Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So, yesterday was "grocery Monday" as I like to call it. I pretty much go grocery shopping on Mondays, Wednesdays and sometimes Thursday or Friday again...depending on my memory and getting enough food for lunches and dinners for three.

Well, yesterday was also thunderstorm Monday...downpour with puddles and rain galore...not a nice day for a walk with a stroller and groceries.

So, woke up today, watched the sunrise with Q in her room (well, it got lighter, really all you see are houses around these parts....). It was a great day. So, we played and ate breakfast and such...she took her nap about 10. Woke up at noon and we were going to head to the store...only to have it start pouring again! So, I ordered lunch and ... IT WAS STILL RAINING.

So, I hate to say, I DROVE TO THE GROCERY STORE...not the one 3 blocks away, that felt wrong. There have been only two other times that I have driven to get groceries since we moved here. That includes trips I took 9 months 2 weeks preggo and 2 weeks post c-section. Heck, we even walked to Cub when I was visiting Jill and Tim in Minnesota!

Well, I got a few things, but really prefer the store close-by...and the walk...and especially since they expanded. They have fresh seafood now! If only I liked clams & scallops!

Mike and I also saw the comings of tooth #9 in Q's mouth!! It's about 2-3 days from poking through on top (so that'll make 5 on top, 4 on bottom).

She had a good time playing with Daddy tonight. He surprised us by being home at 5pm tonight! So he got about 2 hours of play time and dinner with her tonight. It was great seeing him play with her. She's really becoming more interactive and reactive to everything we do and how we play with her.

I'm still amazed at how different my life was a year ago...I can't imagine what life was like before Quinn...

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Little Smurfette

...and lots of words today!

Isn't her hair getting lighter and more red every day?

Where have I been? That's a good question.

Enjoying the weather that was warmer than 40, would be my answer. With the few cold days last week (actually turned the furnace on!!), I realized we better get out and about to enjoy the nice weather while it's still here! Who knows if we'll be lucky enough to get next to no snow this winter and 70s in January again this can only hope!


Mike's home from Phoenix...a little later than anticipated as Saturday was windy and rainy and gross and the flight was about 3 hours delayed. He had a FABULOUS time with his cousin, Matt, and Aunt Patty and Uncle Stan. Thanks for treating him well while he was and steak, what more could he ask for?!

Q's probably going to be the cow on's just too cute and I need to give some love to the cows from Wisconsin, right?! I think we'll save yoda for next year. We don't really know our neighbors or anyone else to visit so we're going trick-or-treating at Mike's office on Friday--they're having a breakfast bash with the gang so it should be fun! We'll enjoy the island a little bit, but plan to be back in Brooklyn in time to see all the little ones running around our neighborhood. My brother told me a story about how the adults got beer and margaritas at a house for their trick or treating on Sunday...I love the idea...may come up with something similar....lots of alcohol in the house...maybe a whop? Ha ha...I really enjoyed seeing the kids last year, and this year I'll have a little cow to keep my company. Instead of her kicking inside me demanding chocolate, she'll be sitting next to me demanding chocolate.

Yes, I've introduced her to the world of chocolate. And juice...but she really only likes cranberry and cranberry versions. But we've also officially introduced her to the world of brushing our teeth! She LOVES it. She's been really curious when I brush my teeth, so (like with food when her curiosity peaked, we started solids) we bought a tooth brush and kid-friendly paste ($6 total--with coupons!). Regardless of the price, she does really well with the process...opens wide, sticks out her tongue and actually whimpers a little when it's all done. One thing--is she supposed to spit? Should I give her water afterwards? I haven't been as she hasn't been wanting too...what did you do with your babies and toddlers?? I've been trying to show her "rinse and spit" when we're all done...but I'm worried that'll come back to haunt me during a meal or church or something like that.

I swear Q grows an inch a day and loses a pound for each inch. She's about 22# now, and 27" I think I told Kristin the other day. And she's smart, she really is. She watches EVERYTHING I do and it's kinda creepy. She's learning "shoo fly" and "give me five". She knows how to climb the stairs QUICK (is usually almost to the top by the time I realize where she is) and she knows how to cough and how to clap and "all done" and "clean up" and she's even putting her arms through her shirts when I dress her (sometimes the head gets stuck and a temper comes out worse than a 2 year old -- I hope she doesn't get worse than that in a year!). We're working on animals and animal sounds, but Lucy's got us beat there. Q knows monkey---or at least she just screetches loudly when I ask what a monkey says. Q's more interested in actions with words and sounds...doesn't care to repeat on demand. She'll wave occassionally..but I think that's still a fluke. She still hates shoes and socks (only took them off twice in our 3 hour excursion yesterday). She takes her pants off at night if I don't put her in a nightgown, onesie or footed pjs.

She still LOVES other kids. (Christmas will be like heaven for her with all her cousins...but I can't say the same for the adults. There better be booze to help drown the noise of 8 kids under the age of 7! Heck, and like 10 (?) adults older than 25!) She doesn't get so excited at music class, but at the park or on walks, she's so silly. She gets so excited seeing them at the's adorable seeing her face light up and the legs start jiggling and arms flapping. In fact, she's in love with the Luvs and Pampers babies too. We have the diaper boxes around and she'll crawl up to the box and "kiss" the baby. I think she's named the Luvs boy "don" and the pampers baby "al"....she makes those sounds when she sees them, so ... maybe?

She's getting bored with her toys. We're anxiously awaiting her birthday to give her some entertainment. I can only read her so many stories every day and chase her up and down the stairs so many times and keep her away from shelves and stuff she shouldn't have....I need time to get "things" done too now that her naps are getting shorter! Rings and rattles aren't cutting her desire to learn right now. However, spatulas, leftover containers and bowls are still okay for a little while.

We've moved the foam letters and numbers from our pool toys (as there's no more pool) to kitchen toys (while I've been cleaning/dishes/cooking/etc) to bath toys. She's loved them most as bath toys. We make words, letter sounds...and well, Q mostly chews on them and still likes to play "how many can I fit in my mouth" (4 is her max so far although she's really almost made 5...). It's also making for a fun way for Mommy and Daddy to talk to each other as we arrange the letters into phrases...which is more difficult than you may think as there's only one of each letter. Gotta keep me alert and using my brain sometime during the day!

Q gets more immunizations next week and probably the flu shot. Can't believe the year's gone by so fast....

So, Q is sporting a Smurf shirt that was...well, probably handed through all 5 of us Rebarchiks when we were growing up 20-30-some odd years ago (wow, we're getting old!). She wouldn't sit still all day for me to get a shot of her, and she sleeps on her, this is the best shot I got of it.

It's also about 65+ degrees here yesterday (Monday) with no wind and we hiked the 2 miles to Subway, then back 1 mile to the park for an October picnic. We were gone from about 11:30 until 2:30. Got home and she was sleepy, but didn't get her couple hours of running around the house, so her nap didn't happen until about 4--and only lasted an hour. So, she slept pretty well last night, only up at 1 and 6! Heck, I'll take only getting up once out of a deep sleep ANY DAY rather than being up every hour all night long.

As for the next couple days, I'm going to enjoy a quiet house, but I'm sooo excited for the next month. Starting next week...Tuesday I think...we have visitors almost every day until Thanksgiving. Grandma Judy and her friend Peggy are coming for a week. Then we have a day or two off. Then Beth, Scott and (maybe) Teddy are coming for the weekend to visit. Then Grandpa Joe and Auntie Jen are coming for a few days and for her 1st birthday. Then we'll have a few days off. Then we're heading to Maryland to Dannie and Nate's for a HUGE turkey day feast (btw, I need to know what I'm bringing...). Then back here to HOPEFULLY have a visit from Nate, Nikki and Claire. Then, well, it's my last birthday before I turn 30 (holy geez) and just a few weeks until we head to Wisconsin for Christmas! THEN if all pans out as planned, we'll be headed to the Orange Bowl in January to watch the Gophers win a championship game (Texas would be okay, too, but Florida sounds like fun...right?!).

Quinn will be ready to do nothing coming late January! But hopefully she'll enjoy all our visitors and tourist activities. I'm sure she will as she loves to "see see see" the world through her big blue eyes (which are kinda gray today...maybe it's the rain and thunder and lightening we've had since about 3am??).....

While Q's been sleeping, I've been cleaning little pieces of every room and squeezing in 30-60 minutes of tv (taped shows from night, thank you DVR!). Most of the TV time is with Mike as we watch mostly the same shows. I try to spend some of her nap time playing with my World of Warcraft buddies, too. It's my way of keeping in touch with my old job and with Minnesota! I really need to work on getting my credits to keep my CDM credentials (before April...). I can't see that time coming soon with visitors, so I'll have to take advantage of Daddy being here this weekend and at night!

So, we've been busy and we'll stay busy. But heck, no day but today, right!?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stairs and Cow

Since our camera is still broken and we have yet to shop for a new one, I busted out the video camera today...forgetting it takes still shots! But not nearly as fast or as good as our camera took shots....

Regardless, she's a confident stair climber now

She loves the swiffer (and dusting too from my most recent experience today).

And her's her in the cow costume--I couldn't get her to look at me....or the head was too heavy to look at me! ...I think she'll be yoda though...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Make that 8

I just checked her mouth, she's popped in the 4th tooth on the bottom--so that's 8 teeth total!!

Month Eleven?!

Well, tomorrow marks the first day of the last month until our baby turns ONE!

I don't think I can even list the new things she's learned this month.

She puts her hands above her head when she's "all done" eating OR she'll wipe her hands on each other to tell me "clean up, I'm all done".

She loves all food...but juice and water are becoming more difficult to get in her...she's preferring only breast milk at this stage. Soon we'll have "real" milk to try out! She loves apple jacks and is growing weary of the cheerios. She loves beef, noodles, bread, bagels, (any carb really), carrots and potatoes. Oh dear, she LOVES her potatoes. But she also loves her beans--baked, white, kidney, chili, green, name it, she'll eat it before you realize it's gone!

When on the scale with me, the math adds up to she's a big girl. But she's tall-tall-tall. The 18 month pants are too big on her now and too long, but the 12 month pants are too short and too tight! So, we're in sweats a lot, or her one pair of overalls. And as I mentioned the other day, size 5 shoes. She's technically in a 4, but they really don't manufacture many toddler 4' she'll grow into the 5s and probably out of them before I know it!

She popped one more tooth this month, so our total is 7.

"ma-om ma-om" is frequently called during the day.

"da da" is called if "ma-om" is not quick enough...or funny enough, if she has a wet/full diaper (as I learned at Target today).

Grandma Judy taught her to cough while we were there, and she'll repeat you EVERY time and giggle.

She's a stair climber...but only when she's ready for bed. She'll go up our first 2 stairs just to climb and then wants to get down (working on down) to do it all over again. When she does the whole flight (14 stairs) she'll sit down and clap and giggle. She's so proud of her accomplishment!

We're working on "in" and "out" and trying to get her to clean up her toys. Unfortunately, her favorite toys are her empty toy buckets, so this is proving to be a very difficult task.

We're also working on "on" and "off" with stacker rings, blocks, clothes, etc. That's going the same...she likes to have the rings off and her body naked...hmmm....

She will grab her blankie when she's tired or hungry and searches for my lap to eat or read a book before naptime or bedtime...or more frequently all day long now.

She hates her new shoes...not that I'm surprised. I thought we went with ones that wouldn't come off...I learned the hard way at Target today that she gets them off quick! I had to retrace steps to find a missing shoe. So, we're still a barefoot diva...and I got crazy looks for that at Target today as it was a "chilly" 60 degrees of so and she was without socks and shoes...couldn't get them to stay on for very long at all!! Maybe she's needs a pair of fancy boots instead...we almost bought them. It's sad, really, because when she's in her shoes, she stands unaided for several seconds and takes steps much easier than without them. I'm confident I could have her walking in a week if she's wear the freakin' shoes!

She stands by my side as I cook and do dishes...we'll have to get her her own kitchen before long!

She still loves frogs...I think that may have developed this last month. She loves her frog and frog blanket and when I got "ribbit ribbit" like a frog. Giggles galore.

She LOVES this semester's music class which includes some of her favorite tunes: 'this old man' 'she'll be comin' round the mountain' 'palo palo' and 'open and shut them'...and of course her favorite since birth, 'twinkle twinkle'. She also loves it when I just have the radio on and tunes play that mommy knows. I think she gets enjoyment out of me singing and dancing for her, really. It's a good time and GREAT exercise!

To say the least, she's a free spirit. I wish our camera was working, but we're fixing to buy one for ourselves for our anniversary coming up (and that'll be TWO years!!!) so we should have one before long. Hopefully before Halloween next week so you can see Q as either a cow or Yoda (I think Yoda's going to win that one...).

I think we're due for some vaccinations...I'll have to call the doctor soon!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


We went to get a pumpkin and apples yesterday. It was nice to get out of the house for awhile and have Mike pick out his very own pumpkin! Q crawled around a little, tested out her new footgear, and seemed to enjoy the hayride.

Mike' in Phoenix now for the next week, so we'll be happy to see him again next weekend! Hope you Phoenix folks enjoy his company!

Now, to watch some Jets football...under the blankets. Since when did 55 seem so cold!?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Size 5

My daughter is already "cooler" than her mommy. We bought her a pair of Sketchers tonight...SIZE 5! Isn't that the size Hailey, Claire & Abbie wear? There's A LITTLE room for growing ... we're hoping until Christmas!

So, hopefully her balance will start getting better...and she'll stop taking her shoes off all the time....and maybe walking before long!

Her 18 month pants are also getting too big on her! She's slimming that belly...unfortunately all I have are 18 month "winter" clothes....we'll see if we need 12 month before long.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sleep PLEASE just SLEEP!

One of these days Q will sleep through the night, right?

I've tried keeping her up, I've tried waking her up to feed her, I've tried feeding her dinner later, I've tried bottles, I've tried stories....I haven't tried NyQuil yet...but that's just wrong!

Is there a trick I don't know?

I really need a week of sleep...I should've taken up Patty and Stan's offer to take her for the week! But that would've meant 2 weeks without her as Mike will be gone all next week and I'm not ready to be away from her for that long!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Climbing Fool

She's a stair climber now...and anything else she can climb. She even went so far as to push some toys up against the couch today to try to climb up next to me! Whether it was on purpose or accidental, I'm not completely sure. However, she figured out quickly that it would be a good way to get closer to me as she attempted it several more times during the day.

Our stairs are slightly more difficult to climb as they are hardwood and not carpeted. So, she's safest when she's not wearing pants...which really isn't that often as the cooler weather is upon us. She also enjoys climbing the stairs into the house from outside...those have some grip on them seeing as they're rough cement, so she flies up those with ease!

We're in no routine anymore...she's still confusing me with staying up late and taking 3 naps....I just can't figure her out! She's been demanding several stories before bedtime...even after we read a few books! When is it to early to say "really, only 3 stories then it's bedtime"?? We read a lot during the day too. Like I mentioned before, she's enjoying story time!

I thought it would be a great idea to have snack time outside today...cheerios. Within 5 minutes we were surrounded by hornets! What the heck? So, guess that idea is out of the question again any time soon.

Plans for tonight: hopefully she falls asleep soon and to watch the debate...election's around the corner!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sleepy and Scheduled

We're back home and things are almost immediately back on schedule! It's been great! Q slept well for me yesterday, we enjoyed a few strolls around the neighborhood, and today we're off to run some more errands...WITHOUT A CAR! I really can't believe how cramped my legs got driving and riding in cars the last two weeks. I was disappointed in Tim and myself when we drove THREE BLOCKS to go to Best Buy...really, I'm embarrassed to say we did that, but I feel better now.

Q's back to her sleeping schedules. We're going to work on sleeping through the night, now, as I know I'll be a better Mom if 7-8 hours straight sleep will come to me! She loves having the kitties back and her toys too! She's climbing stairs like a pro (and anything that's empty that she can squeeze her body our bookshelves and bar....). She stopped using her "words" though...before we left we had "ni ni" "na na" "di di" "ma ma" "da da" and "see see". Now all she has is "ma ma ma ma ma" and her "grandma judy" cackle/cough. SOOOOO, some things go away quick when they don't have to be used for awhile. We had so many wonderful helpers all week...but I need her words back!

She has also become a little cuddle bug again! It's AWESOME. I read her THREE STORIES yesterday before she grabbed at the book to chew on it. She also cuddled on the couch last night with me and Daddy while she chewed on the remote. She has become fond of the cuddling and reading of a story prior to naps and bedtime.

She's also developed a love for standing and not crawling using her knees...she'll be walking before we know it!!

Grandma Judy is coming with Peggy (one of her friends/Eagle Lake-ian) in a few weeks. And just after that Grandpa Joe will be here to visit. Maybe in between or sortly after, Nate, Nikki & Claire will be out to visit. SO, November will be a busy month including our trip to Maryland to visit Nate & Dannie! Before we know it, we'll be in Milwaukee for Christmas!

Monday, October 13, 2008

And . . .

. . . another thank you to

Carol: Thank you for cleaning up my diamond so pretty and making it look better than new! Amazing what a little TLC can do for jewelry! If my camera was working (yep, it's done for real now) I'd snap a shot and let you all see the great work! Also, it was fun chatting with you while we were getting our pedicures and sipping on wine. It was fun working with you the past few days to help Tricia and Travis have a great weekend and wedding day! Quinn loves her Godmom and can't wait to see her addition to her pretty necklace someday soon.

Additional thank you to Patty and Stan for Q's birthday presents: two kitty beanie babies, brown bear book, her first princess nightgown, several bibs (that will actually fit and cover her clothes!), a mat for the floor to go under her chair or to put on the floor when we carve pumpkins soon or for the finger painting we hope to start on soon!

Also, Grandma and Grandpa bought us a singing sorting block container and "Gallop!" a scanimation photo book. The block container kept us (yes, Q and I both) entertained at the airport as we had an additional hour wait at the MSP airport.

I'm not sure if T squared had a hand in it, but Q got a sand bucket, shovel, crayons, coloring book and wrist rattles at the reception. Many thanks to you if that was your thoughtfulness! Q even got her own meal! By the way, the chicken wellington was TO DIE FOR. It was one of the best meals I've had at a wedding! GREAT choice there! Hope you're having fun on your honeymoon (if you're reading this there or whatever...). Thanks for the sandwiches for our car ride to the airport, even though we were not able to fully attend the gift opening. That was also much appreciated.

...again...sorry if anything or anyone is I unpack I remember more so there may be more to come!

What Is Home?

I can't help but notice the lack of comments on the last few batches of photos...I'm assuming we're all getting busy enjoying the last days before the chill of winter is upon us all. I know I have also started checking in on blogs without commenting, and I apologize for that.

We are officially back to ANOTHER place we call "home". I left home (NY), to fly home (MSP), then drove through home (Point) to get to to my sister's home (Kaukauna) and then we went back home (MSP), to get a ride home (Eagle Lake), then we got a ride back home (MSP) to fly home (NY)...yet am sad that we never got home (Grafton) or home (West Allis). But as you can see, it was a busy week!

Makes me wonder if any place we ever move again will feel like home...

For Mike, Katie and Quinn--today is our first day back in "a routine". As soon as Q saw our car and her car seat, she was sleeping before we pulled out of the parking space. She has a great comfort level here in NY and it was great to see. For the first time EVER I think, she slept the whole way home, slept through us getting her out of the car in her car seat, slept through the cats meowing with excitement to see us, slept through the luggage getting stacked around her, slept through me taking her out of her car seat and up to bed...and slept for the next few hours. Not to mention I think that's the longest stretch of sleep she's had since we left 11 days ago.

And here it is at 9:30 and she's right on "schedule" with taking her morning nap. Maybe it won't be so hard to get back into a routine after all!!

I am "alone" in taking care of Q for the first time in 11 days too! We have many thanks to all--

*Nikki and Claire for picking us up at the airport

*Jill and Tim for the ride to and from Kaukauna AND the stay at the apartment

*Kristin for the place to crash--hope I was helpful with anything and thanks for the car to borrow and food to eat.

*Ann for the ride to Mankato, I'm glad it got to work out and we had a ride down there--that may be the longest time we've had in alone. Tricia and Scott have a pretty cool Mom--and Travis now too!! Thanks for the book for Q and the gift card for Best Buy. We're glad we could be helpful.

*Peggy for lending us the high chair, saucer, and horsey. It was awesome to "contain" her for a few moments every day--especially for meals!

*Grandma J and Grandpa C for being great hosts and helping take care of Q. Grandma--I walked to the kitchen to get her cheerios today and guess where I found her when I came back--yep, thanks for teaching her how to climb stairs. Really. Thanks (PLEASE, everyone, note the sarcasm here!!!). :-) She was going to learn soon anyway, you can probably take credit for encouraging her every step of the way. :-) It was great bonding for you two and I'm glad you got to see her learn and master a new skill while we stayed with you. She was also "coughing" the whole plane ride home. Guess she misses you! Grandpa--I love your truck! Thanks for lending it to me so I could go get the gang from the airport on Thursday. I think she was bored at breakfast seeing only me and my coffee--where's Grandpa & my banana?--I could see in her eyes (so she shared my AppleJacks). She misses you a ton too!

*Tricia & Travis--thanks for a great weekend of wedding festivities. It's great to see the Olinger family -- and twice in one year! I'm glad we could be helpful this weekend and I'd do it over again in a heartbeat! You are welcome to call Q your little neice anytime you want, as I'm sure you'll be her "auntie and uncle" forever. :-) Thanks for the outfit for her 1st's adorable. I love the jewlery box too! Thanks a ton!

*Patty, Stan, Sara, Matt & Matt---words can't thank you enough for your help with Q. Matt, I know it was really a tough choice for you to sit and watch the basketball game...I mean Quinn. Patty--she misses the food you fed her and how you were always very focused on her and what she wanted--I was focused on Tricia and it was nice to not have to "worry" about Q. Sara & Matt, it was nice to get to chat with you as your wedding weekend wasn't so conducive to visiting. We'll FOR SURE have to plan a cousins trip this winter!! Stan--how you got her to sleep Saturday I'll never know, but THANK YOU!

I'm probably forgetting someone(s).

Off to clean the house....after staying with Jill, I'm convinced I have too much "stuff"!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Q's First 1st Birthday

As a surprise to me, Cousin Tricia and Aunt Ann wanted to give Q her birthday gifts when we all met for dinner on Wednesday night at Buffalo Wild Wings (the new great location for an impromtu 1st birthday!). Apparently I was prepared for something, as I had my camera at a moment's notice (battery charged and all!!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Farwell to Jill and Tim's Apartment

As Q's farwell to Jill and Tim's apartment in Eden Prairie, she snuck away from me for a few seconds.

Yep, she got to the toilet paper!

Minnesota Play Date

After we enjoyed the park with Kachelmyers, we enjoyed Jill's AWESOME homemade biscuits and beef stew. Then, Beth picked me up and we headed to Sondra's so I could meet the other "Minnesota Babies". (Mike went to the U with Beth and Sondra for those of you who don't know.)
It was fun for me to remember what it was like just a few months ago. It was fun for Beth and Sondra to see what their little ones will be like in just a few months. And Sondra realized what "baby-proofing" entails. I really don't know that there could be any baby as curious about the world and wanting to eat everything as our little Q though! I eagerly wait to hear stories about Julia and Teddy as they grow these next few months.

Q was the oldest, was sleepy, but entertaining. As you can see, she was entertained by Teddy, but really enjoyed not realizing he was a little baby who didn't really mind being nearly sat on...but that she really shouldn't sit on him!

Julia is 12 weeks old and was sleepy. She has started a bedtime routine and was happy to abide...on the night they had company even! She had a long first day away from Mommy at day care, so Sondra enjoyed her sleeping as she was apparently not so quiet just prior to us arriving. Julia seems to be a bundle of energy and alertness, usually, from what Sondra was saying about her darling daughter. She cuddled and slept and it made me remember how just a few months ago, Q would do the same thing. Amazing how quick they grow! Ian arrived home after soccer to 'baby central' and I'm pretty sure he was overwhelmed with "mommy talk". She's adorable Sondra and Ian, congratulations again! (She's even giving a smile in her sleep for the camera!)

Teddy is just about 9 weeks old and a playful little guy who likes to eat now (yay!!). When Q was this age, this playmat with toys scared her to's crazy to see how kids differ at that age! Of course, Q was only this size for about 2 weeks of her life! For being a few weeks early, Teddy sure seems to be catching onto life and is a little bundle of joy. Congrats again, Beth and Scott!

Park Play Time

I never realized how much more fun it is to know other parents at the park! In NYC, there are plenty of others around, but they are not long-time friends. And, apparently, there aren't as many kids that frequent this park as we were the only ones there (a rare occurence in NYC-even the smaller parks).

On Monday afternoon, we spent some time with the Kachelmyers (this time Nate got to join us). And the "rainy Monday" that was forcasted, turned out to be a gorgeous (yet midwest humid) 65 or so. Once Claire woke up from her nap, and while Q decided she didn't need a nap, we went to the park down the block from their house.

Nikki and Quinn on the swings (the photo Nikki was taking here is on her blog).

Nikki and Q ... doing something.

Claire was more facinated with the "super duper ant" (her words, honestly!) than the play equipment. Nikki's not lying when she says her girl likes bugs! About 30 seconds after this photo, the any was crawling all over her fingers...should've shot a video, it was "super duper" cute!

Nate and Q climbing the stairs of the gym.


Claire at the top of the slide not wanting to go down because "ouch, I get shock" (as Nate said as he went down earlier...).

You can just see her anticipation of being shocked...not a look of pure enjoyment... :-)

Cute Video

Most of you have already seen Claire's dance that accompanies this airplane song. For those of you who don't follow her blog, she dances to this song EVERY time she plays it. And, oh, we listened to this song probably for the next 15 minutes! You can see Q enjoyed the song too clapping along!

We decided it was time to stop when she just wouldn't share with Q. And it becomes annoying pretty quick.


I realized today I have been bad with taking photos of Q with all these visitors. I only got a few with her and Grandparents Rebarchik and none with her Godmother Kristin!! Bad Katie!

So, I took a photo of Grandpa Chuck and Q when we got back from lunch with Granny.

Q actually slept for part of the flight from JFK to MSP...

I like to call this her MSP welcome "Kiss style"...really not sure what she was doing.

On the deck today...yay 70 degrees! She's watching the darn "asian beetles" fly around...they're everywhere!

Claire and Q on Thursday...the best shot I got of them together!

...And more to come from my other memory card.

Eagle Lake, Mn

We made it to Eagle Lake safely last night...despite one small incident involving blue and red lights. I won't share that story now though, sorry.

We hung out with Granny and Pops yesterday at their house for awhile, saw Auntie Carol at work, and came back home to Grandpa Chuck's loving arms and new toys to play with (Wii, books, DVD cases...and an exersaucer, high chair and bouncy zebra). We struggled to keep her happy and awake so Grandma Judy could visit for awhile last night too.

We're heading out with Granny again now soon for lunch, so we should have fun!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Sports Gal Rant"

Mike (Daddy) sent this to me and it was too perfect to NOT post on the blog. If I'm infringing on copyright laws, who knows. I can disclose that it's not my words, but no truer words have ever been spoken...errr, written.

There needs to be a word for babies that aren't really babies anymore:Nine to 12 months, when they can't walk or talk, but they can stay awakefor hours, pull a shelf of books down on their heads and stick theirfinger in electric sockets.
I vote for "Destructo." Our boy hit the Destructo phase six weeks ago. He used to be the easiest, happiest kid! He could play with the same toy for an hour. He could sleep inrestaurants or be smuggled into movies.
No more.
Now he gets his kicksfrom sticking his face in a dog bowl, or opening a drawer, pulling out all the clothes, then opening and shutting it until he slams his finger.You don't want to travel with Destructo. We flew cross-country two weeks ago and I am still drinking two glasses of wine every night to recover.OK, three. All right, it's a whole bottle. It was just me and him on theway back. Think about holding a 25-pound fish that's wiggling to get back into the ocean for six hours as the fish emits bloodcurdling screams and you're stressing that everyone hates you. Does that sound like fun?
The one silver lining was the 12 different times we went tothe bathroom. Destructo really liked the sound the toilet made when it flushed so I kept flushing it even though I was probably harming theatmosphere. When toilet flushing is the highlight of any trip, you know you're in trouble.
Some tips if you're ever on a plane with me and Destructo. First, don't empathize by telling me, "I know how it is, I just flew with our babyfor 12 hours, although he slept the whole way." Great! I'm glad your perfect kid slept the whole way and mine didn't! UP YOURS! Second, don't say, "Don't worry about us, we're used to this." What does "this" mean? Being tortured? Just read your Vanity Fair and shut your piehole. Third, don't keep glancing back sadly like you feel bad for me! Just don't! Fourth, if he falls asleep, don't walk by me and say loudly, "He finally fell asleep, huh?" Unless you want a dirty diaper stuck in your carry-on bag. Fifth, if you're the pilot, don't interrupt us every few minutes because you're excited that we might get in four minutes early, or that we're flying over the Grand Canyon when it's pitch-black. You're lucky that door was locked. And sixth, when it's over, don't pretend that Destructo was good as I'm holding clumps of my own hair in my hands andstaring into space like a mental patient.
Here's what you can do: If you're the flight attendant, keep bringing me wine like the nice lady did throughout our flight. I don't know where you are, honey, but thank you again! And thanks for not judging me as I stumbled off the plane like Heather Locklear. No jury would convict me.
Here are my Week 5 picks: Hou -3.5, Tenn -3, Mia +6.5, Phi -5, Atl +7,Det +3.5, NYG -7.5, KC +9.5, Den -3, NE -3.5, Zona -1, Cincy +17, Jax-4.5, NO -3.5.Last Week: 6-7Season: 30-29-1

Fun at Auntie Kristin's

We had a great time at Auntie Krissy's on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Sunday, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joel, and Hailey came up from Grafton to visit for a few hours.

Abbie is getting so big! (Kristin's oldest)

Grandpa Joe, Grandma Mary, & Q enjoying the wonderful fall day!

Grandpa Joe making Q giggle.

She loves bouncy balls!

Hailey decided to spit on herself...she's Joel's kid!

On the way home (what was home/Minneapolis)...she had a busy weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Times

We are enjoying our time here in Minnesota. We landed safely on Thursday and we had our own row on the flight and it made the flight REALLY a lot easier. She entertained herself with ice cubes and a cup for about an hour which made landing a lot easier! She even slept about 30 minutes and I got to play some DS while she slept on my shoulder (for the first time in awhile!).

Jill and Tim are great hosts. We have enjoyed our time with them and are glad we got to enjoy the 5 hour trip to GB with them this weekend. :-) As enjoyable as a 5 hour car ride can be.

Paul and Emily had a beautiful wedding and reception. We missed most of the wedding as Q found my sister's dog's water dish about 5 mintues before we were supposed to leave and SOAKED the only outfit we brought for her for the wedding. We went to Streng's new HOUSE in De Pere between the wedding and reception. Q made it the whole night at the reception and headed back to Kristin's for the evening.

We enjoyed time at the park with Claire, Nikki and Nate today too.

We leave for Eagle Lake tomorrow...time flies!

Photos on the way!