Monday, March 31, 2008

Quinn-o-Vision 2.1

Oh, the joy of blogging! Apparently I have a lot to say today!

TUMMY TIME!! Yep, under that pile of clothes from Dannie, there lay a mat. The mat is for tummy time (with a lift!). She enjoyed the little fishies, but became frustrated as she tried to play with the toys (ie: get them to her mouth) AND lay on her belly.

Even before the mat arrive, she was gradually allowing herself to be on her tummy for longer points through the day. We have about 5 minutes or so each time she's awake during the about 20 minutes a day total. She has crazy spit-up episodes through the day, and tummy time encourages the spit-up, so we're working to find out what time of day is best for "tummy time"! Her walker chair has also helped her significantly with head control and seeing the house from a different view. She's been sleepy for most of the day the past few days (being awake only about 5-6 hours) and has only enjoyed her chair for about 10 minutes at a time. I don't want her to sit in the chair for too long, anyway, as it can't be the most comfortable position in the world. She still prefers to be on her back, but will try to pull herself into a sitting position just using her abs! Soon she'll learn she can grab onto things to help herself up. A bumbo chair may be in the future too, but seeing as she has so many other ways to entertain herself during the day, we may just wait until baby #2 SOME DAY until we get more "early stages" toys.

I am also very grateful for how easily little Quinn goes to sleep...even if she is sleeping most of the day. I was worried at first that she wouldn't sleep at night when she naps so often during the day. I've found, however, that as long as she follows a relatively normal schedule, she'll still rub her eyes and want her bed by 8pm (usually 7:30). She will no longer fall asleep cuddling at night like she used to and I miss it. However, almost immediately upon her head hitting her mattress, her arms press her blankie close to her ear and her eyes are closed. She fell alseep for her afternoon nap while we cuddled yesterday and I enjoyed the closeness so much, I took a short snooze myself!

Well, now I'll probably take a few days off from blogging...we'll see!!

Also, please let us know as soon as you may want to come visit and if you'll "need" to stay at our place. We have many people who want to visit and we don't want to "overbook" our spare bedroom. We also have quite a few trips out of town planned for the year and we'd hate to have you plan a vacation to come see us when we're not here! We've had many visitors so far and we'd love to have more! Just please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

A few photos

Quinn sat in her stroller most of our trip to Manhattan...without her car seat!! This was our first trip without the car seat on our walk. I must say I prefer to have her car seat on my close walks because I like to admire her as she observes the world she's walking through. :) Thanks to Nate, we were able to maneuver the subways with the stroller so I didn't have to kill my body carrying the extra 16+ pounds of Quinn all over the island! One of the only downfalls to the public transportation around here is the lack of easy access with strollers and wheelchairs....maybe someday!!

We walked through Central Park on Friday from the MET to the Natural History Museum where Dannie and Nate spent Friday afternoon. I had a few minutes to kill as Dannie and Nate had a few exhibits they wanted to see at the museum before we got our lunch. SO, I decided to hike a huge hill with the stroll to the top ... where Belvedere Castle sat. It was high, so I didn't spend much time there. And it wasn't stroller friendly, so I snapped a quick shot and descended the hill again.
Like, I said, I only took a few photos!! But Dannie's got some cute ones.

"Auntie" Dannie

Some of you know how much Dannie enjoys baby shopping. Quinn even got a present for 'being in her wedding' in September (2 months before she was born!). I swear she's trying to beat everyone in the game of "Who can spoil Quinn the most?". Grandparents Born bought some fun Leap Frog musical toys and some "grown-up" outfits for Quinn for Easter. Grandparents Rebarchik contributed her Easter dress. Dannie has definitely out-gifted what Mike and I have bought for our daughter! I think we've only bought diapers, 3 or 4 outfits, and her new walker chair...who says kids are expensive??
Here's a photo of what Dannie gifted to Quinn this weekend!

"THANK YOU everyone for your gifts to me this past week. I am eager to have better motor control to play with the toys and grow up to wear all the clothes I have stashed away in my room. I enjoyed playing with you, Auntie Dannie & Uncle Nate, this weekend and I am excited to see your apartment and meet your kitties this coming weekend." --Love, Quinn

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Busy

Well, we had quite the weekend again! Dannie and Nate came to visit for the weekend and came in Thursday night.

Quinn and I had our 2nd MET museum with mommies and babies on Friday; while Dannie and Nate went across Central Park to the Museum of Natural History for a few hours. Both trips went well! We ate lunch at an italian restaurant on the "west side" of Central Park, got cookies from Levain's (awesome!!) and headed to Macy's. We decided the Italian place was ridiculous charging $3 for 8 oz of Coke w/no refills, that the cookies were well worth the $4 each, and that the Macy's was entirely too big. Macy's is having their "flower show" or something like that so I was REALLY glad I took my allergy meds Friday! There were fresh flower displays everywhere...and they were LARGE displays, so I didn't really care for most of them, but it was pretty neat seeing so many flowers everywhere...on all 9 floors!

One of Mike's ORF (frisbee) friends was visiting from Minnesota for the weekend too and he came with us to the Roger Clyne concert last night. It was a great night! A WHOLE NIGHT away from our baby...and we left her in wonderful hands. Dannie and Nate took great care of her, she ate her bottle wonderfully and went right to bed "on schedule" around 8pm. I think they decided after just a few days that babies are awhile off for them yet. :) She's a handful and she's not even mobile yet! She woke up when we got home about 1:30/2 and Mike changed and fed her...and she took the bottle awesome again! (I wasn't in much condition to be feeding her....) She went right back to sleep (thank God) and slept until 7! She was VERY happy to see me this morning and thoroughly enjoyed a meal "from the source"...fell right back asleep until almost noon!! So, I'm thinking she's enjoying another wonderful growth spurt (she's already in mostly 9 month clothes!!??!?) and sleeping and digesting all the things she learns when she's awake and touring NYC with me.

I bought Quinn her first pair of jeans last week...I can't believe she's turning into such a little bundle before my eyes. It's exciting seeing what she learns every day. She certainly does like to talk (ask Dannie and Nate...or anyone I try to have a phone conversation with while she's awake!!).

We're busy planning a trip back to Mn in early May and Phoenix in late May. Other trips so far include her baptism in July...
Ooh, and we're 95% sure we're heading the DC to see the cherry blossoms next weekend. Just a year ago when (Quinn Constance &) I fainted in front of the constitution in the National Archives in D.C.....we'll have to get pictures!!! It was certainly a memorable moment in my last year.

Not many photos...Dannie took a bunch though...check them out on her blog!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Birds and Cries

So, that's what I wake up to at about 6:30am every day...birds chirping outside and Quinn crying in her room.
I don't know which is the better way to wake up....


Off to the MET!!! Yay a trip to NYC!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Time Flies...

AND APPARENTLY, so does puke! We had fajitas and spanish rice for dinner last night...and Quinn has flying puke this morning. It's unfortunate because I really enjoy Mexican food and it just doesn't agree with her. I've been able to eat more Italian again, lately, so that's good. We'll just have to work on the Mexican yet. :)

We also had a nice lunch/afternoon with a high school friend and her boyfriend yesterday. She moved out here in 2001 and has lived several different places, but has settled in an "up and coming" trendy-to-be area of Brooklyn not to far away. So, we walked in the 60+ degree weather to a diner a few blocks away. We had a nice lunch and chatted for several hours. It was nice chatting about home, and talking about where other HS people are...I never thought I'd hear about some of them again! I showed off the house we're renting...which is about 5xs as much space as she's ever had living out here. So, yet again, I'm reminded how lucky we were to find this place to enjoy while we're living the NY life.

It was really fun and I hope to have them over for dinner at some point in the future to meet Mike, and enjoy Quinn! She was a very good girl, gave them smiles, and slept during most of lunch (yay Tylenol day after vaccinations!!). They have a friend who had a baby a few weeks ago and Jesse went to visit. And reminded me of all the things that really suck about the first few weeks! But then I looked at Quinn and wouldn't have had it any other way. She is really getting quite adorable and is overall a good baby.

I'm really looking forward to the day when Quinn goes down at 8pm...and sleeps! I think we FINALLY have a new routine that we like! She eats at 6:30/7, then burp and chill out for 20 minutes, bath time, then bed. This has always been close to our schedule...I just felt bad on the nights Mike wouldn't get to see her so I kept her out of her crib. Well, those nights weren't so great. So, she goes in her crib at 8, usually wakes up about 1 or 2 for a feeding and changing. And then is awake at about 6:30/7:30. SO, Mike and I get time to "ourselves" almost every night...but I'm still waking up in the middle of the night. SOMEDAY I'll get uninterrupted sleep again. RIGHT? :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vaccination Visit and Devo Updates

Well, apparently "ack" (Mike) was right about just seeing the MD. (I swear Mike will be known to Quinn as "ack" as when he plays with her/greets her/changes her he says "ack, ack, a-dack" and she'll mimic the intonation sometimes and I just think she'll call him "ack" instead of "dad"'s kinda cute.)

But, MD wise, it has only been 3 weeks since Quinn's last MD visit. I scheduled the appointment for today without thinking of insurance problems, but thinking of the fact she just turned 4 months. Well, apparently the doctors didn't want to risk our insurance not covering a technical "well-child" visit as it hasn't technically been a month. SO, we called it "vaccination visit". They saw us, and vaccinated Quinn, but would only take her weight (and not compare us or give us length or head circumference or developmental milestones for the month).

So, she's 16.2# now. She's twice the size she was when she was born. Amazing! That's a heavy girl to be carrying around! But I still do it often anyway, as strollers aren't so easy to use in the local stores around here. I know I'm burning more kcals that way too. Speaking of which, I'm down another 4# this month! Still not the 109# I was at the wedding 16 months ago (or so)...but that's not my goal! My goal is to be healthy and tone...and to be able to carry my baby around town when I need to get places quick.

She's enjoying "tummy time" a LITTLE more these days...a minute or two in the morning when we're getting dressed, and same at night when we're getting our PJ's on. She LOVES her walker/saucer. She'll sit up and chill out and play with the toys and watch the cats with a devil-ish grin on her face. She's getting ready for the day she can chase them around!! Unfortunately, those glances are quick, so I haven't caught it on camera....yet. I'll try soon. She doesn't like to sit up in the chair for much longer than about 15 minutes...but I'll take any time she'll give me to free my hands, get her off her back, and let her explore the world from a new angle.

She's also enjoying books more and more every day. We read at least one book a day (actually read it) and she'll look at the pages in many of her other books through the day.

Her butterfly rattle is still one of her favorites. I think it's because she can grab it and put it in her mouth. The teething rings we have are just a little too wide for her tiny pudgy fingers to grasp.

She also LOVES music. She'll "sing" along with the radio. She prefers classical, lullaby, and Disney music. Every other CD is a "mom's music" CD can only take so much!

Memo about the last posting...kinda related to vaccinations/viruses:
Sorry there was no place to put comments on the last posting. I think someone spam-ed a comment to link into a virus download, so I disabled and hid comments -- for the sake of your computers! I couldn't figure out how to delete just the one posting. I don't think I can since I don't have comments moderated, but, you all posted on a different entry, so I appreciate that!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bunny

Well, the Easter Bunny delivered a brand new toy to QuinnC this morning. We didn't get around to setting it up until after a few hours of video chatting with the Borns. We think she likes it, you decide...

"Daddy, are you done setting it up yet??"

"Daddy took the toys away..."

"Hooray! We're all ready to play!"

Notice how her feet don't quite touch the ground yet. So we fashioned something real safe...a box under her feet. She doesn't quite realize she can push herself around yet, it's more fun tht she can sit it it unsupported! She's growing up so fast. At least we know she has room to grow into this toy! This is on the lowest setting and she's got a few inches to the ground yet. It's just nice to have her sit independently for 15-30 minutes a day.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm Getting So Big!!

Sitting up "all alone"
"Really, Mom, the camera AGAIN??!!"

Concentrating on Rattle/Teething Toy
"What do I do with this?"

Chewing in Rattle/Teething Toy
"OOOH, I chew on it, okay."

Overall, as you can see, today was a MUCH better day than yesterday! Quinn was in a MUCH better mood, and she's becoming more interested in her toys. She still enjoys her bouncy chair more than her flat playmat. And she's moving so much more she gets buckled into her bouncy chair now (and that doesn't make her so happy all the time).

In Action
Quinn-o-Vision 2.0

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Four Months

Well, I decided yesterday that I don't like the beginning of "month 4". Quinn has barely let me put her down without a scream or cry. It's like she's in pain. As soon as I pick her up...the waterworks stop. Figure this one out! This has made my days much less productive (if you can believe it!) and my ears and nerves are almost shot. My saving grace is that Mike has taken about 30 minutes or so in the morning to entertain her, as she's not liking the whole "self-soothing" practices. Also not liking sleep so much. If I'm lucky she'll sleep an hour or two during the day (15 minutes here and there...not at one stretch).

We see the Dr. R. on Tuesday--hopefully not before then (hoping she's not sick). She doesn't feel too temperature...but she's got consta-rosy cheeks.

We'll see how tomorrow goes . . .

How did you SAHMs do this!!??

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sears Photos

So, some of the photos from the first "professional" shoot weren't so great...but we get to pick up the photos this week!! Believe it or not, the dress she's wearing is a "6 month" dress. It was tiny, but adorable! We needed to find an occasion to use it!

Wake me up. Suffer the consequences.

Well, as I meet more baby girls, I realize how nice it is that Quinn has hair at such a young age. I experimented today....especially since so many people think Quinn is a "male only" name 'round these parts. Her hair is still fine, so the accessories don't stay put for long, but she looks like a different girl!

cute pony tail??

or clips??

Also, notice in the first photo how she's sucking her thumb. Somehow, today is the day she decided to just suck her thumb instead of her thumb and first two fingers to her knuckles.

I have also decided I am NEVER going to wake her up in the morning EVER AGAIN. We took Robin to the airport this morning and I had to wake her up to give her a quick feeding (as there's no way she would have made it from 5am-10am w/o food!). Well, she's been a crab all day! She FINALLY has taken a nap longer than 10 minutes for the last hour. AND she's still sleeping after I put her down. Every other day she falls asleep playing (as seen in previous postings). Today there was no playing, so no falling asleep while playing! The last time I woke her up was to go to Wisconsin...and she had a pretty crabby day that day too!! Hence the title, "wake me up. suffer the consequences."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coney Island

Yesterday we needed a break from "the big city"...but who can just stay home a day after all the excitement of NYC? Not to mention it was in the 50s again and sunny...a gorgeous day to go to Coney Island and stay in Brooklyn.

So, we took Robin to the NYC aquarium, boardwalk, and Nathan's hotdog stand (the original!). I had not yet walked around down there, so we enjoyed the ocean and sun for the first time too!

We were pretty disappointed by the aquarium...the rays at the Mall of America may be better (never went there but I heard it was decent)! The jellyfish were my favorite...I think. The whole room was this crazy blue (and Quinn loved it cuz it was blue (she loves blue things)). This is not a camera trick, I just had the flash off.

This next one was taken with the flash on to prove how blue we all looked!

These guys were cool too. Can you see them??

And of course, the baby seal that was born last June (just days before Mike's 28th birthday).

I didn't take any photos of the ocean...I'm not sure why. And we didn't take any photos at Nathan's, but it wasn't anything terribly exciting to take photos! The amusement park on Coney Island is open for what will probably be it's last season. The land was sold and the plans for the area are still in discussion. There are hopes to have a Six Flags-type park to help increase the value of the land around the area...but who knows. It's awesome land as it's on the who knows what will come of it. The overall story...get to NYC this summer if you want to see the park in it's practically original state! Today was it's official opening day, but the kiddie rides and limited carnies were there yesterday too.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our Pi Day

I was too exhausted to blog about my day when we got home at about 9:15pm, so I was unable to wish y'all Happy Pi Day! So, happy day after. :)

We had an exciting pi day, leaving home about 10am; Robin, Quinn and myself.
We made it to the mommy Met museum day just after 11:30am (2 subways!!). Quinn met lots of other babies and we had a good time. I decided to not take the stroller and carry her, as the subway system in Brooklyn isn't so easy to use with a stroller. I sorta forgot that Robin was the tourist and it would be a long day in NYC--so carrying my almost 16# baby, 10# backpack with baby supplies, and walking the Met, and much of NYC was quite the chore! Let's say I was very happy to meet up with Mike around 6, because I was ready to lessen my load by passing off Quinn. We walked many miles, and it was about 50-55 degrees with little wind, so I was warm with my coat and baby on all I was in a nice perspiration the whole day. I swear my "baby belly" disappeared due to yesterday's jeans are big on me today! :)

Overall, Quinn was a trouper and let us know at about 7:30pm that she wanted home, and she wanted home NOW. The subway home took a little longer as the trains run less frequently, but, she had her mommy and daddy and the motion of the train, so she was good for most of the ride home. Once we got home, she was sure happy to see her room and more than happy to nurse and go to bed (and sleep from 10-5am, and then go right back to sleep until 9am!!!)

So, she was a little sleepy after the Met, but only slept a total of about 2 or 3 hours yesterday.

Then we took our first taxi ride in NYC to the Top of the Rock (Yep, I faced my fear of heights in a BIG WAY going 67 floors up and then looking out over a gi-normous city!!).

Then we met up with Mike at the "fountain" where the Christmas tree was and took a subway to Grimaldi's (famous Brooklyn brick-oven pizza place) and met Lars there.

Then it was home again...Daddy got her ready for bed...please excuse our singing attempts.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Jen led me to this one....

Home and Quiet

Expecting "Peace and Quiet" as the title? Well, the landscaping in the neighborhood has begun (or continued??) this week as we're still blessed with 50 degree weather and trees budding (and my allergies kicking in...). I've been graced with the fighting sounds of Quinn's babbling against lawnmowers, weed-wackers, shovels (yes, amazingly, shovels make noise!), and power sprayers.

The power sprayers are still going, but I am fortunate enough to have Quinn sleeping right now. I love her babbling dearly, and encourage her to repeat noises and babble as she pleases, but my ears can really only take so much of her excited high-frequency screeches!!! Here's what she looks like now...

Yep, falling asleep playing again! I'd love to move her and put her in a different, more suitable resting place, but she seriously will be babbling one second, and be out like a light the next. It's this crazy, quasi-narcoleptic behavior. She's somehow sleeping through the noises be it! She still does not like "tummy time" and is losing all the hair on the back of her head. So, not only does she have the crazy, stand up hair on top...but there's almost none in the back anymore!! So, she's ... opposite bald! It looks ridiculous...but, we're working on at least sitting up so she's not always rubbing the back of her head on the ground/bouncy chair. She's not quite stable enough for an activity chair...but I think we're getting closer!!

As far as "home" is concerned, I have unpacked my ceramic Disney figurines for the first time since they were in Mom's cabinet...four years ago??

It's my way of trying to make New York feel more like "home". And they'll have to be moved before long as Quinn will be grabbing for them in no time. I'm hoping the cats (well, Eggo mostly) will stay off the shelves and leave them be. We'll find out if they can resist the pretty colors on the shelf.

Mike has a friend, Robin, coming for the weekend. She will probably be joining me for my museum tour tomorrow, but she has other friends in the area so she may meet up with them instead. Regardless, it will be nice to show yet another Minnesota friendly face our rented neighborhood. And it's a good reason to leave the house and be a tourist. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us. Tomorrow's museum trip will be the first NYC museum I've been in, so I can't wait!!

And the Quinn quiet was to be Mom some more!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Happy Addition

Well, here he is with his Mommy and Daddy. According to the photo my Dad sent, he has been named William Nicholas Joseph Brazier. Very nice! William Nicholas is my B-I-L's name and Joseph is my Dad (I'm assuming it's for that Joseph).

I'm hoping to get a photo of these three and Abigail soon! She's a big sister now! She wasn't to crazy about Quinn when they met, but I'm sure she'll be a huge help with her little brother!

I seems like A LOT longer than 16 weeks since Quinn was that tiny...sleeping and eating and eating and sleeping --- oh yeah, and CRYING. :) Congrats again, big sis.

Quinn-o-Vision 1.9

She was singing/talking away in her crib, as soon as I went in there with the camera...not much at all! I just can't catch her babbling on camera! Sure, she's still giving a few words on camera, but this is nothing compared to what I hear most of the day!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Photo Session and Least Favorite Smell

Well, we had our first trip to the Staten Island Mall today, which included a trip to the Sears Portrait Studio. Part of our Christmas present from Grandma Judy and Grandpa Chuck was to get photos of Quinn. Well, we finally found some free time, and Quinn is to a "cute" age where she can interact a little bit.

Well, with the time change today (didn't realize that when I scheduled the appointment), Quinn's routine was slightly off and she didn't get much of a morning nap. Lucky for us, we were early and they were able to get us in 30 minutes early! Quinn was awake and smiles (sort of) so, we took advantage. We got some good family shots of the three of us and some cute ones of Quinn too. We should have the photos in a few weeks, we're excited to share them with you all! We were allowed to take the CD of the poses and we have the rights to do with them as we please now, so I'll post a few and of course, put them in our Snapfish album!

I fed Quinn a bottle on the way home in the car, as there was a traffic jam and she was NOT going to be able to wait until we got home to eat. I realized one of my least favorite smells in the whole wide world is baby formula. Not to mention the spit-up smell and instant stains it provides! Yet another reason to breastfeed!! :)

Happy Day After Birthday Baby Boy Brazier

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the Braziers; Abigail, Bill and one of Quinn's Godmothers, Kristin! She had a handsome (from what I'm told) baby boy last night. She was 10 days early, but all things seem great! Lucky for her, it was a quick labor (2 1/2 hours in the hospital). Unlucky for her, no epideral this time! I forget the exact details, but he was just over 8# and just longer than 20". I can't wait to see photos and you bet I'll post them. He's been eating well and Kristin seemed overjoyed. When I talked to her last night, they were still discussing names.

Yeah another cousin for Quinn! Now we are anxiously waiting for the Brefka baby in early June.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Who wants to visit..SOON?

SO, my brother was supposed to be here the weekend of March 28th. Mike and I got concert tickets. Well, complicating factors have come up and Joel will no longer be here that weekend. I don't want to a take a 4-month-old to a concert.

Ideas on what to do?

Find a babysitter/someone locally that we don't know but get a reference from some neighbors and let a stranger into our house? I'm not quite there yet...

Who wants to come visit????? I know there are some of you dying to get in a long weekend somewhere. Why not SUNNY Brooklyn, NY!!?? It's supposed to be 52 degrees today, with flooding rains overnight. However, it's been in the 50's all week... What's weather like in your neck of the woods??? That's the weather now, imagine how nice it could be in a few weeks!

I have placed a couple requests out and about. But seriously, if anyone wants to plan a last minute vacation to visit and see our darling Quinn and allow Mike and me a night out, LET ME KNOW!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Three Month Well-Child (at 15 weeks!)

Well, my trip to Wisconsin delayed my promptness with getting Quinn in "on-time" for her 3-month well-child appointment. But, the doctor was not concerned we made it in "to-the-day" as Quinn's been growing up so well.

Let me start with I'm glad I've only had to go to the pediatrician office for the well-child check-ups. We've done much traveling and tourist activities her first few months and she's been as healthy as can be. YAY!

I never know how long I'll be at the office (I waited about 2 hours to be seen last time). They had 3 doctors in today (with the same amount of rooms) so it was a little slower, but not awful. The room was packed with children of all ages..a newborn, another 3-month old, a few 2 year old and a couple more older than that. It was fun seeing them all interact with each other and made me wonder which one Quinn will be most like.

The stats:
She gained 3#, so she is now 15#3oz, 90th percentile.
She grew 3", she is now 25.5", 90th percentile.
Her head/brain grew 3cm, is now 40cm, 50th percentile (improved from 25th percentile).
At her last appointment I was most worried about the head circumference as it's a brain measurement to a degree and I want a smart baby! But, Mike's fitted hats don't fit me (too small!) and he's smarter than I am (in some ways). SO, I was very glad to see her catch up here.

She got 2 more vaccinations and handled them well. She was sleepy, so she was already crabby. Doctor R. stated she had great head control, wonderful development, and was growing well. We won't be starting solids this month, so we'll have a relatively clean baby for another month. :) He also said that it was amazing she sleeps 6-hour stretches at all (even if it is occasionally during the day or from 9pm - 3am.

She's also very much in her "oral" stages now...if something touches her hand, she grasps it and it goes in the mouth. One of her new favorite games is "stick out the tongue, grab it, and pull". She's fascinated with watching me talk to her and moves her tongue as I talk...when she's awake enough to enjoy the interactions!

SO, that's our baby Quinn....she's doing well! We'll be seeing Dr. R. again in a couple weeks for her 4-month well-child check-up.

My first attempt at being a Metro Mom...

Has been canceled this week!

After the week of trying to figure out which stroller to attempt on the subway combined with which is safest for Quinn AND the nerves of meeting other Metro NYC moms have had me a nervous Nelly all week. Unfortunately, our Metro Moms/MOMA guide had a death in her family and my museum tour for tomorrow is canceled. So, my first attempt at NYC culture via museums is postponed. The date will be rescheduled and they asked if my schedule would be flexible enough for that. I almost laughed out loud on the phone, but kept my composure. BUMMER! But, my thoughts are with the family during this time.

Maybe I'll still go to the island tomorrow to be a tourist...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quinn-o-Vision 1.8

It's been awhile for most of you seeing our Quinn!
And Quinn's laugh is too adorable right now...and hard to get on camera!

This was our attempt at getting her to giggle on cue. Sorry for the lighting.
She just got a few coo's and ahh's. She's definitely a jabbering fool.

Even the Youngest are in Mourning

So long, Favre. We will miss your touchdowns, crazy passes, crazy runs and interceptions...well, not those so much. Hopefully Aaron learned from you the past few years and he'll give us a wonderful 17 years!

Happy Anniversary!

Monday was Mom and Dad's something-th anniversary (let's see, I'm 27 which means ...31...33...34, wow..) 35th anniversary?? Is that right?

You're still crazy in love and you did a great job with your kids (if I'm allowed to say that). I know you've been a great help with helping your kids raise their kids (pets included).

We love you!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Octopus and Crab

As the photos show, Quinn LOVES this toy. This one and her blue elephant that hangs on her bouncy chair (the lion and green elephant aren't her attention getters there). Maybe she has a thing with blue? I have a nursing shirt this color blue...maybe she thinks the toys are going to feed her??

I'm not sure what she was thinking in this next photo. That's usually the look she gives when she's concentrating really hard. She is able to make this toy sing by pulling the crab, but she's not 100% sure HOW she does it yet! If any of you with babies have a hard time entertaining your young ones while shopping or what not, and your baby is in the stroller, GET THIS TOY! I'm serious. It has made my morning breakfast and walks around town a ton easier as she keeps herself entertained with this toy. Unfortunately, I can't tell you where my sister got it...maybe she can comment??
Overall, things are going well here in Brooklyn. I woke up yesterday with a VERY stiff neck. A few doses of ibu later, and at least I was able to sleep last night. It's a little better today. At least I'm not in complete pain doing the little tasks (dishes, eating, changing diapers, etc). We have a big trip to Target planned today so we can get cat supplies.

Yes, we still have the cats! They still don't come very close to Quinn (on purpose), but they love her play mat and bouncy chair. Mostly because of the hanging toys that are at "their level". So, I think they think they're toys for them! Yet another way cat toys and baby toys are similar...similar interests. :) When we were cleaning the other day, we found the catnip light-up balls Grandma R bought them for Christmas. They were both so happy to have them back...entertained them for a couple hours that day!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


As some of you know, I've always had a little sniffle or so when around my sisters' dogs (Mocha and Cosmo) but have always dealt with it as they're so cute!

Jen and I went shopping at Bayshore Mall when I was home one day. We left Quinn and Cosmo with Grandma. When I got home, Quinn's cry and chatter were raspy and she was sneezing more than normal. Since I had her on an airplane and out and about for the week prior, I was a little worried she was getting sick. Then I realized I was sneezing more and remembered my doggie allergy. Then we visited Kristin in Kaukauna and her cry was raspy again.

I was still not 100% certain if it was a cold or allergies. But the raspy cry went away by the time we got back home on Monday night. YEAH NO FIRST COLD YET!!! But, BOOOO we're allergic to dogs. So, we'll try to stay away from extended stays with doggies until we know more. That's really okay by me seeing as taking care of a husband and baby is a full time job. I don't know how you Moms take care of dogs too!!!

The outfit in today's blog was a present from Nate, Nikki and Claire. It will be one of the only ways we'll be close to doggies for a whole day without sneezing (she has a farting dog named Walter/thanks Kim/that she won't sneeze from either). When I was dressing Quinn today I asked her if she remembered having fun with our friends Nate, Nikki, and Claire when we were in Dallas. The smile she gave was similar to the one in the photo (and she gave a giggle and kick and punch too). So, she was happy to be sporting this "6 month" outfit today as it it officially the only pink outfit in her wardrobe again (yay no pink!!).

Which leads me to my thought of the week...why don't they continue to label clothes by age?
"Oooh, I'm back into size '21 years'...wooohoo!!"