Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We stumbled into something great!

So, we took a walk yesterday to return our netflix with hopes to get a good DVD back. And kept walking.

Ended up at the library.

Quinn saw the shelves of books as we entered and got SOOOO excited she barely stayed in her stroller as we entered.

And it was story hour for toddlers. But she did just as good as she would with baby hour. We haven't been to the library since she started reading books and not eating them (all the time). She'd listen to the story for a few pages that the lady was reading. Then get distracted by all the books surrounding us. She'd get off my lap, pull a book off the shelf, and back up until she hit my lap again (it's the cutest thing...). Look through the book, go OOOOH. Put it back...listen to a few more pages. AND REPEAT.

Then toys came out!

And english was not the first language of any of the other moms or kids there. They were speaking something I'm not even sure what it was, but I don't think it was italian either...Not that that matters, but I felt awkward as I just wanted to go get a few books and feel like I intruded on their toddler time. I was a little out of place as I was the only one sitting with or near my kid. All the moms were at a table talking to each other while their kids were wandering around. I guess Q's a little young to play totally independently, or sit and listen to a story, but I thought it was rude to talk while the librarian was telling stories and singing songs. If there's a toy time after story time, talk then. Right?!

Anyway, Quinn picked out 5 books and I picked out 1 book for her. So, a few more books. She knows they're not quite right for the house either, as she's separated them from all her other books. The library books are apparently "kitchen" books and they've found a place on the shelves in there...or the counter. YEP, she can reach the counter.

SO, we'll try "baby" story hour next week and see what the age of those kids is and maybe we'll continue toddler time. Heck, it's free!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm still trying to get the idea into her head that when we go outside, we don't need to necessarily go anywhere else.

Her first instinct is still to go directly to the garage. If the door is shut, she will bend over to try to see if the car and stroller are inside.

When I don't open the door...her curiosity sets in...as if saying "if we're outside and not going anywhere...now what?"

She loves her bouncy ball.

And the mop bucket.

And spring has set in, here in NYC. It rains almost every day...yet somehow the sun manages to peak through in the early hours or the late hours. So we see daylight almost every day now. And the humidity is here already; as the rain tends to bring that with.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

just another reason I love MY kid

(stealing Nikki's title)

Quinn's snack time today....

do you want crackers or applesauce?

(typical Rebarchik answer...it's good to know there's some in her!!)

do you want crackers or applesauce?


I called daddy right away to tell him. I think it's hilarious.

NO lie, "crackersauce" came out of her mouth.

This morning I'm finishing a thought for my CDM CEs and Quinn's climbing up the stairs.

where are you going?


Her words and vocabulary is getting ridiculous. Now if only she'd say her abc's, count, and get her colors down!! We're working on it...body parts first. :)

The Painted Pot

Since Quinn and I finally got back to Bay Ridge last week, I can finally post pictures from our "Painted Pot" experience! I did not want to post photos before Mike got his gifts, as he does tend to check the blog to find out what's going on at home from time to time!

The Painted Pot is a pottery painting place. Since Mike's cup broke a while back, we needed a replacement. And at the time we went painting, I was still without anything to get him for Valentine's Day. So, Quinn and I took a late morning excursion to paint pottery.

It was really fun, and I can see how it would be a blast with kids just a little older! They had all sorts of crazy fun things to paint. We did a new coffee mug for Mike, and Quinn imprinted her hand on a photo frame.

And it was Quinn's first experience with helium balloons (I think). Yes, that's right, she had a first birthday without balloons! We never really had a party for her, though ... although the time with Grandpa and Auntie Jen was great!

It's crazy to see how much she's grown up in just a few weeks! We did this the first week in February....oh they grow tooo fast!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Carbs, sleeping and nursing.

She must be gearing for another growth spurt!!

Yes, a week ago I could've sworn she was off nursing forever. Now today she's nursed twice already. I tried changing the topic, distracting her, giving her juice, water and milk (4 oz of each, gone in no time flat considering she's only been drinking a total of 8-10oz daily). So, she's gotten 2 nursing sessions...what she's getting, I don't know, but it seems to make her calmer, so I'm all for it!

Carbs...her history has been a growth spurt after a few days of wanting nothing but noodles, crackers, & cereal. She's been eating her veggies and fruit and cheese...but nothing compares to the others the past few days. I guess that means an official transfer to 24 month and 2 T clothes is closer than I think! Hopefully those little legs will grow to catch up to the 2T tops she's wearing!!

Sleep...she's also been taking 2 decent naps for me the last couple days. Hopefully sleeping through the night is around the corner and the gums under her bottom eye teeth (the last teeth to pop through until the 2 year molars) are white! SOOOOO, that teething pain should be gone in no time too. I must admit I'm looking forward to the teeth appearing as the week I had without her chewing on everything in sight was amazing. I didn't know what it was like to have a kid who could play without chewing!

Our music semester ended yesterday. I enjoyed the other moms and kids in class, and believe the same group of us will appear in a few weeks when the spring semester starts. We went out to lunch yesterday to talk and get to know each other a little better...heck, you can only do so much talking when you spend 45 minutes singing and playing with your kids! Especially when you get "yelled at" for talking, not singing during class! We had pizza and it was yummy (not grimaldi's yummy, but yummy). It was a chaotic few hours too. I think there were a few points when all 5 of us were talking at the same time not listening to each other. I had a headache at the end of the lunch...5 kids and 5 moms...ugh!! But it was nice to get out for an afternoon and have the kids play a little. Apparently there's a "Mommy and Me" happy hour in Bay Ridge on Thursday afternoons...guess where we're headed!! :)

Overall, I can't wait for the days to get consistently 50-80 degrees out. I'm waiting for a 65+ sunny day to take Quinn to the beach...hopefully it'll happen soon!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Normal

Today was her 15 month well child visit (I'm a little late with these things...oh well).

23# 11 oz...up a mere 4 oz since 12 months. 50/60th percentile. My reaction...yep, she's in some of the same clothes as last fall. Doctor's response, "let me guess, she started walking and won't stop eating." Such a little weight gain is "normal" and the doctor is not even a little concerned.

31"...up .75" since 12 month visit. Tall yet, 70th percentile. And that's all torso as she's a 2T top and 18 month pants. Of course, some 18 and 24 month still fit her. I just put her in the 2T so she's comfortable and I don't have to look at her diaper all day!

And I don't have numbers in front of me, but her head circumference is growing and still in the 50th percentile.

So she's more "normal" now that at all previous visits. Fine by me!

Doctor was happy to see she knows words. Was very happy to hear she puts toys away and will bring stuff when asked and drinks from her cup.

Said to switch to lactaid milk to see if her digestive issues change. That the lactose in cheese and yogurt is soooo minimal that it really shouldn't affect her digestion that much. THANK GOD! I don't know what I'd do if I had to go with full-out lactaid everything. Asked about soy and she said she'd rather not see the soy products because they pack sugar into them. I was surprised...then looked at the labels. It's crazy! So...lactaid here we come....

Sleep: she was surprised to hear how many tactics we've tried and is convinced she'll sleep once the eye teeth are through. Yep, she's cutting her last 2 teeth until her 2 year molars come in!! That is crazy ahead of schedule and the doctor was glad to hear that she's improving on her chewing and eating "real" food. And said give her motrin and oragel at night...whatever we want to get her to sleep. "whatever?!" i said...she laughed and said...well, you need sleep too! Ha ha. She was intrigued to hear my night terrors/mares theory and said maybe to look into it more after the teeth are in; but isn't terribly uncommon so young. Said she must have a really creative mind for them already. She said to keep on doing what we're doing. If she's crying and she wants to nurse and that's the only time she's nursing, it's for comfort and consoling. Why make her cry if she just wants to be comforted? It's been my take, too, but it's taking a toll!!

Quinn also has had crazy dry skin since we started an every or every other night bath again. Apparently johnson and johnson lotion likes to dry skin out more than help it!! Her back and legs were sooo dry again this morning. Poor kid. Maybe she's just got itchy monsters at night!

She got 2 shots. She screamed while they checked her head circumference, ears, eyes, nose and mouth. and pretty much went "oooooooouuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwww" and let out a little cry when she got her shots. Go figure! Guess we'll need to get a doctor kit!!

We will probably only have one more visit with these pediatricians...then to ....somewhere else where we'll need recommendations! We never got as far as looking for pediatricians in Minnesota. Thank goodness we know a few people that have kids. :)

Hope you enjoyed yesterdays photos. I wore that dress when I was a little girl!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

She's HOW OLD?!

Sixteen months ago I was holding a screaming baby, in complete pain from a new incision, alone in a hospital room with no pain relief in sight.

OH, and it was Thanksgiving Day.

OH, and it was Quinn's birthday!

What?! It's been 16 months? Where the heck did that time go!? I'm still in disbelief.

But as she walks around the house and tries to say words...I'm amazed each day. She was sooo excited when I walked into the dining room with cheese on her lunch plate..."cheese cheese cheese!" she said...before I explained what she'd be eating.

I think she was relieving childbirth and her first hours of life without her Mommy or Daddy this morning (Mommy in post-op as there was no room in the inn and Daddy at home getting some sleep!!). At about 1:22am (hmm...right around her birth time) she woke up crying. I went in, asked her what was wrong, we sang a song, read a book, changed her diaper and down she went. She was tired. For the next 20 minutes I listened to her whimper escalate to a scream. I fed her (oh, yeah, she's nursing again...but just at night...I'm not sure what Friday was all about). Sang. Put her down. 20 minutes later she's screaming. I go in there, check her diaper, give her tylenol (last two eye teeth popping in I think), put her down.

Still screaming 10 minutes later...I decide to try feeding again and she accepts greatfully (an hour of crying makes on thirsty, I guess).

After 10 minutes (Mommy dozed and lost track of time) nursing, I release her and she seems calm. Put her to bed...screams. Tell her, Quinn, it's nighttime, goodnight, I love you, a million times please sleep.

At about 4:30am Mike finally got out of bed as she was STILL crying. She had a few breaks, but yes, was pretty much crying from 1:30-4:30. Daddy let her out of her room to play. She ran to the bed and pointed to my nose and said 'NOSS', then pointed to hers, then Daddy's. Really...how can you stay angry at that? It was sooo cute...but really...does she have to be sooo cute at 4:30am? I was hoping to get some sleep during this time...but...she played until about 5:15 or so...and slept until NINE O'CLOCK...ish. It was great...but bittersweet. Sleeping from 11:30-1:30 and then really being mostly awake for 3 hours, then a few more hours of sleep does NOT make for a happy Mommy.

So, I opted out of the blood drive today (besides I've been dizzy all weekend and didn't think giving blood was a great idea). And we enjoyed a day at home relaxing, not doing much.

It was sheet changing day, so Quinn played on her mattress OUTSIDE of her crib for awhile.

And showed me her foot.....

...and fell.

She's a crazy little spunky girl who loves to be silly.

She's tiring. :) AND she played QUIETLY and SAFELY for about 20 minutes in her room today. I guess "she's tooo quiet" isn't going to be a hint that she's getting into trouble anymore! She's just playing!!!!

And, of course, thoughts and prayers out to Jim, Stacy and Finn tomorrow!

Hope everyone's enjoying the seemingly spring weather that may stick around! Daffodils are in full bloom and tulips on their way. We're headed to the botanical gardens next weekend (probably). Trees, grass, flowers...I won't forget the allergy meds, I'll tell you that!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Busy Days

Books and Daddy and feeding...OH MY!

Despite my intentions of enjoying a morning at the spa Quinn-less today, I decided I really wanted to go yesterday (as weekends there get crazy and I had no one to keep my company). And they love Quinn there, so I knew she wouldn't be bored. And since I took her with, I decided to splurge the $4 and get the manicure too. It's been....since Dannie's wedding since I've had a manicure!! And since before Christmas for the pedicure. And man could the lady tell...it took her a long time...but my nails and feet feel great! Cuticles are cut down, callouses buffed down...feeling great. And Q made it an hour in her stroller with just a book and some Apple Jacks. She loves feet though, so really, she was in her own little paradise of sorts. Ha ha.

Books: She can barely go an hour without "Hop on Pop" and "Red Hat Green Hat" (Oops as she calls it).

She now goes down for her nap with no nursing session (all week) but demands a book goes with her for her nap. We're back on her one nap a day schedule. Which isn't awful, but it takes some adjusting of my schedule (I no longer have one nap to shower and one nap to veg out and clean).

Daddy came home yesterday...a little later than anticipated so night time routine was severely interrupted. Not only because we were home late, but we ate dinner at Target and sat in the car for 2 hours...not to mention the hour at the salon. She was tired when we got home...

...and she hadn't nursed since 4am...

Every time I offered to feed her, she said, "na na na" and get her blankies. Then we'd sit down and she'd scream and NO LIE roll off my lap to the floor and throw a fit. I'd offer her a cup...no go. I'd offer her a bottle (hasn't seen a bottle in months)...no go.

So, at bedtime I thought...maybe she's just thinking that if she nurses she has to go to sleep right away (despite me telling her all day she didn't need to nap, she needed to eat because I was in pain!!). And, I can't remember the last time she said "no" to eating. And she had done it all day.

Well, it was still a big HELLL NO I don't want to nurse. So, she cried for almost AN HOUR. Just just sobbing, mind you. Full out screaming. But, shortly before 9:30 she was out.

And woke up screaming at 2. Dry as a bone (heck, she only drank an ounce of milk and a few ounces of juice all day). And rolling off my lap to nurse. After a few minutes of screaming, lull-a-bys....and Mommy trying not to scream in pain from Quinn so much as brushing me....she nursed for about 3 minutes. Enough to make me be able to lie on my side back in bed without shooting pains.

And she slept until 7:30. So THAT'S what sleep feels like? Huh...it's been awhile. HOWEVER, it was not good sleep because I'm sooooo full. She nursed after little resistance when she woke up...just a few minutes again...but enough to relieve me a little. Hell, she barely had to suck, so how can she resist? :)

I did manage to find my hand pump to relieve a little pressure last night...but it's not the same as a feeding for an entire day...not even close. If she decides she doesn't want to nurse again today...I guess I'll just pump enough to relieve pressure ... the milk production will change in time. Until then...I guess she has milk in her oatmeal in the morning!

As for now...we'll see what the weekend brings.

Friday, March 20, 2009


NOT what I like to wake up to TWO days after 65 degrees...


And yesterday's rainy weather brought some toe fun.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quinn's Life Lesson of the Day

You don't know what you've got, until it's gone.

So, it's rainy today.

It's been nice all week and we've been able to spend time walking around the block, to and from stores, we had 2 make up music classes, our normal music class, and 3 trips to the park. SO, missing the noon and 4 nursing sessions haven't been an issue with Quinn.

Until today. She begged and begged and begged and screamed at me and my boobs for food. There's nothing there. After only a week...I never would've imagined.
It takes A LOT more to occupy her mind when she wants to nurse at home. I even noticed at her dinner feeding last night...for the first time ALMOST ever, she nursed from both sides. I know you're "supposed to" do that at every feeding but from birth on...if you ever stopped the girl mid-feeding not only would your ears bleed from screaming, but she wouldn't burp or finish eating...and that led to a crabby baby.

SO, when I heard today's forecast of rain all day...I was more worried what the day would bring.

So far it's a full glass of milk (yes, I'm still giving her the milk despite my thoughts of her lactose issues) and a few sips of juice (not fond of the OJ this week).

She's still not close to sleeping through the night. If she goes to bed after 7:30pm,,she's up MORE frequently. At least with less milk supply, the time is more cuddle time than feeding. She still screams and screams and screams for food. All-be-it the screams are less intense when there's no dairy after 2pm.

Not sure how to get past this sleeping thing. Hopefully the doctor will have some insight on Monday!!

What I'm thankful for today: that Killer didn't run away yesterday; so far Quinn seems to be taking OKAY to weening; the cats are nice and soft from their super-brushing yesterday (but shedding like crazy with this weather change again); THE DAFFODILS ARE BLOOMED!!; the tulips will be here by Easter; our lawn and shrubs were fertilized and trimmed for the first time this year yesterday (yay rain today helping make everything green): Mike's home tomorrow!!


She's too funny eating spaghetti.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

She's the bully....

We had a make-up music class today.

Quinn's a bully!!

There was a little girl...who was the oldest. At about 20 months. She was going around to all the kids in class, "baby, baby, baby, baby". She came up to Q, pointed at her and said "baby". Quinn proceeded to put out her hand to "say" stop. The little girl pointed again and said "baby". Quinn's hand went forward and the girl was on her butt before I knew it. I said, Quinn, we don't push. Say sorry. And I apologized to the little girl (the dad didn't seem to care...not sure if he realized his girl was getting pushed around...or he wanted her to fight back...I don't know).

The girl got up again, came over to Quinn, stuck her finger in Quinn's chest and said "baby". Quinn put her hand out again and pushed her over again. I said, Quinn...apologize. And again said sorry to dad and kid.

The girl got up again and came towards Quinn..at which point I picked up Quinn and said, yes, Ellie, Quinn's a baby. But she may also be a bully.

During class she also managed to attempt to take another kid's sucker and someone else's hair clip.

And she also managed to climb the heating vent to get to the windows in a millisecond.

...what to do with this girl...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

50 Degrees....

...with sun is completely different than 50 degrees without sun.

Quinn and I went to the park yesterday because the thermometer said 50. I was like, that's warm enough. I'm glad I packed mittens and a hat and put Q in a coat.

Today, we had music so we bundled up for our 5 block walk...because it was 50. Only today, the sun is out too. COMPLETELY different story. So, we went to the park again after class (as it's right across the street).

Also, we went back because I promised Quinn yesterday that we would go after class today as she was crying when we left yesterday (I was cold after the 45 minutes we were there...that's enough time, right?!).

As soon as we finished our last song, Quinn was the first on to run and get her shoes going "pk pk pk". I was amazed, as I hadn't mentioned it again today. Is that really possible that she remembered?

There's a giant stone bear at this park, I believe I've posted photos of her with it before. Well now, she runs to it as soon as we get there, points out the nose, eyes, mouth, ears and paws and then runs away for the slides. Too cute. She only says nose though "no nas no" (nose/nariz/nose).

She also ALMOST put herself to sleep again last night. I was sooooo excited. Then she started up a few minutes later screaming harder and louder...4am...we're getting closer to a time when I'll actually consider staying awake!!! She still can't fall asleep again without nursing. If Mike sees her (usually when she wakes up at 10) the crying actually seems to increase.

Weening: we're 1-2 feedings fewer a day (depending on her milk intake for the day). I'm in most of my "old" bras again. Time to pack the nursing bras away (waaaaaaaay to big)?...probably will just toss 'em...they're much loved as I only had 3!!

On milk days, she's considerably more poopy...usually 2 or 3. Especially if there was yogurt involved during the day. So, I'm re-considering a lactose issue. To be discussed with the ped on Monday. I also changed WHEN she gets the milk and yogurt to early in the day as if is an intolerance, the gas buildup may be causing the overnight frustrations. It seems to be doing the "trick" as yesterday was day two and she slept from 7:15-4. Bedtime is getting later, but I'm okay with that. As the days get longer, I will want to be gone later, so and 8 bedtime or later may also mean a FULL NIGHT of sleep. When she's waking up for the day at 6, though...that's a LONG day with one 2 hour nap. 12 hours of Q with no daddy makes for a REALLY REALLY long day!

I think this week is Mike's last week-long trip. And he's coming home Friday! We actually should be able to pick him up from the airport as he's scheduled to land around 7...Q can be up late one night to go pick up her Daddy from the airport!!

Anyone hoping to visit any time soon? Or this summer? I'm trying to arrange our possible trips back home/to Maryland//hopefully Florida to visit Gina. I don't want to plan to be gone if anyone had any hopes to visit. Please let me know soon! August may be a bad month, as the house will most likely be in packing mode--somewhere else yet to be determined.

Should probably get back to Quinn...sounds like all the clothes may be off the hangers in her room (her favorite game) and she's TOOO quiet again. :) She actually plays well in her room these days. I can take a shower when she's awake! And she seems to be okay with that!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Quinn enjoys her chocolate chip cookies!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Vocabulary and Comprehension

Quinn is constantly amazing me every day.

Yesterday she saw Mike was getting ready to head out the door and she brought him a shoe out of the closet (the ones he walks to work in, even). When we asked her to get the matching one...she did!! Today, Mike got the first one, and Quinn got the second one and as she picked it up "shoe" came out of her mouth.

It's so fun seeing her learn so much every day!!

The cute video I want to show is too long. Blogger really really doesn't like me loading anything longer that 30-35 seconds. Maybe I'll try to load it to Facebook.

Hope everyone is doing well. It got colder here today (high of 35/40...I know...boo hoo to us). It's just nice getting used to one layer and no hat!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quinn's Best Friends

Quinn has several best friends as the days progress...

...daddy's shoes

...her fleece "snow"suit

...her shoes

...her cats. When she's fast enough and sneaky enough, she can actually get to Eggo and pick him up! Just like Claire does with Mona cat!! Except Eggo will squirm away before Q gets very far...and she only picks him up around his belly/upper arms. It's amazing how those girls can lift those heavy cats!

...her noodles??? Yes, she carried these noodles with her everywhere last night. They even sat on her tray table at dinner!

She's still loving her slide too. In fact, if she really likes what she's playing with...that gets to go down the slide too! And last night, the noodles made all her toys jealous!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Transit Museum

"If there was one outfit Quinn would wear every day, what would it be?"

"See you later, Alligator!" with striped pants. She looks goofy in the pants, and it's TECHNICALLY sorta more "boy", but I was soooooo sick of seeing her in pinks and purples, and I loved the green of the onesie. But she doesn't really like to wear the onesie if she can't also wear the striped pants.

As you can see, some of the "much loved" 18 month outfits are getting small. She's mostly 24 month/2T tops. 18 month pants or 24 month rolled about 4 times. I'm hoping she doesn't take after her cousin Alex and stay short for a few years! I'd like some new wardrobe sometime! :)

Zoo plans fell through as it took longer to fix the computer and my car than anticipated. And the "children's zoo" with more interactive exhibits for younger kids isn't open until April. SO, instead of taking a trip to the Bronx to hopefully have Quinn be in a good enough mood to enjoy herself (with rain forcasted); we decided to head to the NYC Transit Museum right here in Brooklyn.

It was actually very interesting and pretty cool. They had old trains set up up that you could see with stories about them and when they were used. They had buses and bridges and subway construction information. It was all worth the couple hour visit and $10! And Quinn ran around for 90% of the time. The section with the real trains was a "working" station with voltage, so I didn't feel so comfortable letting her wander aimlessly down there.

Quinn was even able to be a metro worker for awhile and hand out tokens (as they were "back in the day"). There weren't actually tokens either, but it was still pretty neat!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well, after a long week and about a million blog entries, the much anticipated weekend arrived.

And is almost gone!

We spent yesterday working on our computer, fixing my car, cleaning, and walking up and down the block.

Yep, Quinn's new favorite activity is carrying around her bottle of bubbles and walking down the block. She's not the biggest fan of walking back to the house, though (it's a low-grade incline so the walk towards 13th is easier than the walk back to 12th) :) She still loves her stroller, no lies about that. But when we're outside playing in the backyard, she'll suddenly bolt down the driveway. And she's getting faster every day!!!

I missed the pedicure...got a cut between my toes and decided a pedicure would harm, not relax. So...next weekend we'll try again! Maybe this week sometimes, the gals love Quinn there. :)

It's been kind of a gloomy day so far. Quinn was up at 6:15...well, actually 7:15 I guess, eh? And no sun was out...kind of a bummer. Now here we are at 10 and still no sun. It rained a little. I thought the rain was supposed to hold off until later. We may go to the zoo in the rain anyway.

Nikki mentioned that when the temps go above freezing in Mn, people start pouring out of their houses. Well it was 60/65 here yesterday afternoon and people were out of their houses...in coats and hats and scarves. It got chillier, but muggier, that night so it was hard to decide what to wear. But really, I was out in a tshirt, capris and sandals! :) I had Q in a long sleeve shirt, pants, and shoes. Brought her in and she was DRIPPING in sweat..guess that was a little too warm. Pulled a 2T tshirt from her drawer....it didn't fit her! But she wore it anyway. I think it's cute when her belly sticks out a little bit. Helps me realize she is still eating enough!

Weaning is going okay. Slow but sure. We actually skipped 2 feedings yesterday, but I gave in and fed her at 4am today hoping that would help her sleep past 6:30...it didn't help her. She managed to drink a cup of water, a cup of juice and a cup of milk. I should say 4oz water, 4oz watered down juice and 4 oz of milk. She was really working out yesterday....maybe the warmer weather will keep her playing and self-hydrating and she'll gradually help wean herself. We'll see!! As for right now, "redirecting" when she asks for a "dink" (drink) doesn't not always work. If it works...it works for about a minute, then she wants a "dink" and nothing can make that go away (so far). If I sit down ANYWHERE and she wants a "dink", all bets are off. She'll sit on me, fall over onto me, pull out a tear or two and cry, grab her blankies and then try the process all over. It's pretty amusing to a certain degree. She associates me sitting with her eating (yes the middle of the night comforting sessions do not involve me sitting...rarely involve me picking her up...unless the comfort, cup, leave, wait, and a re-entrance is needed and I give in and feed her.).

She's at this crazy age where she's so young yet...but she understands and communicates so effectively (most of the time). Sign language is about an 80% fail rate. She makes up her own words and signs and doesn't really care what I'm trying to tell her. Her repetition is crazy! And she pulls words out of seemingly nowhere.

She looked at Mike last night when he picked her up and she says, "hat" and takes his hat off. Really, it was that clear. Insane!

So, we're hoping to get out of the house for a bit today, we'll see if I can handle any sort of walking (this toe thing sucks!) and if the weather cooperates. If not...well, it gives me a reason to finish my studying for my credentials, if gives Mike a reason to play with Q and start taxes, and it gives Q a reason to take a nice nap (as she is doing so far!!). :)

Friday, March 6, 2009


Hope you enjoy today's photos. The Harley shirt is from my sister's neighbor! They're little girl wore it (alot from the stains that are on it) and well, it's Harley so I took it. You can see from the photo what exactly I mean by pants not really fitting her. Maybe she wants to be a plumber??

She's such a little sh**...just look at that grin as she knows she's doing something wrong....sitting in the drawer and going for the stuff in the drawer above it! I'm usually very strict with this rule, as is Daddy, so she posed as she saw the camera and was getting away with it!

So far so good. I managed to eliminate one feeding yesterday. But I think skipping that feeding led to her boycott of dinner and going to bed with a fight.

Yes, she would only eat Apple Jacks. She had beef, potatoes, green beans and bananas...all her favorites by far. And she refused to eat any of it. Just shook her head "no" violently while screaming "ahhhh".

So, she had a handful of Apple Jacks for dinner. She then wanted to nurse, so I did so (as it's our routine...dinner, nurse, chase, stories, bed...every other night it's dinner, nurse, bath, chase, stories, bed). Then we ran around her room and the upstairs. Then she got 4 stories (one more than usual...as if that'd make up for a missed nursing session...). And she was tired, so I laid her down, kisses...blah blah blah, and left the room. 5 minutes later, she's screaming. I go to check on her, open the door, and the tears stop. So, she's not hurt, she's just playing games. I lay her down, give her her blankie, and tell her it's time for nigh nigh. She screams for dada and well, Dada works late on Tuesdays and Thursdays (study nights at work). I tell her, there's no Dada to save you, it's time for nigh nigh. I tell her I'll stay and sing with/to her, but I won't hold her because she's a big girl now. I say if the crying starts again, I will just leave. She manages to contort her arm in a way that looks painful but is obviously a trick she's been working on because before she continues to cry, she looks to my face for a reaction. I give her none, so she starts the "oh, mama, it's so painful; but it's really not i just want attention" SCREAMS. I tell her, "nope bedtime. you're screaming, I'm leaving". I left and not 20 seconds later her room was dead silent.

Of course she was still up 2 times that night with none of the tactics working...so after about 20 minutes and the same technique I used for bedtime FAILED...she gets fed both times. I just don't have the nerve to not feed her. Wish I could've started that no feeding her thing earlier!

Overall, our routine has changed quite a bit this week, and from what I've read, that tends to mess with sleep schedules and insecurity at this age. Guess I will have to move a little more gradually. I no longer nurse her as soon as she wakes up (with the middle of the night exceptions). She has to wait 30-60 minutes, or until after her meal. Oddly enough, when I nurse her before a meal, she eats much better.

SO, as the weeks go by, I'm sure there will be venting as to how things are going.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving Q with Mike for a bit to get get a pedicure (he has yet to know this). It's been since before Christmas! My toes and feet are sad. I was going to take Q with me and go today, but decided I'd enjoy it more without here there and tomorrow.

We also hope to get to the zoo, get our taxes done, get the PC fixed, and get a new garage door opener (how did I manage to lose the old one?--I blame Rebarchik genes and memory). Quite honestly, we'll be lucky if one of those things gets crossed off the list! With the predicted highs in the 60s, I hope we get out for a bit!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

In 16 months ...

A few things I've been pondering the past few days.

I learned that

Pain is having a baby! whoever said "you forget the pain" LIES. It's all still so vivid. I've forgotten pregnancy a little bit...but labor, delivery and post-op...not so much forgotten!

C-sections are no fun...cutting through ab "muscles"...ouch.

There are many creative ways to sit, stand and walk post-op!

It's harder to be away from my baby than I thought it would be...for any length of time! Except I wish it would be longer at night!

I have far more patience than ever thought possible.

Single parents NEED TO have so much love to want to raise a kid (multiple in some cases) without help from a loving partner...I give them TONS of credit!

How I thought I was sleep deprived in college. HA HA...I haven't slept since January 07! (sickness through pregnancy and peeing all night and then too fat and uncomfortable to sleep then .. well, Quinn!!)

I have gone from a cup or two of coffee a day...to waaaa-aay more some days.

I never thought a 10 minute shower would be a little piece of heaven...

I thought I had laundry before....how can one kid seem to make 3 times the amount of laundry!? And dishes..what the heck!?

Is amazed how much a little one learns so quick. If I learned and retained 1/3 of what Quinn has the 15 months...I'd be a genius!

Never believed the stories of "instant bonding" with other women...just because you've both happened to have a baby at some point in life.

Is amazed that she still makes me smile and giggle at all the "little things" almost instantly after yelling at her for "no no's".

How amazed I am that she comes running to me when she falls and bumps her arm, or knee, or finger, or head...almost every time (that's a lot of times a day).

I never thought I would only buy three cans of formula while my kiddo still drank it. Thanks free samples from Grandpa! And thanks to my perseverance and Quinn not biting to make it breastfeeding for so long! It's hard to believe I wanted to stop after 2 weeks (oh, so sore....).

I never thought I could really read the same story or listen to the same CD so many times in a row.

Can't believe how much fun it is to watch a little one mimic everything you do and say ("oh Sh**" has come out a few times already!)

Those are just a few things...the little one doesn't seem to be as tired as she thought she was (crawling into her crib ... thought maybe she wanted to nap!! silly mommy....)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I found this one on my card..forgot to copy it to the computer. It may be my favorite of the three (two on previous posting).

My 2 toddler?!

I can't decide which video to post either. I can tell you I'm disappointed that I did not get anywhere near the same reaction after Quinn's nap from her new toy. It was scream and hide and whine and cry and tears.

Quinn played dress up today. But not in the way she's been playing all week (wearing Mommy and Daddy's clothes...well, except for the fact she wore Daddy's socks all morning as you can see in the videos!). We played "what still fits Quinn?" and "what fits Quinn for the first time?" and "what will fit Quinn soon?" and "how did that get in there...you never got to wear that!!".

Some of her clothes from last summer will fit!! YAY!! We have a limited few 18 month outfits that still fit her.

The 18 month shorts and skirts SHOULD also still fit her. It's crazy to think I packed those away in September last year because they were TOO SMALL on her! 24 month/2T shorts will be the best bet as far as longevity, though, so I will probably have to go shopping. 24 month pants are quickly accumulating as we have received many pants/shirts outfits. The shirts are almost too small...and the pants are yet to be worn (waaaaay too long and big in the waist...so they fall down even with the cuffs rolled).

Her 18 and 24 month dresses are TOO SMALL. In most worlds, 24 month and 2T are the same size; however, the 2T dresses and shirts are barely fitting her around her chest! "Oh dear", is all I'm thinking about that. Not only killer eyes and lashes, but a chest to go along with it?! She won't ever have boys looking at her if I have anything to say about it!

I found my shawl from when I was growing up in this tub of "clothes to grow into" that we rummaged through today. It fit Quinn! I'm pretty sure I wore it through 2nd grade. :) I was a tiny girl. Overall, she definitely has room to grow into it, and I'm pretty sure my grandma made it. I was happy to see it fit her so well. Maybe an Easter shawl?

And dresses, oh the dresses!! We have about 6 cute options for Easter dresses. Mike and I bought her one for Christmas thinking she needed a cute spring dress. I forgot we had a box full of 2T dresses and clothes in the closet! They are long on her, but again, they barely button up the back! I'm not sure that's something she'll grow out of!

Her torso was always longer than her legs, but her waist was always bigger than the length of pants she "needed" to wear. SO, now here we are with spring coming quick and her cute 24 month pants may never be used. We'll see how fast her little legs will grow and see if they "catch up" to her shirt size! Let's see those Rebarchik genes kick in early! Of course, the first born Rebarchiks are the runts, aren't they?

If the Easter Bunnies are looking for ideas, we could use size 4 sandals that will be easy to walk in (we have a few size 5s from Hailey and they're WAAAAAAY too big. She's a solid size 4). I don't think she'll have much to do with the stroller for much longer! As far as clothes are concerned: I still don't really know what she'll need for the summer. We'll be set through spring. And we don't need any more dresses! (Sorry Grandma J; the "sailor" dress DOES NOT fit--I should've taken a photo of her when she was drowning in it a few weeks ago. Today, only the bottom two buttons snapped...the ones by her knees! Although the hat is super cute...I'll have to get a photo of that).

Home Sweet Home

I don't know who was more excited for Daddy to get home yesterday...Daddy, Mommy, Quinn, or Killer (Eggo was just happy to have someone else to bug when he's hungry).

But, he's home safe and sound.

It was soooo nice to get an extra 30 minutes of in-bed time while Daddy got Quinn up and changed. Granted she's so loud it wasn't sleep, but it was still I DON'T HAVE TO GET UP time that I've missed SOOOOO much the last week plus.

Quinn just sort of stared at him and smiled for a few minutes...then started interacting and talking and laughing. At least she didn't do her stranger scream! YAY!!

Daddy brought a present home for her...I am going to try to get a video and post it later. Too funny!

Can't wait for the weekend...forcasted 50 and sunny. We're planning on heading to the zoo!! Which means we'll all have to get up and ready before noon...that'll be a chore, but we can do it! :)

As far as Quinn updates: she's just not sleeping. The neighbors seemed to actually start banging on the wall after about 10 minutes of crying at 3am. So, I guess we're starting to drive them a little crazy. And seriously...I've been giving her the cup..she has it in hand when I go in there but is sad about it. And she'll guzzle 3-5 oz...and still be crying. She just wants to nurse. So I'm thinking maybe this is the time to start the weening process. She's been doing a little better with whole milk (less and less chocolate each day!!). And she's been drinking less at each feeding because some of my old bras fit for the majority of the day again (was no use even trying a few months ago...much less weeks). So...a new routine will probably be put in motion soon. As much as I'll miss that time...the girl's just got to learn how to make herself fall asleep during the night! I just don't get it. She falls asleep fine for her naps and initially at night with no breastfeeding. But in the middle of the night...nothing else can calm her down. And we had her running circles around the table last night to tire her out (really, she was walking circles around the table as we ate dinner).

We'll see!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In the air!!

Finally! Daddy's on his way home! I spoke with Mike briefly this morning and his delay was because there was no plane in Denver to get them here! A THREE HOUR DELAY when he voluntarily switched flights due to weather.

Ugh...United! :)

So, he should be home for dinner. The ride home will be in rush hour traffic, though, so hopefully it won't be too slow getting home!

And Quinn has officially entered a whole new world of "stranger danger".

We walked into music class today and she SCREAMED for 5 minutes. I tried taking her into the other part of the room where she couldn't see anyone else and it still didn't work. We've been away for 2 weeks. Apparently in that 2 weeks she no longer likes strangers! Not even the kids trying to interact with her broke her shyness.

She warmed up to Amanda relatively quickly the other day...but we still got the same screams for awhile.

Hopefully she'll outgrow this a little bit soon! It's odd because when we're out walking around, or at church, she gets angry when people don't coo and ahh and say "hieee" back to her. Then we get to purposeful and interactive settings and she freaks out.

It's just a stage....right??


It's cold and windy here. Wind chill varies between -8 and -3...temperature right around 20 (give or take 5 degrees). I don't want to walk to music as the sidewalks are icy and cold. But the roads aren't any better (not that I could drive my car with the dead battery and all). It's only 5 blocks...that's what I keep telling myself.

And there was a little issue with a plane at LGA this morning ... seems the landing gear didn't want to come down because of the cold. I think it caused some delays.

So Mike's still in Denver. He decided to reschedule his flight as they were encouraging that. What happened with that flight...it came in early! In theory, he could be home right now. But ... did we really want to deal with the "what if" he had to spend more time in Denver because 3 flights that didn't make it out yesterday needed to rebook? No.

So, as it stood yesterday, Mike was probably going to be home when we got back from music.

Now he'll hopefully join us for dinner tonight. A totally wasted day for him at the airport. I feel for him right now! But I am excited for him to get home and honestly, truly just want him to have a SAFE trip home...even if it is 20 hours later than originally planned!

On another note, we ran out of ibu last week so I took Aleeve and a smaller dose. Apparently this causes GI issues in people. People like me. And people like me who have little people depending on them for fluids. I never ever thought that a half a pill of Aleeve TID could cause so much brown ooze. But...it fits our situation. How'd I discover this? Took an aleeve yesterday morning after shoveling...to have SEVEN poopy diapers between 4 last night and 9 this morning. She woke up three times last night poopy. But not as oozy, so I was thankful for that. Honestly, it's the only thing I can think of that was different in our week. Except I was sick days after taking the Aleeve...so I think that the Aleeve just exasperated the GI illness we really did have. And I didn't have any pain...so I guess it worked for that.

SOOO, that's our story. We've been away from music for two weeks now and we're super excited to see all our friends again!! Only 3 more weeks left this semester. Only 2 more semesters left until we move. Crazy times!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hola and Nightmares maybe??

As Quinn grows and becomes harder to entertain for a few minutes (much less hours)--(some days I wish she liked TV!!) ... I have researched more on child devo. One of the websites I've used since pregnancy is "baby center". This is what they have to say about 15 month olds....

"Other developments: A budding sense of humor, Mom vs. Dad, and nightmares

Everyone loves a clown, and your 15-month-old already realizes this. Once he recognizes that a certain behavior — dancing, crawling like a baby, doing somersaults — gets a positive response from you, he'll do it over and over not just because he can, but because he loves to be the center of attention. After a silly dance performance, for instance, he'll look around the room just to see what kind of effect his moves have had on the audience, and if he has everyone's attention, he'll offer an encore.

Don't be surprised if your toddler already seems to treat you and your spouse differently. Whichever parent he spends the most time with will be the one he demands more of and is hardest on. If Mom's around more, Dad will be treated like someone special, and vice versa. While this may make one of you feel jealous, know that it's normal and is your child's way of testing out his relationship with each of you. Family dynamics, and your child's shifting loyalties, will be more and more evident during the next few months as he becomes increasingly independent.

Finally, as toddlers begin to experiment with imaginative play, they also sometimes start to have nightmares. A 15-month-old is reaching an age where he can start to think on a symbolic level and is able to transform reality into fantasy (not that he could explain this to you!). It will be several years before your child can distinguish between dreams and reality. Since he probably can't use words to tell you about his dreams, you'll have to rely on unusual behaviors to alert you. Children who are stressed or anxious (usually related to tension in the family or problems with daycare or preschool) are prone to nightmares. If your usually sound sleeper awakens crying in the night and can't tell you why he's upset, try talking to him in a soothing voice and rubbing his back until he settles down.

At this age, all you can do is comfort your child and perhaps establish some sort of routine to banish the "monsters" from his room. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests reading your toddler some stories about dreams and sleep, such as In the Night Kitchen, by Maurice Sendak, to help him understand that they're nothing to be afraid of.

I tried a cup in the crib with her last night. Not only did she drink it all and talk to it for an hour before she initially fell asleep, she drank it all, and then still wanted TLC at 3 am. For the record, it was 4 oz of water each time!! This girl is a thirsty one at night and during the day. The ped told me no more than 45oz of fluids a day (inc breastmilk) ... I think it is recommended for fear of ruining appetite with picky eaters at this age. She definitely isn't a picky eater!! We're due for her 15 month shots so I guess we'll see if there's advice from them.

Flights Denver to NYC are also running on time (about 10 minute delays), the snow has stopped and hopefully Mike will make it home today!!!!! We'll anxiously wait to watch updates on the flight status (what a life, right??). :)

DC is closed?? LGA is ontime?? What?!

SO, basically all flights to and from DC are cancelled. And most of what has landed into LGA has been no more than 20 minutes delayed or cancelled altogether.

Moral of the story: still unsure of Mike's return home tonight. United is giving away flight vouchers to delay trips to the east coast. Will Mike take advantage of this and stay with cousin Sara tonight? We are hoping no because we miss him, but if he jumps the gun and reschedules a flight now, he'll get home that much quicker, right?!

It's 10am...we're estimated to have another 3 hours of snow.

I stuck my checkbook cover in the snow to show how deep it was...and I lost it! So, the snow is deeper than a checkbook cover (whatever that measurement is).

I told Quinn we were going outside. She can't go anywhere without her wallet and reuseable bag. She takes then everywhere!!! (see photo above). Quinn did not enjoy being in the snow, but she sure loved watching it snow from inside. Her mittens kept falling off and she kept slipping and face planting into the unshoveled snow...so we gave up the attempt to shovel with her outside too! Not to mention the wind gusts! We made it about 5 minutes...just enough time to shovel the back stairs and most of our driveway. Wet, heavy snow.

Ugh. Not to mention the Mexicans that really want to shovel my front walk for just $20! Ha!

Now Quinn is napping, so I'm going out for round 2...front of the house. It's been an hour since we did the back and there's over an inch back there already!

Our diapers are supposed to come today...hopefully they'll make it by tomorrow...I'm not sure why I wait so long to order the darn things....

In like a lion, out like a lamb? Isn't that the March saying? If that's the case, a foot plus of snow at the beginning of the month means we'll have 80 degrees at the end of March!! Right? :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

...Let it Snow?...

Yes, I will steal that from Finn's blog.

NYC is expecting a lot of snow.

How much?

Schools are already closed and there's only an inch of snow on the ground.

8-16" is the prediction I saw. Snowing until about noon. We have a little over an inch on our patio now.

Mike's supposed to fly in LATE tomorrow.

Airports like to cancel the red-eye flights after a day of delays.


And if it's going to be a day of crazy delays, I hope it's at least enough snow to play in and enjoy and tire Quinn out!

On the other hand--I had a friend from high school come by for lunch today...and it turned into an all-day affair. It was a great "girl's day"...once Quinn got over her shyness and terrified "stranger danger in my house" cries. We ate food, drank coffee, and talked about Quinn's cuteness. Amanda was lucky enough to see some of Quinn's latest tricks (say "hola" "lalola") and she fully appreciated it...was very excited and I'm not lying. Quinn was almost sad to see her go at the end of the day. It's a good thing we almost immediately got bundled up to meet Amanda to give her the glasses she left behind!

Why did we need to bundle up? MY CAR BATTERY IS DEAD.

Tonight's effort to no screaming Quinn...small sippy cup of water in bed with her. We'll see how that works. She talked to it for almost an hour falling asleep, so maybe it'll work in a few hours when she's "scheduled" to wake up. I think we have put the poor girl on too much travel. We may lay low for longer than 3 weeks so she can establish an actual sleeping routine. We'll see how this week of sleeping goes for us!

And I had a realization the other night while listening to Quinn's sobbing as I held her...my hatred for the yellow walls in this house most likely stems from the awful yellow green walls from my office in Farmington. I hated those office walls...and the color made it worse. Now I'm surrounded my sooooo many more yellow and green and yellow-green walls it kind of makes me want to explode so there's something besides yellow. Our next house WILL NOT have any shade of yellow on the walls. I've already made this known to Mike. To please not let our next house have yellow walls...I'm afraid we may find the perfect house but a room may be painted yellow and it will put a taint on the house that may not come out.

Ha ha...enough for today, I should get some sleep while I can!
Ok, I need to go to bed now....crazy talking here!