Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our next home and visiting daddy at work

We went to visit Mike at work today. On the walk there, we saw some new condos going up...maybe we'll live there???

Then we saw the price.

And apparently we're not "important" enough. These were just a few blocks from Trump Tower and the office building Mike where works.

So, we continued on our walk to the office building, since we can't afford the private limo service as we are not "important" enough, to meet some co-workers. We got our photos taken at the front desk and took the elevator to the ear-popping 16th floor.

Daddy fed me in his office (mommy came prepared with milk). They looked at each other and enjoyed the bonding time.

Look at the tiny hands on daddy's fingers! She had a death-grip on his finger for awhile after daddy teased her and took the bottle away to reposition.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Walk Around Town

We went for a walk today and saw this...

Yes, the trees here are budding already!!! INSANE, we haven't even hit March snow yet.

On the way home, I hear Quinn's toy singing...and I didn't pull the crab!! She had her little crab in her little hand and she was pulling away for about 2 avenues...then she was sleeping. I had a tear in my eye--my little girl is growing up!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank God for Snow in Milwaukee

Due to the bad weather entering the Milwaukee area, the plane was quick to board and depart. Not only that, but the tail wind got us to the Jersey area almost 40 minutes early! Since Newark didn't want us there that early, they slowed us down and made us circle once. It would have been nice to land early, but the slow down allowed the sun to set and lights of NY to shine for us to see as we landed (on scheduled time).
Quinn has come into a new stage of life where she doesn't nap much during the day. THEREFORE, she was awake for take-off and didn't like it too much. She's good now and sleeping with her mobile and safari animals in her room. She's glad to be home. And was VERY happy to see daddy.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


So, my brother's baby, Hailey, is too cute! She's not a baby baby, she's 2 and very smart, but she's still his little girl! She spent the first part of the week with us at Grandma R's and she loved helping out with long as there was someone else to play with her! She was slightly jealous when Quinn had Grandma or Grandpa's attention.

Hailey keeping Quinn company in the playpen.

Enjoying cuddle time with her daddy.

Being silly at breakfast.

Helping keep Quinn warm by covering her up in the blanket (maybe that will stop her crying???).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


And all these photos (and more) can be found in the snapfish album (for those of you interested in copies).

Alexis' Baby Shower

It is so fun that my cousin closest in age to me is due in just a short few months. She had a wonderful baby shower off Lake Michigan in Milwaukee on Sunday. The morning weather was icy rain with forcasted snow to follow. There were many flooded roads on the way; but, after lunch at the bistro, the rain stopped shortly after we arrived, the fog lifted after lunch, and the view of the lake was as gorgeous as ever. Dannie and I spent many nights at the lake and it was good to visit again. It made me want to spend lots of time at the ocean with Quinn this summer!
Alexis and Quinn
Auntie Jen and Quinn

Great Aunt Carol (my Godmother, not hers) and Quinn

Lake Michigan from the window at sunset

Jen with one of the funniest baby books ever invented
"Do's and don'ts of parenting"/something like that. This page showed how to exercise baby and shows not to have them use a bench press. Jen was crying from laughter by the book's end. Claire said, 'Oh, you're not supposed to do that?' and 'That's a good idea!' to some of the captions.

DESSERT! Bread pudding with raisins, a caramel sauce, banans and strawberries with cream. The meal was AMAZING, but overall not Quinn friendly...we had a rough 12 hours after, but it was worth it if you ask me!

What's THAT??

Well, it's snow. AND duck tape on the snowblower. It has been used very often this year in Grafton. Most of you have seen too much snow, but it's been a year since I've seen this much snow! Notice how high it is across the street where Dad is snowblowing!!!

Caryn was in charge of handing out the forks at breakfast after our sleepover on Saturday. She likes to pose for the camera.

AND, we were playing "choo-choo train" through the house. Alex (the caboose) fell off at some point here and he's not in this photo. However, he was just as excited to be a part of this train as the girls. We walking circles between the kitchen and living room for about 20 minutes. I never realized what exercise you can get with kids around!! :)

We just got back from visiting with Susan Pyzyk (a family friend of many years--we spent many New Year's Eves with their family growing up back in "the day"). We also stopped at Mom's work to show her off as Mom had some urgent work to complete today. She is back to her "normal" self, if she has a normal self. She has been happy and giggly most of the day with just a little fussing when she was sleepy. I think she enjoyed being really warm in her snow suit (as it's 10 degrees with a -10 wind chill outside) and inside the warm Pyzyk house and office. Overall, Grandma R. and all the visitors saw a very happy, content Quinn today.

Not sure what the rest of the week will bring for us, but hopefully Quinn's content days will continue. I'll keep you updated!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Funny Faces Saturday and Slumber Party

Well, so far, so good! Quinn did wonderfully on the plane ride here. It was easier than I anticipated being alone with her in the airport. Everyone kept asking if I needed help (so maybe I wasn't as graceful as I thought!!) but she was a good baby during the flight. There ended up being an extra seat on the flight (although they were 5 overbooked at boarding) so I got 2 seats to myself! Yeah!

She met her Brefka cousins, and we had a big sleepover on Saturday!

Alex was JEALOUS! He was not so excited about meeting baby Quinn (we'll see how he does in June with his new younger brother or sister). He looks slightly terrified.

Caryn wanted to hold Quinn and got herself all ready on the couch; but, she gave silly smiles for the camera. She is very good at "playing mom" and took care of Quinn any time she started to fuss at Grandma's and at Church on Sunday morning.

Liz (but don't call that do her to her face) had mixed feelings about baby Quinn, but loved her just the same. Talk about funny faces Friday (on Saturday)!!!

As you can see, everyone wanted to share mommy's lap when we were getting ready for bed!!!

The Brefka children and Hailey had fun putting the sheets on Grandma's pull out bed to get ready to sleep. Claire was excited that they were all ready for bed and in bed by 7:00!!

I found out what it would be like to have 6 kids under the age of 7. I guess when you have one at a time you learn how to cope with several. You have one then two, develop a routine with each, etc. It has been fun to interact with the different ages and have a break from cooing with Quinn! It's amazing the vocabulary difference between 3 months, 3 years, and 6 years!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quinn-o-Vision 1.7

Quinn is officially too long for her Pooh wrap-up towel. She has graduated to using her adorable pink duckie bathrobe showing some leg (but no arms...)! You can see her body move in the video...that's from her kicking her legs!!

Also, look who's sitting on the furniture (when propped just so...)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow's amusing sights for me

So, this is a big story here! It's on the news after every commercial break and on the every hour on every station. At the first snowflakes, cars were sliding and slipping all over the road causing accidents on major bridges just before rush hour. Clearly people freak at the white stuff.

I'm completely amused at my neighbors shoveling right now because 1)there's only about 1/4 inch on the ground 2) It's like they've never seen a shovel before (Poor lady across the street things she's moving it to the's falling off her shovel before it gets there...) and 3) it's supposed to turn to rain overnight so I don't think I'll bother shoveling.

Too bad it's dark already or I'd take photo proof that we have snow!

And, it's amazing how warm 62 feels when most of the house (with the exception of the bedrooms where there are space heaters and it has been about 65 degrees) has been without heat the past few days. It was 47 in our living room this morning! The pilot lighter was no good so the nice gas company man came and fixed it for us. YEAH HEAT!!! (yes, I consider 62 degrees heat!!)

Another Penny and Baptism and Visiting

Wow...yet again, the price of the stamp will go up a penny! Why don't they actually find a price that will stick longer than a few months? Just make it 50 cents and keep it there! Heck, with so many bills and what not going paperless and electronic, how many people still use stamps that often? I've used many the past few months with New Years cards and shower thank you cards---but before that, I was lucky to go through 20 in a short amount of time.

Also, baptism discussions have resumed again (as some have been asking me for details)! Yes, our darling daughter is almost 3 months old and has not had her baptism yet. It has been slightly more difficult seeing as we are far away and we would be doing it at a parish other than our own. SO, after discussion of our options, we officially have Quinn's Godmothers selected and they are both elated to be chosen; Quinn's Aunt Kristin Brazier (my sister) and Quinn's Great Aunt Carol Brady (Mike's Aunt). A Born Brady Brazier Baby! :)

Dates and location will be discussed and (hopefully) decided when I visit Wisconsin next week. Why wait until next week? My sister Claire is also due in June with her fourth baby. And my sister Kristin is due in March. We were hoping to do all three baptisms together. We were also hoping to have Fr. John, a close family friend, do the baptisms; however, he appears to be full for the summer. So, we have many things to discuss and plans to be finalized. Date is tentative for late June.

ALSO, if anyone that I haven't already heard from is interesting in visiting Quinn and myself on our Wisconsin tour next week, please leave a comment here or email me so we can arrange to see you. My vehicle situation is fragile when I come out and I haven't driven in snow in almost a year, so, I may ask you come see us in Grafton!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Quinn's favorite thing to do is kick. Since I could first feel her movements inside me, I knew she was a kicker! Well, socks and shoes do not like to stay on her feet as they are in consta-motion. So I took a photo of her cute little foot (blurry because it is moving!!!)!! Any socks out there that may actually stay on her feet so I can put her in her cute outfits (other than sleepers) each day???

Friday, February 8, 2008


Upon my organization of my computer files, I came across some old photos of my neices.

Quinn's cousin, Caryn, when she was a wee little one after her bath and Quinn after her bath.

I think they're related.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Photos

I don't know if anyone has set up a snapfish account yet, but I've added more photos today....Just an FYI.

"Arctic Blast" and more sleep

After our record breaking day yesterday of officially 68 degrees, today's weather is warning us of an arctic blast--it's estimated to be 20/25 degrees. HOWEVER, they also showed the map from Mn to Maine and it's actually going to be arctic 'back home'. Sorry!! Maybe the warmer weather will travel with the plane next weekend??

We had dinner last night with Jamie, a friend from Mn. She's looking for a co-worker and one of my best buds, Jill K-K, is most likely moving to Minneapolis in the next month (all about WHO you know, not WHAT you know!! But it helps to know things too...) She was enjoying the warmer weather for a change and was excited it was 45 degrees the day before. She is here for a conference so it was unfortunate that she missed the whole day of almost 70 degree weather, but it was still 60 when we walked to dinner. Jamie got to cuddle with Quinn a little and we snapped some photos on her camera so she can show Bryan what she looks like holding a baby (many of her friends are expecting now so she seems to be bitten by the small baby bug!!!).

I got a new watch (Mike bought me a Fossil for Christmas and I loved it, but the band was itchy so I needed a swap). We also had a visit to Men's Warehouse (Quinn usually likes lights, but those lights were too bright so the workers got to hear her scream for about 10 minutes). HOWEVER, it was fun to walk around downtown with Quinn.

She observed wide-eyed all around us as we walked to the subway, fell asleep as soon as the subway started moving, and was awake when we met Mike near Rock.Plaza. After a few minutes downtown, she seemed overwhelmed by the noise, lights, and bustle, (making it difficult to fall asleep) but was quite the trooper. She's usually pretty awake from 6-10pm (which is the time we were gone), but she's used to laying on her back looking at a few toys or the white wall (her favorite thing to look at). She barely enjoyed her diaper change at the restaurant too and that's usually her favorite time to kick and laugh. Again, she was quite the trooper and it was good for me to get out of the neighborhood for awhile and into the "real world" of Starbucks, Duane Reed (like Walgreens) and McD's on every other corner! I forgot what that was like as our little neck of NY only has about 2 of each in our 5 mile radius. :)
We got home about 11, we all went to bed about 11:30---and slept until 7:45!!!!!!!


It's the best feeling EVER. AND Quinn is pretty much is back to bed again. She was chattering a little big about 30 minutes ago, but is chilling in her crib enjoying her first 8-hour stretch of sleep. My little girl is growing up so fast!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sleeping, Weather, AARP, Junk Mail, Quinn update

My body has been very tired the last few days (especially). I think I'm catching up on the sleep that I didn't get the last 10 weeks. And yet...I'm not tired when she goes to bed (usually 10pm). She'll wake up most nights about 4am. Luckily, goes back to sleep right after those early morning feedings (which she didn't do her first few weeks).

Her whole schedule was off yesterday as she woke up at 3am and 9am, was awake most of the day, and wanted her bedtime meal at 9 instead of 10pm but wasn't tired so she stayed awake. So, when Gma and Gpa B video called us at 10:30...she was wide awake and crying. Well, about 11:30 when she STILL wasn't going to sleep or playing, I fed her again...and I was awake until 1am or so. Well, she slept until 6:30!!! But, again, to me, only 5 hours of sleep, she went right back to sleep, I got another 2 hours of sleep, and Quinn was still out cold.

So, I decided to do house chores as my Ash Wednesday pennance (I think that's the word I'm looking for here) and take advantage of Quinn still sleeping so I didn't have to worry about her crying or carrying her with me and bonking her on the head with cleaning tools (it happens).

The first chore I did was clean my bathroom as I hate cleaning ... especially bathrooms...thought I'd get it out of the way first. Then, Quinn was awake so we played and ate and she got a bath and was out cold about 5 minutes after she was dressed again. Then to the kitchen to do dishes, trash, and recycling. I went outside and it's 7 degrees warmer than it is in our house (it's 61 in here)!! I'm in a sweatshirt inside...but outside, t-shirt and I'm warm! Overall, this is truly the oddest winter NYC has experienced in many many years (I'm guessing).
Now, time for a cute photo since all you in Mn and Wi hate me for that last much snow did you get yesterday???

Look at that eye/cheek! I can't seem to find a way to keep her fingernails dull! She has razors attached to her hands and she loves to have them on or near her face at all times. This means that since birth, she's had some sort of scratch on her face. They give her character...but they hurt me!! Any suggestions, moms????

Back to my stories...
With the US wanting to go "green", they sure do find a way to employ people (although probably machines as there are fewer jobs in the market) to send out TONS of junk mail daily. As you can guess, the next chore was to go through the mail. I do this once a week, and I really should do it daily. Today it took me 45 minutes to open, organize, and shred. Since there was time and money put into the junk mail process, I read most of it to see why it is so important. My favorite envelope was made out to "Mary Born" from AARP. Inside, the letter reads, "We notice you are not yet a member of AARP although you are 100% eligible." I'm tempted to join since I'm apparently eligible.

My blogging point being: has anyone found a way to stop credit card companies from sending application after application for cards we don't want??? Or all junk mail for that matter. This is ridiculous! I'm wasting my time and actual energy (cost which is ridiculous in NYC) to shred paper that will hopefully get recycled! If it's so important we protect our identity, why continue to send out applications with personal info? And, I thought for sure going paperless on our credit cards and all bills would bring us less mail every day. At least I don't need to sift through the junk to find the bills that need to be paid anymore. I still need to take the time to sort and shred...I can't wait until Quinn can help!! :)

As far as Quinn updates on her progress: She's sooo strong! Since birth, she's had amazing control of her head and loved to pick it up and look around. The control of these muscles grows every day. Her arms and legs are almost constantly moving when she is awake and she loves to chill on her back and just kick! When I hold her up in front of me to look at her darling face, she bears most of her own weight on her two legs. Last night, Mike was having her bend her knees, stretch out her legs in a jumping motion and zoomed her into the air above his head--she loved it (we think). Also, she will go to a sitting position almost by herself when we are playing. If I have her half sitting/half laying...she'll lift her head and bend her torso to get herself into a sitting position (especially if it's the time when I'm getting ready to feed her...anything to eat!!). So, already, she's being bribed to be fit...with food. Hmm....we'll need to work on that one!
She's gradually liking tummy time more and more, but not independently. She'll hang out on her mat for awhile, but gets frustrated. So, I put her belly on my belly and she'll pick her head up, her eyes meet mine and I get big smiles (not associated with spit-up or gas!!). She's still learning how to use her arms to help pick up her shoulders to get a better look around, so once we've mastered that, I'm sure independent tummy time will be her favorite!!

She LOVES her bedroom, as she has since birth. The yellows and greens are calming for her. She has looked at the mobile above her head since she could focus that far, but the smiles and coos that come from it when she's in a calm mood are adorable. It is fun for her silent or when it plays music and moves. Once you start the music though, it better not stop or she'll SCREAM! So, unless she starts to be fussy when she's in her crib, I avoid starting the music as it needs to be restarted about every 90 seconds and that's not comforting for me or Quinn.

We've also introduced hand toys and helping her realize she can entertain herself with something other than a white wall (although it's still her favorite thing to look at!). Many of the rattles we have are still a little heavy or large for her to grasp, but we have plastic keys that are by far her favorite.

Auntie Claire and Uncle Tom and family bought an octopus for her car seat that plays music when you pull the crab down...this has been BY FAR my favorite thing ever (even more than her pacifier!!). Quinn enjoys it too. That crab and music calm her down like nothing else when we're out walking and at the grocery store. There are so many new sounds and lights and things that I thought it would be fun for her to hear and see and All she wants in the octopus to play music. Last night while I ate dinner, she sat in her car seat and I had her grasp onto the crab and I pulled her hand down. Wow the smile she got from that!!! My goal for her is to have her figure out how to do the entire action by herself...maybe a few weeks yet? Maybe when we're visiting! Wouldn't that be fun?!?!?! Yesterday it was warm, too, so she wasn't all bundled over her head in a blanket so she got to see the sky and people and buildings...I NEVER saw her eyes that wide before. Maybe that's why to slept so long...she needed to comprehend what she saw on our walk??? I wish babies could tell us what they were thinking....

I swear she associates when I eat with how she's hard to explain. I like to include her on meal time when she's awake. She'll watch closely and smile, start to drool (more) and move her mouth. Actions she doesn't do when she's just chillin'...well she does them, just not with the same intensity. I tell her as I eat that it is so she can grow up to be big and strong.

When we're at the store, I ask her what she wants to eat and she lets me know when it's something she doesn't we don't get it and we try again the next time. Granted, it's probably all completely coincidental when she cries or smiles when I mention food in eat aisle...but it's an interaction none-the-less. Like the commercial for pediasure "I don't think I like chicken/I don't think I like broccoli/I don't think I like waffles"...maybe that girl didn't get to help decide meals in the grocery store when she was 2 months old and now she won't eat food but will drink a nutrition supplement. Crazy kids these days. :) that's a lot. I need some people here to talk to on a daily basis!

I'm hungry..PB and J for lunch! I hope I'm in the qualifications for not fasting as I'm feeding a baby too...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What a difference TEN WEEKS makes?

I'm in awe...the ticker on my blogger tells me Quinn is 2 months and 2 weeks old. Really? Has time flown by for anyone else here?? She's such a bundle of energy and cries and energy and kicks and punches and cries and energy and diaper-filling spitting up wonders too....I think I covered all the bases.

I snapped a few shots the last few days in the few moments she hasn't been fussing (or I haven't been on the phone trying to arrange my trip back to Mke!!). She still moves non-stop when she's awake and the photos get blurry!!!

Overall, my weight loss is still slowly progressing. With lent coming around the corner, I shall make it my true goal to become more fit! I have noticed small changes in me, but not enough to say I'm changed. It'll be difficult to lose the belly while still making sure baby Q is getting enough. I'm on a modified diet/exercise program, I guess. :) Basically, I ate whatever I wanted while pregnant and I need to learn portion control!!!!!!! I can't eat a box of crackers or 2 candy bars or 2 cups of ice cream or all the jelly I want on my toast/sandwiches/waffles...and think it's okay! I have been hungry often -- but I learned the last few days (again) that's it's hydration issues, not hunger. So I've always got a full glass of water at my fingertips and my "hunger" has been diminished slightly so I just eat better meals and snacks....not snacking all day long!

OH, and you gotta love the pout!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blogging Lag Time

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but Mike worked hard this weekend to fix our wireless connection and he re-loaded the basics onto my computer. Long story short--I was without a computer most of the weekend. But my computer is faster again--I just need to slow it down by downloading a few games. AND reloading our web-cam so we can visit with the grandparents again. :)

I just booked my flight back home! Which makes me wonder...what is home to me? I have three "homes" and it probably confuses all of you! I call this home...because it's home. And I call Mke home because that's where I grew up. And Mn is home because I spent some great years there too...huh.

So-to specify-I just booked my flight to Mke. I'm so excited for Quinn to spend some time with her aunties and family and any friends who are lucky enough to get to spend time with us that week. If you're around between the 16th and 25th of February--let me know! We'll arrange a time to hang out! I don't get enough time with my neices and nephew (soon to be nephewS!!!) AND it will also give me a chance to sit down and discuss baptism plans with my sisters. And I'll get to enjoy my cousin's baby shower on Sunday! So, the week will be busy, but it should be fun!! Never a dull moment with the whole gang around. :)

Well, Quinn's been screaming most of the no cute photos to post. Maybe a video will come later...