Friday, December 14, 2012

Texas to Minnesota: Sun to Snow

QC with me playing with the camera the blurred background!

The Pengu House!  I didn't even get a good shot.  Auntie Debbie's backyard...well, part of it!

"Just one more turn, Quinn, really this time, see the white fence?"

"I DON'T SEE IT!  ARE WE THERE YET!?"  A less than mile walk with Auntie Debbie--actually it was a mile and half!  Oops!

Mike hanging out

Sand Balls!  Since we would miss the first snowballs of the season in Mn.

Hee hee..this is Quinn's shirt!  The little sleep and long drive had me mixing clothes up!

2 people pushing Q...and no one for Vince?

"Oh, Auntie Debbie, it's a SAND pedicure...this will really help you a lot!" says Q

Counsin Marshall's wedding cake!  It was coconut and was delic!

Kisses for Mommy!!  MU-AH.  I believe he was saying "uggah muggah!"

Yes, pool in December!!!


Yep, we were drunk.  This picture seemed clear...should've turned on the auto-focus!!!  Uncle Jody and Vince and "the baby" playing bean bag toss.


A nap after a late afternoon snack.

"So, I'm having fun playing games, but I don't really have any money.  And I already have an iPod but I left it at my home in Minnesota." says Q as the saleslady asks if she has questions.

New BFF!  Welcome to the family, Abby!

AND, Home again!  LOVE that the camera caught this jump!!

Snow angel!

"It's sooo cold, Mom, make it stop!"

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