granny and Papa2 (how it's always Granny first, I'll never guess), Grandpa and Nana.
Grandparents: Papa Chuck and Grammy, Papa Joe and Gwanma Disney (or Mary are interchangeable or Grandma).

Here is Vince giggling with Granny.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Missouri highlights and Illness

Our kiddos are growing up. Vince is almost 6 months and Quinn is 3 1/4. What a difference a few months makes....but that's for a different blog.

The kids had it last week, day care had it this week, now it's my turn. And it sucks. From what I hear, I'll feel better in a couple maybe there's hope for dinner after all! Mike's not looking forward to maybe getting it as it's missed him so far. I guess the upside is that "looking" into the toilet and sitting on the floor makes me scour them clean...since I'm down there already, why not multi-task?

We had a great weekend visiting Nana and Great Grandpa Marlon in Missouri. And of course visiting with the Emerics, too!! And, the visit with Gwanma and Papa Joe and the Brefkas was another added bonus! Unfortunately, we seemed to be visiting during their coldest weather all season...go figure! However, it was still warmer than it's been here, so it was okay.

In response to GG Marlon's, "Quinn, you're in my chair". Quinn says, "You can sit on the couch if you want!" So innocent she is...only a kid who's 3 can get away with saying that and getting laughter as a response!!!

Vince didn't even swim and he was tuckered out!!

I didn't get one great shot of any of them, I guess...Albina, do you have any good ones? I'D LOVE them!!
"roll, roll, roll!" some day soon, maybe he'll roll over for real...this was the almost end product of....
..."Look ma, I'm doing it!"

Yep, he can sit...but not roll or crawl...unless you count...

crawling on your back. I put him on the floor by the door...this is where he ended up while I put Q in bed for her nap...not only is he several feet from where I put him, but he's sleeping!! What a goof....taking after Grammy sleeping anywhere!

The kids were WONDERFUL in the car. The way home was toughest for poor Vince who just wanted to STRETCH out. He's very much in the "I don't want to recline or lie down, just let me stand or lit" phase of life.

My sister Claire and her Godchildren, Ellen and Vincent.
And Claire rubbing it in that she can roll her tongue and Ellen can't. Let's see if Vince can roll his tongue someday...And well, Ben is in the picture too because 1) he loves photo time and 2) he adores Vince. Where Ever Vince is...Ben probably is close by!

No, Mommy, I'm not sleepy.

And Mary and my kiddos! Mary used to be our babysitter growing up in West Allis, so it was fun to visit again. In fact, I watched the twins/her girls (Ellen's one of them above) when they were Vince's age! And I've really only seen them a few times since then...amazing how quickly kiddos grow from afar!! It was great seeing them all again and what intelligent kiddos my babysitter has in her life!!