Saturday, June 4, 2011


"Yes Quinn.
Wait, Vince."
"Yes, Qu....Vince."

So, he's saying "mama". But only when it's
"Mama"=I dropped my fork
"Mama mama mama"=I'm thirsty
"Mamamoooommmmmm"=I'm hungry

And Quinn just laughs and says, "why do you keep saying my name, Mommy?"

He also says, "f't f't f't f't" when he has footed jammies on and he wants to see his foot.
Or clap his feet. yes, he's a very talented foot clapper.

Still not crawling.
Or rolling.
Butt scoots sorta gorilla-style on his knuckles. Or he'll reach way far ahead of himself (amazing flexibility) and pull himself forward by grabbing onto baskets, chairs, toys, people...whatever to get him closer to toys or other kids-including Quinn.

I just asked Quinn if she has anything to tell the blog folks and she says,
"Blah blah blah put on your blog. Blah blah blah, put on your blog, and blah blah blah blah blah blaaaaah ---- and that's all I have to say. Did you get that Mom?" to the tune of "lou lou skip to my lou"

She got a wicked cool outdoor play house and outdoor picnic table (so we can keep the other one inside). We have envisions of putting an actual floor inside her outdoor play house. We'll see. She played quite awhile back there again today. NICE outdoor entertainment!! Need to get her some outdoor cooking toys of some sort to keep in her house..maybe a little little chair...we'll see.

Now it's "da da da da DAAAAA" while clapping which means, I'm done, time to play. So...time to play!