Saturday, June 30, 2012

I missed you, world!

So, we are all 4 still alive.
Apparently I haven't used my camera since I got the I-phone back in December because there aren't any photos to share on the laptop...they're all on the of these days I'll post from there too.

Quinn starts pre-school this fall in Minnetonka-land.  She's super excited.
She's in swim and dance and could possibly be a swimmer or diver...if only she'd catch on to the swimming or diving part!  Dance--her short attention span is not a good thing for her! But she surely has a wonderful memory as we downloaded her dancercize songs and her and Vince went crazy this morning.   :-)

We have few plans over the next week so it should be wonderful to "just" get to be a family!!

I gave my 30 day notice at work in early April...and I'm still working!  I couldn't 100% get up and leave with no one to step up; who knew it would be so hard to find a new "me"??!! Our busy week days in July will give me a great eye-opening view of what my life as a SAHM with 2 kiddos will be like!  I'm so super excited and life should be super great. 

I will be taking my diet technician exam soon so that should allow some possible part time work if so desired.  I also am on the board for a dietitian group for Mn, Twin Cities group.  It's a lot of fun and should help me decide to truly go forward for my RD, or stay as is, or change professions entirely!  Speech therapy continues to call me name from time to time....time will help tell!

The kids are awesome. Terribly adorable, energetic, disobedient, intelligent, and active.  We had a 2 hour meeting the other day at work and halfway through I got up, jogged in place, and sat down again.  I AM NOT used to getting to sit for such a duration during the day with the kids--it's painful some days to say the least.  But I continue to love who I work with and what I do, so it keeps me going back each week! 

Family should be in town for the days after the 4th, so that'll be fun!!  Hopefully the weather will be awesome so we can get to the lake, canoe, fly kites; all that jazz. 

And life continues to be busy...but we're lovin' every minute of it!!  :-)  Hopefully my life of blogging has returned!!  :-)

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Mindy said...

Nice to hear from you again!!! Sounds like things are going well. Thank goodness we are fb friends or I would have really been wondering! :)