Monday, December 5, 2011

Kids are Smarter

Q has turned 4 since my last posting! (she really likes the ice cream cone outfit).

Apparently hard boiled eggs explode in the microwave after about 30 seconds--yeah...I do have a food degree, shut up.

Q and I took a girls trip a few weeks ago to visit my best friend in Maryland. We had a great time and it was tons of fun just spending time with my eldest child. She's brilliant and I can't wait to see where else she goes in life.

Aaron!! He gave us plenty of smiles (and cries, but mostly sleep!)
Q at the Science museum "there is a really big hair drier, Mom, you have to come see it!!"
Yep, She wore this on the plane, flowered shirt, ice cream cone tank top, ice cream cone tight capris with a pink tutu. It was awesome.
Monkey wore her sunglasses. It was apparently hilarious!

Well, it's happened already.
I already can't help my kids with their homework.

I looked at Vince's daily sheet when I picked him up on Thursday. He apparently knows about 15 signs and does them appropriately. I guess all his crazy hand waving at home that I thought was nothing is something! He's already smarter than me in one area--Granted, it's sign language and he gets a little upset when I have no idea what he's signing, but it's getting better for me. :-) I actually had to look up some signs the other day to see what he was trying to tell me!

And Q makes up her own signs for everything, so I can't rely on her input, either. :-)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to Grafton for Tuesday-Friday; missed all traffic--we should apparently be very greatful we did not come back Sunday--back ups near Menomonee were apparently hours long!!

Vince is growing quickly. Attempting more words. Walking like a champ. Loves cooking, cars, and tupperware. And milk. And eating. And drums. And his sister. And our cats!! He's so gentle with them; it's wonderful.


Anonymous said...

So glad that Quinn likes her ice cream cone $5 I ever spent!!! Thanks for spending Turkey Day with was great!

xxooo to all,


tony said...

nice said...

I liked the photos with your little happiness so much! that trips with out little miracles are so hilarious and desirable that we could only wish they took place a little bit more often!