Saturday, August 4, 2012


Vince is counting!  If you start with ONE, he goes until eight...sometimes ten.  Too exciting!

His favorite letter is "H"...everything is "H!" ("aaaaaaa-cchh!").  "H I J K LMN OO  no no no no no no....PEEEEEEEEE"

Quinn is loving the olympics "trampoline is an olympic too mom?  We have one of those!!"

Lovin' life.  Slowly detaching from work.  I may stick around longer than anticipated as the new guy has a wife expecting SOON, so maybe I'll lend a hand.  :-)  Feels good having NO texts, emails or calls about work for TWO days!

Too bad those two days have been the head cold of head colds...feel better today.  The kids kept me busy and moving (always do).  It was particularly awesome that it is GORGEOUS outside!  Perfect day for the tour de tonka (except that we did not participate...or see the tour this year...usually they ride by the house and through the park...hmm....).

Back to shower time for QCB.